How To Make Traditional Greek Salad

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    A ficozz

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    Hey guys

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    Du behinderter hurensohn und jeden den ich jeh als hurensohn beleidigt habe sorry how to basic ist der einzige hurensohn weist du eigentlich das manche kinder in indien für dises essen töten würden 😢 ps:du hurensohn

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    See, that's where all the trouble began.
    That smile.
    That damned smile.

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    I thought this was legit until I saw the part where he put hair in the freaking salad.

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    Ngắn gọn xúc tích thế ạ :) a làm a ghiền nặng rồi ạ

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    I asked for a salad

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    This is complete insanity 😂

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    the naked cream man scared the shit outta me

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    How to avoid eating vegetables when your mom always tells you to...

    1. Eat the salad outside and get a shovel

    2.Dig A Hole,Put your Salad in the hole and cover the hole

    3. Fake your death and blame your mom

    4. Come back to life

    5. I don't even know.....

    Edit: Not for Vegans

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    I feel so bad for the adults that watched this day thought it was a tutorial

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    Wtf... is it weird I find this funny?

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    😂 lol hahahaha lol lol

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    My cousin is from greek cyprus and he said that the salad was perfectly made until the hair

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    WHAT HAPPENED TO MAH COUNTRY SALAD M8 also for those who didn't understand the Greek phrase it was I take out eggs off my butt

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    Was that his wife?

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    I love imagining that someone accually looked up how to make Greek salad and clicked on this of all videos and were so confused when the instructions said "hair" and some biscuit dough looking thing started harassing the chef (:

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    1:14 I Got Freaked Out!

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    So that's how it works

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    Now drink me.

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    "Βάζω αυγά στον κώλο μου" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🙃

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    I guess the Main ingredient is...HAIR?!

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    Who actually follows these steps

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    When my uncle told me make this salad and i do this way and then.. lol

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    bizin len bu

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    Lil' splash of olive oil...

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    Secret Ingredient: HAIR

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    I like how it starts off normal and then it gets crazy

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    What the hell did I just watch

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    You do not put hair in greek salads

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    Please stop stealing idubbz's hair

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    Looking so professional from the beginning and ended up so satisfying😂

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    Ειμαι ελληνας καταλαβα τι εγραψες στην αρχη 😂😂😂 βαζεις αυγα στον κωλο σου😂😂😂

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    He should start a cooking ahow

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    Why did he add the hair 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    Oh my gosh thank you so much for this recipe, the kids loved it and they love their vegetables!

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    "Βάζω αυγά στον κώλο μου" I am crying from laughter XD XD . (I put eggs inside my ass )

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    I've been watching howtobasic for 5 years, and I JUST noticemed he's MARRIED! His partner would probably be pissed if THEY had to clean that. I doubt they do though...

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    What in fresh hell did I just witness

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    The moment u see hair

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    I showed my mom this at first she started cooking with you then she was like woah

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    Delicious 👌😂

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    it was going good so far until the heir popps up ..

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    In the beggining of the vid he said in greek i am putting eggs in my ass

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    im writting this comment in greece
    greece in greece îs axualy called Ελλάδα

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    when i saw the hair and chicken juice i knew the tutorial was howtobasic

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    when it's normal in the beginning...

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    How To Clean?

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    Πολύ νόστιμο !

  • βικυ Γουνια
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    Πολύ νόστιμο !

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    howtobasic makes the best greek salad ever made
    howtobasic then feels a disturbance
    an alien then teleports in his house to steal the greek salad
    howtobasic summons his fish friend to distract the alien
    the alien then uses the fish to kill howtobasic but misses and hits the greek salad instead
    howtobasic then kills the alien and uses him, the greek salad, and his fish friend to make a sandwitch.

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    Is that man how to basic

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    Looks yummy thanks for the tutorial

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    1:14 strange pet

  • Idkwattocallthis 101
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    He's actually a great cook

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    I think how to basic is actually gay

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    I tried the recipe! This was amazing! And the extra tips to add flavor were amazing! My whole family enjoyed it!

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    wow thank you for the tutorial on how to make it.I wonder why my friends are choking?

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    where's the joke? this is literally how greeks make their salad.

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    Can the person be black instead? I ran out of whites

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    Ακριβώς όπως την κάνουμε στο χωριό!
    Exactly as we make it in the village!

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      #FierceBoxing_GR a ok lol

    • #FierceBoxing_GR
      #FierceBoxing_GR 8 дней назад

      billymal xaxa to 3erw aderfe, trollarw :P

    • billymal
      billymal 8 дней назад

      #FierceBoxing_GR ti les re 100 kila ellies ebale

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    I thought I was on the wrong channel then the hair came..

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    It was ruined from the moment you put red onions in it.

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    What has this world come to?

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    Any greeks out there? Is this realy how you make greek salad?

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    0:00-0:37 He has done stuff calm and then he screws up.....

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    Why you make such a mess and who cleans it up you such a big money spender

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    You put too much oil in the salad

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    Eles são gays ou naturalistas

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    Why are the how to basic guys every time naked 😂🤦🏼‍♂️

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    I love Greek salad...

    But what is this

  • Banana the kitten
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    Why hair °-°

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    you really put hair in there

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    Rare footage of American soldier killing dirty Jap (1944 colorized)

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    I noticed something was wrong when they added fish to the recipe.

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    When He Touch Egg I am scared

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    dude i am from greek wtf

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    I tried this in cooking class and it didn't go well

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    Song name?

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    in Greek salad we add peppers and feta cheese also

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    That Greek salad looked gross anyway

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    Como limpias tu cocina no manches

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    I got a salad ad before this

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    Can u send me a link for that music u played in the start of the vid

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    Orospu çocuğu diyen layk

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    Ihr seid solche Spassten😤😞😧

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    I like How you do it now 😂😂😭😭 you start it off normal and then go crazy

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    Is dis guy ok...

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    not greek turkish salad

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    Ok seriously FUCK THIS VIDEO FUCK THIS CHANNEL AND FUCK EVERYONE INVOLVED IN MAKING THIS TRASH!! This.. is not comedy. My brain is now on life support.