People Read Strangers’ Worst Heartbreaks

  • Published on Jul 31, 2018
  • We all have secrets. We had people write down their biggest heartbreaks and read someone else's to create understanding, connection, and empathy amongst strangers. SUBSCRIBE for more! 👉 👈
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Comments • 4 691

  • Jubilee
    Jubilee  10 months ago +2973

    Seeking Secrets has a soft spot in our hearts - we hope you get a lot of value from it too. Thanks to everyone around the world for submitting their secrets. If you like our videos.. if you think we're doing things a little differently around here, please SUBSCRIBE for more from us. Be sure to follow us on Instagram ( ) to get to know us better.. and to get notice of how to submit your own secrets next time! Love you Jubilee fam!

    • A run
      A run 2 months ago

      Can I send u my story too?

    • hazar zah
      hazar zah 3 months ago

      Where can we submit our messages?

    • Veronica Weiss
      Veronica Weiss 4 months ago

      Is there any way I can post my secrets?

    • IamElly YT
      IamElly YT 5 months ago

      I dont have chance to hold my motherside grandparent hands....they died before i was born.They died in young age,now explain why i cry.

    • Kideto Hellfire Mibu
      Kideto Hellfire Mibu 5 months ago

      Jubilee I was wondering if I could use your style of video for a class project I want to do I wanted to ask permission before going through with it because the possibility of copy right claims so I’d like your permission first if that’s alright

  • Ellane Tatum
    Ellane Tatum 2 hours ago

    I've never been in a relationship and i take my time and take it seriously. Then this guy started liking me, telling me that hes gonna wait for me and hes gonna fix himself first to be able to move on from his ex cause he didn't want to make me his rebound. I was so happy cause i thought I finally met the one. But he ended up like any other guys with toxic masculinity. And found out that he did make me his rebound, he was also courting another girl while courting me, and hasn't moved on from her ex. So that made me more scared of being in a rel

  • Lucia S
    Lucia S 6 hours ago

    i relate to the first one that that handsome black man read... i've known this boy since we were just babies and i've liked him for as long as i can remember. idk if he likes me. i feel like i'm not good enough for him and he'll never find me attractive compared to other girls. my heart will break even more if i see him with another girl. maybe i'll always just be his friend, but i hope we don't drift apart....or i hope he doesn't find someone else to replace me.

  • sage
    sage Day ago

    I remember watching this, feeling their pain and I was with my ex boyfriend at the time. I think of how he left me and... the way he made me feel was... inexpiable. Yet... I hope he's okay. xx to H

  • Nur Husna
    Nur Husna Day ago

    The last story very sad. I can feel that 😔

  • Aasna Kandel
    Aasna Kandel 2 days ago

    I cant hate you

  • Grumpy CuteFluffiness

    My worst heartbreak was my dog dying. 😖😭

  • LilZaviah
    LilZaviah 4 days ago

    eyy its tyler

    MITINAM APUM 5 days ago

    The first one was so relatable.. 😭😭😭 he's with my cousin

  • Sophi-yas
    Sophi-yas 7 days ago

    When he smiled and thanked me for fixing his friend’s toilet paper holder. Yep the one that the SHE broke when they were fcking in his friend’s bathroom.

  • TobyH
    TobyH 7 days ago +1

    Her parents won’t let us be together due to religious reasons ☹️💔

  • Rennini
    Rennini 8 days ago +1

    I went to school normally until something happened where I needed to go to the mental hospital and when I came back, my love didn’t love me anymore. Cherry on top of my depression.

    BUT TELLING HER I LOVE HER EVEEERY NIGHT IS WORKING AND SHES LOVING ME AGAIN. I believe I did something but it’s getting better! 🖤 I feel like it’s close to the same again.

  • shook shister
    shook shister 9 days ago

    my worst heart break was watching my dad die right in front of my eyes. watching him in a hospital bed losing his strength more and more everyday. the image still haunts me and it’s barely been two months.

  • Francis s
    Francis s 9 days ago

    I had a relationship of one year and a half, and due to the relation being toxic I decided to break up for the health of both of us.. Well let's say that she didn't get it well.. And she just said that I sexually assault her and that in the relationship I always was hitting her, but that is very far from the truth.. I would never lay a single finger on a women.. But since I live in a small town, everyone believed her.. And so I lost everyone even my dearest friends.. Now it's more than one year that I am all alone having also a lot of family issues.. I really feel dead inside.. It's like an empty shell just trying to survive..

  • Rosa Jiyan
    Rosa Jiyan 10 days ago

    The one with the car crash....I‘m crying...

  • Shanna Tate
    Shanna Tate 10 days ago

    My ex used to go to the bar with friends every weekend, and one morning when we met up to get coffee he told me he had gone home with one of the girls at the bar the night before (she was a mutual friend of ours). I told him I was happy for him and raved about how beautiful she was. He asked why I wasn't mad that my boyfriend cheated on me. I looked at him with the most confused expression I could make and blatantly said "Why would I be mad at you? You're not even my boyfriend anymore, you're free to kiss whoever you want except me." I never bothered to get my things from his house and can only assume he's with another girl now, but I never saw him or our mutual friend again after that day.

  • Am Marvelous
    Am Marvelous 11 days ago

    for the people who changed themselves to their partners liking and who are left: they didn't like their own reflection when you wore it.

  • Abby Coen
    Abby Coen 12 days ago +1

    my worst heartbreak -
    i had liked this guy for 3 yrs and when we finally started dating, he told me he loved me, and that was just to strong of a word for me so i broke up w him, abt a yr later i realize that i did love him, and i always will.

  • xydeecutee _
    xydeecutee _ 12 days ago

    My biggest heartbreak was when I lost my happiness and that happiness of mine didn't come back anymore. That made me fall apart and I don't know how to stand up. I feel like I'm really messed up and I can't seem to get over that, even tho it's already 7 years ago.

  • Erc
    Erc 13 days ago

    Question, how can I submit a secret?

  • Anne-Sofie Schroll
    Anne-Sofie Schroll 13 days ago

    One day he just told me he didn’t love me anymore and then he left. It’s almost 2 years ago but it still hurts every day

  • Emily O'Sullivan
    Emily O'Sullivan 16 days ago

    super cool!

  • Taltzi
    Taltzi 16 days ago

    my worst heartbreak was on my bday last year. i hada huge crush on my best friend, we're both girls but shes straight. right after a day of her lowkey flirting with me, she texted me that she just got a boyfriend. the following four months i had to watch them being all cute almost eevryday. it was horrible

  • Ryan clr
    Ryan clr 17 days ago

    *_Me and my friend has crush on the same boy....... and she confessed..... no one knew I like him..... they were together... I cried my eyes... wow..._*

  • Red Aquarian
    Red Aquarian 18 days ago

    I (56) genuinely loved a woman (61) who started creating arguments out of nowhere. I thought that we needed a break from each other, but less than 2 months later I found out that she married a Pastor (mid-60's) and is now enjoying her new life as a First Lady of his church. I can admit that this totally devastated me at the time. I later found out that she was seeing him the entire time that we were seeing each other. Every since then, I have been emotionally shut down. I will never trust anyone ever again.

  • Original Abi
    Original Abi 20 days ago

    Who is cutting onions again?????

  • Chris Hansen
    Chris Hansen 21 day ago +7

    My ex cheated on me with her own first cousin

  • Chelle _1994
    Chelle _1994 22 days ago

    One of my biggest heartbreaks was when I found out I was pregnant then minutes later found out the baby had no heart beat. I now have 3 angel babies.
    Another heartbreak was when my premature daughter passed suddenly after the doctors in the NICU said she was getting better.

  • Chloe Hanks
    Chloe Hanks 23 days ago +4

    Heartbreak messes you up. That's why i don't let people in anymore. Is it healthy? No. Does it make me happy? No. Do i regret it? Yes.
    Then why do I do it? I'm terrified.

  • Red Phoenix
    Red Phoenix 23 days ago

    I got my first crush in 7th grade. There was a guy I had a HUGE crush on, but he didn't like me back at all. However, he did like the girl that was sitting next to him. I was sitting across him and had to watch him flirt with her every single day.

  • Dana Long
    Dana Long 23 days ago +5

    My worst heartbreak was when my best friend died and I didn't get to say good bye and I love you.

  • rin nohara
    rin nohara 25 days ago +1

    Last year i was on a relationship with a guy who i though loved me. For almost 6 months he made me think that but after a while he told me that he never loved me . I blamed myself everyday for no being good enough for him

  • KrimsonJ
    KrimsonJ 25 days ago

    I was so in love with this boy. After a year, he came out as gay and started dating my worst enemy.
    But, we're still friends and we hang out at school (he is my only friend after all)...

  • syzre 245
    syzre 245 26 days ago

    She left me, cause she think I was cheating on her and yet here I am stil waiting for her. Should I move on?

  • Ella Clark
    Ella Clark 27 days ago

    Wish I could relate I’ve never interacted with the opposite gender before😂

  • Rachel Dannheisser
    Rachel Dannheisser 29 days ago

    The worst heartbreak is the one you have with the person you never dated💔

  • Just Me now
    Just Me now Month ago +1

    Me and him dated for the summer, we broke up but I try getting back with him. We became friends with benefits but I wanted to be his girlfriend again and when he left he never said goodbye, he walk away. Even tho it was his fault why we broke up and why he walk away I still blame myself... Still think about him... Because he was and is my first love

  • aang and korrra equals raagnarrrok

    Ain't that the guy from Are you the one?

  • Gab Baltisoto
    Gab Baltisoto Month ago

    I am scared of being heartbroken. So i never loved anyone. Even myself

  • JNS 2
    JNS 2 Month ago +1

    The last one GOT ME

  • nora herself
    nora herself Month ago +1

    My worst heartbreak is the moment I knew that my little sister is being sexualy abused by my father too. That's why he stopped abusing me and I thought it's over. I caught her locking herself in the room about to commit suicide. I took her hand and slammed the door. Until this day I cry myself to sleep, wishing I had to go through that alone.

  • mia's world
    mia's world Month ago

    These are sad! People are shitty sometimes. You are strong and amazing no matter who you ever never tailor yourself to fit someone else criteria. You're beautiful and perfect the way you are find someone who is just like you. Recently I found this out the hard way. I was with the same guy for 3 years and he continuously tried to change me and it killed part of who I was. We broke up and I finally found someone who is exactly like me.

  • Anuradha Mathur
    Anuradha Mathur Month ago +1

    That last one, BFF one, IT CRUSHED MY SOUL!!!!!😭😭😭😭

  • somebody
    somebody Month ago

    I cheated on somebody cause I felt like they hated me but never straight out said it. I just asked him everyday do you hate me? That’s why I cheated on him I ended up breaking it off and was gonna go with the person I cheating him on with but they rejected me and now I’m alone.

  • No User
    No User Month ago

    My worst heartbreak was ending of April I was with a woman I am in love with and forever will be it was my fault we we together for 2 years and I wasn’t being the man I was suppose to be she gave me chance after chance and finally she was done she recently tried one last time on a date and it went bad because I didn’t have enough on me to pay for the dinner she cried right in front of me plenty went on between that night I attempted to commit suicide I was in the hospital for a week I tried calling her everyday and she didn’t answer I wish I never left the hospital because coming home made it worst and I don’t hate her or blame her I blame and hate myself because she asked for something so simple she didn’t ask for much and I ruined it I keep everything to myself because I don’t want to bother anybody and I don’t really have anybody to talk to I tried talking to her but she wants me to leave her alone I’m so alone and depressed she was the last woman I will ever love I don’t want anybody else I don’t want to love again I just want her and it hurts more everyday I think about her so much and she doesn’t want to even talk to me idk what to do anymore I feel trapped in my mind💔

  • Meleane Fetokai
    Meleane Fetokai Month ago

    This is very late. But I just feel the need to tell anyone because I’m incapable of telling my parents for the fear it will push them over the edge. My biggest heartbreak is a very recent one. We just found out my little sister, age 11, is going blind. Nothing can prevent it and nothing broke my heart more then to see her one moment lose her sight for a few minutes and beg us to take the “blindfold off” I cried so hard.

    • YSam BM
      YSam BM Month ago

      Im sorry to hear that

  • Jawai Maurice
    Jawai Maurice Month ago

    I want to help people by giving them advices like this too

  • The Random video expert

    I was with this girl once who I'd never cheat on and I've passed up many chances with other females to see her each day , she told me countless times how she loved me and when we have arguments her friends would call me and let me talk to her , all that time she was having sex with two friends and a Cab driver ( we never had sex) . She even cheated on me with a girl and they were making fun of me , my heart broke seeing their messages

  • no name
    no name Month ago

    my worst heartbreak was when my crush sent me pictures from a girl he had a crush on that he found on instagram the reason why it broke my heart is that I always helped him no matter what I was always there for him and he fell in love in a girl he didnt even really know

  • Sofa 00
    Sofa 00 Month ago

    I had a bf for close to a year . And got dumped over the phone when we where supposed to hang out that day . It was St Patrick’s day and i been dumped in previous holidays

  • The Queen Brim
    The Queen Brim Month ago +1

    My worst heartbreak was when I was dating someone and we loved each other and he knew I was in a mental and emotional damaging environment, and he promised me that no matter what he would get me out of there and we would live a better life. Four months later he left me and told me to never talk to him again.

  • Jana Xoxo12
    Jana Xoxo12 Month ago

    My worst heartbreak was when I found out that my crush likes my best friend, it destroyed me, I am 12 btw.

  • jethicah
    jethicah Month ago

    its been about 5 months since me and my ex boyfriend broke up and I miss him everyday, we hardly see eachother now and I still feel the same

  • j a n i e m
    j a n i e m Month ago

    My grandma lived in Mexico, my family and I lived in Ohio. She would always call to talk to us and I loved talking to her, I adored her. One time, she called while I was outside playing with my cousin and the kids from my neighborbood. I was called inside by my parents to talk to her on the phone. I wanted to go back to play so I rushed her. Her tone was different, but I didnt pay attention to it. She said she loved me, and I never said it back. I rushed her and went back outside to play. Days later, we're heading to Mexico because she's on her deathbed. We get to Mexico and our relatives send us the address to go see her. We recieved the address and got to the place. It was a funeral home, my heart shattered to pieces and It haunts me to this day.

  • hey its Lorin
    hey its Lorin Month ago

    i have a crush and he said he love me and i said i love him too and one time he prank me he said im taken by lexi and he said just kidding but the truth is she realy has a gf and one time they break up and i chatted her gf and for a while she said i ask ur crush if he loves u and my crush said i dont love anybody then i chatted my crush i ask him do u love me and he said maybe and he said he doesn't like me and i said so all these days u were lying to me and we fight and that my heartbreake story

  • miss miss
    miss miss Month ago

    1) when grandpa died
    2) sad
    3) When my first true romantic love , broke my heart

  • Mey Meu
    Mey Meu Month ago +1

    My worst heartbreak is I can't get confidence from my mum.

  • Fundaymonday
    Fundaymonday Month ago

    I can relate to the second one

  • MiniElv
    MiniElv Month ago

    I can totally relate to the first one, it's the 7th year now and I don't think it's ever going to stop.

  • Z Picasso
    Z Picasso Month ago

    I have never been in love. No girls broke this heart.
    It seems my life is over before it could start.
    If you find this message, please do not weep.
    I'm just a particle of space dust you don't have to keep.

  • Kyle Brooks
    Kyle Brooks Month ago

    Spent 5 years with a girl. 2 years serious together, we got engaged and planned up a wedding, one day she hit me with “I can’t love you anymore” it’s been a long six months getting myself back together.. can’t even lie as better as I do feel, from time to time I get this flash of anger and pain but it goes away pretty quick.

  • liliana chavez
    liliana chavez Month ago

    Wtf your cousin?!!?? That’s so fucked up...

  • unknow Duu
    unknow Duu Month ago

    my worst heartbreak was when he told me the same morning that he loved me and later on told me thru the phone that he lost interest in me and once i moved on i met him and then he told me the real reason, i was to depressed for him and he couldn't stand the fact that i didn't loved myself but now he wants to get back because he realised what kind of person i am and that i am loving myself now. (btw sorry for my english it isn't my mother language)

  • Mary Ann Baal
    Mary Ann Baal Month ago

    Watching this while having a broken heart😞😞😞😞😞

  • L. Bay
    L. Bay Month ago

    To that person who said their father was praying to a God. If he was praying to Jesus and became to be believer let’s just say that man is doing amazing right now in heaven with the Lord ❤️ Jesus is real and wants you all to come to him “ For God so loved the world that he sent his one and only son that whoever shall believe in him shall not perish but have enteral life”

  • Dymphna Guzman
    Dymphna Guzman Month ago

    When I tryed to come out to my mother. I asked her what she thought of bisexual people? She recalled from me in pure rage and discuss! She said that we where pure perveion and destuing !!!! She could never accept a child so vile !!!!,she'd rather see me dead!!!!!! I never came out to her,and never will,she is dead! Rip

  • John Wick
    John Wick Month ago

    My dog died.. that’s my worst heartbreak

  • IndigoLove
    IndigoLove Month ago

    I was sexually abused by my step father from when I was 6 until I was 10. When I finally gathered the courage to tell her, she told me I was a whore and that I had wanted it. She stayed with him. I have to see him every. Single. Day. Have been cutting ever since.

  • Jasmine Harries
    Jasmine Harries Month ago

    I never have heartbreaks cause I don't have many friends, ya know

  • Jacky
    Jacky Month ago +1

    2:35 My grandma passed away in september 2017 (my birthday is in november) and the most painful thing was that she would always call to wish me happy birthday but she couldn't call anymore..and also i didn't see her much before she passed because she lives in a different city

  • Znas Ona
    Znas Ona Month ago

    who is the beautiful girl with the white cap this video opens with? i'm in love..

  • MedicalFloss //
    MedicalFloss // Month ago +1

    My worst heartbreak was when I lied to my parents that I was on my place but went around with my boyfriend and when they found me they simply didn't scold me for what I had done but I could see it in their eyes how hard it was for them to accept it....after that I promised to never take then for granted in anyway!💖
    And the second worst was when my long distance boyfriend n I have been together since 4 years now...and we are still together but in these four years fue to all misunderstanding I hurt him badly and dumbed him twice but he still forgave me but what broke me was his words when I said I love you and he replied" I love you and that's my mistake" it just broke me and at that moment I simply realized how badly I hurt wasn't something to forgive but he did n m glad I have him in my life,he knows me so well n is always beside me n I promise to never make that mistake again and communicate more to him than tell people your problems you never know when can somebody get cruel and manipulate in the way they wanna like in this video the long distance part was relatable to me and that really broke me
    I hope noone has to suffer such heartbreaks

  • marky 6
    marky 6 Month ago

    Anyone heartbroken by your own actions only to realize, you not only broke someone else's hurt...but yours as well :'( 💔💔

  • chi lan
    chi lan Month ago

    My worst heartbreaking is when my mom told me that her biggest regret is having me...
    sho also told me I am her biggest shame expressing how much she hates me...
    If my own mother hated me how can I ever find love in this world ? I'd rather die than living this feeling every single day...

    • Priya
      Priya Month ago

      Please dont die ❤

    • Priya
      Priya Month ago

      No. You did not deserve to be treated the wah she treated you. I dont care if she is your mother. No decent human being shouldtreat a person like
      that. It must be with her own issues that she said those things to you, she must have had her issues but please dont out the blame on yourself . You did nothing wrong to be treated that way. And you will find the love that you deserve to have ❤❤ dont let one person ruin your life. Love yourself even if she didnt.

  • Emi Ri
    Emi Ri Month ago

    I’ll keep my heartbreak short.
    My best friend of 8years, met a guy. She was head over heals for him and ignored every red flag. When they got engaged, her family gave her an ultimatum: Them or him.
    She chose him.
    None of her family came to the wedding and she lost many friends. Contact with family was cut.
    Not even a week of marriage did he beat her and held weapons up against her.
    “Struggle and I will make it 10x worse.” He said.
    So she didn’t move.
    I tried to help but she would always tell me, “But he loves me and we are working on it.”
    I stayed, to be a shoulder to lean on, and when she would come to her senses and divorces him, she could have a place to live.
    It’s been a year since they married and she turned into what he wanted her to be. She is a totally different person now and doesn’t even recognize it herself. We fight every day because if I say something she slightly doesn’t like, she yells and complains.
    I am so heartbroken and hurt. The friendship is on its last leg.

  • punxx cali
    punxx cali Month ago

    My ex cheated on me my while I was pregnant 3x with his ex and his moms friend

  • Noora Niukkanen
    Noora Niukkanen Month ago +5

    I cried. I'm often scared something will happen to my mom, dad or sisters, espesially after arguments. I love them, but can't always get those words out of my mouth when I'm angry at them or myself.

    • Kim Mc
      Kim Mc 3 days ago

      This one hit home with me too. To be scared knowing you're about to die is a terrible thing. It happened to my sister, they said she was scared and I thought i had more time to get to be there to comfort her.. I didn't get to her in time and she was unconscious the rest of the time before she passed. She was there for me when i was little and scared and I wasn't there for her. It hurts so much to know that she was scared..

  • k g
    k g Month ago

    My worst heartbreak is when my bf of 8 yrs decided to leave me without giving me any reason at all..

  • Lol dwas
    Lol dwas Month ago

    My worst heartbreak. Hurting over losing someone who was never even mine. 🥺

  • vania
    vania Month ago

    well mine happened like a month ago. i met this guy 3 years ago and i fell in love, he liked me back but i told him that i wasnt ready for a relationship and he told me he was happy to wait. a few days later i told him that i need to move and he told me that he’ll wait for me to come back. i was so happy.
    a few years later i went back to my hometown for christmas and i was so excited to see him.
    turns out he had forgotten about me and hes dating another girl
    i shouldnt told him i wasnt ready

  • Sharday Price
    Sharday Price 2 months ago

    My worst heartbreak was my mum passing away 15 minutes before my 18th birthday 😥

  • Minju Kim
    Minju Kim 2 months ago

    All these sad stories in the comments TㅅT the worst I can come up with is that I’m an international fan...


    My worst heartbreak was when I fell in love with someone and yet he had feelings for another girl, I loved him so much that to this day I want to be with him....
    But he doesn’t talk to me anymore 💔

  • Bishky Philline
    Bishky Philline 2 months ago

    my worst heartbreak is when my aunt who becomes my second mother died 4 days before my 18th birthday. That day where she supposed to be back home from abroad to celebrate my debut is the day she died 💔💔💔 and God knows how much I hate my 18th birthday. Now, I'll be 20 in July -- 2 years had passed and the pain will always be here in my heart.

  • Sierra Acevedo Rodriguez

    oh my gosh... the journal one caught me off guard.

  • Suga with Kookies
    Suga with Kookies 2 months ago

    My worst heartbreak is
    When he prefer his games and his friends more than me..
    And plus he played with my heart for 2 months in our relationship.
    Till now.. i still loved him..
    And i can't move on..

  • rosesgcld
    rosesgcld 2 months ago

    this isnt going to go anywhere because this video is so old, but a couple years ago i started falling for a boy. to me, he was absolutely perfect. he was good looking, funny, outgoing, and overall such a good person to talk to. when i started falling for him and we started talking, i felt like he had feelings for me too, but i never said anything cause i was terrified of rejection. my crush for him kept getting bigger and bigger to the point id look forward to see him everyday and if he wasnt there id be bummed out. eventually, he didnt talk to me as much and we gradually fell off as friends, but my feelings were still there and id make eye contact with him a lot. i started liking him for almost a year. then suddenly, he blocked me on everything. i felt absolutely drained. i knew he probably thought of me as a creep, and i honestly felt terrible. since then, i refuse to ever make eye contact with him and ive been scared to catch feelings for anyone.

  • Gurvansh Singh
    Gurvansh Singh 2 months ago

    This girl was my bestfriend and I have loved her for like 2 years and she is going out with someone else and everyone says that me and her should date and I think she knows I like her but I just can’t do anything about it cause I don’t think she likes me 😭💔

  • kaitlynn costello
    kaitlynn costello 2 months ago

    Someone broke up with me over text and copied and pasted it from the internet all because I wouldn’t go down on him at the movies that’s why he’s gonna be a virgin forever cause I was the only girl that would date him

  • William D
    William D 2 months ago +1

    The worst heartbreak for me was losing feelings for someone. Feeling yourself lose feelings for someone you once loved so much, and having no control over it, that kills you slowly. But just remember, feelings can come back...

  • beaujrb gbs
    beaujrb gbs 2 months ago

    Ok Here is my story, when I was in 10th grade I started dating a guy who is from 12th grade and we had a forgotten long term friendship back I was in 8th grade. I proposed him through Facebook not because I was seeing him but I wanted to change my name in school for being an asshole in previous relationships. I mean I've been serious with one guy in the past but he ditched me and after I got into a few relationships just to forget him. So people calling me names and they thought that I am just flirting around with everyone I see
    And when we started our relationship everything was going perfect and then I realized that I'm getting serious with this one and I was obsessed with him
    One day he said that he doesn't want to be with me anymore and I cried, I begged him not to leave me alone
    Then we got back together after a month(his mercy) that's when things started to get worse. He asked me to send nudes At first I said no but he was fuckin manipulative, he did know what to say to get what he wants.
    We had multiple breakups over a year, I was really heartbroken all these time. He wanted to have sex with me. But I said no. But eventually, he made me say yes to sex. But we didn't had sex I changed my mind at the end. I did everything for him to make him serious in our relationship. but this happened for almost 2 years and I was fuckin depressed for 3 years. He used me for his sexual purposes and nudes and gave me hurtful comments, he called me slut many times. His friends even hate me, he called me a slut in his group chat. I bent down my head before everyone only because of him. I used to cut myself and finally, he ditched me with another girl in his college and he didn't even told me that. That pussy was still trying to be with me while being a relationship with another thot. I found out his secret and till this moment I fuckin hate that dipshit as hell

  • Jenny Hoxhaj
    Jenny Hoxhaj 2 months ago

    my worst heartbreak is that my first love, my fiancé, my best friend broke up with me 2 days ago after going back to korea (because of a job) and is now ghosting me.. we planned on moving there together and we had so many plans for the future.. i can’t believe it and i don’t know how to handle it.. i just want him back..

  • Beastgame8
    Beastgame8 2 months ago

    Ok what if there are all not strangers who wrote there worst heartbreaking stories but the people who are reading are the one's who wrote it but randomly reading others 😂😂😂😂

  • Rasail DAku
    Rasail DAku 2 months ago

    These are deep

  • Jun Furusaki
    Jun Furusaki 2 months ago +2

    2:30 I can be related to this. Same thing happen to me back in 2017 after the 4th day of my birthday, my grandma passed away. The only thing that I regret is taking her presence for granted, not giving her enough love and care she deserves.

  • Uncommon Name
    Uncommon Name 2 months ago

    A heart break..
    I have been best friends with a girl for 9 years. I love her and her sister. Her sister is like my own older sister. She gives me advice and treats me like I’m her own daughter.
    She got me on an app. She met her girlfriend there and I supported her in every way. Her girlfriend was supported her in every way. I be-friended her girlfriend as she was the same age as me but still younger.
    As the relationship carried on, it seemed colder. I would pep talk to her and her girlfriend.
    I grew very suspicious. Every day she would tell me if her girlfriend would ignore her or not reply or get mad. I went on her other account. I saw.. comments on her profile. “I love you” and not in the friendly way.
    I talked to her and she was also suspicious. I confronted her. She cheated twice.

  • Ashley Oakhem
    Ashley Oakhem 2 months ago

    My worst heartbreak would have to be last year I was dating this guy for a year and he then betrayed me and dated his best friend and now we can't even speak to each other and we act like strangers everyday. He told me he doesn't care about me anymore and wouldn't care if I died.

  • h ey
    h ey 2 months ago +22

    *plot twist* : it was actually their secrets

    • Priya
      Priya Month ago

      Well they are really calm reading their secret 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mew Two
    Mew Two 2 months ago

    Going through a break up sucks....any advice?

  • vetski02
    vetski02 2 months ago

    Those last three heartbreaks... Damn.