Himmler's castle at Wewelsburg part two of two

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    Wewelsburg castle, a largely Renaissance structure, was chosen by Heinrich Himmler in 1934 to be the centre of the SS world.

    The choice was possibly inspired by the Westphalian legend of the "Battle at the birch tree" in which a "huge army from the East" is beaten decisively by the "West". In his fantasy world, Wewelsburg was possibly the bastion of the conflict between Asia and Europe.

    The castle was need for the SS-race-office and Himmler liked its triangular shape. Restoration in Nazi style was needed. Initially this was done by volunteers, later concentration camp inmates took care of the work.

    Courses were organised for SS officers including highly useful subjects such as mythology. It is also rumoured that the castle was linked to the holy grail in the Nazi mind set.

    Meetings of SS Gruppenführer were planned but only was is documented, that of 12 to 15 June 1941 when presumably the forthcoming campaign in the USSR was discussed.

    Allegedly the death's head rings of killed SS officers were to be kept here in what suggests some symbollic link between the dead 'heros' and the living. Around 11,500 rings found their way to Wewelsburg but have since disappeared.

    The full lunacy of Himmler's plans included making it the "center of the new world" after the "final victory". Models of these plans can be seen today in the underground museum. The castle was to be surrounded by an 18 m wall and 18 towers built - no doubt with some symbollic value to this number. Nearby an SS village was to be built. Himmler was realistic though on the time scale and did not expect it finished until the late 1960s.

    The north tower is the centre of the SS myth. On the lower part there is a crypt where some kind of odd ceremony may have taken place. Higher up is the Obergruppenführersaal for the annual meetings of the SS hierarchy. It is this tower which was to be the very centre of the world.

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  • PGComet
    PGComet 4 месяца назад

    Nine million German civilians were "deliberately" murdered in WW2. A good portion were intentionally burned alive which is far worse than gassing -- assuming Jews were gassed. Where is the Holocaust memorial for the German people? Yet I see the Jews have to turn this place into another sob story memorial to them. Funny, Jews always say they are the ones being enslaved, raped, tortured and murdered but everyone else seems to end up poor, suffering and dead, while the Jews seem to end up with most of the money. I'd bet everything I own a large part of the money this place brings in is going to some Jew or Jews.

    The Jewish holocaust is big business. They've sucked billions out of Germany for holocaust punishment. Germany will continue paying for the holocaust till the end of time it appears. Jews have a $450 million holocaust memorial on the Washington Mall paid for by the US taxpayer. If a Christian group tried that it would be called a violation of Church and State. The memorial is of course tax exempt, sucks in over $130 mil per year in donations and tax payer dollars, while employing 650 “free” laborers. The Jewish holocaust supposedly happened in Europe not the US. There were real US holocausts against the Native Americans and African slaves with "real" documentation to prove them. However, Blacks and Indians don't have a holocaust memorial on the Washington mall.

      NOVATICANWARS 4 месяца назад

      Another half Crazy evil Nazi troll, Germany has a moral obligation to at least pay reparations to Israel . Poland .the States of the Former Soviet union and anywhere else that the Nazi vermin invaded. The Germans are lucky that every last one of them were not wiped off the face of the earth after what they did.German Capitalists cartels exploited the occupied peoples and worked them to death.Both them and the Germans at that time enriched themselves on the blood of their victims.

  • Aaron McBryer
    Aaron McBryer 5 месяцев назад +1

    I hope by "wicked fairy tales and ideologies" you weren't referring to Paganism, being that Paganism was bastardized by the Nazis. My ancestors would have cried at what they had done.

  • Kruethos
    Kruethos 7 месяцев назад +1

    my dream home!

  • Mark Volker
    Mark Volker 7 месяцев назад +2

    Hahaha!"destruction of culture, suffering...." Sounds just like what the Jewish Bolsheviks did to the Russians and now the US, UK, and Europe!

  • Ronbo710
    Ronbo710 Год назад +1

    And these paintings belong here why?

      NOVATICANWARS 4 месяца назад

      Rats have more dignity than a louse like you, a sewer is too good for you.

    • PGComet
      PGComet 4 месяца назад

      A sewer would be a good place for them.

    • jutubaeh
      jutubaeh 11 месяцев назад

      youre right maybe they belong somewerr else..?

    • Blayze Dunbar
      Blayze Dunbar Год назад

      +Alan Heath
      what are the paintings inside

    • Alan Heath
      Alan Heath  Год назад

      It is an exhibition, it has to go somewhere!

  • Aeolus Athene
    Aeolus Athene Год назад

     Quotes from 1960 movie: SPARTACUS
    "Antoninus: Are you afraid to die, Spartacus?
    Spartacus: No more than I was to be born."

    Tigranes Levantus: If you looked into a magic crystal, you saw your army destroyed and yourself dead. If you saw that in the future, as I'm sure you're seeing it now, would you continue to fight?
    Spartacus: Yes.
    igranes Levantus: Knowing that you must lose?
    Spartacus: Knowing we can. All men lose when they die and all men die. But a slave and a free man lose different things.  Tigranes Levantus: They both lose life.  Spartacus: When a free man dies, he loses the pleasure of life. A slave loses his pain. Death is the only freedom a slave knows. That's why he's not afraid of it. That's why we'll win.

  • wolverine
    wolverine Год назад

    aliens, hybrid humans paintings, maybe grays aliens or reptilians

  • MadnessInIsolation
    MadnessInIsolation Год назад

    I'm hoping someone can help me. I'm looking for a castle, or it may even be a chateau of sort, which once did, or may still, have a multitude of atrocious art portraits. Atrocious meaning like scenes of atrocities being committed. Such as torturing, blood, wars, decapitations with Humans and some showing what would be considered by some as "Devils". I had a very surreal dream years ago in which I entered this place and certain things happened and I just need to know that this place... well I'd rather find out that it never existed. To this day I've had no luck, so far so good. But this kind of gut feeling tells me to keep looking. Any kind of help would be appreciated. Thank you!

  • EndtheDrugWarToday.com
    EndtheDrugWarToday.com Год назад +1

    Very well put together. I recommend some sort of perhaps external mic with a wind sock. Other than that, very well documented. I feel as though I've travelled there in Spirit.

    • Alan Heath
      Alan Heath  Год назад

      I tried an external microphone but it did no really work as it was more sensitive. Thanks for the comment!

  • Gabriel Hackney
    Gabriel Hackney 4 года назад

    Thank you for this. I believe the artist depicted the Jews as aliens because Hitler said they were not human. Such a shame.

  • Chris Feihinger
    Chris Feihinger 5 лет назад

    Good video wish there was more of it

  • Alan Heath
    Alan Heath  5 лет назад +1

    @shekinadedeusfull1 Praia Grande, .. muito bom ... perto do mar! Eu estarei em Colónia na próxima semana para uma viagem de negócios!

    Como você sabia que eu entendo o Português?

  • rosania ferreira
    rosania ferreira 5 лет назад

    @alanheath muito obrigada ...meu cunhado perguntou se tinha algo em portugues não tinha...ok...curti do mesmo jeito....já estou com viagem marcada este mes de junho/2012...vou verificar se ...há algum cronograma quero voltar pra tira algumas fotos e fazer um video pessoal..a bateria da minha máquina ficou em off....Deus abençõe voces aí e a Polonia também...from...Praia Grande -SP....Brasil.

  • Alan Heath
    Alan Heath  5 лет назад

    @shekinadedeusfull1 Obrigado por o seu comentário! Eu acho que tudo foi em Alemão e Inglês! Talvez francês também .... não me lembro!
    Acho que houve um documentário em espanhol no You Tube!
    Saudações da Polónia!

  • rosania ferreira
    rosania ferreira 5 лет назад

    eu estive lá no final do mês de jullho de 2011 em uma exposição, eu fiquei quase 2 hs..é fascinante e aterrorizador em saber que tantos reis e rainhas haviam passado naquele lugar,vi a sala onde tinha o sìmbolo da SS no teto, assisti na Disclovery um documentario (tempos antes) que mostrava este lugar,eu vi também os videos nos corredores, o lugar é muito triste,eu tenho uma reclamação;poderiam ter um manual com tradução em espanhol ou em português, é um lugar de valor histórico....very nice!!

  • Alan Heath
    Alan Heath  5 лет назад

    @forbes923 Ich wusste, ich konnte nicht in der Salle Obengruppenfuhrer filmen. Aber ich hatte keine Probleme .... bis jetzt ....

  • Alan Heath
    Alan Heath  5 лет назад

    @PITUPEY Muchas gracias!

    PITUPEY 5 лет назад


  • Alan Heath
    Alan Heath  5 лет назад

    @morwian01 I think it was very good!! Mind you the meal I had in the evening was outstanding - the best meal of 2010!!! Absolutely marvellous!!

  • Alan Heath
    Alan Heath  5 лет назад

    @Gruenkreuz100 Die Sonne ist noch da! Aber die Möbel sind neugierig!
    Die Mitarbeiter bat mich, nicht zu filmen, damit ich nicht filmen!

  • Alan Heath
    Alan Heath  5 лет назад

    @Gruenkreuz100 Die Sonne ist noch da! Aber die Möbel sind neugierig!
    Die Mitarbeiter bat mich, nicht zu filmen, damit ich nicht filmen!

  • Alan Heath
    Alan Heath  5 лет назад

    @Gruenkreuz100 Ich weiß nicht. Wann waren Sie dort?

  • Alan Heath
    Alan Heath  6 лет назад

    @antikkrist666 I was going to offer you tickets to my rock concert!