You Know You are Dating a RUSSIAN Woman When...

  • Published on Feb 25, 2016
  • Is this a revenge drama? No! It's Russian comedy.
    Everything you need to know about dating a Russian woman in 5 minutes.
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Comments • 14 716

  • Odinson
    Odinson 2 hours ago

    You know you are dating a russian girl when she speaks russian.

  • Timothy Williamson
    Timothy Williamson 10 hours ago

    Rules for Dating/Marrying Russian Women. #1 Put your foot down and keep it there. #2 Reffurr back to rule #1. #3 If you can't spel it indicates you don't care. This is proper attitude for Russian Women. #4 Never forget rule #1. 😎

  • 8vangelis
    8vangelis 14 hours ago

    Very touching and emotional clip

  • Hh Fvh
    Hh Fvh 22 hours ago

    You should do one with dating an Armenian

  • Gabriel Sandiego

    How to know your dating a wild Russian
    Read more
    1.she always act wild
    2.she don't care when you slap her butt
    3.she always has lipstick
    4.she love when you slap her butt in slow mission
    5.she won't let you leave
    6.if she won't let you leave that means something
    7.when she's board she's gonna call you and go to her house and your gonna be staying there for 5 days
    8.she's beautiful
    9.she's sexy
    10.she has biiiiiig butt

  • T Harrell
    T Harrell Day ago

    You know you're dating a Russian woman when you lose your job and it only takes her 1 day to find a new boyfriend.

  • Onur Gürleyen
    Onur Gürleyen Day ago +1

    opening car door ,Being emotional, never let being starve is similar to Turkish girl

  • Александра Хейдиз

    I dunno it's like a russian woman from decades ago, none of my friends act that way (I'm 30). Even the movie (Moscow doesn't trust tears) is a good one but it's smth my grannie would reccomend. Also the girl is definetely a second generation russian she doesn't seem to have an accent when talking but she puts the stress on the wrong syllable in a word that is way too basic to screw it up. I get the feeling that most of the girls playing Russians in videos like this are actually US born or raised so they end up portraying generalized russian women from decades earlier, coz that's what they saw from their parents or even grandparents. like watching soviet films or preparing a whole traditional dinner for a snack etc. sure people know soviet classic for the most part but it's so rare to see a girl of her age actually prefer this movie as a n1 option.
    So now I'm wondering whether all of the other videos are just exagerrated stereotypes coz I dunno they seem to always fail when it comes to Russia

    • HOT NEWS
      HOT NEWS 6 hours ago

      просто ты не с теми женщинами общаешься.

  • Marshall M&M
    Marshall M&M 2 days ago

    0:51 what kinda shitty pronunciation is that LOOOOL

  • ابو محمد
    ابو محمد 2 days ago

    wtf is bull

  • Erik 797
    Erik 797 2 days ago

    - So is it a revenge drama?
    -No, it’s comedy
    😂severe Russian wome...khmm comedies

  • Sueta Suet
    Sueta Suet 3 days ago


  • Jonathan Swavely
    Jonathan Swavely 3 days ago

    So Drama/Melodrama = comedy?

  • Алексей Заикин

    Думаю, здесь есть русскоязычные, которые попали на это видео, после просмотра влогов Алины из России ! Ну и вообще, видео с постсоветского пространства.

  • XyZ CwP
    XyZ CwP 3 days ago

    This video is fucking shit

  • Evo296
    Evo296 4 days ago +2

    You know you are dating a russian girl when your bank account dry off faster than your perfume.

  • 10 subs! with no videos?

    3:50 you disappointed her

  • Александр Никулин

    Завидуйте, супостаты!!! :)

  • Andre Bayano
    Andre Bayano 4 days ago

    Birthday Girl (movie) at everything...

  • 30bil Pelángi
    30bil Pelángi 5 days ago

    This is important episod for me 😏👍

  • 15gamers haven
    15gamers haven 5 days ago

    What if you work for the CIA and she works for the KGB?

  • Psychedelic Superbeast
    Psychedelic Superbeast 5 days ago +2

    "Dont touch our women or we will touch you"

    i swear thats real...

  • Ivan Ivan
    Ivan Ivan 6 days ago

    Алине привет!!! Смотрел её путешествие по Транссибу!

  • Viq
    Viq 6 days ago

    Do you have any chips?


  • Viq
    Viq 6 days ago

    You gonna get in....
    Does it work?


  • Wolfgang Amadeus Josh Deph Utah


  • ahmed ali
    ahmed ali 6 days ago

    So yeah, hard pass on russian girls

  • Bakwan
    Bakwan 7 days ago

    I hope I'll have Russian friends some day. they are kinda funny and friendly. Xd

  • tom darco
    tom darco 7 days ago

    that was funny

  • Amine Mor
    Amine Mor 7 days ago

    3:19 music plss

  • Ingrid Matias
    Ingrid Matias 7 days ago

    OMG, I'm a Russian woman and I didn't knew that. But actually I'm a Brazilian woman 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Джейк Янг
    Джейк Янг 7 days ago

    How Belarussian i don't like Slavic girls, because they very serious and you very inaccessible.
    Stereotypes:Slavic girls very beautifull?
    Yes, because they do makeup for an hour or two hours or three.

  • William Karsten
    William Karsten 7 days ago

    I love traditional women.. what am i doing here, I should be in Russia

  • Four20 Productions
    Four20 Productions 7 days ago

    Russian Cat:

  • Разно Всякое

    Здрасте, здрасте всем люди добрые)))

  • Alex- Stalinium Cyka
    Alex- Stalinium Cyka 7 days ago +2

    You know your dating a Russian girl when she's blyatful

  • First Indaworld
    First Indaworld 8 days ago

    Drama for russians is just comedy.

  • Newway Games
    Newway Games 8 days ago

    You have no idea what a russian women is like. Wtf?

  • lkj2727
    lkj2727 8 days ago

    So what the hell is 'bull'?

  • Alexandr Bond
    Alexandr Bond 8 days ago +2

    Нихрена не понял. Учил, учил английский, а все бестолку.

  • Ka San Leung
    Ka San Leung 8 days ago

    Stop any fantasy, in reality most Russian woman married forigen guy to get out of Russia and for money.

  • Douglas Morgan
    Douglas Morgan 8 days ago

    I'm learning Russian currently, nearly done the the alphabet.

  • Gia P.
    Gia P. 8 days ago +1

    Idk I'm born and raised in Russia and I couldn't have been more opposite from this. And I don't like when men open the door for me. Like I ask them to never do that again.

  • Rsm
    Rsm 8 days ago

    Что за высер пацаны ?

  • Asehpe
    Asehpe 8 days ago

    Damn! This is all soooo true! I know from personal experience. I even married my Russian girlfriend; we've been together for over 18 years... and pretty much everything in your video is exactly true.

  • Gary The Screen Writer

    When in doubt....drink vodka.

  • Georg St
    Georg St 8 days ago +1

    Переборщили но ладно)

  • denalihedgehog
    denalihedgehog 8 days ago

    4:33 me

  • Bhangra Fan
    Bhangra Fan 8 days ago

    Eastern Europe, not just Russia is known for being the last bastion of chivalry. Just think how your parents would have done things. Most of what is taken for normal today in the west was not normal 50 years ago.

  • Дмитрий Савин

    Торонто мэйпл лифз уже тысячу лет ничего не выигрывают.

  • subhan khan
    subhan khan 8 days ago

    Basically THE perfect woman.

  • tkhnzvnrv
    tkhnzvnrv 9 days ago +1

    Продолжайте снимать, ребята, у вас отлично получается

  • tkhnzvnrv
    tkhnzvnrv 9 days ago

    Девушка хорошо изучила вопрос)

  • DesÌ InDîÆn
    DesÌ InDîÆn 9 days ago +1

    Russia is country of wonders.. It has everything I love... Russia lies northern most most part of Asia, has cool climate, glaciers like Siberia... Mountains and plains.. The people of Russia are too staright forward , smart and emotional.. these are the things which I love about Russia because its too similar too me... I've always loved Russia and Russian people.. I'm an Indian! And my most favorite country next to India is Russia... I'll visit Russia soon.. and once I'll get the citizenship of Russia.. and my goal is to make Russia great again.. will help in every possible way, so that my favourite country could be my Dreamland..😍 love from India...!💙❤️ India Russia Bhai Bhai(brothers).. I'll visit Russia soon...

  • Lucifer_6669
    Lucifer_6669 9 days ago

    This is so true.

  • Ryan Lee
    Ryan Lee 9 days ago


  • Yuri Loza
    Yuri Loza 9 days ago +1

    Alina, great job making a russian immigrant accent!!!!

  • Yutah1981
    Yutah1981 9 days ago +1

    i'm probably not a Russian woman then. seriously, practically nothing of it fits anyone I know. I'm in wrong circles, I guess.

  • NBD null
    NBD null 9 days ago

    Everything except vodka

  • NBD null
    NBD null 9 days ago

    Vayyy loll