Top Most Sad Songs Ever

  • Опубликовано: 19 янв 2014
  • Hello there, this is not a usual mix mainly because the songs in it are very subjective so I cannot promise anything, these are MY top most sad songs ever, I do understand everyone has their own idea and opinion on what is sad and I believe mine in particular is very out of the ordinary, for example what makes a sad song for me is a song that is simple and repetitive and contains no lyrics, though the last song does contain a little bit of them I do try to stay away from lyrics in sad songs mainly because I believe a sad song is about your own emotions and not about the singer's emotions, I find it a lot harder to connect to a song with lyrics in it, so here are 8 songs that I believe to be the saddest songs ever made, enjoy!
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  • au_vertai /Yuki
    au_vertai /Yuki 9 часов назад

    Star shopping need to be on here but anyways very nice to cope my pain with the tears falling down my cheek and listening to this play list

  • Irvingdoesroblox
    Irvingdoesroblox 9 часов назад

    I'm not crying is the water jutsu coming out 😭🤧

    DIANA PAULINA SUYO MAMANI 13 часов назад

    gracias a este video :3 estamos escribiendo una obra que aun está en proceso, la publicaremos en whattpad para todos los que esten interesados, Presentará drama suspenso, misterio, unión, afectivo, tal vez romántico, espero les guste ,se llamará El bosque , quiza uwu, gracias *beyondmelody*

  • Khadija Pro
    Khadija Pro 23 часа назад

    Each time i get up from suicidal toughts i feel less strenght to keep going in this world ,i realy wished i had money to flee in switzerland where assisted suicide is legal

  • Muskee
    Muskee 23 часа назад

    I feel so happy listening to the different melodies, I love music

  • Jack Lanier
    Jack Lanier День назад

    I must of watched this ten times this year

  • Jack Lanier
    Jack Lanier День назад

    1 like = you care for people who are sad and depressed

  • K e y l a
    K e y l a День назад +1

    *I just need somebody to be there for me, to not criticize me for anything, for me to be able to trust*
    But everyone thinks I’m okay, happy but I’m not, the thing is that is very difficult for me to open up to somebody
    *I’m fucking tired*

  • Staderd Gaming
    Staderd Gaming День назад

    My cat just got ran over by my dad. He was only 8 years old. Im crying so much. He was my only friend during a long time, My best friend, My saver, My everything, Now he is gone. I miss him so much. He was so special, so kind to everyone, what did he do to deserve this. I never forgot about him and i never will. Always in my heart!

  • Xxx Xxx
    Xxx Xxx День назад +1

    Go cry more , those tears will melt down opponents faces....

  • Zoey Chua
    Zoey Chua 2 дня назад


  • Im not Jeimi
    Im not Jeimi 2 дня назад

    I wish to end the pain
    I wish my parents know what I truly feel
    They act like they knew what it feels like but the truth is they really don't
    They didn't know that they just make me feel worse when everytime I smile they thought Im okay everytime I laugh with them they thought I've already recovered everytime I eat meals they thought I'm ready but no Im not yet recovered I hope they understand that I still need to rest bcause 3 years experiencing being treated like a shit will never be easy to be recovered in just 3 months I still need more time because I knew to myself I still want to achieve my dreams Im still a human and I believe in God that He's there beside me loving, guiding and understanding me

  • TheApple Head
    TheApple Head 2 дня назад

    “No matter how hard you try, you can’t escape your past”-Joel, Last of us

  • Sup Bro-Clash Royale Gaming
    Sup Bro-Clash Royale Gaming 3 дня назад

    where is rick and morty song

  • jillycooper123
    jillycooper123 3 дня назад

    It does get better people! just hang in there and believe and i promise you, you will find happiness!

  • Baby Nya
    Baby Nya 3 дня назад

    Crying my lungs out 😭💔💔💔 I feel so alone.......

  • Christian Ochoa
    Christian Ochoa 3 дня назад

    Quiero morir sin tener que sufrir, la vida no tiene sentido, nada me sale bien, todo es basura para mi....


    Respect 💪👍

  • TheReaperCometh
    TheReaperCometh 4 дня назад

    I actually find this music uplifting and inspirational... I often listen to this when I’m writing

  • CharismaticTech
    CharismaticTech 4 дня назад

    What is the meaning of life? Why are we put onto this planet to be subjected to torment and despair simply to have all accomplishments and achievements washed away at death? Simple. No one is gone until they are forgotten, and even then their existence has had some impact on the universe and time, it has had consequences, good and bad. There are many theories to the meaning of life, and some argue that life Is a continuous tape recorder just being played, for instance, everything happens for a reason and we, as beings have no control over what happens. Everything we choose to do was supposed to happen on an infinite continuum. But, destiny isnt always set in stone. We were given the gift of free choice by an uncomprehensible external force we cannot understand at this time. This Is my theory. You mean something. No matter how worthless you feel, know that your actions and your achievements have been completed for a reason. It has happened to keep the universe in balance. If there was no good or evil, nothing could function. You are amazing, know that, no matter who puts you down. :) hope this helped to anyone feeling down. If you are depressed or are suicidal, feeling sad, go seek help. It's no shame at all. We need to keep that awesome person alive to keep the universe in balance :)

  • ThumbersDrums
    ThumbersDrums 4 дня назад

    i have tons of friends, loving parents, a girlfriend that loves me beyond words and many many hobbies. Yet, i feel empty inside, scared, useless and always thinking i don't deserve any of this. it won't go away. It's terrifying but i can't keep all the positive feelings and vibes i get inside. It just slides down and the all the negative things pierce throught and i feel them over and over again

  • clashroar0980
    clashroar0980 4 дня назад

    Work hard T_ust me. The feeling of v_ct_or_ is G_EA_.

  • Lucas beshara
    Lucas beshara 5 дней назад


  • yi negin
    yi negin 5 дней назад

    PLEASE just let me die.I dont even know how many times i commented here. Every time i act like things are getting better but its really not,its getting worse and worse and all i want is death.

  • TV엔더
    TV엔더 6 дней назад +2

    im here because I'm sad Why? Because.... I lost my 5 best friends one of them Choke to death.... and I miss them so much But Don't forget Don't give up in hope God is with you EVEN U GET BULLYED JUST BE STRONG What god said Be strong I'm with you and WERE ALL HERE FOR YOU WE CAN DO THIS DONT GIVE UP DONT BE SAD AND SMILE LIKE A ANGEL u cant just be sad for ur life u need to smile also That's a part of your body too So don't give up

  • Vs S
    Vs S 6 дней назад

    I'm a really happy person on the outside but on the inside I'm happy sure but I want to feel actual emotions and stop not letting myself feel pain. I want to feel human. I want to feel normal for once in my life and after a while the mask you choose to wear fuses with your true face and you become something you don't recognise. I want to let myself cry to feel pain but I'm scared. I don't like feeling weak or venerable and I'm scared that once I'm sad I will go back to being the person I was the person I hate but the person who is me.

  • DevexPlayz
    DevexPlayz 6 дней назад

    I am scared in my life that someone will eventually end me and I won't live in this world. Sometimes I am very scared, but sometimes I am just ready for it to happen.
    I am almost turning 15 and the only happiness I get is internet but even that has many struggles. Whenever I walk outside, I feel emberessed by how people look at me. My life right now is turning into dust, people whom I called friends just used me, didn't care about me or never even waited for me when we were outside doing random shit. I only wish to see the light and the second half of me who is always in the dark and struggeling in pain can heal. And yes, I know that I am totally weird, because I have two sides of mine, one is showing only fake smile and laugh and the other half is just depression and sadness who is writing this comment... But then again, I totally hate myself for who I am. I am lazy af, I am fat as a pig, and all I see is the screen, everyday. Maybe now I am just complaining for nothing, or maybe I am just hoping for something. I don't even know... And the comment section who tries to stay bright... I am jealous of those people. I can never be strong as them. I am weak. I am slow. I am always keeping my pain inside, not even telling it to my parents. Even soon if I won't be able to hold on and I'll just leave this world, I hope other people who are having the same pain will get through this. Everyone is much more stronger than me, I can't achieve anything in this world. I am here for nothing.

  • Obaida Alsurraf
    Obaida Alsurraf 7 дней назад

    Gwen's theme

  • buzz lightyear
    buzz lightyear 8 дней назад

    People that are deppresed i just want to say dont pray its useless.

  • - AsterioN -
    - AsterioN - 9 дней назад

    im so sad

    FRINDL Y APPLE 9 дней назад

    wow,this is ....sad....

  • Molly Blomqvist
    Molly Blomqvist 9 дней назад

    This music was really beautiful and affected me very well, I think it was time for me to cry but I came out even more stronger than I was. I will always stand better alone, thank you for making me realize. I'm the only one who always will understand and accept myself.

    • Molly Blomqvist
      Molly Blomqvist 9 дней назад

      I'm also really thankful of the people who writes comments to make people feel like it's okay to be sad and not understood for it. I'm appreciating it and I think a lot of people do, it really can save a human life. Being sad is a feeling everyone will feel sometime, but sometimes you need to be sad to see the beautiful things in life.

  • Helga Keke
    Helga Keke 9 дней назад

    I just want to die I just I just can't handle the situation anymore.

  • Fresh Killjoy
    Fresh Killjoy 9 дней назад

    welly with this little suicide aim being happy

  • Taehyung's Smashed pottery
    Taehyung's Smashed pottery 10 дней назад

    Most of you either don't have friends or have friends but aren't true. I have the best friends anyone could ask for, but you know what? I'm a dumb ass ungreatful brat that keeps on pushing them away. I have alot of people who loves me and wanted to help me but I still choose to be alone and avoid the help. All of you want to escape it but I want to be in it. It's very weird and I know something is wrong with me but I don't wanna admit it either. After having a depression I realized all of these people in your life is temporary, people come and go. It's alright to enjoy the moment of having them by your side but in the end of the day, you only have yourself to love and to trust.

  • Ana Eudóxia Vilela
    Ana Eudóxia Vilela 10 дней назад

    if you have suicidals thoughts, talk to someone about, they can show you someone who can help, like a therapist. Im not good with advices, thats the best i could come up with.

  • Hyper Alloy
    Hyper Alloy 11 дней назад

    I'm broke help me

  • 9eCn3
    9eCn3 11 дней назад

    Lovely. 💜

  • Cookie Time
    Cookie Time 11 дней назад

    I literally came here to find a sad song that was meme, that is all.

  • Ben Jan
    Ben Jan 11 дней назад

    I’m already sad and this makes me even more sadder

  • christel de jongh
    christel de jongh 11 дней назад

    I have a have a dream that al of you find love end jou are 1 spachel manefacker end you no that i love you al

  • まとい
    まとい 11 дней назад

    Я здесь, потому что пишу грустную, атмосферную книгу.
    Но в моей жизни полно дерьма, так же, как и в жизнях людей, что оставили здесь свои комментарии ниже. Или выше. И впервые я понимаю, что мне понадобилось знание английского языка, ведь я могу узнать об историях жизни этих людей, это впечатляет, что они делятся своими историями прямо здесь и получают поддержку, такую нужную им. Или не нужную. Кому-то попросту некому выговориться, а кто-то правда пришёл для того, чтобы писать грустную, атмосферную книгу 3)

  • Blessed Lucifer
    Blessed Lucifer 11 дней назад

    No one deserves Me not even Death if i die i want the heavens or hell to spit me back into this world and the minute i get back here i will start to run as fast as i can no matter how much i am hurt broken and even if my arms get broken and my legs are crushed i would never stop running and never looking back but always knowing how it feels to feel the worst and best and will Become the ONE ("YOU ARE BEING PROGRAMMED to kill your selves they are killing you they are making you fight the wars which have nothing to do with your generation they are programming you to kill or die so be safe and Religion have become their tool to control people")

  • maghfira aulia
    maghfira aulia 12 дней назад

    I come here cause my dad hates me

  • Rizki Ananda
    Rizki Ananda 12 дней назад

    i'm cryin for no reason

  • Robb Stark
    Robb Stark 12 дней назад

    I’m here after watching game of thrones 💔💔😭

  • Sgt Slim
    Sgt Slim 12 дней назад

    You left out Johnson (Hellhound On My Trail. It's fucking haunting.), Blind Willie, Geeshe Wiley, Haggard, Jones, and Cash. They could sing you to tears and you can hear actual pain in their vocals. Your selection doesn't compete in my opinion. I didn't cry.

  • Aditya aditya
    Aditya aditya 12 дней назад

    I just wanted to listen to something sad. Just a mood swing nothing more.

  • ღ Kim ღ
    ღ Kim ღ 13 дней назад

    I’m scared.
    I don’t know myself anymore.
    Why is everyone hating on me?
    What did I do?
    Why does life hate me?
    Why am I like this?
    Why haven’t I gotten over what happened 2 years ago?
    I’m stuck.
    I’m scared.
    Someone please save me.
    I’m falling into this deep, deep hole. Just falling.
    Why am I so disappointing?
    I feel so scared..I’m changing and I don’t know how to feel about it.
    My emotions are mixing into one, making me so confused.
    What’s going on?!
    Help me please.
    I feel like I’m in a cage, in the corner, locked in. The key far from me, hiding and no one is there to find the key to open the cage.
    It’s dark and scary.
    What did I do to get bullied?
    What did I do to have these emotions?!

    • ღ Kim ღ
      ღ Kim ღ 13 дней назад

      I feel so uneasy. Just trembling in fear.

  • Danilson ༄ག
    Danilson ༄ག 13 дней назад

    Sometimes I get a desire to be normal, to be a happy person and have friends. Nobody is my friend cause I'm sad and depressed, I want to kill myself and that's why I write poems my whole life, I wrote more than 100 poems and nobody reads them, I write them cause I love to write and create some good stories and metaphors

  • juanele
    juanele 13 дней назад

    "Please enjoy this mix". Thats the most beautiful paradox in the world: the fact you can strangely enjoy melancholic/sad art expressions.

  • Anoud Almutairi
    Anoud Almutairi 13 дней назад

    I need sad and slow songs write at least on ♥️

  • Gary Chrome
    Gary Chrome 13 дней назад

    Sad song helps you sleep

  • Kasper Bolvig
    Kasper Bolvig 14 дней назад

    2:38 holy sh*t, that made me jump

  • Lira the wolf :3
    Lira the wolf :3 14 дней назад

    I Love this music... i know it is sad music but i get me happy... :,D

  • Apostol Rodrigo
    Apostol Rodrigo 14 дней назад

    Im not okay im having a mental breakdown...
    Every night im having nightmares...
    Every day i have illusions...
    Im having thoughts so dark and so deep...
    Suicide is not an answer...but a choice...
    Choices are made correctly but choices are good and simultaneously deadly
    Its day passes....and its getting harder and harder to control...the inner me....the old me...
    The dark me....the

  • The Darkness
    The Darkness 14 дней назад

    i can't just kill myself i'm so pathetic

  • kamakazi Demon
    kamakazi Demon 14 дней назад

    Im just looking for a song that cannot be explained.. no words.. i have a 1 second piece in my head.. and all i see here are a bunch of sheep.. you see what following the rules does to weaklings like yourll.. CREATE YOUR OWN PATH.. oh well, im in sesrch of that song elswhere..

  • Atenea Ruano
    Atenea Ruano 15 дней назад

    None of this songs seemed sad to me. Those songs are the kind of music i listen to every single day. Maybe that’s why they don’t work on me. Or maybe I am really depressed hahaha who knows...

  • Rahim Ali
    Rahim Ali 15 дней назад

    to not be depressed put 0.25 in slow motion to the video

  • Omar Gaming
    Omar Gaming 15 дней назад

    look at you self
    all peaple wants you to fail but conntinie
    ask me
    i falls down
    want to revenge,but i cant, they destroy me
    keep up , never trust the people
    the peoples who loves you they not
    they want to scam you

  • Fierinღ
    Fierinღ 15 дней назад

    Here is my story

    My father and my mom always hated each other
    My grandma died and I never meet my grandpa
    My all pets died and my cat now died...
    My brother have problems
    My best friend left
    I'm alone always in room sad and lonely
    Now I'm listening this song that helps me cry out that tears what I keep
    I don't know how to keep this sadness. I miss my cat :(
    And my friend
    Thanks for this great music

  • Trutah
    Trutah 15 дней назад

    true sad songs are mount eerie, just hear distortion or swims, or crows

  • Angela 123
    Angela 123 16 дней назад +1

    You are beautiful
    You are strong
    You are loved
    You can move mountains
    You are you
    And that’s what makes you special ❤️❤️

    • Megadriver
      Megadriver День назад

      I'm a douchebag that thinks the greaser look looks cool.I haven't won weight lifting championships.Makes it a whole lot worse. No, I can't.Sadly I am...
      No, it makes me a self-loathing dick with 3 cars, a struggling business and more sorrow and regret than you know what to do with.

  • Zealot-A ShimadaPriduction
    Zealot-A ShimadaPriduction 16 дней назад

    I came here to feel something.

  • Armando Pérez
    Armando Pérez 16 дней назад

    I'm here after watching Dakota Fanning's film ``now is good´´.

  • Sherida Gibson
    Sherida Gibson 16 дней назад

    I'm sad and depressed. I nearly got rape and everything I do I always mess.Right now im failing school and my mother doesn't even care about what happened. She didn't believe me because im very mischievous and it really hurt. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't exist and she and my sister would do good without me. I really wanted to see my fifteenth birthday but I dont I can. This is my story😢

  • clay4444
    clay4444 16 дней назад

    "so grandma is gone forever, we wont ever see her again?" a question my 4 yo son asked today about my recently departed grandma. :( fuck it broke me but i will be strong for him

  • وَمــضُ الـخَـاطِـر
    وَمــضُ الـخَـاطِـر 16 дней назад

    Very sad music

  • abukgamingo
    abukgamingo 16 дней назад


  • Carman Keddy
    Carman Keddy 17 дней назад

    But what about my song did a few months ago (2018) LONG TO BE LOVED BACK BY YOU??!! (by Collabium c2018, which be me & my song lyrics for it, with music, vocals, & performance contributed by my collaborator Frank Johnson):видео.html

  • انور المحبوب
    انور المحبوب 17 дней назад

    كرار أحمد 07864210257

  • انور المحبوب
    انور المحبوب 17 дней назад

    كرار أحمد 07864210257

  • Spongebob Galau
    Spongebob Galau 18 дней назад

    The road
    With a trees
    With a melody
    With a light inside
    Dont you get breaked
    Cuz you are the man

  • Leeroy Bidibodi
    Leeroy Bidibodi 18 дней назад

    If I’m getting better they’re coming to scream more

  • Andrés Toledo
    Andrés Toledo 18 дней назад

    Well I just want to say I get so much better than the first time I've watched this video. I still like it, and so just carry on, the best thing helped me was forced me to read books, especialy science fiction, real science and philosophy 👌 everything will get better, just keep going

  • Jaime Gutierres
    Jaime Gutierres 18 дней назад

    Well I don't know but I feel so sad

  • crazy h
    crazy h 18 дней назад

    انا حزينة جداا ٠٠ فقدت اعز الاشخاص اااااااه

  • ThePeachMango
    ThePeachMango 19 дней назад

    I’m too young to want to die, but I cry, knowing that I hate myself

  • athirahhalwah
    athirahhalwah 19 дней назад +1

    is it just me or, the second song isnt that sad?
    to me, it sounds more to motivating rather than moping.
    what im tryna say here is that with every hardship, THERE IS EASE. you just have to search for it. be patient. this is life. youre not going to have rainbows everyday. but those rainbows wont appear too without the existance of cloudy days and a shower of rain! so, always put your heads up. boost back your confidence, have faith, take a deep breath and smile, and trust me, everything will be fine :)

  • The lost boy In never land
    The lost boy In never land 20 дней назад

    I wish she still loved me.

  • Hama US
    Hama US 20 дней назад

    the moment when you can actually feel the pain or hard breathing in your chest from hearing or seeing something that broken your heart

  • Georgy Oganisyan
    Georgy Oganisyan 21 день назад

    These are the great songs that remind me about the goodness of THE LORD
    His mercy abounds forever, the real peace and satisfaction can only be found in Him!

  • B.T. Hans
    B.T. Hans 21 день назад +1

    Deuteronomy 31:8
    The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.

  • simone robledo
    simone robledo 21 день назад

    Of course it applies to women too

  • Nour Skl
    Nour Skl 22 дня назад

    in the end to be sad is not bad!!i saw in my life scary things thst i can't explain it that's why i like this sort of music#LonelyStar

  • Miklos Miki
    Miklos Miki 22 дня назад

    Im just thinking how horrible is this world some they call themself human beings can make such horrible things (Sorry for my english if i amde mistakes) :)

  • Kevin Bollinger
    Kevin Bollinger 22 дня назад

    Ummm where is Gary come home it's legit the saddest song ever

  • Heavenly Reid
    Heavenly Reid 22 дня назад

    I love the first one, Zach Hemsey - The Way (Instrumental)

  • Gabriel Dajnowski
    Gabriel Dajnowski 22 дня назад +1

    Poland lose Colombia 3-0 :'(

  • Paper face
    Paper face 22 дня назад

    well i kinda already guessed what 80 % of the comments would be.

  • Derpz SDG
    Derpz SDG 22 дня назад

    Im just gonna end myself. Goodbye everyone. Thank you for supporting me. But im gonna end it all.

  • Angelica Brauer
    Angelica Brauer 22 дня назад

    I hope my kitty is goin to be ok...she has been in our fam for years now.....u can do it Miisu...

  • Azenne 964
    Azenne 964 23 дня назад


  • meli yani
    meli yani 23 дня назад

    Life is different when you are born as an introvert girl, i am happy even if i don't have many friends, i am happy being lonely, and feeling distracted when so many people around me, i just spend my time surfing on soc med seeing my happy life friends om their posts that make me hate them, they just like saying that they have a happy life when they hanging out with a lot of friends there , but me, i am still happy being alone, i just wanna spend my life with a best friend only. My time is too precious for fake friends

  • Jelly Blob
    Jelly Blob 23 дня назад

    Sometimes I'm in so much pain I go numb, I don't feel anything. I'm just gone.

  • angie pretell
    angie pretell 23 дня назад

    I don't know if I'm the one, but all this songs make me feel so emotional and connected and with everything, like nature, universe...I don't feel sad or depressed. Thanks for it, beautiful songs

  • Drizzle Lover
    Drizzle Lover 23 дня назад

    Do only I hear the goat at 3:13 ?

  • lil meow meow
    lil meow meow 23 дня назад

    Everyone is here because they have a heart breaking story.💔

  • HomieMarkČesky/Czech/Angličtina/English Vondruška

    You forgot The Winner Takes It All