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In Defense of Rewind 2018

  • Опубликовано: 13 дек 2018
  • KPOP

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  • Gabriel Haskins
    Gabriel Haskins Час назад

    where was t-series tho???????!!!!!!

    HELLO ADAM 5 часов назад

    Hit or 1:09

  • Harsh Jaiswal
    Harsh Jaiswal 6 часов назад

    Do u want to get more dislikes

  • Matthew Etherington
    Matthew Etherington 9 часов назад

    I’m sorry Casey but it’s impossible to defend this crockpot of hell and failure

  • Matthew Etherington
    Matthew Etherington 9 часов назад

    I’m sorry Casey but it’s impossible to defend this crockpot of hell and failure

  • Barrelz *
    Barrelz * 17 часов назад

    I am pretty sure Will Smith probably got payed.

  • snowboarding steve
    snowboarding steve 22 часа назад

    Whyyyy Casey you said the cringiest part

  • Andy Andreev
    Andy Andreev День назад

    how clueless have you become my man

  • green house
    green house День назад


  • King Rob
    King Rob День назад

    You cant defend

  • Lauren Hawkins
    Lauren Hawkins День назад +1

    People just have to realise that it’s just a video.

  • matt quatro
    matt quatro День назад

    1:09 holding the negtivity until you explain

    • matt quatro
      matt quatro День назад

      ok i held it i think the worst partfor me was the blatent disrepect of actual people who did good thing s for communities this year by mentioning drag in the same scene as them it devalues what they did plus drag isn't empowering women rule on their own they don't need dudes dressing as them for help, come on guys

  • first name
    first name 2 дня назад

    Revive 100

  • abdelaziz adel
    abdelaziz adel 2 дня назад


  • Bo Dez
    Bo Dez 2 дня назад

    It was shit. Like really shit. But i hear what you are saying.

  • Bo Dez
    Bo Dez 2 дня назад

    They became one thing - they became K POP!!!

  • Bo Dez
    Bo Dez 2 дня назад

    Man they really messed up. Shameful production.

  • Alexa Echo
    Alexa Echo 2 дня назад

    You know what's the difference between *Casey* and an *Icepick* ?
    An *ICEPICK* has a *POINT*

  • Danny Polanco
    Danny Polanco 2 дня назад

    The bigger you are, the more disconnected you are. Shure the intention was gr8, but if you weren't tone deaf to what the community actually feels about the platform, you would understand why RUclip Rewind 2018 is indefensible.

  • Sputz3
    Sputz3 3 дня назад

    K pop! 😂💀 They made you look like a damn fool 😆

  • PoCiemku
    PoCiemku 3 дня назад

    RUclip community was always about the normal everyday people, who are honest with their opinions, views etc. And celebrating the community would be showing that these people have a voice. Even to be wrong.
    Rewind, on the other hand was what it was: a squeaky clean, colourful, empty vessel. No soul, no authenticity. Only celebrities, and PC, SJW political agenda. The exact opposite of what it's ment to be and what it should be. This is NOT a TV station: people come to YT to get away from the old shitty media and their BS.
    But that's what YT is starting to become: not a Tube for the millions of Creators, just a Tube for whatever sells best.
    SO it's not RUclip anymore, and definitely not YourTube. It's TheyTube. Or TheirTube.

  • K4towice
    K4towice 3 дня назад

    RUclip rewind is not a celebration of a community! Especially its not a celebration of what the company wants the community to be. It should fking rewind of most popular videos and memes.

  • The Loyal Stormtrooper
    The Loyal Stormtrooper 3 дня назад

    Holy shit, cavemen are still around

  • Becky R
    Becky R 3 дня назад +1

    You tube rewind had no heart, it didn't evoke any real emotion aside from disgust. When people look back on a year, a decade, or their life they want to relive the moments that meant the most to them. Make us not only laugh and smile but touch our hearts.

  • dat calculation tho
    dat calculation tho 3 дня назад +1


  • LtCommanderBacon
    LtCommanderBacon 3 дня назад

    It's been getting worse and worse every year, it's impossible to defend.

  • Gally in Nottingham
    Gally in Nottingham 3 дня назад


  • Gally in Nottingham
    Gally in Nottingham 3 дня назад


  • Juilo Juan
    Juilo Juan 3 дня назад +1

    Oof! I'm sorry Casey

  • SimplePerson
    SimplePerson 4 дня назад

    lol, is this now as well Casey's most disliked video? :O

  • Bubonic Dropling
    Bubonic Dropling 4 дня назад

    How do you feel.

  • Isabella Mertens
    Isabella Mertens 4 дня назад

    it does need to have shane dawson in it wtf

  • Jorge Resendiz
    Jorge Resendiz 4 дня назад +1


  • Belfast Boy
    Belfast Boy 4 дня назад

    I fail to see how you can even defend them when RUclip have made it quite clear that they’re more interested in ad revenue and making money than they do about the content whenever they stated that they’re proud of what they’ve made despite the hate, what used to be a great company has turned into a typical, greedy, money-making corporate scheme that is now completely out of touch with its users!

  • juanbest98
    juanbest98 5 дней назад

    Don't understand why is THIS video so unliked..

  • Carlos Hidalgo Padrón
    Carlos Hidalgo Padrón 5 дней назад

    I dont know nothing about K-pop im still listening to tupac.

    R E S P E C T

  • 100k With no Vids
    100k With no Vids 5 дней назад

    Don’t try pall

  • Sardonicus
    Sardonicus 5 дней назад +1

    Stale sjw sanitized corporate shit.

  • MrAVENGER901
    MrAVENGER901 5 дней назад +2

    Nobody cares how hard you work to make something. The world will shit on it if what you worked hard on a was a shit product.Just because people worked hard on this video doesnt mean we should love it.

  • MrAVENGER901
    MrAVENGER901 5 дней назад +1

    Shut the fuck up Casey

  • RedInterceptor
    RedInterceptor 5 дней назад

    It's not to get views, it's cause it's bad

  • Defender of Video Games
    Defender of Video Games 5 дней назад

    Charities? Non profit organizations? What about PewDiePie raising more than 200 thousand dollars for a charity who saves Indian children that are victim of child labour?

  • Defender of Video Games
    Defender of Video Games 5 дней назад

    That like to dislike ratio. Ooooooooooooh

  • kacperkrakowski RBLX
    kacperkrakowski RBLX 5 дней назад


  • Sanjeev Kumar
    Sanjeev Kumar 5 дней назад +1

    K pop!!!!!

  • thisishaggard
    thisishaggard 5 дней назад

    Fuckin' rights Tupac.

  • Imf44Gameplays
    Imf44Gameplays 5 дней назад

    Why so many dislikes??

  • Eric Gomez
    Eric Gomez 6 дней назад

    I thought it was ironic, ridiculous and hilarious for you to be in the KPOP sections.. I loved it! But maybe its because I watch you.

  • CIENCIA Y CULTURA Documentales en HD
    CIENCIA Y CULTURA Documentales en HD 6 дней назад +1

    I prefer Pewdiepie version. ^_^

  • Alex Jacob
    Alex Jacob 6 дней назад +1

    It sucked, pewds youtube rewind video was way better

  • l3lack_D1am0nd
    l3lack_D1am0nd 6 дней назад

    RUclip rewind was INTENDED for good reasons but it didn’t TURN out that way.

  • DrBeatzSMASH Music
    DrBeatzSMASH Music 6 дней назад

    I think the main issue with RUclip Rewind is that RUclip tried to make the video suit what they WANT the platform to look like! Even RUclip took Casey, and made him appear as a k-pop fanboy. He admits he knows nothing about K-Pop, so shouldn't RUclip be celebrating what Casey (and all the other creators) are known for??

  • Angel Mae
    Angel Mae 6 дней назад

    Although i don't entirely agree with your opinion, ur still the best ,Casey and we hope you continue to be the amazing youtuber we know and love

  • Quoc Hung Tran
    Quoc Hung Tran 6 дней назад

    U know why we all hate that? cause casey neistat doesn't just scream k-pop out of nowhere if he doesn't have anything to relate to it or just don't even know what it is

  • Mary Simon
    Mary Simon 6 дней назад +1

    How did they try to get mainstream Celebs if I didn't know 90% of the people in this years RUclip Rewind!!?!

  • Aditya Radisty
    Aditya Radisty 7 дней назад


  • Kevin Rivera
    Kevin Rivera 7 дней назад

    Riding the shit out of youtubes dick

  • Matthew Levens
    Matthew Levens 7 дней назад

    In my opinion the amount of dislikes RUclip rewind got was more of a protest from the fans for RUclip's poor display in 2018. And on how RUclip don't like or understand its own user base and is sort of ashamed of it. Take PewDiePie one RUclip's most subscribed creator but RUclip is sort of ashamed of him. RUclip dosnt understand that no one cares about their diversity crap. Or there coprate geed. Do I think RUclip rewind deserves the amount of hate, mabey. However I think RUclip dose

  • leokimvideo
    leokimvideo 7 дней назад +8

    Sorry Casey, your wrong here..Rewind 2018 is finally the audience and producers giving RUclip a crystal clear message how dumb and lost they are now. For many on this platform 2018 was masses of demonotizations, age-restrictions and banned channels. This also spooked the viewers. Yet that was neatly ignored in Rewind. RUclip have successfully produced the most hated video on the site. Quite an achievement indeed, and maybe an indicator this platform is getting past it's used by date.

  • BryceJonesVlogs
    BryceJonesVlogs 7 дней назад

    You're honored to be part of trash c'mon Casey your better than that man!!!!!!

  • BryceJonesVlogs
    BryceJonesVlogs 7 дней назад

    The video was trash I'm sorry there's no way to explain how 8 minutes of my life is gone and I will never get it back over stupid material.

  • Nerd
    Nerd 7 дней назад

    Good video, glad to hear some positive conversation on this subject. Everyone is so eager to diss youtube rewind for no other reason than the fact that it is a popular opinion. Sure it was bad, but everyone just wants to hate on it.

  • David Brady
    David Brady 7 дней назад

    Seems like this dude has been stuck at 10m subs for awhile... Maybe go back to your roots

  • LTheMaster
    LTheMaster 7 дней назад

    Look the K-Pop Guy!

    XAVITAR& DOMINATOR33 7 дней назад

    And it was really disliked even me
    BTW I laughed when you say KPOP!
    RUclip rewind 2018 misses some of other things last 2018 even the memes and people who died
    Oh and RUclip rewind 2018 is good the reason I was saying that the rewind 2018 is a bit messed. some of the clips where flaw
    It is disliked but I liked how they did the rewind 2018 and it was a very good video
    The idea of RUclip was only focusing on the standards of the video
    But it is a fair opinions there's no other negative opinions

  • Ghost Tommy
    Ghost Tommy 7 дней назад

    funny that Casey is the only youtuber that has been in 3 RUclip Rewind Videos 2016 ,2017 ,2018 you dont see other youtubers twice in rewind only once. but no hate Towards Casey.

  • niranjan baburaj
    niranjan baburaj 7 дней назад

    U should have skipped that one

  • Перевод видео
    Перевод видео 7 дней назад

    У меня на канале есть перевод нескольких видео Кейси)

  • MasterYoYo711
    MasterYoYo711 7 дней назад +1

    Are you seriously going to make a video defending Rewind and not mention Pewdiepie once? Not even once?

  • TrapMango
    TrapMango 7 дней назад

    No, instead you should be proud, its the most disliked video of all time

  • Tomáš Karlík
    Tomáš Karlík 7 дней назад

    I mean, it's easy to say that in hindsight, but a RUclip-produced video, a corporation-produced video, focused on rewinding the year (which it btw totally did not and was just a bunch of random cameos and catering to SJW), was gonna fail exactly in this way. Nobody could predict this kind of brutal development, but it should've been clear that such a big company that proved time and time again that while it tries, it just cannot get to their fans and creators, will fail at this kind of thing. Just my opinion.

  • Erik Nelson
    Erik Nelson 7 дней назад

    i feel bad for you

  • Rob
    Rob 7 дней назад

    - fortnite dances *suck*
    - Kopop *sucks*
    - Mukbangs *suck*
    - People trying to win your approval by doing things that they think you like *SUCKS*

  • Rob
    Rob 7 дней назад

    We’re in this video because we love celebrating this community

    because we want to promote our channels

  • JaredGraves
    JaredGraves 7 дней назад

    whats the bracelet with the two plastic things sticking out on his left wrist?

  • Sally Shin
    Sally Shin 7 дней назад

    Shane Dawson? What about Pewdiepie

  • Ed K.
    Ed K. 7 дней назад

    There is no defending it. It's the worst video ever, the dislikes prove it. Nobody was judging you in the first place, but releasing this and trying to defend it is just making you look bad.

  • Adrian Chirino
    Adrian Chirino 8 дней назад

    please, make your own rewind 2018!

  • Narwhal Studios
    Narwhal Studios 8 дней назад


  • Rhys and George 0733
    Rhys and George 0733 8 дней назад

    It's 15M dislikes right now

  • R Izquierdo
    R Izquierdo 8 дней назад

    All the SJW inclusivity bullshit really took it from just a cringefest to another failed brainwash attempt, like the Last Jedi. Every downvote is deserved

  • Master Blek
    Master Blek 8 дней назад

    So anyone, who was chosen for the rewind will defend it????
    I am disappointed of you...
    RUclip doesn't care about the community, ever since they decided to turn their backs on the RUclipRS, and not the rich and famous snobs.
    There is a huge difference.

  • Sh Mj
    Sh Mj 8 дней назад

    The morons who disliked this video didn't even saw the video until end

  • PaperTowel
    PaperTowel 8 дней назад

    RUclip rewinds are supposed to celebrate the community? In the past sure, all they are now is trying to paint the community to be something it's not. I dont think anyone except the corporations felt included. Me a fan of some more "edgy" content, stuff like Pewdiepie, DramaAlert, Sugar Pine 7, felt like there was nothing for me and almost felt like I was being pushed from RUclip into a little corner.

  • XxBûrzHir87iTzxX
    XxBûrzHir87iTzxX 8 дней назад

    annnnnd the like-dislike ration in this video just amazes me😪

  • Stinky Floata
    Stinky Floata 8 дней назад

    You know RUclip didn't give a shit about actual RUcliprs when they start Rewind with Wil Smith, and Pewdiepie doesn't even get a cameo.

  • Chase Palumbo
    Chase Palumbo 8 дней назад +1

    Dude you are whack

  • Ardalan Danesh
    Ardalan Danesh 8 дней назад

    Oh you know! ... if there is one person that knows.... that would be you!

  • Jerry Rous
    Jerry Rous 8 дней назад

    Your overall numbers don’t lie. Your not someone who needs to defend your self. I do admire you being a team player though when your in a position that you don’t need to.

  • Michael OBrien
    Michael OBrien 8 дней назад

    I wish everyone just said it straight like you always do man. You just say it for what it is, and that’s something we’re missing in this world

  • Jada Acebo
    Jada Acebo 9 дней назад

    I agree

  • Petri Chor
    Petri Chor 9 дней назад

    8 minute and 14 seconds actually

  • Madride
    Madride 9 дней назад

    There is no defense that is trash

  • Jonathan Elliott
    Jonathan Elliott 9 дней назад

    Not including Pewdiepie in Rewind was a bad move from RUclip, his 9 year old army is a force not to be reckoned with.

  • Hunter Wheeler
    Hunter Wheeler 9 дней назад

    RUclip rewind is for the fans. They didn’t put any of the RUclip’s people wanted (obviously that’s an exaggeration) but still. Then they decided to put in a bunch of stuff nobody cared about instead of nostalgia for what happened in the year

  • Jordi Parra
    Jordi Parra 9 дней назад

    What I like about youtube is how you Casey, Dan, or many others can turn a nice idea into something super delightful with close to no budget. RUclip has this lo fi vibe where creativity and content go before budget. Content > Execution… That's what make it delightful. At least to me. This rewind feels like hiring a stiff corporate ad agency to create a snapshot of a culture with the opposite feel of the product itself. Maybe RUclip just let one of you create the rewind concept each year and have this on rotation…. I'd like a Casey rewind.

  • Saliheren Yüzbaşıoğlu
    Saliheren Yüzbaşıoğlu 9 дней назад +1

    Who watch in 2019

  • Krispy Kimson
    Krispy Kimson 9 дней назад

    It’s just turned into a video of giant corporations circle jerking each other off.

  • This is so Epic
    This is so Epic 9 дней назад


  • JGaming
    JGaming 9 дней назад

    Watching pewds rewind will make you feel good.