Man on the Moon is BAD, Here's Why - Nostalgia Critic

  • Published on May 22, 2019
  • It got a lot of critical and audience praise, but Nostalgia Critic has some major issues with this biographical miss. Let's take a look at Man on the Moon.
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    Man on the Moon is a 1999 American biographical comedy-drama film about the late American entertainer Andy Kaufman, starring Jim Carrey as Kaufman. The film was directed by Miloš Forman and also features Danny DeVito, Courtney Love, and Paul Giamatti.
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Comments • 2 430

  • Channel Awesome
    Channel Awesome  8 months ago +240

    What did everyone think of Jim Carrey in Man on the Moon?
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    • Hector's Hymn
      Hector's Hymn 3 months ago

      The part when you say the Jerry and Andy planned the wrestling match and it was all a hoax. Before mid 1990's, wrestling was real to the fans, so much so good guy wrestlers and bad guy wrestlers were ordered not to hang out with one another outside the ring. They would have to have separate hotels, locker rooms, etc. If a wrestler got "blinded" or "injured" he'll get payed to stay home and pretend it's serious. Fans got so into it, they sometimes bring weapons and try to use on the wrestlers.
      Also, listen to Jerry the king Lawler tell a story about how almost beat us Jim Carey in this movie.

    • tenacious645
      tenacious645 3 months ago

      @Nick GALLUZZO yeah coming forward with an unpopular opinion and often doing skits along side it DEFINITELY doesn't come with the risk of being hated...get over yourself.

    • tenacious645
      tenacious645 3 months ago

      He's a bit much in the role, but his "process" behind the scenes was complete and utter douchbagery.

    • Joe Hung
      Joe Hung 6 months ago

      A lot of wrestling promoters thought that Jerry Lawler and Andy Kaufman was real.

    • saligari 666
      saligari 666 7 months ago

      Man on the moon was a great movie, unlike channel Awesome where not only you were a bunch of talent less hacks, you were also a bunch of pervs

  • Madzlick Chinatown
    Madzlick Chinatown 22 hours ago

    I just realized, this is one of NC's lowest viewed video.

    It's sad that people cannot respect the initial concept of troll humor. They rather abuse it.

  • blogojoss xd
    blogojoss xd 5 days ago

    this guy seem stupid

  • The Motley Channel
    The Motley Channel 11 days ago

    Easily my favourite modern Nostalgia Critic episode.

  • JD
    JD 16 days ago

    The movie was great

  • Selwyn Andrews
    Selwyn Andrews 28 days ago

    Just based on the clips and pictures you show here, Kaufman looks and sounds like an infinitely more thoughtful and interesting artist than the movie made him out to be. Hmmm...

  • Tommy Fuller
    Tommy Fuller Month ago

    I have to strongly disagree with you here....most of the points you bring up would of brought the movie's run time to 3-4 hours to do it justice so some things had to be glossed over...I tend to feel in some of your reviews you act like directors can do anything to their hearts content without studios getting in the way and that if they dont do certain things than that makes the movie bad. Also you often confuse the premise of a documentary and the premise of a movie...this was a movie not a documentary

    • Tommy Fuller
      Tommy Fuller Month ago

      another thing...wrestling wasnt the same as it was now...a lot of people didnt know wrestling was fake back in the 70s


    Misleading clickbait title, it's a good movie, weak biopic with missed potential

  • Lee Wright
    Lee Wright Month ago

    I still have no idea why Kaufman is deemed a great comedian.

  • Anthony M
    Anthony M Month ago

    wtf an actual review?

  • Kunisake
    Kunisake Month ago

    Well shit

  • Hans Ruhlmann
    Hans Ruhlmann Month ago

    I'm kinda surprised that he let out mentioning The Elephant Man, in the review, as it does have alot of possible fiction.

  • Some ONE
    Some ONE 2 months ago +3

    I feel like this is a direct response to Jeremy Jahns review praising the film

  • Victrola TV2
    Victrola TV2 2 months ago +2

    Does this need to be a FanScription episode?

    I mean, this whole review is just Doug offering better and true material for the movie. I know Man on the Moon isn't a fictional story but after hearing about the more interesting things about Kaufman, it really would've made a better movie had they been acknowledged properly. Maybe It's probably illogical to rewrite a biography to better represent someone, but this movie sort of did the opposite.

    I think a FanScription rewrite would definitely give Andy Kaufman the dignity he and his legacy deserve.

  • Coretrayn
    Coretrayn 2 months ago +1

    this is the worst doug walker take

  • Paul Wallace
    Paul Wallace 2 months ago +1

    Actually Doug it was thanks to this movie that I found out who Andy Kaufman was and looked into his background and that was all thanks to this movie I had no idea who he was before this movie and yeah Jim Carrey or whomever may have taken several liberties with his life story but they halfway introduced his humor to me growing up when I watched this movie and in doing so I was curious enough to look further into the actual story of Andy Kaufman and enjoyed all full of his humor and in doing so I'm sure I was not the only one introduced to Andy Kaufman through this movie so instead of bashing this movie for not going all the way and saying they should have scaled back on some of the bits in the movie maybe we should just appreciate this movie exists for younger people who know who Jim Carrey is and not Andy Kaufman Lucy this movie and are intrigued by the humor oh and you Kauffman thanks to Jim Carrey and in doing so delve deeper into who Andy Kaufman was

    • Paul Wallace
      Paul Wallace 2 months ago

      And another reason that it wasn't Jim Carrey playing Andy Kaufman the whole time and he was being Jim Carrey is because Jim Carrey was a huge draw I'm not saying Andy Kaufman didn't have fans I'm just saying at the time the movie came out Jim Carrey was a household name Andy Kaufman like I said in a previous comment I had no idea who that is or what so thanks to Jim Carrey being Jim Carrey I was introduced to the comedy stylings of Andy Kaufman and I could be wrong that might not have been the reason for Jim's performance but it makes more sense that the studio and Jim Carrey realized that he had a bigger fan base with younger demographics did Andy Kaufman dead show to get this movie and Andy Kaufman how to fans who knew Andy and younger fans who grew up watching Jim Carrey as kids and introducing them to Andy Kaufman he would have to be a little Jim Carrey in the movie he couldn't go all the way into Kauffman and also if the title of the movie was called Andy Kaufman life biography then yeah I would understand your gripes and your displeasure but the fact remains it was called Man on the Moon the Andy Kaufman story in the word story is a loose term when describing sad story cuz I'm sure you know

    • Paul Wallace
      Paul Wallace 2 months ago

      Damn auto voice text lol didn't mean to say Lucy lmao

  • Old Man Tai
    Old Man Tai 2 months ago

    Here is what Critic forgets. Andy Kaufman died in 1984. It was 15 years later that this film came out. There were PLENTY of people who didn't know or forgot about Andy's life story and routines in that time. Plus, it came out in fucking 1999, this idea that "Andy's material was out everywhere at the time" was false.

  • YoBoy Grilled Cheese
    YoBoy Grilled Cheese 2 months ago +1

    Just saying Andy Kaufman looks like Nicolas Cage, goodbye

  • Dvader134
    Dvader134 2 months ago +1

    You wanna make jokes about Forrest Gump, catch these hands

  • meso horny
    meso horny 2 months ago

    Another thing about this movie that bugs me is that, unlike Ed Wood and The People vs. Larry Flynt, they don't tell us what happened to everyone at the end. They should remake this movie, and I nominate Bill Hader as Kaufman.

  • ShinRyojin
    ShinRyojin 2 months ago

    I wished that the movie took a little more time in developing the subplot of Lorne Michaels time traveling from 1999 to the 1970s.

  • Winnie the Pooh
    Winnie the Pooh 3 months ago +1

    Wanna hear an impression of Jim Carey making this film?
    *ahem* “I AM ANDY KAUFMAN!!!!!”

  • tenacious645
    tenacious645 3 months ago +1

    I agree with critic here.

  • Brampiescampie
    Brampiescampie 3 months ago

    you see this movie as a botched opertunity, the same way i see your Pink Floyd The Wall review as a serieus botched opertunity. With that difference that man on the moon was a decent movie

  • zardox78
    zardox78 3 months ago

    It's almost as if it's being told from the POV of Devito's character. From his prospective, fully-formed Andy just suddenly came out of nowhere, and that's where the story starts in earnest. He's in on some of the gags while not being in on others, just like the audience is. Of course there are scenes where he doesn't appear, so it's not _strictly_ from his POV. But generally speaking, the movie shows him from the same medium-level vantage point that his manager seems to have of him.

  • Slayer Cake Studios
    Slayer Cake Studios 3 months ago

    A week after Andy died, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was released. #merved

  • Fresh Prince Of Darkness

    It was horribly miscast. The obvious choice should have been Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic.

  • Equality Matters
    Equality Matters 4 months ago

    We still love Andy's imperfections :'(

  • Bob Loblow
    Bob Loblow 4 months ago

    I can't believe you didn't see how bad Carrey portrayed Kaufman...

  • Mina Monet
    Mina Monet 4 months ago +1

    I think your criticism of 'woke-a-crite' Carrey made you kind of a 'woke-a-crite' in your own right, like it felt YOU were the one using your own insecurities to judge people

  • Starman Gaming
    Starman Gaming 4 months ago +1

    "Woke-a-crite." NOW I get it. Wome hypocrite. Man, that got to me pretty slowly.

  • Alan Kohn
    Alan Kohn 4 months ago

    I am glad I watched this because the movie and the documentary made me feel that he was was an arrogant self aggrandizing dickhead and the only reason he is though of as a genius is someone said he was and people who thought he was a complete ass who was funny now and then just figured they didn't get his genius. I now think there maybe more to him than I believed. having said that I think a lot of his stuff was neither genius or funny. sorry acting like an a-hole is just being ab a-hole but other bits he did were hilarious.

    I think I would rather see a straight documentary do by an objective third party and get a real look at his life

  • NPC 3-P-O
    NPC 3-P-O 4 months ago

    Wokeacrit Jim Carry. Hahahahah

  • cuz dogg
    cuz dogg 4 months ago

    I have to be honest call me dumb but for the longest time I thought the Lawler Kaufman fued was real I know it's wrestling but still

  • 2Scribble
    2Scribble 4 months ago


  • 白君德
    白君德 4 months ago

    Oney brought me here

  • Fresh Prince Of Africa
    Fresh Prince Of Africa 4 months ago

    As a movie, it's ok
    As a biopic, its bad

  • Gary King
    Gary King 4 months ago

    Doug Walker criticizing Jim Carrey for treating his co-workers like shit and refusing to take responsibility for it..

  • Jervis Germane
    Jervis Germane 4 months ago +1

    Looking at the review, the comments, and my own perspective (not a Kaufman fan, never saw this movie) it seems that everyone's opinion is determined by whether or not you already know everything about Kaufman. To that, I'd bring out the response I usually use for LOTR/Stephen King/Marvel properties defenses: Movies ought to be entertaining to people who are *already* intimately familiar with the source material as well as people who *aren't*. If you have to do homework to enjoy or even understand a movie, that's not a good movie. That's a video supplement to the source material.

  • A2Z83
    A2Z83 5 months ago

    As if I needed more reason to dislike Nostalgia Critic

  • J Toland
    J Toland 5 months ago

    This is why I rarely like biopics.

  • SoundCzech
    SoundCzech 5 months ago

    I reject your reality and substitute my own!

  • Vincent DiPietro
    Vincent DiPietro 5 months ago

    That's actually a good Jim Carey impression

  • Liggliluff
    Liggliluff 5 months ago +1

    (13:25) It's an interesting change of words too. In the interview, it's "women are not mentally inferior to men", then the film changed it to "women are superior to men in many ways". ... It was changed from gender equality to women superiority (only taking that part into consideration). - Then that audience in the film are clearly sexist; as they think it's okay that men are inferior to women, but not the other way around.

  • 108johnny
    108johnny 5 months ago +1

    I'm on the fence about this one.
    I'm gonna need to see what Carrey's next painting says about it so I know what to think.

  • ZorotheGallade
    ZorotheGallade 5 months ago

    Why would movie producers take a person's interesting and inspiring life story and shamelessly edit it so that it instead fits regular movie canon?
    (Bats Patch Adams away)

  • dannyboi451
    dannyboi451 5 months ago

    You're full of shit Doug unfunny. You hate on good movies and I'm so sick of it. Thank you very much for fucking ruining my childhood again you fucking asshole

  • BatmanFan 76 Channel 2
    BatmanFan 76 Channel 2 5 months ago +2

    27:01 Big Bomb! 😕 💣

    • Etang Bose
      Etang Bose 4 months ago +1

      BatmanFan 76 Channel 2 some days you just can’t get rid of the Bonn

  • Queenfan 1975
    Queenfan 1975 5 months ago +1

    People also said Bohemian Rhapsody had a half assed quality to it

  • Nelson Robert Willis
    Nelson Robert Willis 5 months ago

    It sounds like this film should be re-titled "Missed Opportunities."

  • Nelson Robert Willis
    Nelson Robert Willis 5 months ago

    😲🗯 It's wrestling❗

  • ownerslament
    ownerslament 5 months ago

    Please do the doors movie!!!! That’s so hilarious and outrageous

  • Jenny Anydots
    Jenny Anydots 5 months ago

    The cringey skits and impression's only work in small doses. Over the past few years you've been fucking that balance up more and more. Your critical insights and regular character are diluted because of this. This channel has become a shadow of it's former self.... complete mediocrity now

  • Ross DiamondThief
    Ross DiamondThief 6 months ago

    Without Andy Kaufman, there’d be no Zach Galifianakis or Tom Green.

  • mwermuthland
    mwermuthland 6 months ago

    It's said that they recreate classic moments available everywhere. But this film came out in 1999, years before RUclip, and while there were video clips online, I think it was a lot more limited and a lot less common as today. I'm not really sure if video clips of Kaufmann were commonly available online back then, but outside of Taxi reruns, I don't think much of Kaufmann's work was heavily being broadcast or available on video.

  • cainster
    cainster 6 months ago

    13:51 I can see your green screen reflected in your glasses. Also known in the entertainment business as "A Matrix".

  • SquirrelKnight
    SquirrelKnight 6 months ago

    Unpopular opinion...
    Jim carrey is a fucking hack

  • Gambit771
    Gambit771 6 months ago

    Outside of murica Andy isn't that well known, if at all.
    Taxi isn't even though I was able to watch it shown in the 90s I think but that might have been the first time it was shown instead of a repeat so for us non-yanks all the stuff that was well known, including the person, was all new.

  • Erik Nelson
    Erik Nelson 6 months ago +1

    My favorite part is at 21:24. I love Doug's revision of the film's ending. I think that even if the film had stayed the same with the exception of the ending would have made the film more popular.

  • KemmetMedia
    KemmetMedia 6 months ago

    I hope you realize this is a monetizing medium. And if you missed it i say again... A Movie. Chaplin was a good movie to look into an actors life but crap info-wise. If i wanted every exact detail i'd watch Bio or History channel. Ijs.