039 Renaissance Dance Pavane

  • Published on May 31, 2009
  • This video clip was prepared by the Library of US Congress.
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  • Regarder Slyrem
    Regarder Slyrem Month ago +2

    M thomann coiffe toi

  • Duality Volta
    Duality Volta Month ago +6

    La pro Bonsoir......

  • nam trịnh
    nam trịnh 2 months ago

    man, Renaissance people are wild!

  • Daniel Ray
    Daniel Ray 3 months ago

    This isn't even dancing. It's just awkward walking.

  • Wolf Craft
    Wolf Craft 7 months ago

    Qui est venu accose de sa prof

  • Titime 11
    Titime 11 8 months ago

    Qui est la grâce à Mme Garzone ?

  • Henrik Järvi
    Henrik Järvi 9 months ago

    ok this is not dance. i can see the library boy and girl walking back and forth

  • Adolfo Claudio Lazary
    Adolfo Claudio Lazary 10 months ago

    Ah que hermoso! Yo amo esta musica y l'a estudio con mis sacabuches y trompetas Gracias
    Gracias porte subir esta vidéo y a los artistes que estan en el. Gracias ( se mezclaron los idiomas)

  • Sven
    Sven 11 months ago

    Zo geniaal en simpel

  • Mini Killer
    Mini Killer Year ago

    Slt la 5 eme 1

  • Ridha Godhbane
    Ridha Godhbane Year ago

    ma prof va me la faire danser et me la fait apprise c chien

  • Ridha Godhbane
    Ridha Godhbane Year ago

    fuck you and Fucking beach your mother

  • Shao Yu Mai Wang
    Shao Yu Mai Wang Year ago

    This melody is familiar to me. Was it ever used in any film(s)? Maybe I played it when I was a kid, I'm not sure. But I do know it from somewhere.

  • KM Mato
    KM Mato Year ago

    I have to learn this dance in music class

  • KM Mato
    KM Mato Year ago

    Kdo is dravograda

  • Selen
    Selen Year ago


  • LeHenri du67
    LeHenri du67 Year ago

    «danse »

  • Yvi PHAM
    Yvi PHAM Year ago +3

    Et dire que je doit apprendre cette danse en musique...😥

  • xZqyn
    xZqyn Year ago

    i'ts for old

  • D.Harold Angel
    D.Harold Angel Year ago

    Got to admit it; this dance was EXCITING.

  • PleyBot
    PleyBot Year ago

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    • Glitch
      Glitch Year ago +1

      Nigga be gay as fuck

  • Angel
    Angel Year ago +2

    Some Comments are so stupid.

  • Rosemary Paul
    Rosemary Paul Year ago

    I cannot believe this video was only a bit over 1 minute. I thought it went on for hours! After the first 10 seconds, I was was really hoping someone would start playing Sir Mix-A-Lot's, "I LIKE BIG BUTTS"

  • Monsieur Tortue
    Monsieur Tortue Year ago +1

    De la merde incarnée...

  • S Musi
    S Musi Year ago

    Really love this period violin playing. Really makes me feel like they know what they are doing.

  • Kinatoka misayu
    Kinatoka misayu 2 years ago +1

    je haie cette vidéo car notre prof de musique nous fais danser *SA*

  • F Howl
    F Howl 2 years ago +69

    Damn, I hope they stretched for this.

  • Declan McGinley élève
    Declan McGinley élève 2 years ago +1


    MsTEXASJO 2 years ago

    As a former musician and dancer, I would like a tiny bit of real dancing in between the walk. I can think of the movements in my head from modern dance days.

  • Champloo
    Champloo 3 years ago +3

    I listen to Jcole

  • Pikatchu
    Pikatchu 3 years ago +2

    C'est belle sui tient ma vie et non pavane.

  • RiverBed Flower
    RiverBed Flower 3 years ago +1

    Is this Helas Madame?

    • Ms. Rowe
      Ms. Rowe 2 years ago +1

      This is Belle Qui Tien Ma Vie by Thoinot Arbeau

  • Panzetta08
    Panzetta08 3 years ago +4


  • Duluoz
    Duluoz 4 years ago +3

    too funny for me, I quit

  • Crystal Spider
    Crystal Spider 4 years ago +6

    Borings Dance Ive ever seen

    • Mathilda
      Mathilda 3 years ago +2

      if you dance it a bit faster and you do a bit of lifting on the balls of the feet, it can be quite fun. The lifting of the heels makes it more graceful, in my opinion.
      especially in the right clothing.
      A lot of the court dances are more "noble-fied" versions of folk dances, which were of course less dignified and more like people having actually fun. ;)

    • ImNot AtHome
      ImNot AtHome 4 years ago +3

      +Crystal Demon you know, if you expected a rave party, maybe you should click on a video named " Renaissance Dance Pavane"

  • Karishma Changlani
    Karishma Changlani 4 years ago +11

    Was it really like this. I was expecting just a little more hop, maybe makes more sense with the right clothing?

    • Rosemary Paul
      Rosemary Paul Year ago

      According to the dances I watched on RUclip tonight, the hop dance was the Galliard, but I was looking for the one where the man would bow as the lady would curtsy. I just can't find it. It would have been danced at the time of the Musketeers, I think, 1640's - ish.

    • Sophie Mornet
      Sophie Mornet Year ago

      or this ruclip.com/video/se9tK6sSATY/video.html

    • Sophie Mornet
      Sophie Mornet Year ago

      watch this one ruclip.com/video/kM-eJ42lmGE/video.html ..long time ago

    • Mark LaPolla
      Mark LaPolla 3 years ago +2

      I was expecting more sway. Can someone post a video of a more typical pavan.

    • Faewaterspirit
      Faewaterspirit 4 years ago +4

      +Karishma Changlani (LearningSpanish)
      ahaha, no. This is not an accurate depiction of a pavane. There were lots of pliés, demi-pointes and turns in it. Hops were in other dances like gaillard. At any rate, it looked more like slow ballet with less turn-out and lower legwork, as ballet was developed from courtly dances.

  • Kasimeran
    Kasimeran 4 years ago +10

    Isnt´s there something missing?
    I know the dance with a little 'hop' after each step to the rithm (which I also miss)
    The Pavane d'honneur is a very simple dance on it´s own anyway, but this is just walking basicly. Nice executed, but just walking.

  • Jum81
    Jum81 5 years ago +76

    Imagine the Renaissance people walk into a club now :D

  • Christian Heisig
    Christian Heisig 5 years ago


  • mrnibelheim
    mrnibelheim 5 years ago +32

    I imagined this dance in Renaissance dress, and it made much more sense. Think of a hall filled with people in elegant procession. Wow!

    • The one
      The one 4 months ago +2

      I totally agree.. very elegant if in proper clothing and set👌

    • Victor Zamanian
      Victor Zamanian 4 years ago +2

      @mrnibelheim Indeed, very Eyes-Wide-Shut-ey.

  • tom Dobl
    tom Dobl 5 years ago +2

    Title:"Belle qui tient ma vie", by Thoinot Arbeau

    • Mathilda
      Mathilda 3 years ago +1

      @tom Dobl
      I do at least. I'm pants at remembering titles. OüO
      I hope at some time, we'll have a search machine that works with humming/whistling in melody snippets. :)

    • tom Dobl
      tom Dobl 3 years ago +1

      Don't we all dream of that?

    • Mathilda
      Mathilda 3 years ago

      thanks for telling the name.
      The crux with instrumental version is that you can't really search "dumm dumm di dumm di doodle di doddle doodle dumm" on google and expect to find sheets for the piece of music. XD

  • Gillian Lieberman
    Gillian Lieberman 5 years ago

    what is the name of this song?

    • TWK
      TWK 4 years ago +2

      +Gillian Alexis Darude - Sandstorm

  • Zack Dennis
    Zack Dennis 6 years ago

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaa is it done yet

  • xxdizannyxx
    xxdizannyxx 6 years ago +1

    Dumb as fuck

  • aishaclanclan7
    aishaclanclan7 6 years ago

    they manage to make a boring dance even more boring XD

  • diego hernández gómez

    pf yo tengo que bailar esto
    bueno no voy al colgio y listo

  • DJplastelina
    DJplastelina 7 years ago

    I could dance like that all night long. UnlessI would be drunk, than its impossible.

  • Kenny Pahina
    Kenny Pahina 7 years ago +2

    They Killed it!! lol broke a sweat haha

  • Silas Souza
    Silas Souza 7 years ago

    dança idiota

  • Ping xin
    Ping xin 7 years ago

    i love the shadows of the dancers.

  • Haszczu87
    Haszczu87 7 years ago

    We dance that one much better ;D
    Why guy is not kneeling?

  • ChibiSF
    ChibiSF 7 years ago

    Watching this in music history right now.

  • Claude
    Claude 7 years ago +1

    We're more enlightened now. We don't even bother with dancing; it's just vertical intercourse.

  • Juan Crespo
    Juan Crespo 7 years ago

    These kids doing their sex dances, fwah.

  • Aimee Britton
    Aimee Britton 8 years ago +3

    Now that dance looks so hard :P

  • Videos4u
    Videos4u 8 years ago

    very good, look at my channel the group Saltatio Burgus, dances of renaissance and medival (sorry my english is not good ;-))

  • MegaAlienBuster
    MegaAlienBuster 8 years ago

    Ma Moj Dedi jee bolsi od teh supkou... Bureeeekiiii !!!

  • MrCatiafan
    MrCatiafan 8 years ago +1

    "Belle, qui tiens ma vie" is the title of the melody, published by Thoinot Arbeau.
    He also published the dance description.
    But why do you omit the lifting of the heels, when closing the feet ?
    See youtube watch?v=TFuBLqUqDIo

  • SaimonFourch
    SaimonFourch 9 years ago

    Hey! Mais j'ai déjà entendu ça dans Kaamelott tien

  • kamil Krawczyk
    kamil Krawczyk 9 years ago