50 People Try To Make Mayonnaise | Basic Skills Challenge | Epicurious

  • Most of us are used to squeezing mayonnaise out of a bottle or spooning it from a jar, but how many folks know how to make their own from scratch? With the cameras rolling, we challenged 50 people to make homemade mayo and, well...see for yourself.
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    50 People Try To Make Mayonnaise | Basic Skills Challenge | Epicurious

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  • MsJavaWolf
    MsJavaWolf Day ago

    No dijon mustard?

  • FemaleCobra590 •_•

    Why did I actually know how to make this without being taught it just came to me 😂

  • Monika
    Monika 4 days ago

    I once worked as a kitchen help over summer. i was asked to make mayonaise. I just couldn't do it. The kitchen head was standing next to me, told me what to do and was also puzzled as to why the heck my mayonaise wouldn't come together. I came here in hope to learn how to but alas.. i'm still as stumped as before.

  • Saint Ivy
    Saint Ivy 4 days ago

    The guy who said “ I thought mayonnaise just exists🤷🏾‍♀️” a whole vibe

  • Princess Alicia
    Princess Alicia 6 days ago

    Yoo who else is the guy at 0:23 seconds other than me ?😭

  • GT-Alex
    GT-Alex 7 days ago

    French people : Vinegar ? You spelled mustard wrong.

  • K1W33D
    K1W33D 13 days ago

    To be fair mayo isn't a basic cooking skill so I can't blame them that much. In my first semester of culinary I was literally shook on how mayo was made.

  • Paula Quesada
    Paula Quesada 14 days ago +1

    imagine cleaning this 50 times...

  • mothlith
    mothlith 17 days ago

    robert ramsay/ramsey is left handed??

  • Smile Or We'll Die
    Smile Or We'll Die 19 days ago

    1:00. Wtf

  • Vicky Wong
    Vicky Wong 19 days ago

    I don't get why mayo is so "hard" to make. Though, I find the easiest ways are food processor with speed control options or an immersion blender. I personally prefer an immersion blender and I don't bother to separate the egg. Crack an egg into a mason jar, pour 1 Tbsp lemon juice, 1 cup oil and salt to taste. Push the immersion blender to the bottom of the jar. Turn it on low power speed up as it starts to turn white. When it's completely white on the bottom, slowly pull up the blender until it everything looks like mayo. Voila, done. Faster, cheaper, easier and healthier than store bought mayo.

  • Mr Khan
    Mr Khan 20 days ago

    This did not go well..

  • Shannon Gregory
    Shannon Gregory 21 day ago

    Making mayonnaise is not a basic skill

  • alt_account95
    alt_account95 21 day ago

    Didn’t the guy who invented mayo do it as a prank because it was supposed to be nasty but the person was just like yo this slaps

  • janae tooley
    janae tooley 21 day ago

    “I thought mayonnaise just existed” 😂

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr 23 days ago +1

    Is Mayonnaise An Instrument?!

  • Zoie Klaus
    Zoie Klaus 23 days ago

    Is making mayo really a “basic skill” tho?

  • Meighan Morson
    Meighan Morson 24 days ago

    Am I one of the few people who knew how to make mayo? (not that I ever do)

  • Meighan Morson
    Meighan Morson 24 days ago

    Beth in the first half I cried 😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢

  • Abulafia M
    Abulafia M 24 days ago

    How to make mayonnaise:
    1. Egg yolk
    2. Mustard
    3. Add a bit of oil
    4. Mix with a wooden spoon
    5. You will have up to 1 kg o mayonnaise after approximately 1 l of oil
    Add a bit of lemon juice to cut the fatness...

  • Anna Paula
    Anna Paula 25 days ago

    1:34 the guy mixing his hand up and the lady mixing the eggs in a tiny bowl... CHAOS

  • Tanmay 3473
    Tanmay 3473 26 days ago

    2:27 my guy in the pink shirt

  • gula-gula getah sabah
    gula-gula getah sabah 26 days ago

    Mayonnaise is hard for beginners but Lopez Kenji-alt has the best method make mayonnaise

  • Ze Liteulbasteurde
    Ze Liteulbasteurde 26 days ago

    That's a hell of a long time to prepare a mayonnaise.

  • AzuRemilia
    AzuRemilia 28 days ago

    I saw Emily. Where'd she put ketchup?

  • sundeep bala
    sundeep bala 29 days ago

    50 paid same artists every episode........ Fck af

  • Asher Kurth
    Asher Kurth 29 days ago

    The upsetting part is I’ve watched everyone of these and I know how and I’m 15 these peope are 20’s and older and have no clue

  • Daniel Parody
    Daniel Parody Month ago

    They make mayo but can’t grate cheese or grill a burger 😟

  • Josefin Renman
    Josefin Renman Month ago

    How to make mayonnaise with the help of a hand blender:
    1. Blend an egg with a pinch of salt, 2 tsp of vinegar and 1 tsp of mustard.
    2. Slowly add 2 dl of oil, while blending.
    3. Done.

    • Laura
      Laura 28 days ago

      That’s also how I do it. Almost the exact same measurements aswell

  • Lexy Rose
    Lexy Rose Month ago +1

    In class my chef makes use hold it upside down over head

  • Celeste M
    Celeste M Month ago

    The first time I made mayonnaise at school we also made hollandaise sauce and I mixed up the liquids for the sauces 😭

  • Blue Moon
    Blue Moon Month ago +1

    3:51 - "I'm gonna use a little bit of lemon juice today."
    3:52 - "Mix in the egg yolk and the vinegar together"
    Wut 😂😂

  • Giovanna Gordon
    Giovanna Gordon Month ago

    Am I the only one who knows how to make mayonnaise DROP BY DROP not the whole cup of oil 🤣

  • A KG
    A KG Month ago

    its so easy i have done it

  • tom
    tom Month ago

    what smart Americans


    Well, today i learned something...
    i make my mayonnaise without vinegar or citrus juice, and i use a whole egg plus some garlic sometimes. And it works perfectly ! In 5min i have a delicious homemade mayo. It's delicious with steamed or boiled zuchinnis or white fish and potatoes cooked in broth with other veggies 🤗.
    I use the blender and a tall, narrow contenant like some of them did.

  • Naledi Nalane
    Naledi Nalane Month ago

    O.k look I know I'm thirsty but I need to know WHO THE HELL THAT HOT ASIAN GUY IS. DOSE HE HAVE AN INSTA OR TWEETER ORRRR

  • feel toofree
    feel toofree Month ago

    Hahaha the dude at 0:22 is the type of person who thinks groundnuts grows on trees like apples. I'm still laughing each time I think of what he said hahaha

  • chard 96nolimit
    chard 96nolimit Month ago

    Hahaha i know mayo is made of egg and oil but only the white of the egg

  • Nick Rego
    Nick Rego Month ago


  • tyson omosa
    tyson omosa Month ago

    Are this all of level 1 and 2 chef

  • Timor_ Devil
    Timor_ Devil Month ago

    2:10 and that's why I don't have mayonnaise

  • TheGamingMelon
    TheGamingMelon Month ago

    Does anyone know who the girl at 1:00 is?

  • Isabella K
    Isabella K Month ago

    Just my opinion but I really don't think that making mayonnaise is a basic life skill

  • Ercone // Original
    Ercone // Original Month ago +2

    Emily doesn't need mayo when she got ketchup -_-

  • FrozenEternity
    FrozenEternity Month ago

    Dude makes this look so easy. I tried to make some a few months back and it sort of half come out as mayo. Was super hard to get even that

  • Golddust110
    Golddust110 Month ago

    I like how that guy in the pink shirt and is your typical dad type is in almost every episode and he just knows what to do most the time that's the dad I aspire to be one who can cook for his family.

  • RedAmalgam
    RedAmalgam Month ago

    Ummm, when did knowing how to make mayo become a basic skill???

  • Jonathan Levu
    Jonathan Levu Month ago +1

    Do they make multiple things in a day or do they wear the same clothes everyday for consistency.

  • Jonathan Haas
    Jonathan Haas Month ago

    It was so nice to see the ginger girl in the "people who know what they're doing" section for once.

  • Aryan Mirza
    Aryan Mirza Month ago

    this is disturbing 🤯

  • Jen Hall
    Jen Hall Month ago +2

    How is making mayonnaise a “basic” skill? How many people actually know how to make mayonnaise? In what situation would it be better to make mayonnaise instead of buying it?

  • Justin Erwin
    Justin Erwin Month ago +1

    "No matter what I do, I don't stop whisking."
    Stops whisking.

  • Jandelle Cruz
    Jandelle Cruz Month ago

    we learned to make mayonnaise in high school when we were learning about emulsions........ i thought people knew about this

  • MayMayYt ツ
    MayMayYt ツ Month ago

    I was told by my dad that mayonnaise comes out of some sort of bug. I don’t eat mayonnaise anymore

  • Chris Licata
    Chris Licata Month ago

    I would pay money to see that!

  • Hanaa Mohabeer
    Hanaa Mohabeer Month ago

    Life of Boris makes a good mayonez ;3 the slav way

  • StarkillerGoose
    StarkillerGoose Month ago

    You can make mayonnaise?

  • thatbitch karen
    thatbitch karen Month ago

    mayo is so nasty

  • Neylexis R.A
    Neylexis R.A Month ago

    Professional chefs: 🙂🙂😀🙂😀🙂😀🙂😀🙂🙂🙂

  • Chrissie Ellie
    Chrissie Ellie Month ago +35

    Its funny because he's actually my professor in culinary school and he speaks exactly the same and is super helpful lol.

    • Meighan Morson
      Meighan Morson 24 days ago +2

      That's awesome! I love him in the videos so it's nice to hear he's exactly the same way outside of filming!

  • William Tente
    William Tente Month ago

    God I love these.

  • Richard Daigle
    Richard Daigle Month ago

    this is sad.

  • Adi Halevy
    Adi Halevy Month ago

    Anyone else noticed that Chef Ramsey is severely sun-burnt below his neck?

  • some cunning linguist

    Home made Mayo is so much better. I literally have the epicurious mayo page bookmarked too 😂 love that you guys did this I feel seen

  • El ReReX
    El ReReX Month ago +1

    Yeah! The one I waited for! (and suggested). I always put "moutarde de Dijon". Easier if the ingredients are all at room temperature btw.

  • Yagna Reddy
    Yagna Reddy Month ago


  • Moreoverhell
    Moreoverhell Month ago +1

    Il faut rajouter un peut de moutarde de Dijon ;) c'est meilleur dans la mayonnaise 🇫🇷

  • Ruthleah n
    Ruthleah n Month ago

    What's the qualification for being on this show/channel?

  • Ammy
    Ammy Month ago

    For once, I feel like I'm like the rest of the level 1 people here xD

  • triadwarfare
    triadwarfare Month ago

    No wonder why mayo substitutes are cheaper (miracle whip, mayo magic, etc.) and is a preferred go-to for our local food joints. They think making their own mayo is too complicated, like the ones on the first half of the clip.
    To my fellow Filipinos on the food business: for christsakes, please stop using fake mayo. It tastes bad and doesn't go well with the food you are trying to incorporate it with like burgers.

  • Patryk Wieczorek
    Patryk Wieczorek Month ago

    They're not using mustard to make mayonnaise??? ...

  • Caileigh Berry
    Caileigh Berry Month ago

    Epicurious I swear you come up with videos as soon as I have the thought. I was just wondering what it'd be like if I made my own mayo!

  • Josh Hadwiger
    Josh Hadwiger Month ago

    This ain’t no damn basic skill

  • delilah a
    delilah a Month ago

    *” i thought mayonnaise just... exits”* ngl i thought that too

  • SugoiAsano
    SugoiAsano Month ago

    I screamed when they all dumped the oil in the bowl instead of adding drops at tiimmee

  • Quincy Allen
    Quincy Allen Month ago

    i just about had a panic attack when they stuck the immersion blender near their eye

  • Patricia Boyle
    Patricia Boyle Month ago

    Egg oil soup! Hahaha Emily is so funny 😂 i really like her!

  • blue-chaos96 striker

    Emily: mmm where is the ketchup?

  • Lidiamatilde Marini

    We did it by hand always and if break or separated add ice cube very natural no artificial ingredients