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In Defense of Rewind 2018

  • Опубликовано: 13 дек 2018
  • KPOP

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  • Ketam Tua
    Ketam Tua День назад


  • TheAbele992
    TheAbele992 День назад

    *Sees that this video has more dislikes than likes*
    "I am so proud of this community"

  • Hans Jørgen Furfjord
    Hans Jørgen Furfjord 2 дня назад

    I unsubscribed when I saw this video title. You suck up to the wrong people sometimes and now I'm fed up.

  • Yuanspex01 YBM
    Yuanspex01 YBM 2 дня назад

    Wow there’s more dislikes than likes Lol

  • Michael Sali
    Michael Sali 3 дня назад

    RUcliprs in Rewind 2018:
    TheOdd1sOut, JaidenAnimations,Domics,Swoozie, Markiplier, Marshmello, You.

  • Max Jensen
    Max Jensen 3 дня назад

    This video needs kpop

  • TacoTime Gaming
    TacoTime Gaming 3 дня назад

    Yeah the intention was good and what they were trying to do was good, buuuuuut it didn’t turn out that good you know?
    For the past few years RUclip has been going downhill and, you know what I’m just gonna what I feel like I need to.
    RUclip used to be good now it sucks thaey are taking down everything and being sensitive. WHY DONT THEY GO BACK TO HOW IT WAS?
    No I know it can’t be how it used to be but I do miss it.
    Look this rewind was bad, ok everyone get over it, MAKE THE NEXT ONE BETTER!

  • Nikolay Zhitko
    Nikolay Zhitko 3 дня назад

    fuck u

  • Blossom FieryFlower
    Blossom FieryFlower 4 дня назад

    What he’s basically saying is that yes, it was a huge flop. The reason why is because every meaning behind it was lost, so RUclip should learn from this mistake.

  • Young Yava
    Young Yava 4 дня назад +1


  • Aj Powell
    Aj Powell 9 дней назад

    K pop "just dies"

  • The Good Puppet
    The Good Puppet 9 дней назад

    He defended it

  • SVO DC
    SVO DC 9 дней назад

    LMAO!!!!!!!!! Fatality.

  • Not a Trap
    Not a Trap 10 дней назад +1


  • D A
    D A 11 дней назад

    Calling yourself a film maker. More like trash maker.

  • Zinx Da 2nd hitler
    Zinx Da 2nd hitler 11 дней назад +1

    *Your obviously paid by RUclip to like and give nice comments about their Failure*

  • zul-KR9
    zul-KR9 11 дней назад

    Casey just admit it you look so stupid in that vid.
    I'm your supporter btw "_-

  • Pasha Vosough
    Pasha Vosough 12 дней назад

    You're just butthurt that you became a huge meme after that pathetic bit of you and kpop in the rewind

  • Spike Spiegel
    Spike Spiegel 15 дней назад

    look... ya win some ya lose some. Sometimes good artists have bad albums, sometimes movies are terrible even with big budgets and A list stars. This was just a total miss by YT. It's not the end of the world, hopefully they'll learn from the intense feedback and do something better next time but you're always going to take a risk when you create something.

  • redrose 101
    redrose 101 16 дней назад

    Bruh they payed you

  • kimble music
    kimble music 17 дней назад

    At least Casey had the balls to make this video and the balls to make fun of himself while 90% of the other RUclip stars in rewind 2018 are just acting like it never happened like a bunch of pussies.

  • CreeperDuDE 89 // BusDriver #48
    CreeperDuDE 89 // BusDriver #48 18 дней назад

    help me please....

  • ghost foxy
    ghost foxy 18 дней назад

    this guy only defends it so YT watch it and let him in next years rewind
    so he can boost his views and ego

  • ghost foxy
    ghost foxy 18 дней назад +1

    0:31 i bet this guy doesn't know what a dead meme is

  • PewDiePie 7
    PewDiePie 7 20 дней назад +1

    there were two reasons for the 15 million dislikes of youtube rewind
    1. It was shit and seemed shit
    2.PewDiePie was not invited for the youtube rewind but made his own youtube rewind of 5 minutes
    the thing that we disliked it was that it planned months ago us 9-year-olds to dislike it when it comes out and pewdiepie was like don't dislike it

  • PewDiePie 7
    PewDiePie 7 20 дней назад +1

    0:07 casey looks as if he is going super saiyan blue from base form

  • onieL victor
    onieL victor 26 дней назад

    Subscribe cannel saya yah

  • Laxmi the Unicorn
    Laxmi the Unicorn 27 дней назад +1

    K POP bts army

  • Ismail Lahlou
    Ismail Lahlou 28 дней назад


  • GroundedOnTwo
    GroundedOnTwo 29 дней назад

    Some of the WORST things imaginable have been done with the BEST INTENTIONS. Case and point : RUclipRewind2018

  • Jack Stuchbery
    Jack Stuchbery 29 дней назад

    This is very... polite. Nice.

  • TheYoshiGamer
    TheYoshiGamer 29 дней назад

    Are you the type of person to defend Sonic 06?

  • BlueCraft OFFICIAL
    BlueCraft OFFICIAL Месяц назад

    KPOP! No... just NO!

  • Leah GooDa
    Leah GooDa Месяц назад

    By the time this video was posted rewind had as many dislikes as Casey has now

  • Brandon Tea
    Brandon Tea Месяц назад

    Is this the most dislike video of Casey?

  • Mystery Man/Woman/Boy/Girl Who Knows :O

    Just S ayin. i thought you were that bicc beside you in yt rewind

  • DOOMGUY 420
    DOOMGUY 420 Месяц назад +1

    Impossible to defend RUclip rewind 2018

  • Cartoon Avenue
    Cartoon Avenue Месяц назад

    Good one, K-pop. Ignore your audience. Don't give the audience what they want. Brilliant.... K-pop... K-pop everyone... I think wearing sunglasses all the time has finally made him blind.... To the truth..... K-pop, we need more K-pop...

  • Evan Drulias
    Evan Drulias Месяц назад

    Swoozie was in rewind 2018

  • david bulanoff
    david bulanoff Месяц назад +1


  • Anthony M
    Anthony M Месяц назад

    Leave it to Casey to defend stupidity.

  • Bryce McKenzie
    Bryce McKenzie Месяц назад +1

    The PewDiePie Rewind was really the Real Rewind. That followed the Real Trends and payed Homage to the Fans.

  • Bryce McKenzie
    Bryce McKenzie Месяц назад +1

    What Defense?! There's nothing to Defend, they didn't listen to their Fans and ignored real RUclip Trends.

  • McCaroni Sup
    McCaroni Sup Месяц назад

    Whoever edited youtube rewind 2018, you're an idiot....

    Yes, I'm know I'm being straightforward, but it's true.

  • Kyle Christy
    Kyle Christy Месяц назад +1

    They sh!t on themselves Casey!

  • Igor Igor
    Igor Igor Месяц назад

    now they trying to convince us that we are wrong, that rewind is good but we hallucinate that is not.

  • ispamalot
    ispamalot Месяц назад +1

    You stil listen to Tupac.... man talk about NOT keeping it real.

  • Michael Tayon
    Michael Tayon Месяц назад +1

    Ironic? Irony? Where? Context? Really? Why? How?

  • TheNutellaBellyButton Jam
    TheNutellaBellyButton Jam Месяц назад +2

    Next episode: in defense of hitler

  • Gilgamesh891
    Gilgamesh891 Месяц назад

    Of course this clown would defend it. And you are full of shit, their intentions for the video were 100% EVIL and had a political agenda. It's disgusting, as are you. You people will be remembered in history for destroying western civilization and the implementation of Global Marxism

    • Matias Forti
      Matias Forti Месяц назад

      Yeah dude almost 100 years of millions of idiots trying to implement communisim but one RUclip video is all it takes

  • RahmanNoodles ッ
    RahmanNoodles ッ Месяц назад +1

    *K P O P*

  • michihiro kawada
    michihiro kawada Месяц назад

    nigahiga said a great thing about RUclip Rewind please watch it

    PIN_HEAD_LARRY Месяц назад +1

    Your the reason that video didn’t fail 100000% ... once I saw u I was like hell yea that’s hilarious. I understood it was a joke lol.

  • TheDriftingStig
    TheDriftingStig Месяц назад

    It doesn't matter if the whole set is laughing at the scenes because you're all creators. I would think that with a production of this size they would bring in diverse focus groups to get everyone's opinions on what they think about the video before releasing it.

  • Christopher Johnson
    Christopher Johnson Месяц назад

    Who cares

  • Jackie's Game/Vlog/Whatever
    Jackie's Game/Vlog/Whatever Месяц назад

    Wait also like I dislike it cuz like EVERYTHING IS EVERYWHERE

  • Dance moms and Kawaiigirl
    Dance moms and Kawaiigirl Месяц назад

    It has 15 million dislikes

  • 1000 subscribers without a video
    1000 subscribers without a video Месяц назад +4

    *In Defense To RUclip Rewind*

    ”I was in it”

  • Crispy ツ
    Crispy ツ Месяц назад

    This has more disliked than likes

  • Bostonography
    Bostonography Месяц назад


  • Alex Donet
    Alex Donet Месяц назад

    This yeras youtube rewind
    20 million dislikes🤔😂😂😂😃🤣

  • Sheila Bedard
    Sheila Bedard Месяц назад

    Late seeing this but... Casey sounds like a politician lol! Love you regardless Casey!

  • Jzsc12
    Jzsc12 Месяц назад


  • The Blissful Elefante by Tara Creel
    The Blissful Elefante by Tara Creel Месяц назад

    I didn’t realize people took the video so seriously. My goodness. It’s RUclip. There are much larger things going on in the world 🤔

  • Jimmy McGowan
    Jimmy McGowan Месяц назад

    It's like the board of directors just hand-picked who they wanted to push to advertisers and put them together.

  • David Torres
    David Torres Месяц назад

    We’re to 15 million now just take that in

  • MrSilender
    MrSilender Месяц назад

    RUclip likes/cares about its community...Sorry Casey I like you but that made me laugh :D

  • sonam gurmath
    sonam gurmath Месяц назад


  • Jason Cline
    Jason Cline Месяц назад

    RUclip is a CORPORATION we need a new platform.

  • •Windy• 2nd
    •Windy• 2nd Месяц назад +1

    I love the rewind.

  • Random Studios productions
    Random Studios productions Месяц назад

    RUclip: *wants to have an ad featuring creators*
    Also RUclip: *literally 80% of the people in it were either irrelevant or dead channels or not even channels*
    Me: someone made an oopsie

  • Pandora ShadowFan69
    Pandora ShadowFan69 Месяц назад


  • Moonessence1
    Moonessence1 Месяц назад

    It’s funny watching the kpop guy trying to defend this dumpster fire 😂

  • Nino MK
    Nino MK Месяц назад

    Why so many dislikes? You know Casey is a good guy, he just wants to do some fun stuff, and not everything someone does is always going to be great. Casey has a lot of success more than most people here watching the video, and its because he is not afraid of risks and failure; which actually is the only way to LEARN and have success. CHILL and enjoy the fact that if that youtube rewind wouldn't be so bad and suck so much we would not have Pewdiepies version XD

  • Cartoon Avenue
    Cartoon Avenue Месяц назад

    This should have been titled, RUclip, Please Put Me in RUclip Rewind 2019

  • PewDiePie 7
    PewDiePie 7 Месяц назад +1

    It was planned from before that we would break the record of most disliked video of justin bieber by this rewind

  • Josie Eash
    Josie Eash Месяц назад


  • Tim’s Trims in Maryland
    Tim’s Trims in Maryland Месяц назад

    With so many great artists/influencers/creators how does this happen...just how

  • ZebulonJames
    ZebulonJames Месяц назад

    If Rhett and Link were the ones yelling KPOP the joke would've landed better. Casey isn't necessarily seen as funny (which isn't a bad thing) but Rhett and Link are. The irony just didn't make it through. We all take Casey too seriously. He's just not known for making jokes. Rhett and Link are funny and 40 year old southerners. They don't know anything about KPOP either. They would have been absolutely perfect for the joke.

  • John Williams
    John Williams Месяц назад

    2 24

  • John Williams
    John Williams Месяц назад


  • John Williams
    John Williams Месяц назад


  • Giwrgos Papageorgopoulos
    Giwrgos Papageorgopoulos Месяц назад

    Rewind is a celebration of the community BUT THE COMMUNITY HATED IT.
    Fuck youtube.
    EDIT: Advertisers destroyed a lot of channels.

  • Soulkeeperbg
    Soulkeeperbg Месяц назад

    Casey, I think Rewind actually depicted the 2018 trends accurately. The problem is that these trends are all a mess. It was a mistake to mash you up in this stuff.

  • Scamaz
    Scamaz Месяц назад

    I get what you're trying say Casey but i still think that the rewind is very lost and disconnected to the actual RUclip community.

  • Ghukly
    Ghukly Месяц назад +1

    It even works under water

  • Sidary Sam
    Sidary Sam Месяц назад

    This 40 year old man is clueless wow so old but dumb

  • KIDOLSKI -753
    KIDOLSKI -753 Месяц назад +1

    2019 RUclip Rewind Directed & Edited By Casey Neistat!!

  • Fransiskus Kurniawan
    Fransiskus Kurniawan Месяц назад

    k-pop yeeeaaahhh, haha

  • nate boureaux
    nate boureaux Месяц назад

    There intention was to invite corporations over by showing how “family friendly” they are to make more money they don’t care about any creator that isn’t family friendly and they only care about the money they can make the rest of us are worthless to them especially the audience we all need to realize that youtube is a big corporation now they aren’t a little business and 99.9% of big corporations don’t care about anything except money they don’t care about how far this community has came they are acting like EA with battlefield 5 with that thats a pretty goop comparison to youtube rn thats EA tho EA is still a lot worse

  • Fortnite Guru
    Fortnite Guru Месяц назад


  • santino keon Usop
    santino keon Usop Месяц назад

    in "DEFENSE" of rewind 2018 hmmm yt rewind if you make a video with a name called rewind DO A accual rewind like pewds did so yeh

  • King Kayan
    King Kayan Месяц назад

    This vid has more dislikes than likes

  • Vloggeer
    Vloggeer Месяц назад

    Sorry dude it was a fail

  • Brian Chung
    Brian Chung Месяц назад

    8:53 “I know that RUclip loves the RUclip community” Excuse me? Communication with RUclip is widely known to be nearly nonexistent. Stop Casey. Just stop.

  • Paul Anthony
    Paul Anthony Месяц назад

    Beautifully fucked up by too many cooks

  • BaDUM Tsss
    BaDUM Tsss Месяц назад +1

    Lol miss me with that shit 😂 you are doing all of this for the sake of your channel and being side by side with Google

  • dark prime
    dark prime Месяц назад

    Hahaha rewind yt sucks

  • Miyu Ai
    Miyu Ai 2 месяца назад +3

    "RUclip cares about the RUclip community" does it really though? The whole copystriking issue has become pretty big and yet that broke system hasn't been fixed. RUclip cares about it's business not necessarily creators on here.

  • Optical GamerZGT
    Optical GamerZGT 2 месяца назад

    G G G G G *COUGH*