Auction Lamborghini Huracan Parts Are In!! And Pop-Ups are Out!!

  • Published on Mar 25, 2019
  • In today's episode we're pullin the popups and unboxing new parts!
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  • Juaquin cuello Bandid

    You talk a lot and you do not show anything .. Stop talking and show more of the work you do, and you will improve the videos and channel on you tube

  • Juaquin cuello Bandid

    Hablas mucho y no mostras nada.. Deja de hablar y mostra mas el trabajo que haces

  • WndSks
    WndSks 15 days ago

    Video starts at 2:00

  • flippy小熊
    flippy小熊 15 days ago

    fucking bitch fuck you 穷鬼

  • Johhny Stoka
    Johhny Stoka 15 days ago

    B is for butchered

  • tolon tolon
    tolon tolon 15 days ago

    i never understood the reason behind a convertible
    1 soft tops r horrible it reminds me of them cars with wood attached to the doors
    2 the range of weather is pretty limited
    3 drop down that top and try not to get a super pissed stare from ur girlfriend cuz she spent 1 hour getting her hair done (understandably so)
    4 it adds more weight
    summary: to me its not worth it

  • s p
    s p 16 days ago

    Get the driver side door from goonzsquad’s donor huracan spyder.

  • Joon Lee
    Joon Lee 21 day ago

    22:32 is me every time a hot girl approaches or when i am asked if i know the answer to a question fully knowing i have no clue what the subject of the question is.

  • Waheed360
    Waheed360 21 day ago

    b is for botch

  • kong
    kong 22 days ago

    New to the channel, where do u store all you cars do u have a huge garage? And what cars do u have ive only seeen a few, thanks

  • Antoine Vieille
    Antoine Vieille 22 days ago

    Excellente ta vidéo !
    PS : Si toi aussi tu t'intéresses à la création d'entreprise, à la liberté financière ou au business en général, jette un oeil à ma chaîne, je vais y mettre tout ce que je sais, ainsi que mes résultats très prochainement :)

  • TheJacksmen
    TheJacksmen 23 days ago

    Just a thought, if you remove the belly pan, could you gain access to the two bottom bolts?

  • Tom TheBig Lebowski
    Tom TheBig Lebowski 23 days ago

    I get it the bumpers gotta be painted , but I could help but to cringe as he just slid it around on the shop floor...😓

  • death speaker
    death speaker 24 days ago


  • ah559881
    ah559881 24 days ago

    I'm glad for saying this, technology ruins cars. Unless your in automotive school this is bull shit how the hell is this ok? Never mind spending the money on this car it's value is depreciated over time. Might as well drive a beater. Sport car sales are ever decreasing for this reason here.

  • Yo Bentley
    Yo Bentley 24 days ago

    Slide a coat hanger down the tube on the outside of both towers at the same time. You can giggle around and find the release trigger for those vertical crash bars. Works every time.

  • Solidius T
    Solidius T 24 days ago

    Could've gotten 2 g37 coupes for$15k with change to spare.

  • Bryan Nelson
    Bryan Nelson 24 days ago

    B is for broke! That was awesome!

  • A. Jawfer
    A. Jawfer 24 days ago +1

    The ultimate multicoloured Lamborghini Huracan

  • Rui Kazane
    Rui Kazane 25 days ago

    B is for broke True! Right now, I have like...30 bucks.

  • Jim Lastenburger
    Jim Lastenburger 25 days ago

    Love the channel, hate the music selections.

  • BrianOfAteionas
    BrianOfAteionas 25 days ago

    Lamborghini TMNT Type-R(aphael). xD I'm a smart-ass, but this build is cool as hell tbh.

  • Mr17riddog
    Mr17riddog 25 days ago

    Ive been playin RAID for like a month or 2 i wish i could get the bonus. I love it and i love this channel.

  • Alexander Palo
    Alexander Palo 25 days ago

    The correct terminology for the luggage space is frunk (front-trunk)

  • Oxiid
    Oxiid 25 days ago

    What do you do for a livin man?

  • lll AZTEC lll
    lll AZTEC lll 25 days ago

    Have you been drinking sir! 🚔 👮

    CVDEL CDM 25 days ago

    Just don’t paint it yourself 😅😅😅

  • Chewe Shula
    Chewe Shula 25 days ago

    What diagnostic tool are you looking to get?

  • Ali Abbas
    Ali Abbas 25 days ago

    Man...a lambo is just not that fun .. why don't you do a resto mod for some classics? :(

  • Mal Young
    Mal Young 25 days ago


  • Mal Young
    Mal Young 25 days ago

    Hanging out for the 4th instalment on this build.
    Cheers from Australia!

  • Futbol Stars
    Futbol Stars 25 days ago

    I dont know anything about cars , and I want to do something like this but I have a smaller budget , what car should I start by doing ?

  • Dayle Grady
    Dayle Grady 25 days ago

    took out like 74 bolts. like 65 bolts. like 50 bolts have to back into this. :P

  • Reece Kutzli
    Reece Kutzli 26 days ago

    you could bring the door panel to get stitched

  • Kushagra Saxena
    Kushagra Saxena 26 days ago

    Chris, get a huracan evo styled front bumper. It's extremely dope.

  • Top Cat
    Top Cat 26 days ago

    You should visit my country you need a break lol

  • FEA 93
    FEA 93 26 days ago +1

    Is there a winner already for 1k usd? I really need money for medical purposes. Please choose me. My dad is at icu right now due to heartattack. I sound reaaly desperate im sorry.

  • Tory Maitland
    Tory Maitland 26 days ago

    Honestly of all the silly youtube content I watch, I really appreciate you. FYI

  • Steven Gaskin
    Steven Gaskin 26 days ago

    I know right know your probably stressing about something right now but...... Just think you have a Lamborghini bro..... That's some shit to think about coming from BRZ to mustang to Austin Martin

  • Jason Hamilton
    Jason Hamilton 26 days ago

    I am all too familiar with the triple square. Basically if you took 3 squares and put them together, you get the 12 point pattern. Had to change a wheel bearing on my Audi S4 a few years back. I think I bought the same set. Have never used them since lol.

  • MrRj600rr
    MrRj600rr 26 days ago

    Could just color warp it after the build.

  • Steven Ramirez
    Steven Ramirez 26 days ago

    B is for bankrupt

  • skeelo69
    skeelo69 26 days ago

    Do you have the covers for the roll over posts ?

  • 096Landon
    096Landon 26 days ago

    day 476 - still waiting for bifb beer koozies

    KRACC 26 days ago

    Hard work pays off!!

  • Derek Longley
    Derek Longley 26 days ago

    its called a frunk

  • bankspower29
    bankspower29 26 days ago

    3m 08115 best shit out

  • Derek Longley
    Derek Longley 26 days ago

    buy a mercedes next any type

  • Royal Lucifar
    Royal Lucifar 26 days ago

    He is such a cheapass.

  • Derek Longley
    Derek Longley 26 days ago

    I found a 2019 ford gt for $19,000 iam building and i have the 2005 continental GT

  • DΛП
    DΛП 26 days ago +2

    Your choice with 610-4 front bumper and keeping the 580-2 rear bumper is the best choice ever IMO.

  • Philipp Leskin
    Philipp Leskin 26 days ago

    you can use Odis from VAG software to check for all system faults

  • Afeef Roslly
    Afeef Roslly 27 days ago

    "whole new seat costs more" I'm dead 😂

  • OBDeleven Car Diagnostics

    For diagnostics try a smart Bluetooth device - OBDeleven:

  • Dylan Bosman
    Dylan Bosman 27 days ago

    don't you want to make it wide body as well?

  • Paul van Lieshout
    Paul van Lieshout 27 days ago

    Does this mean, you have to pull the complete roof construction, every time you need to do anything on this car in the engine bay? That's a lot of sacrifice to drive around with some bling...
    5k for replacing the spark plugs alone.

  • GarThor Son of Odin
    GarThor Son of Odin 27 days ago

    all this futzin around, cut the thing off... you wanted to save yourself $500, but then spend thousands more in man-hours!

  • Patrick Bell
    Patrick Bell 27 days ago

    every time he slid the bumper on the floor i cringed...

  • tanner tuttle
    tanner tuttle 27 days ago

    SxS lifestyle

  • Billy Chode
    Billy Chode 27 days ago +1

    Please dont paint it yourself

  • Nick Allen
    Nick Allen 27 days ago

    Good video.

  • Team Ally Racing
    Team Ally Racing 27 days ago

    lambo is no very happy with youtubers messing with their cars

  • Munty Hussain
    Munty Hussain 27 days ago

    If you consider modifications then why not install lamborghini doors? If it's possible..

  • Мусабег Хидиров


  • leo d
    leo d 27 days ago

    10:28 are all those tools on the convertible roof?

  • Kendel McCarley
    Kendel McCarley 27 days ago

    I use and recommend the Fusor line of products from Lord Corp. for repair of plastic and bumper covers.

  • simoukari
    simoukari 27 days ago

    i want to earn those thousand bucks! hahahahah I need for my re painting car bill hahahaha I love watching this videos of yours, I wish I could do the same that would be my dream hahahah wish you the best and I will keep following your lambo rebuild !!

  • Dimitri Case
    Dimitri Case 27 days ago

    I seen you yesterday 💯💯💯

  • Shawn V
    Shawn V 27 days ago

    Bro, dye the green stitching in that other door panel black. Nobody will ever look close enough to notice. Or just remove the stitching, that would be simple too

  • r j auto
    r j auto 27 days ago

    Very happy for ya fella it's a lovely motor

  • changalo !
    changalo ! 27 days ago

    "B"? as in b is for build? naw, more like "B" b is for "bolt on" cuz you don't really "build" anything. you just bolt stuff on... just sayin

  • MrAznRonin
    MrAznRonin 27 days ago

    So, kinda late but who won the 80K Sub for $1k stack giveaway on St. Paddy’s day? 🧐🤔🤑

  • Andy Jordan Male
    Andy Jordan Male 27 days ago

    Great work. Jesus bless.Please come his blood & his work at cross. Believe in the gospel 1Corint 15:1-4, Rom 3:25,10:9-10 & Ephes 2:8-9. AMEN

  • Miguel Flores
    Miguel Flores 27 days ago

    Hey Chris, that's not a Huracan, in your case it's a Hur-i-CAN !!! hahah!!!!

  • Kai Storhagen
    Kai Storhagen 27 days ago

    Smh, those lame advertisements for mobile games is enough to not follow these videos anymore. RUclip premium is here for a reason.

  • Robo Rob
    Robo Rob 27 days ago

    Awesome 👍👍👍👍

  • kicsip
    kicsip 27 days ago

    Video is nice. Fuck these shitty mobile game fucking ads EVERYWHERE tho. Totally unrelated to car stuff. :/

  • JCL C
    JCL C 27 days ago

    Finally!!! yay!

  • Ralph Menta
    Ralph Menta 27 days ago

    PLEASE whatever you do, dont start selling out like a lot of youtubers as soon as you get a little money coming in. I honestly didnt really care about your channel a year ago, then I started watching the M5 240 sporadically and watched you grow as a builder and person in general. I like that you are doing bigger things, just dont adopt the douchebag persona. I see that you are friends with Tavarish, he is one of my favorite channels still because he STILL gets his hands dirty. If you dont enjoy what you are doing, why even do it?

  • dawe82
    dawe82 27 days ago

    i was affraid you will buy some ugly fake bumpers from poland again .... :D

  • Lee Fall
    Lee Fall 27 days ago

    Wow RAID are really sponsoring every video on youtube.... That sucks. Love how u say every car u get has gone to many repair shops and fail until they get to your pro shops lmao

  • Ryan A
    Ryan A 27 days ago

    Apocalypse builds are retarded fuck that idea

  • Darkknight _704
    Darkknight _704 28 days ago

    Note to NOT buy a convertible Lamborghini! 😂👍

  • Chamod Malalathunga
    Chamod Malalathunga 28 days ago

    Since it's a safety equipment IMO it would be better if you do it in the way Lamborghini dealership will do that.

  • Aizat Aidie
    Aizat Aidie 28 days ago

    Can't wait to watch the next video..

  • Adam Waters
    Adam Waters 28 days ago

    How have 298 people disliked this episode? Jealous much?

  • Jake Mangini
    Jake Mangini 28 days ago

    Sell this and build a Supra and an r32

  • Charlie beaches
    Charlie beaches 28 days ago

    Note to self, do not buy salvage or wrecked huracan LOL!

  • keith ogier
    keith ogier 28 days ago

    well persevered. you have the patience of a saint

  • Carbon Kingdom
    Carbon Kingdom 28 days ago

    Hi we do custom tons of stuff for huracans.. if you can lend for fast mold fenders i give you vorsteiner wing for free with deck lid...

  • Austin316
    Austin316 28 days ago

    if you don't have vagcom i suggest you get that. It is very useful for diagnosing VW products

  • jfguerrero2772
    jfguerrero2772 28 days ago

    I looked at some of the parts that you mention, where did you get them because i did a little research and some of the prices were 3x more than what you mentioned in the other video.

  • PNW Survival
    PNW Survival 28 days ago

    2:55 Let Your Backbone Slide lol. I remember that song from when I was a kid.

  • Robert Reynolds
    Robert Reynolds 28 days ago


  • Robert Bird
    Robert Bird 28 days ago

    • Robert Bird
      Robert Bird 28 days ago

      hi in this video there is a green lamborghini that has burned in the engine but looks like the cup looks ok

  • wohv
    wohv 28 days ago +2

    I'm sure ish from pimp my ride will be able to help me with the door panels lol

  • Lee Chavarie
    Lee Chavarie 28 days ago

    Get a custom B is for Build door panel insert sewn with green thread!

  • Andrew.s. Mcmurtrie
    Andrew.s. Mcmurtrie 28 days ago

    No chance original parts not at the other repair shops

  • A M
    A M 28 days ago

    3m plastic Repair kit..
    3M 5895 Flexible Parts Repair Kit 05895

  • Tanner Stauter
    Tanner Stauter 28 days ago

    I bet there’s a lot of cursing behind the scenes 🤣