How To Make Traditional Greek Salad

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      HowToBasic 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

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      I love HowToBasic

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      How to make a baby

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      How to basic the face

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    Que video tan fumado 😵😵😵

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    Traumatized _(꒪ཀ꒪」∠)_

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    Yo that guy that teleported he was screaming then he looked like dad bee from the bee family I don't know what's the channel name but yeah I think it's him

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    Thank you I know how to make salad 😂

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    0:53The fucking angry stupid man

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    Its basic :))

    ΕΚΤΟΡΑΣ TV 2 дня назад

    I an from Greece τι κάνεις μααλακα

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    what the fuck

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    putting eggs may be better

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    This is humanities greatest achievement

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    At 1:15 he look like scp-096 from Gmod!

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    Wtf?! #block

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    I am from Greece

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    this dude is pyco

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    I am greek

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    Well this was different. :/

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    It tastes like sh**

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    Fucking dumb

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    if you dont give cinamon and hair this will be good salad i think heh

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    I just watch to see how long he goes without going crazy.

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    Jumpscare list:
    1:14 - A Creamy Man suddenly appears from the side

    thank me later

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    No!! I don't think there is any oregano in a Greek salad!! I guess you did fine..

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    You forgot the feta

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    Ποιος είναι Έλληνας και 6/12/2017 βλέπει για πρώτη φορά το video??

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    This one kind scared me but still funny lol

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    That moment ehen I think the video on his channel will finally be normal and....

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    Nice start lol

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    εισαι Έλληνας

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    Notice he does this right by a power outlet.

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    Umm hair?

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    ποιος αλλος να κανει ετσι μια σαλατα?

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    Why have hair in the greek salad?

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    best video ever

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    I m from greece and we maka salads like this

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    0:01 i put eggs in my a**

  • Beatbox The Object Thingy/Hara Aram 3rd Channel

    Cream men.

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  • the toubaniades tube
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  • the toubaniades tube
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  • the toubaniades tube
    the toubaniades tube 14 дней назад


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    yuck its have hair

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    Just eggs

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    Whaaaat the fuuuck? I was caught completely off-guard by this video here I was thinking it was an educational one definitely going to watch more

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    Wow it worked nice recipe thanks man !

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    The Greeks are still making innovative techniques?

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    I feel bad for whoever cleans his messes

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    These are unclear. At the beginning, is that a pickle?

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    I I just.... :-)

  • Λουκας Αναστασιαδης
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    At first I said to myself WOW THIS IS LEGIT then I noticed HAIR and THE CHANNEL just. Wow

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    I seriously did do ALL of this

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    Very useful 👌🏻

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    This channel is the definition of misleading.

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    Wow just wow

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  • Billy Games
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    Who ever is from greece like

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    I thought this was a real tutorial until I saw the hair that’s when stuff went downhill

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    do you know how cook in real life

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    You forgot the feta and gyro meat >:(

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    The first sentence means i put the eggs in my ass! Iam from Greece...

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    I was seriously looking for a recipe clicked on this, not noticing who posted this video.... as soon as he added the hairs i knew

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    Como cuando al principio está todo bien todo correcto y después es a lo mierda :v

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    pls make: How to make a kebab

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    this guys must love clean...

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    I'm Greek and I can confirm that this is the correct way of making a traditional Greek salad.

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    who cares if you are greek

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    1:15 its a Greek!

    No racism intended

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    K estupides me desuscribo de este canal k monton de mierda me desuscribo y lo voy a reportar

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    What would be a good substitute for the onions ?

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    0:37 i'm making a dinner

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    Makes ya wonder how howtobasic's cooking is ACTUALLY like,,,

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    I love how many jump cuts there are for the egg shots

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    Please make a only one normal video

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      firemaster 2233 look at his oldest videos.

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    I have a feeling this man could be a iron chef

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    I'll never look at salad the same way again..

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    Χαχα Καλό!!

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    What is that man drenched in?! 🤣

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    That hair make me feel uncomfortable

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    Am Greek so this is OFFENSIVE

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    I ended up burning down the entire county that i live in, i had to move

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    That's a waste of food

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    a typical how to basic video