I Only Ate Gwyneth Paltrow's Recipes For A Week

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • "I'm tired kinda fed up with screwing up. I just want to be good."
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Comments • 337

  • n v
    n v 14 hours ago

    I just wasted 14 minutes of my life watching you not plan and not actually know how to cook a basic recipe. So, I am going to take a few moments to offer you some much needed and unsolicited beauty advice. Your makeup and hair are diabolical and not having money is no excuse for any of it. Who wears pink metallic eye shadow? Rupaul, and nobody else please. Who wears black liquid eyeliner cat eyes when their brows are as messy as yours? Your applying concealer only around your eyes only serves to highlight to redness in your skin even more so than the horrendous pink eye shadow. And your hair color is doing you no favors. Over all you have the look of somebody who did their makeup with a bad hangover. And pairing all of this night time drag queen look with WHITE during the day is even stranger. Honey your BROWS are the biggest offense. You know they make cutout templates you can literally place over your real brow and use a brow gel to fill it in. Your lip color is incongruent to your skin tone. it looks like you apply foundation to your lips. And when you wear matching blush and lipstick the same color as your eye shadow you really arent fooling any one. This color stopped being popular in 1988. Your layers in your hair look like they grew out two years ago. They make a product called antishine lotion for reducing the appearance of oily skin. Now I am going to give you some coloring advice. 1. you need a toner in your hair to reduce the yellow in it. Add some brown and red, or even go to a nice deep auburn or chestnut to complement your skin tone. You will need to match your brow color. 2. You can wear cool browns for your eye shadow but it needs to be BLENDED into your creases and darkest on your outer lids. 3. Get a dark brown eye liner and a matching shadow to blend the line so it looks less harsh. 4. if you MUST use a bright color, purple will do much better to bring out your eyes. As for the recipes, Gwyneth is shockingly ignorant about nutrition. I have studied nutrition for 14 years now and it looks like she has failed for every high dollar fad out there. The fact that she uses her celebrity position to dabble in wellness products despite having no actual education outside of marketing gimmicks is not something you need to go around promoting. I have to run you're welcome..

  • Ariel Danielle
    Ariel Danielle Day ago

    Dude learn a base level of discipline. It should be a part of your routine to cook, enjoy your meal, and then take care of the dishes when you're done. Plus, clean as you go so you don't have a butt load of dishes to do all at once. You've taken the time out to cook, you can put the time in to clean.

  • dignityification
    dignityification 9 days ago

    did you loose any weight?
    was the food providing you enough energy?

  • centigradz
    centigradz 11 days ago

    I was expecting a model bf but he is such a normal bf. U go girl! Glad not everyone of these vloggers are not superficial.

  • Sheila Moore
    Sheila Moore 13 days ago

    everytime i see you i keep thinking how much you look like Elizabeth Hurley

  • Julia Alice
    Julia Alice 16 days ago

    Nobody wanna talk about the fact that Chloe got a boyfriend?

  • The Pander Bear
    The Pander Bear 17 days ago +1

    “ I DoNt EaT processed foods”... yea besides the morning smoothie made of dozens of fake powders synthesized in a laboratory.

  • Becca G
    Becca G 18 days ago

    You're only taking care of yourself. I feel like I just watched a video full of excuses of why making lunch and doing dishes is too hard. I couldn't finish it. The whining was too much. Try being an adult with children. If I can wash dishes, make breakfast, lunch and dinner for multiple people and do everything I need to do then you should literally have no problems meal prepping a salad.

  • Nikko Ladislaus
    Nikko Ladislaus 19 days ago

    Have NO idea why Gwen would want her to have cordyceps, but besides that fact, I am also reallly hoping Chloe looked them up! Really interesting, if not slightly creepy. Also really popular in certain tea. :D

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr 20 days ago +1

    Gwyneth is Crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr 20 days ago +1

    Eat like Gordon Ramsay!

  • JesseSaintJesse
    JesseSaintJesse 21 day ago

    I have all 4 of GP's cookbooks and as a trained chef i can attest that they are well researched, tested, and most of the recipes are delicious! This person clearly doesn't have a lot of cooking knowledge (not that you should need much, the recipes are easy to follow), so I would say don't blame GP, blame the person cooking them. FYI - in all fairness, if a recipe calls for corn and you don't add corn, and if it doesn't turn out, it's your fault - not the recipes. Common sense would say that that was way too much onion in the first salad, did you measure? Was there a dressing? Did you even spring for a cookbook or are these just random recipes off GOOP; some of these recipes can be taken out of context - they may be intended for a cleanse etc. I'm so sick of people criticizing recipes and cookbooks who are clearly disasters in the kitchen to begin with.

  • Emi Kasparian
    Emi Kasparian 22 days ago +1

    This video is 99% complaining and not enjoyable :(

  • Ava
    Ava 22 days ago

    Enjoying your food and the preparation of it is part of eating healthy. Whatever diet you want to follow adjust it to your taste and lifestyle. Recipes are guidelines, if it doesn't work change it.

  • Kei Limepie
    Kei Limepie 22 days ago

    Finally, someone else who doesn't like breakfast!

  • Ashleigh Sanders
    Ashleigh Sanders 23 days ago +1

    Honestly, I eat three meals a day that I cook myself, but I have the routine down. When I cook dinner I freeze the leftovers into individual portions. Then I have several diff individual size meals to choose from for lunch. I also cook big batches of stuff on Sundays and individually freeze those. I usually have a vitamin and protein shake for breakfast, as well as an egg. EZ.

  • thibault973
    thibault973 24 days ago +2

    I don't think she knows what a "studio apartment" is.

  • Lola Crown
    Lola Crown 24 days ago

    please don't name it ' i only ate GP recipes for a week', if you're not going to follow the recipe- but only substitute or cancel out ingredients. please come prepared. thanks xoxo

  • thaliasghost
    thaliasghost 24 days ago

    Yeah, you don't add the dressing to the salad and then take it to work. You take it separately, then add it when you eat it. Never brought a salad to work before?

  • cynicallygreen
    cynicallygreen 24 days ago +1

    How does cooking three meals a day prohibit your social life/being able to do other things? These buzzfeed employees are sometimes are not only out of touch but just plain silly sometimes.

  • N S
    N S 25 days ago

    Indian girl hates onion and cilantro 😂

  • Cornbreadfed Eb
    Cornbreadfed Eb 25 days ago

    Different boyfriend huh sis?

  • mirandaugh
    mirandaugh 25 days ago

    How can you not find corn?? It’s fresh, it’s canned, it’s frozen...

  • scarymary66
    scarymary66 25 days ago

    I've cooked 3 meals a day for the last 30 years for hubby and I and our daughter when she was little. I cannot believe how much it surprises me that so many people don't cook more than they do. I know a lot of people eat out but it's so much better and fresher when you cook it yourself and you know exactly what's going into it.

  • Someone Special
    Someone Special 25 days ago +2

    oh she broke up with her previous boyfriend.

    • Amarige Alcala
      Amarige Alcala 16 days ago

      Someone Special I WAS LOOKING FOR THIS COMMENT. hahahaha. and her video with her prev. boyf. is still up. well just weird for me lol

  • naruto’s raman
    naruto’s raman 25 days ago +4

    this must be super prerecorded if she’s apparently not single in this? or they got back together?

  • Withering Daisies
    Withering Daisies 26 days ago +2

    Does everyone at buzzfeed not know how to cook and don't even try? (Except for tasty)

  • Sara Laroya
    Sara Laroya 26 days ago +1

    OMG this is me 24/7. I cook constantly and I get overwhelmed by it ALL THE TIME. The frustration of never ending cooking and dishes then cooking again and then having even more dishes is too real. Way to go with this challenge!

  • Erika MacKenzie
    Erika MacKenzie 26 days ago

    You should probably put a warning for videos like these for people with eating disorders. Associating 'health' with low-carb, restrictive diets is extremely dangerous

  • Nancy Yousry Ammar
    Nancy Yousry Ammar 26 days ago

    I demand the pancake recipe.

  • lisa roy
    lisa roy 26 days ago

    in what universe that 5 days is a week?!!!!

  • Spice Boy
    Spice Boy 26 days ago +2

    Duuuuude... You really doing this? Listening to the lady who created psychic vampire repellent?

  • bortrövad 007
    bortrövad 007 26 days ago

    This girl is damn goodlooking and the accent 😊

  • Deirdre McMahon
    Deirdre McMahon 26 days ago

    "You can't shred the kind of chicken breasts I bought"? How does that work?! She's starting to sound like Lindsey or whatever her name is, the one who seemed surprised to find she had a kitchen when she did a buzzfeed cooking for a week challenge.

  • Shiba Inu
    Shiba Inu 26 days ago +1

    she's gonna freak out when she find out that cordyceps are from grown from worms

  • Rudolph
    Rudolph 27 days ago +1

    Why is the coworker talking into her food

  • pungorot
    pungorot 27 days ago

    Is that a new boyfriend 🧐 she got a new boyfriend? What’s going on? Give me a minute. Getting used to this new face.😯

  • Isha Biswas
    Isha Biswas 27 days ago +4

    Honey, Paltrow and the brand she represents isn't pro-health at all. Proven to be scammers, look it up. Do not endorse her here by creating content about her, it could easily mislead people.

  • Urgurljules .L
    Urgurljules .L 27 days ago

    What she should try is hello fresh! I bought 3 months for my mom as a Christmas gift last year! They send awesome recipe cards that yare easy to follow and laminated so you can keep them and all the food you need delivered to your front door AND has recipes from all around the world!

  • Urgurljules .L
    Urgurljules .L 27 days ago

    Everything kind of looked yummy😍

  • Urgurljules .L
    Urgurljules .L 27 days ago +1

    The avocado bowl looked good until the onions and cilantro

  • Urgurljules .L
    Urgurljules .L 27 days ago

    Carbs. An be healthy if you use them up, you should try keto it teaches your body to use stored up energy not energy that you eat during the day aka food

  • savannah armani
    savannah armani 27 days ago

    SHES BRITISH???? holy her accent idek what it is

  • Erin
    Erin 27 days ago +20

    Gweneth has a health brand yet she smokes cigarettes lmao the logic

    • Erin
      Erin 23 days ago

      Mark Jones YUP. So stupid

    • Mark Jones
      Mark Jones 24 days ago +2

      Erin tbh I bet Gwyneth doesn’t eat shi and just smokes cigs to curb the appetite and stay petite

  • Evelyn D
    Evelyn D 27 days ago +3

    I didn't really understand Gwyneths diet. Chicken is ok but mayo is bad. Carbs are bad but rice bowl is fine. Is she against dairy? But then pancakes and yogurt...I'm so lost

  • xoALSox
    xoALSox 27 days ago +13

    She’s so Americanised that she says “I’m from Britain”
    We don’t say that 😂
    Either “i’m from England/wales/Scotland”
    Or “the UK”

  • Toyadome C
    Toyadome C 27 days ago

    you couldnt find corn? forreal?

  • Bunnie Huxtable
    Bunnie Huxtable 28 days ago

    too late now, but for the future..you're supposed to slowly stream in the oil until it congeals/coagualates; once it does then you can more, quicker.
    also, i see you stepping up the makeup & hair game! #WerkBitch 😍

  • Becca Clements
    Becca Clements 28 days ago +1

    why tf do people still think low carb is healthy!!!! its proven over and over that carbs is what our brains run off!!

  • fraverie
    fraverie 28 days ago

    I'm utterly confused... So these recipes she finds don't give her good directions on how to prepare food? Also wouldn't you study a recipe before buying the ingredients and stuff. I don't get it lol

  • Judy Shelburg
    Judy Shelburg 28 days ago +2

    Easy for Gwyneth to eat "healthy" as I'm sure she has a chef doing all the cooking.

  • Jeanine Hughes
    Jeanine Hughes 28 days ago

    Most of these recipe portions are wayyyy to small. If you're having a salad without any protein as a meal it should be the size of your head.

  • Elizabeth Durrett
    Elizabeth Durrett 28 days ago +7

    Why wouldn’t you just make a green smoothie instead of buying all those powders? Also...why wouldn’t she use frozen corn? This whole video is confusing

  • Paige Steele
    Paige Steele 28 days ago +35

    “I was eating low carb: lots of fruit” lol

  • Ivy Nunez
    Ivy Nunez 28 days ago

    What do you mean you couldn’t find corn? Anywhere? Not even frozen?

  • Marie Falzoine
    Marie Falzoine 28 days ago

    GOOP is based in pseudoscience. Please see a nutritionist or a dietitian if you are trying to eat a healthier diet. They go to school and training to help people.

  • Vanessa Valentina
    Vanessa Valentina 28 days ago

    Hold on there’s a new boyfriend

  • Lisa-Marie Grant
    Lisa-Marie Grant 28 days ago

    Chloe your skin is very cool please ashen your blonde for a more flattering look, cool vid tho

  • Paige Johannesen
    Paige Johannesen 28 days ago

    low card and healthy don’t equate.

  • K Woolsey
    K Woolsey 28 days ago

    New boyfriend?