• Published on Feb 7, 2019
  • Hi Beautiful! Today I put box dye to the test. I have always been curious if this stuff actually works. Doing a direct comparison to professional color felt like the only way I could really uncover the truth!
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  • Brad Mondo
    Brad Mondo  6 months ago +12245

    Who's the shit? You the shit.

  • kaitlyn green
    kaitlyn green 47 minutes ago

    I love how you are dissing boxed hair dye when that is all my family uses

  • Stephanie Babin
    Stephanie Babin Hour ago

    Any comments on the ion hair color at Sally's?

  • liketube3
    liketube3 2 hours ago +1

    Is it so hard to admit that the box dye worked better?

  • Annie Jonda
    Annie Jonda 3 hours ago

    I’ve never died my hair or done anything to it. I’ve only ever cut it. I have naturally light brown hair with blonde highlights. I really want to dye my hair dark brown. I’m probably going to do box dye (if my parents even agree). I just want to know which one would be best for my hair.

  • Reanne Janssens
    Reanne Janssens 3 hours ago

    I'm 13 and have dyed my hair 7 time since i'm 6 and it had Allways been good. Or have always been good in expectation. U just dont know How to use it

  • RPM
    RPM 5 hours ago

    I tried to die my hair with box die it was supposed to be bleach blonde but it turned out red

  • Eilidhhh Hendersonnn
    Eilidhhh Hendersonnn 6 hours ago

    My hair stylist literally uses box dye on my head and it lookeD AMAZING SO um ...? Professional

  • Danica
    Danica 7 hours ago

    Is it just me or did they get mixed up? The professional one had a hair dye mark on her forehead, after they were blow-dried and he brought them back the box dye girl had that same mark on her forehead?

  • KanyeSouth
    KanyeSouth 7 hours ago

    This guy is shady AF. Switching the heads. Won't be watching any more videos from this clown.

  • Robin Willsch
    Robin Willsch 8 hours ago

    Box Dye in the US is expensive! in Germany that exact same box is 6$. even with the exchange rate!!! What???

  • Jacklyn Cervantes
    Jacklyn Cervantes 9 hours ago

    I don't know but my cousin used a box dye in my hair and it turns out not to bad, my hair is still shiny (maybe because my hair got dyed for first time that time), but when I go to hair salon after 3months to make my hair dyed normal black hair color, it became dull and not shiny..
    edit: my cousin used L'Oreal Box Dye too..

  • Dorothy Gaby
    Dorothy Gaby 9 hours ago

    That outfit looks like Shaggy from Scooby Doo joined a biker gang and started burgaling

  • VIolet gacha
    VIolet gacha 9 hours ago

    Well what else do you use besides box dye blueberries???

  • Kianna Kitter
    Kianna Kitter 12 hours ago

    I use dye from Olia. Best box dye I have ever used. I like to go red on occasion and they have the best red dye to achieve a deep red on non-bleached dark brown hair. I would love to see you test that :)

  • no
    no 13 hours ago

    Love him to the moon and back but he is SO SELLING how hard/awkward it is to use box dye. He reminds me of the infomercial fails (RUclip it, it’s hysterical) where actors are being over the top dumb about the easiest shit. So bias. But I don’t care. He’s my boo.

  • no
    no 13 hours ago

    I have been dropping serious cash on top NYC and Boston salons for over 15 years. I always do single process to just make my medium brown hair a bit darker and rich. So not a huge leap. I just started using Garnier Olia in dark brown for 7.99 per box and holy crap....I’m sold. I took a chance because Dita von Teese swears by Bic dye and her single color is always on point.
    I can’t hate on box dye with my experience

  • Aysha Kelek
    Aysha Kelek 15 hours ago

    I’m a hairdresser for yearssss already and I always use box dye on my own hair hahaha. Butttt I’m dark and only do my roots! I always use tools tho and not just the bottle and my hands

  • Rebecca Sine
    Rebecca Sine 19 hours ago

    damon salvatore look alike😍🤤

  • Melissa coviello
    Melissa coviello 23 hours ago

    Who has a scale at home? Not a random person.

  • Star andGalaxy
    Star andGalaxy Day ago

    If you do box dye nice n easy KILLED my hair nutragina brought it to life so If you use hair color make sure it's the right kind

  • Ellie Filer
    Ellie Filer Day ago

    I clicked so fast because this is the color I ised

  • Ken Jefferies
    Ken Jefferies Day ago

    how long blablabla

  • Mia Mcmahon
    Mia Mcmahon Day ago

    Is it just me or does he look like Damon Salvatore from vampire diaries like the face of just me?😂

    • Rebecca Sine
      Rebecca Sine 20 hours ago

      Mia Mcmahon omg yes i was just going to write a comment about it lol

  • Beth Syer
    Beth Syer Day ago


  • Beth Syer
    Beth Syer Day ago

    We love Kahoot background music👏🏼

  • Emily Piveronas
    Emily Piveronas Day ago

    I actually live l'oreal ferria

  • GuinnyPigs Scott

    He said we all look stunning like usual.... Ok first of all I am always ugly.... Second of all that includes today rn so yea ❤️

  • Destiny Barrow
    Destiny Barrow Day ago

    Also brad mondo: *starts at roots*

  • Yuhei
    Yuhei Day ago +1

    the box dye looks really nice, it's sad that he can't play this game fairly and switched the heads

  • Ale-R Gone
    Ale-R Gone Day ago

    Where can you get professional hair dye

  • Katie Hyde
    Katie Hyde Day ago

    He switched the heads

  • Sandy Alyon
    Sandy Alyon Day ago +1

    yOur hAir lOokS lIke tAehYunGs-

  • Kimber Christiansen

    Brad mondo, if you put conditioner around the edges of the face before you start it makes it so the dye comes off easier... but idk how it works on mannequins

  • Megan Hollen
    Megan Hollen Day ago

    I love him why y’all hating on him he gives amazing advice and he’s so sweet

  • ANB1988BNA
    ANB1988BNA Day ago

    He can pull off ALMOST every style... but the blue doesn't fit him.

  • SomeRandom Chick

    Before I made the switch to henna to dye my hair, I only ever used boxed dye. In fact, it was the cheapest dye Walmart had to offer, might've been Revlon? It was maybe $3 per box lol. I got 2 boxes, a dark red mixed with dark brown (i had long hair). It looked beautiful and really didn't fry my hair any more than the massive amount of heat I was also using. Now a days I use dark red henna and I can't recommend it enough! The color holds so well, it does wash out a bit, but it's still really red and it grows out before it really washes out. It's a huge commitment though, it is a PAIN in the ass to use, and you can't strip it out. I love it though, and it is healthy for your hair.

  • Gabrielle Whitesides

    I can’t believe you did all of this while wearing a leather jacket.

  • Tht Koi
    Tht Koi Day ago

    I don’t think he switched them. Permanent dye lifts you at least one level. Plus he added volume which will lift it a little more. If we are talking about staining on the dolls..he could’ve just rinsed it and it stained the head lol. Idk.

  • Lucy Bryars
    Lucy Bryars Day ago +1

    but you lied...

  • Sydney Sheridan
    Sydney Sheridan Day ago

    I think he got the dolls mixed up because in the first part it was Dark eye brows then light then it was the other way around sorry if I'm wrong

  • Avaclaire Scales

    Ok it could have been a mistake he might have assumed that the better looking one is the professional idk but the fact that he never came out and said it was a mistake just means he’s a liar🙄🙄🙄

  • Avaclaire Scales

    I’m pissed I used to like his channel but now he’s just lying🙄🙄

  • casie redpath
    casie redpath 2 days ago

    dont be hatin on the box dye when ur hair be blue and not shiny... lmao

  • heather breuer
    heather breuer 2 days ago

    Those heads r swapped at the end. The professional color was a 3v.no red in it.box dye red violet!!

  • Galaxy Nikki
    Galaxy Nikki 2 days ago

    I go to Sally's,and I never get full permanent, but I used to get box dye and they actually worked the same

  • Viktoria Hegelund
    Viktoria Hegelund 2 days ago

    He didn’t switch them. U can CLEARLY see the red from before on the box die one. Box die sucks don’t blame Brad. Ily

  • Benedict Cumbersnatched

    All you have to do when doing this. Is be careful. And not be hasty and stupid about it.
    It’s one of those things where you *use it at your own peril.*

  • Belinda Kent
    Belinda Kent 2 days ago

    u dint use the box conditioner etc, to make it shiney after....

  • Hope DaSilva
    Hope DaSilva 2 days ago

    I was so confused on why Brad started with the roots but then I realized that it’s a doll 😅

  • Bitch barnacles Yolo XD

    I use box dye but I use splat

  • Sarah Riley
    Sarah Riley 2 days ago

    Oh man I owe tammy money. 🤣

  • Yonny Chavez
    Yonny Chavez 2 days ago

    Homie, your videos are amazingly funny and informative, keeps me laughing and going! Keep up the great work!

  • Krystina Eslick
    Krystina Eslick 2 days ago

    lmaooo u just r relised i uses the same color he got

  • Krystina Eslick
    Krystina Eslick 2 days ago

    i dyed my hair with lorel and it came out great

  • Kayla Carter Graphics

    Everyone is talking about the switched heads, and I feel dumb because I didn’t even notice. But if he did I wonder if it was intentional? Because those heads look exactly alike to me. 💀 [Edit: i still can’t tell if they were actually switched i-]

  • Maria Nunes
    Maria Nunes 2 days ago

    Is it me, or did he switch the heads?

  • So Hyun Park
    So Hyun Park 2 days ago

    Lift? Level? What??

  • Vicki Hill
    Vicki Hill 2 days ago

    Since I had kids I can't get any dye to stay in my hair. I have had it professionally done and tried at home dyes. I've bleached it so I could put bright colors in it. It barely lighten and then the colors ran out within a week. I've used many shades and brands over the years and none of them stay. The only thing that ever stuck around for more than 2 weeks was cheap black dye and even that eventually ran out and I was back to my medium brown tone. I've pretty much given up at this point. Before kids I dyed my hair frequently with shades of reds, purples, and black and they stuck around. Anyone else have this issue?

  • N. Z.
    N. Z. 3 days ago +7

    The cheapest box dye in Germany is 1.95€. That’s about $2.20. It is soo much cheaper to dye at home 😅

    • N. Z.
      N. Z. 5 hours ago

      Y/N Sunbaenim yes I think so too! For bleaching my hair I would pay about $130 and that is way to much money for me. I am a student, I cannot afford this.

    • Y/N Sunbaenim
      Y/N Sunbaenim 18 hours ago +2

      fr. I'm from Czech Republic and if I wanted to bleach my hair only I would pay around 60-70$, meanwhile I bleached my head AND dyed it pink and I used 2 boxes of bleach (7 dollars) and 2 boxes of dye (5 dollars). do i wanna pay 24 dollars or 70 dollars? yeah, I'm not going to a salon when I can do it with my friend at home and cheaper lol

  • Heather Bligh
    Heather Bligh 3 days ago

    I'm sorry and not trying to be mean but I have been using box dye on my hair for like that past 5 years and I have never had a problem with it and it has never damaged my hair. I have never had it don't professionally because it is just a easy to do it yourself and if you use it the correct way and get a good one witch in the uk you are looking at £5.00 for one than there are not any problems. I have even gone white blond with at home bleach as well but I knew what I was doing because I did my research and brought the right shampoo and conditioner to lighten it and it is always affordable. It isn't always gonna come out the same as on the box but it is normally quite close and I and re-dying every 6 weeks or so with black for my roots and I don't see any deafferents with my hair being dry or dead ends and it s fine. tbh when I got a perm professionally that ruined my hair terribly and this was a 5 star rating place.

  • Alison Crews
    Alison Crews 3 days ago +18

    This is so ridiculous. It's like watching the "Before" video in an informercial. It's box dye, and it's served me better than a lot of stylists in my past. It ain't that tough, sweetie.

  • Veev Okafor
    Veev Okafor 3 days ago

    anyone else hoping he dosent ruin that sweet leather jacket before this video ends... I really hope he doesnt... *.* ....

    CHRIS_OOF OOFツ 3 days ago +10

    *Watches Brad's video on boxed dye*
    Boxed die commercial pops up: Haha you thought.

  • olivia
    olivia 3 days ago

    i don’t think he switched the heads he might have mixed them up but i don’t think that he would have switched them on purpose

    CHRIS_OOF OOFツ 3 days ago +23

    *Brad talking about pigments and hair lifts*
    Me: wtf? Sorry I dont speak hair dye

    CHRIS_OOF OOFツ 3 days ago +4

    "You are looking stunning as always"
    *bish im on mah couch eating potato chips*

  • Skylar Renee
    Skylar Renee 3 days ago

    I’m not a professional and I can buy wella color tango. Should have used something people without a license can’t buy.

  • Hannah Perle
    Hannah Perle 3 days ago +7

    brad I do hair .. you can even tell from the colors which one was Wella.. you definitely switched the heads 😭

  • Jaspinder Singh
    Jaspinder Singh 3 days ago +13

    “I’m not trying to side with the professional color on purpose” as he switched the heads LOL

  • Katie Petkewich
    Katie Petkewich 3 days ago +2

    I personally like the color of the *true* professional dye better as it seems to be more even, soo I might try one out from Sally's, but I'm still super mad at this video. Wish I hadn't given it a view

  • E. K Westwood
    E. K Westwood 3 days ago

    You are beautiful Brad.
    Box dye is just fine 😘

  • pjnk
    pjnk 3 days ago +2

    Honestly, I don’t think he switched the heads. Even if he did, I don’t see why it’s that big of a deal. He was obviously biased, but can you blame him? I will say, I have African hair and I tried to dye my hair the same color in a salon and it ended up dry and damaged, while when I used that same L’Oreal brand (this is about a year before the salon) in a blue color it literally made my hair even more dark but it didn’t damage my hair.
    Edit: a saw a comment saying that you can’t blame the color for the mess. Well, you can’t blame the actual color, but you can blame the formula. The box dye’s formula was obviously more watery causing it to drip more.

    • Lauryn Jessi
      Lauryn Jessi 3 days ago

      If you look in the top right corner of the Box dye BEFORE he washes it off, you can see a line across the forehead with a white space before the hairline (12:22) then the stain after it's washed off has moved onto the professional colour which you can see while he dries the hair (at 13:07).

  • Maya  Grango
    Maya Grango 3 days ago

    but its only $19 for the dye and developer but not everyone has the brush to apply it or the bowl to mix it so that should be included in the price

  • DebraLynnP
    DebraLynnP 3 days ago

    I never spill a drop of box dye LoL 😂 I don’t get overwhelmed with odor cause it take me less than 5 min.... (L’Oréal Excellence or Shwarzkopf) I leave in 45 min even though it may say 25-30 min.... OH and yes I do professional dye on my hair too from Sally’s and depending on the color it may be a little shinier.... NOW that said.... drug store box dye always bleeds in between dyes nonstop and from Sally’s it will only bleed a few washings! I admit I only use drugstore box in a pinch. My go to is Sally’s And I get L’Oréal Grey busters so I don’t see a great deal of shine difference.... 1-1 that is 2 oz - 2 oz and I don’t weigh, I use a marked bottle doing the color first to see how accurate my bottle is and then that is what I do in developer. Success either way but less annoying bleeding that ruins pillow cases, towels and even a shirt or 2 (if you get dressed with wet hair) from professional!
    PS Brad you did get the heads switched LoL 9:42 professional dye spots viewers left on Miss Head box dye did the red scalp too!...... during review this same spots on the one you think is box dye! Lmao ooops Brad!