LIVE Q&A! Ask Me Anything | Science Studio After Hours #44

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Comments • 19

  • Morgan Freemason
    Morgan Freemason 7 months ago

    220T Custom Loop in the background. When we get all the info? New video?

  • Peter Jansen
    Peter Jansen 7 months ago

    As an owner of the 3700X I agree that manually overclocking is a bad idea but you do want to use PO if you want to get the best performance out of the CPU. If you have a 3600 and 3700X then increase the values of three parameters to the 105W values. I experiemented quite a lot with it in the last few days, especivally the EDC needs to be increased for the 3600 and 3700X, however higher than those 105W values is senseless, you won't get to the 100% of any of these values because AMD limits the voltage for a multi-threaded load to prevent a physic phenomenon called electromigration (basically electrons bumping into the silicon with high energy and destroying it). From Anandtech:
    Package Power Tracking (PPT): The power threshold that is allowed to be delivered to the socket.
    This is 88W for 65W TDP processors, and 142W for 105W TDP processors.
    Thermal Design Current (TDC): The maximum amount
    of current delivered by the motherboard’s voltage regulators when under
    thermally constrained scenarios (high temperatures)
    This is 60A for 65W TDP processors, and 95A for 105W TDP processors.
    Electrical Design Current (EDC): This is the
    maximum amount of current at any instantaneous short period of time that
    can be delivered by the motherboard’s voltage regulators.
    This is 90A for 65W TDP processors, and 140A for 105W TDP processors.

    On a sidenote, update the BIOS of your motherboard immediately if it is not from the end of July or later. If you use an aftermarket cooler you definitely want to manually make a fancurve, the stock fancurves suck for these CPU's because the temperatures go up fast with the single core boosts (a lot of heat on a tiny spot with an agressive boost).

  • Peter Jansen
    Peter Jansen 7 months ago

    There are very popular science/mathematics channels with 400k to a few million subs. Some of those are on a more superficial level, some of those really go in depth. Two examples: 3blue1brown (mathematics, 2 million subs), Numberphile (physics, 3 million subs), Mathologger (500k). For a more serious technology-focused channel Computerphile (1.5 million subs, from the same organisation as Numberphile)Coldfusion and The 8-bit Guy are good examples. I also like what I have seen from Technology Connections. I just point out that it definitely is possible to grow a channel with more in depth technology or science/mathematics content. It might take more time though, the superficial computer-tech is a niche in which you relatively easily break through. Hell, there are many small channels in that niche which literally do nothing but copy-pasting content and they don't even do it in a good way (explanation, nuance, discussion, pleasant to listen to...). I myself discovered Science Studio when he still sticked to the curiosity about science items, like "How many FPS do you see?". I had the same curiosity back then, though in my case it was more focused on The maximum resolution which you need for video/games.

  • Jorge Guerra Garay
    Jorge Guerra Garay 7 months ago

    Hi from Chile, great channel

  • Chenshilong Sun
    Chenshilong Sun 7 months ago +2

    Can anyone make a time stamp?
    Who does it will get a cookie

  • Oz Zy
    Oz Zy 7 months ago +3

    so what you are implying is science studio will be reborn as "sexy studio"? lol

  • Ridwan Taslim
    Ridwan Taslim 7 months ago

    Just saw ur latest video. Love it. R u single?

  • Sauron Lols
    Sauron Lols 7 months ago

    Just commenting in hopes greg will notice that he fills every little 1/2sec of no sound with.
    Stop trying to fill every silence moment, not al silence is awkward.

  • Bad Max
    Bad Max 7 months ago

    long time coming - lets get that 500k subs :D lots of love from Croatia!

  • Neyro Seven
    Neyro Seven 7 months ago

    I cross my fingers for your lawsuit, be good Greg

  • Harshit Yadav
    Harshit Yadav 7 months ago +2

    What kind of lawsuit is he talking about

  • RymeofDawn
    RymeofDawn 7 months ago +1

    Will you do anything for 500k subs?

  • jeff phillips
    jeff phillips 7 months ago +1

    Sorry I missed it little bro , I havent gotten to ask any silly questions lately.

  • Cris Meman
    Cris Meman 7 months ago +6

    Audio today's stream is WAAAAAAAYYYYY better than the last one..thanks Gregg.

    ABHISHEK PATNAIK 7 months ago

    Hi bro

  • Phantom Phreak
    Phantom Phreak 7 months ago

    Hey Greg, I am down for you on Floatplane I will become a member just for that you make awesome content.

  • Peter Blum
    Peter Blum 7 months ago

    Lol Science Studio on Pornhub!

  • Ghost Potato
    Ghost Potato 7 months ago

    Damn. I think I just missed it.

  • asd
    asd 7 months ago

    First comment?

    • asd
      asd 7 months ago

      @Joe Fernandez same :(

    • Joe Fernandez
      Joe Fernandez 7 months ago

      Missed the stream..