Top Most Sad Songs Ever

  • Опубликовано: 19 янв 2014
  • Hello there, this is not a usual mix mainly because the songs in it are very subjective so I cannot promise anything, these are MY top most sad songs ever, I do understand everyone has their own idea and opinion on what is sad and I believe mine in particular is very out of the ordinary, for example what makes a sad song for me is a song that is simple and repetitive and contains no lyrics, though the last song does contain a little bit of them I do try to stay away from lyrics in sad songs mainly because I believe a sad song is about your own emotions and not about the singer's emotions, I find it a lot harder to connect to a song with lyrics in it, so here are 8 songs that I believe to be the saddest songs ever made, enjoy!
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  • Andrés CR
    Andrés CR 3 часа назад

    I wanna die

  • The monster from the woods
    The monster from the woods 9 часов назад +1

    May I sleep?
    ... Not for a night
    ... Not for a day
    Nor a week
    ... or month
    But if I may?
    Forever and forevermore?

  • Дана Ким
    Дана Ким 15 часов назад

    My tear 😭

  • Animes are not cartoons
    Animes are not cartoons 17 часов назад

    I am in the last year of highschool and suffering from depression. My grades have dropped to the point that I barely passed last year. I used to wonder if I really suffer from depression and ignored it but it only grew. When it got out of hand I told my parents and managed to make them angry. 'Ignore it' they said. If only it were that easy
    Worst part? I can't tell anyone else

  • evenitup
    evenitup 19 часов назад

    I only listen to this to sleep I'm not sad

  • ruby brown bear
    ruby brown bear 19 часов назад

    why won’t she fucking notice me I’m right in front of you you notice him but not me the only person that can make you smile when times get rough

  • BTS and ARMY gives me reason to live
    BTS and ARMY gives me reason to live 19 часов назад

    ever have that feeling where you want someone to see the bruises?
    or that moment when the pain is to much and you wanna end it?
    or how about that time where you finally told someone, but they didn't do anything
    remember those days where you were ready to end it? but you didn't not because you were worried about your friends or your family but because you were to scared? well you're not a coward
    you're not worthless
    you're not a waste of space
    you're a surviver

  • Summer Bailey
    Summer Bailey День назад

    Idk who needs someone to talk to right now but if you do my Instagram is uhyeahisurehopeotdoesss I might not be able to help but I'll listen

  • too handsome boi
    too handsome boi День назад

    You were born to be real, not to be perfect!
    ~Min Yoongi (민 윤기)

  • GlowC Glorious Crew
    GlowC Glorious Crew День назад

    I'm just me.. Is that a sin?

  • Dr hous
    Dr hous День назад

    I would commit but I live for my mum and friends ❤️

    • United Europe
      United Europe 4 часа назад

      I would end my life if I had the courage to do so, I have noone to live for.

  • kim 全忠國
    kim 全忠國 День назад

    my mother died
    and my brother
    my father hates me
    now, i'm alone
    I think that someday things will change
    but I think it is in vain
    i hate this life

  • DarlogSystem
    DarlogSystem День назад

    I am terrified of being alone... But I am a complete piece of shit... So I will always be alone

  • Sheroth kar
    Sheroth kar День назад


  • Sheroth kar
    Sheroth kar День назад

    Life teaching lesson

  • Najwa Hxnim
    Najwa Hxnim День назад

    For you,i could pretend to be happy ') - bts fake love

  • Lakke
    Lakke День назад

    I don’t get these comments. This is a video for sad music not for sad comments. Headass.

  • Sarah Carmichael
    Sarah Carmichael День назад

    Idk if I’m depressed I’m happy some days but sad most of the time, even when I’m happy I’m sad. I try rly rly hard to cover it but recently my friends started to notice. I’m tired I’m so so so tired faking how you feel drains you so bad. My grades are slipping. I’m not eating. I’ve started cutting, idk at this point. I have a loving family but I can’t talk to them I sound like I’m begging for attention, pretending to be sad. Idk what to do my friends always say they would love to talk to me but Idk if they rly care or not. I’m only 14 and I already want it to end.

  • tasha burns
    tasha burns День назад +2

    you know that feeling where you’re so sad? you’re so so sad, and you want to be happier, you want to be happy. so you get up and keep trying and live through the pain? that feeling is gone for me. gone. i dont want to TRY anymore. i don’t want to be happy because, to be honest, i’m not even sad. i just don’t feel. i don’t care if i live or die. i’m just here. just standing her with skin and bones.

    • United Europe
      United Europe 4 часа назад

      Same here,life feels so meaningless. All I do is work, eat and sleep, what's the point of going on, when I eventually die it will all be forgotten anyway. It would be nice just to fall asleep and never wake again.

  • Muza ftw
    Muza ftw День назад

    Sorry to say that but , are alone everyone....even when you're having sex... you are alone in this heartless meaningless world

  • adr88100
    adr88100 2 дня назад

    This is good...

  • blurryfacesk8erboi a
    blurryfacesk8erboi a 2 дня назад +2

    I thought that he loved me,guess I was wrong ...

  • Geo Player
    Geo Player 2 дня назад

    Wonder why I'm listening to this? here's the reason:

    my girlfriend just broke up with me, i have a lots of difficulties in school... I'm not getting bullied or anything, my teachers are just mean to me.i loved my girlfriend more than myself i would die for her. she was the reason i lived. i tried to commit suicide recently, but no. if you ever try to suicide think forward first, what will your parents do, what will your friends do, what will your family members do, if they hear that you died. yes i act that I'm happy but I'm hiding depression and sadness inside. i still have a little hope, that my life will be better maybe not tomorrow, or today, but eventually. for the 1% people reading this i wish you the best of luck. you're not alone, someone always loves and cares for you. never give up, and stay strong.

  • Random People
    Random People 2 дня назад +1

    I am a 15 years old boy. I have a quite rich family . I have quite good looking face . I am quite clever too.
    But , everything went wrong on 2019. I always get first rank in my class . But now my score is all dropping . Usually I got 100 in every subject but now I got 80 in almost all of my exam . That's really make me sad . My mom also mad to me . She said I didn't study seriously but always play game . This word really hurt my feeling . I study hardly everyday until 10 PM. But my mom said that I didn't study seriously . She also said that I was useless. As her child , i feel like i am such a trash in her life.
    I lost my best friend too. I was really selfish at that moment , I knew that I am such a piece of shit . My mother and my father always quarell because of my score .
    I take very many tuition and I have no time to break at all. All of my day was only studying . I really jealous to other people. Because they have a freedom. I just can't stand of it anymore . I really desperate of my score . I have studied very hard but I still can't get a best score . My mom always want me to become the first rank . Because I love my mom , so I try hard on it . But this time , I can't get a good result .

    I don't blame my mother to pushing me become first rank . But I just felt that I am useless.
    I watch this video on RUclip to inspiring me to kill my self . I always fail in killing my self . Maybe you underestimate my problem but you don't know how important ranking to me. I hope you all who have a problem didn't follow my stupid idea to kill yourself .
    And sorry for my bad English, I am from indonesia
    Sorry everyone , sorry to became such a coward . I can't stand it anymore . So , Goodbye world .

    • Ahmad Jaber
      Ahmad Jaber День назад

      Dont say goodbye yet
      Im in the same situation as you
      Im also 15, used to take 100 except this year, parents pushing me, some problems with friends,but i smile infront of people just so they dont worry. Im having an existential crisis right now and dont know the meaning of life. But i smile in front of people so they dont worry about me. Idk how much i can withstand this.
      Keep fighting, WE should keep fighting
      We can do it
      I beleive in you

  • Duboy YT
    Duboy YT 2 дня назад

    Remember, only the stars shine in darknes, youre a star

  • Wolf
    Wolf 2 дня назад

    The bad days in life are just that. A bad day. A bad day won't last forever. Even though it feels like it will.

  • shelby bradstreet
    shelby bradstreet 2 дня назад

    My ex fiancé is sleeping with my best friend. I overdosed on sleeping medication and he brought her when I got out to try and make me feel better. They had been talking ever since... I feel like his trips to his grandmothers were trips to Boston to see her. I’m devastated and I can’t get over it.

  • vedanta v
    vedanta v 3 дня назад +1

    my life is perfect fine. so why i am so unhappy?

    • Andrea Carbajal
      Andrea Carbajal День назад

      Same I just hate Myself idk why everyone says I’m pretty and idk

  • Elli fluffy
    Elli fluffy 3 дня назад

    Das ist dieselbe Melodie,die Zate bei einem Song benutzt hat

  • Miici
    Miici 3 дня назад

    I have friends, people who wants to help me.. but when i was kid my mother died and father was alone and very, very sad.. i didnt get any love and attention, i was on my own. So now, no matter how people try to get close to me, i push them away, im not scared, just dont know how to love, trust. I had relationships where i fall in love so hard that it starts hurting myself even more then being lonely, and no matter what he does, i cant stop loving him, so he hurts me even more. So lets say that love didnt bring me joy at all.. I tried to love, to be open, but, is it worth? They think that im cold, but im just trying to protect me from myself

  • Ahmad Syafiq
    Ahmad Syafiq 3 дня назад +4

    Have you guys ever wonder why the owner of this channel last upload is 2 years ago?
    Is he still with us....
    When you bleed, remember the pain, it show that you still alive.

    at least for a while...

    • Ahmad Syafiq
      Ahmad Syafiq 2 дня назад

      +wdw4lyfe _zachary yup. I hope so

    • wdw4lyfe _zachary
      wdw4lyfe _zachary 2 дня назад +1

      +Ahmad Syafiq oh you're right sorry lol. But don't think too much let's hope he... Didn't... Do... Anything.

    • Ahmad Syafiq
      Ahmad Syafiq 2 дня назад

      +wdw4lyfe _zachary you should check his other channel, tq

    • wdw4lyfe _zachary
      wdw4lyfe _zachary 2 дня назад

      Their last upload was 5 yrs ago....

  • Sardor Kamilov
    Sardor Kamilov 3 дня назад

    More than 14 mln. sad people :D

  • jessi RK800
    jessi RK800 3 дня назад

    I love zack hemsey songs❤ it made me feel not to be alone🙏

  • Rob Daniels
    Rob Daniels 3 дня назад

    Keep the faith people

  • Gaudeamus Igitur
    Gaudeamus Igitur 3 дня назад

    Why is there so many kpop fans with their shitty quotes?

  • SrGreg
    SrGreg 3 дня назад +1

    Im happy

  • นัท เอง
    นัท เอง 3 дня назад


  • Scout Anderson
    Scout Anderson 3 дня назад +1

    the first song was not my personal jam, but still great

  • Daedric Prince
    Daedric Prince 4 дня назад +3

    Hey you

    Yeah im talking to you

    Just Wanted To let you know that someone loves and cares for you

  • katina moore
    katina moore 4 дня назад +11

    hey, you.
    yeah, you.
    i see your comments.
    i see your pain.
    you’re strong.
    it may be hard, but you’ll get through it.
    i may be across the world, on the other side of a screen, or a few states away still on the other side of a screen.
    but i know a person in pain when i see one.
    times are indeed very tough.
    you just have to let sunshine into the dark closet through the cracks.

  • So cool
    So cool 4 дня назад

    I hate humanity. All the people that i have met has break my heart. Now i'm nothing, i don't feel anything. Just rage. I want to kill them for what they did. I can't even love my own parents.

  • ninjainmortalroj
    ninjainmortalroj 4 дня назад +1

    If you die. You need to think that you will be never missed

    • Matt
      Matt 3 дня назад

      ninjainmortalroj hahahahahah

    SAD SATAN 4 дня назад +3

    i'm tired of life but i'm scared of death

    • Mathematical Zombie
      Mathematical Zombie 3 дня назад

      SAD SATAN - that’s reasonable. I’m not scared of death personally, just avoiding pain brought to others

  • TheDarkWolf Eye
    TheDarkWolf Eye 4 дня назад +11

    My heart falls
    Every piece breaks one by one
    It shatters to the ground
    I'm alone
    No one to hold
    No one to hug
    They don't understand me
    My head hurts
    All that makes me happy is........
    -being alone-

    Don't cut, don't kill yourself just because your alone
    You have more to life than this
    Your wise
    Your not alone.

  • Zuza Starowicz
    Zuza Starowicz 4 дня назад +2

    i have clinical depression
    but i’m better now
    i don’t know if it’s because of the medication
    i don’t know if it’s because of my work with myself
    there are days when all I can do is lay in bed and stare at the ceiling
    but there are days when i’m truly happy and all I can think about is how beautiful this life is
    it will get better
    i promise
    it took me 5 years
    2 years without telling anyone
    3 years of getting better
    i wanted to give up so many times but you know what there’s one quote that actually made me stay.
    “suicide doesn’t end the pain. It passes it onto sb else”
    I’ve learned that this won’t help anyone even me and all I can do is keep fighting.
    stay strong

    • Mathematical Zombie
      Mathematical Zombie 3 дня назад

      Zuza Starowicz - commenting because of the quote. Good quote, learned it when family and friends started to kill themselves and watching families suffer. Sad times

  • llcandyqueenll simmonds
    llcandyqueenll simmonds 4 дня назад +9

    For years and years now I have put up a fake hide the sadness
    But I realized to can hide a frown with a smile but you cant hide the being happy..
    It never works.
    My anger .
    My sadness.
    My happiness.
    Makes it all worse just please if you read this go talk to someone it will help you

    • Duboy YT
      Duboy YT 2 дня назад +1


  • NahidSRK
    NahidSRK 4 дня назад +1

    Lost my soul when God made a bad decision against me on 2017 ... Which was absolute injustice and it killed me fully from inside ... Spent countless sleepness nights , still it has been killing me ... Don't understand how deep it can go still to kill me deeper than deeper .... Nothing to loose , still I'm losing .... No body knows about it but me ....

  • Shalee Jones
    Shalee Jones 4 дня назад +1

    I was sexually assaulted on January 10th.
    I just feel so tired now

    • Jumanh Alqaisi
      Jumanh Alqaisi 4 дня назад

      Oh god sweety ,did you tell anyone about it please say you did .
      I don't know what to say but try getting justice for yourself
      I know you are too weak right now and boiling at the same time but just try even if it didn't got him into jail or something, some how you will feel better then try getting stronger and moving on with your life and please talk to someone about it god bless you it wasn't and will never be your fault

  • Kyung Ho
    Kyung Ho 5 дней назад +2

    Come back and listen to it again.

  • Multi Vitamin
    Multi Vitamin 5 дней назад

    Its my bd today, killing myself today would be climactic, what do u think?

    • Paris Costello
      Paris Costello 5 дней назад

      And happy birthday

    • Paris Costello
      Paris Costello 5 дней назад

      God bless you and stay strong please I don’t know you but you are an amazing person!!

  • Daniel Flores
    Daniel Flores 5 дней назад

    For some reason I feel like i'm in war and all I see is soldier's falling down, when I hear this song. God Bless America and Thank You for your Service😢

  • enjel`
    enjel` 5 дней назад +1

    I'm alone. I have no friend in my life

  • Mar wa
    Mar wa 5 дней назад +18

    My advice is:
    Just try listening to Quran
    God will help us
    All the people who are sad , God loves them and sure he knows about their problems
    You must continue
    Killing yourself or living like you are dead is not a solution

    • Mar wa
      Mar wa День назад

      Because God loves you
      Listen to me; I'm Muslim and I want to tell you something :` you won't lose anything if you try listening to Quran
      Don't stay away from God
      Maybe you will feel better
      I believe there is no injustice in this world because Allah will reward all the patients ,he will never forget us
      And you must know that you will feel pain more than now if you kill yourself
      Please be patient
      I wish , I wish and I wish you continue living and I really care about you

    • Lmao
      Lmao 2 дня назад +1

      Hungryminecraft shouldnt, but it is.

    • Lmao
      Lmao 2 дня назад +1

      Mar wa if there was a god, there would be no injustice. Whats the point of living? Success? Happiness? What are we supposed to do if we cant find it? Should we live like pointless? It hurts. I dont wanna be hurt. I thought theres a way out, but no. Theres no way out. We gotta stay. Stay in pain. Theres no god for us to help. If there was a god, why am I alive? Why is he not helpin me to solve my problems? Why is he not killing me? Why he want me to be hurt? Maybe I deserve. Yea, I totally deserve :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    • Hungryminecraft
      Hungryminecraft 2 дня назад +2

      Lmao Suicide should never be anyone’s options. Please know that.

    • Mar wa
      Mar wa 2 дня назад +1

      You must trust in God
      You can't solve a problem with an other problem .
      Maybe I can't understand what do you feel ,but I'm also very tired and broken , maybe I gave advice just to protect the others
      Please you have to continue .Trust in God ,he will help us

  • waj 97
    waj 97 5 дней назад +4

    for me there is no true friendship, it does not exist. love can be but not friendship. Am I the only one to think so?

    • Muza ftw
      Muza ftw День назад

      One day you'll come back and delete this doesn't

    • You got no jams
      You got no jams 4 дня назад +2

      for me it´s none of these two exists

  • Un Seen
    Un Seen 5 дней назад +1

    Im just, nothing for her, Useless...
    Everybody know that...

    • Un Seen
      Un Seen 9 часов назад +1

      +Mathematical Zombie pray for us lol

    • Mathematical Zombie
      Mathematical Zombie 3 дня назад

      Un Seen - same. I can’t even stop her from ending it. Others did, but I couldn’t...

  • Scarlet flame
    Scarlet flame 6 дней назад

    Sky mubs- When the shadow reveals you / Rain of light? Those are one of my favourites
    And an other one:Krone. *You have to listen it right now! Please search it up* because it's the most emotional and beautiful song I've ever heard! I know it's an anime soundtrack, (guilty crown) but it's just soooooo wonderful

  • fahimee b
    fahimee b 6 дней назад +1

    u tell these songs "sad"?? in my opinion they are happy

  • miten pandya
    miten pandya 6 дней назад

    i dont know who were my mom and dad. i am alone

  • fan girl's house
    fan girl's house 6 дней назад +1

    Two of us - louis tomlinson🙏

  • Ganesh Afzulpurkar
    Ganesh Afzulpurkar 6 дней назад +3

    everybody who r listening this, go and hear save the holy place song . it will make u little happier

  • Amy Wolf
    Amy Wolf 6 дней назад

    On 1 song on my dancing lessons we dance to that music

  • Charlotte Poole
    Charlotte Poole 6 дней назад +2

    They say memories are the worst form of torture and I know that they are right

  • Dalton Lang
    Dalton Lang 6 дней назад

    I hate my life actually i'm so shy I am fucked I actually cant even cross a walkway if a car is stopped I go around the corner instead of crossing the road. I don't even remember the last time I actually spoke loud and clear. I have zero friends. It sucks when your social media never gets a message from someone and if you do the cunts ask for money. When your 20 and never had a girlfriend or best friend for that matter it sucks.

  • Valentina Berelia
    Valentina Berelia 6 дней назад +2

    I'm so lost, and alone, and on the verge of killing myself. There's so much that has gone down in my life, and I'm at the point where all I can think is, "is this suffering really worth it?". I genuinely do not think I can last much longer... I do not think I can survive like this anymore.

    • Mathematical Zombie
      Mathematical Zombie 3 дня назад

      Valentina Berelia - maybe try to get help. Some say it helps.
      There’s no second chances in the game of life. So you beat this, or it’ll be regret you’ll face (if we can even regret, there is no proof of any god or heaven, so who knows. There were studies that you aren’t brain dead instantly after death, and that you’ll have a few seconds, so... weird science rants, am I right?)

  • kotx3
    kotx3 7 дней назад

    where is melody of the night no.5?

  • Meka_ Nox [-EMS-]
    Meka_ Nox [-EMS-] 7 дней назад +3

    Don't have anymore power in my mind to read comments...

  • Tomas Hietala
    Tomas Hietala 7 дней назад

    What is the meaning of life?

  • Ssumday
    Ssumday 7 дней назад

    well, 1 year ago I had depression very deep depression, long story short, i got bullied, beaten up until i started bleeding because i was long and skinny. i have tried to commit suicide 3 times in my lifetime, i am 16 years of age and the first time i tried to commit was jumping off a cliff that's near my house. and most people that have tried to commit suicide say ~ when my feet left the edge of the cliff i regret it ~ i didn't because all i could think about was ~ the pain will not leave until i meet my mom. my mom died by cancer that's why i got so sad etc. so i live with 2 random guys, that picked me up so they could get money. and long story short after the 3rd time i tried to commit suicide a nice lady saw me ~ she was around the age 60 ~ and she called the 911 ~ they came and rescue me. and know I am on medicine for the rest of my life.

  • Mr Crab Olatoya
    Mr Crab Olatoya 7 дней назад +2

    What's so wrong with me that's everyone leave so easily....
    I'm dying inside.

    • An na
      An na 7 дней назад

      Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Everyone you meet is hurt inside. Never forget that. Anyway I hope you will get better. Stay strong, stay beautiful. I wish you the best.

  • DSG
    DSG 7 дней назад +3

    I can’t be happy because I won’t allow myself to be
    I can’t die because people need me
    I can’t cry because It’s a waste of time
    I can’t run away because people would come look
    I can’t think straight because I am a mess of thoughts and noise and shouts and screams that don’t ever shut up
    Deep down I have a side to me that is the embodiment of darkness and if I let it free I’ll never go back to the old me

  • foul monk
    foul monk 7 дней назад +1

    I see comments are actually sad. When iam sad I think about all the happy thoughts. I think about the things that make my life brighter. Don't be depressed plz and don't end ur life. This world is evil good people suffer here. Believe me all of it will be worth it just be happy

  • 최민규
    최민규 7 дней назад +1


  • Hayden
    Hayden 7 дней назад +3

    Ever heard of NF?

  • OzOnO123
    OzOnO123 7 дней назад

    Wish we had the option to finish this life when times get really hard, cause its so hard to suicide, its so scary

  • Gary43
    Gary43 7 дней назад

    too low sorry bro

  • Mac Schwegger
    Mac Schwegger 8 дней назад

    i don't want to kill myself because of my parents and grandparents, but i'm lonely af, even tho i have a lot, well, not a lot, but i have many friends. i want to die, but in an accident, so people won't know i wasn't happy... idk, i don't care anymore. i was thinking deeply about life and realized that nothing matters, at all, nothing. i wanted to turn it into something positive, like don't care what other people think and stuff because nothing matters, but it turned the other way around...

  • Angela
    Angela 8 дней назад +6

    Him: Are you scared to pull the trigger?
    Her: No, I am not scared to pull the trigger, I am scared because I don't wanna die alone💔...

  • Angela
    Angela 8 дней назад +5

    Him: What are you doing?
    Her: Breathing...
    Him: Then, why are you crying?
    Her: Because I don't want to💔

    • Mike Huntervich
      Mike Huntervich 8 дней назад +1

      Wtf do some drugs and relax jesus christ

  • just hope
    just hope 8 дней назад +1

    There is that one girl that i love so damm much and i think she knows but she said she wants to be friends so i tried i tried but then we meet each other and it wzs so nicee she always laugh and i think she might care about me but idk and one day she was really drunk and she said love you etc but idk what to do.... She keeps saying things but they are not true. So i cried a lot idk what i need to do :((

  • Fiercetooth
    Fiercetooth 8 дней назад +3

    It’s important to know, that in a world of darkness, there is still a light
    Even satan himself is worthy of forgiveness
    The loneliest path is often the hardest, but most rewarding
    They clipped my wings but forgot I had claws
    Opening up to others is easy, opening up to yourself is the real challenge
    Life is tough, it’s tougher if your stupid
    Those who help others often need help themselves
    No matter how many problems you have you can always fix them, you might have to stay on the ground for a while though.
    Once you become untouchable you are unable to touch
    There are two types of people in this world, those who are the candle and those who are the mirrors.
    These people never once put out their name. No one knows who they are and where they are. Yet their message carries on through the vast expanse of the universe. They were Unknown for a reason. They didn’t want the fame, the glory, or the recognition
    They wanted you to know that anyone can do anything
    “Anyone can do anything”

    So what will you do? Will you become known and respected? Or will you let your message travel across countless generations to help a singular person who is on the brink?

    Or will you do both?

  • reseve bruker
    reseve bruker 8 дней назад +1

    what have we, as a human-kind on one single planet, done to each others?
    there are so so sooo many lost souls, and in this very sec you read this comment somebody dies, lose someone they love, cries, someone attempting suicide, being kidnapped, killing someone, being abused and...
    Ugh... Someone is also going through wars.
    This planet is dying, and nobody is coming to save us. In millions of years, this planet is not going to be survivable anymore and we are destroying this planet with trash. pure trash.
    The countries in this twisted world we live in, have bad school systems and the numbers of kids getting mental illnesses is just increasing.
    We kill each other and I can’t do something about it. It just feels like the world is slowly falling apart.
    I’ve realized how MUCH the weather and climate have changed in the North-Europe (where I live), and the weather have changed A LOT from when I was little...

  • bored fox
    bored fox 8 дней назад

    Life is empty when u don't have a grandma or a grandpa

  • s c
    s c 8 дней назад

    I was a pro sport man, a surgeron abused me and during a small knne surgery, he distroyed my life. No excuses nothing. They only called police to say that I'm crazy, only to cover their ass. When I wake up, a new nightmare begins. I live with pain all day.

  • Sadie Spivey Show!
    Sadie Spivey Show! 8 дней назад +2

    why is it that one second I can laugh and b happy than the next baam all the pain u have been holding in wants to fight through ? no don't try to ansewer it cuz nobody knows no one can fix my pain only I can ? rIGHT someone tell me ! am I crazy or am I just emty?idk.. u tell me,,

  • Nobody.
    Nobody. 8 дней назад

    Roslyn by Bon Iver

  • Lemmedie pls
    Lemmedie pls 9 дней назад +1

    Today my friend told me that she has cancer. She's only 17 and that breaks my heart. She's so fucking young. Why her? She's really amazing person and life haven't been easy for her since childhood. Why her? God, please tell me why her? I can't... Now I listen to this music and pray God to be with her and to help her and her family. Love people around you because you'll never know who'll be next. Enjoy your life, enjoy it everyday because you never know when your time will come to leave. Spead love and pray God to be with people, when they really need that. Love. Live. Enjoy.

  • Zoe
    Zoe 9 дней назад


  • CottonMouthJoe
    CottonMouthJoe 9 дней назад

    Oće ko na pivu/kavu do trga?

  • Icon Olange
    Icon Olange 9 дней назад +4

    im happy . this gives me nostalgia, those rainy days , playing on the streets , my childhood friends . i adore the grey atmosphere it gives me nostalgia

    • Elly Stange
      Elly Stange 8 дней назад

      its nice to know not all the comments are depressing =3

  • Dazai
    Dazai 9 дней назад +1

    death by suicide, death by accident, death by sickness, doesn't really matter. we all die in the end

  • Leila Douha
    Leila Douha 9 дней назад +5

    I miss you daddy❤️😢

  • Opelsi
    Opelsi 9 дней назад

    where is the creep by radio head?

  • xFiercePlayz
    xFiercePlayz 9 дней назад +129

    0:42 - The Way (Zach Hemsey)
    3:30 - Waiting Between Worlds (Zach Hemsey)
    8:24 - Bleed (Deadmau5)
    11:53 - Mono No Aware (Hammock)
    16:17 - Dark Beyond The Blue (Hammock)
    21:21 - Your SIlence is The Loudest Sound (Last Days)
    24:21 - Love & Loss (Mattia Cupelli)
    27:52 -
    Ten Thousand Years Won't Save Your Life (Hammock)
    Thank Me Later :v
    Edit: Wow 😮 I haven’t experienced having this many like. Tysm

    • Mihail Petrovici
      Mihail Petrovici 4 дня назад

      Bruh, LOOK! SOMEONE WHO DOESN'T HAVE SUICIDAL INTENTIONS in this comment section

    • Potato Queen
      Potato Queen 4 дня назад


    • Daniel Ciobanu
      Daniel Ciobanu 6 дней назад

      Thanks to you and all the good samaritans who type the list :))

    • GIAGIA Garida
      GIAGIA Garida 9 дней назад +2

      The last one actually starts at 27:52 😊

    • CottonMouthJoe
      CottonMouthJoe 9 дней назад +1


  • Onii Chan
    Onii Chan 9 дней назад +1

    i wanna give up
    i had enough
    i hate my life
    i hate everything
    i hate myself
    i left alone in the darkness
    why they do that to me
    do i something wrong
    i was innocent
    i was just a child
    please god give me courage to stand up again
    i wanna enjoy my life
    i am just a child

    COCANEGUY 9 дней назад +6

    Read while listening to this song 27:54
    My guardian angel told me everything was going to be fine but I am here thinking and seeing the beach from my window.
    I wonder. why people live only once? why everything has only one chance? why are we so weak? why does war exists? why everything only happens once?
    I get up knowing that this day is not going to repeat itself. I get up knowing that one day I will be alone. I wake up knowing that I'll die sooner or later. I look at the window again every morning. I look at a sky. I look at an opportunity. I look at a feeling. I look at a thought. I look at a life full of happiness. I look at a life where nothing is impossible. I look at a life where nobody is left alone. I watch people looking for sad music on youtube. I look at one life
    Life has negatives as positives. Always think about what you will do today and not what you will do at night.
    In your bed lamenting your self because you are alone. I understand you. I write this with tears in my eyes but ... even so you have to think that you have only one life. And you have to live it as you want. Dont waste your time. Be strong. And if you get weak. Look in the mirror and think about the life you want to have. And out loud say, you can do it.

  • AgønY
    AgønY 9 дней назад

    Life is so fucking hard.. because its a fucking lie to all of us!Everything is fake, the poeple, friends, money and girlfriend.. Its so hard cause îm ugly, I don’t know what to do amymore and in my futur.. I got no cash, no dad , no house soon and no girlfriend.. and everybody say stay strong, this is gonna pass.. fuck off!!

  • War Bird 360
    War Bird 360 9 дней назад +91

    I wish people could be more open when talking face to face like in the comments

    • Mathematical Zombie
      Mathematical Zombie 2 дня назад

      Jay Sun - I’m going to clarify something as I read, we live with extended family. The extended family is 2 separate families, splitting up a few times. I have 2 brothers. My one just called her a slut when she came home AND NOTHING HAPPENED. He said he’s called her one multiple times. And no, I can’t kick his ass, no matter how much I want to. I don’t have strength and he took wrestling classes. But he does deserve to get the shit beat out of him. Also, you aren’t “semi-nice”. You’re really nice, and are there for random people. I don’t like trusting people too much which I know is bad, and the only times you’ll get a full-on reply will be probably 3 AM or something, but I want to at least give you a little. You seem like a trustworthy guy, and you have good intentions. But I usually say something, and leave it as that. You must’ve caught me on a good day, having a few replies

    • Jay Sun
      Jay Sun 2 дня назад +1

      +Mathematical Zombie And don't worry, I can probably be a dear friend to you too. There's barely anyone that I can't be a good friend to. So, we have an accord?

    • Jay Sun
      Jay Sun 2 дня назад +1

      +Mathematical Zombie Well well, say no more! You've got a friend in friendly neighbourhood mastermind, me. Now that I've heard all that stuff, tell those siblings of yours that they are dipshits and kick their asses until they cry and never want to buy supreme again. I mean it. They never had the dad they hated for all the right reasons (strictness, toughness, being cold when you have to show them that both facets of the world)
      So we are going to go through your family drama and fix your shit for free, because I'm a semi-nice stranger guy.
      So, your mom is overworking. Step one, stop being such greedy little shits. Step two, how the fuck did your mom get 10 kids? Step 3 let me be your second hand dad through the power of the internet!
      So, big daddy has officially arrived, kick the asses of your pretentious siblings for me, first of all. And I mean, you gotta be calm and cold and force your mother to not give them any money for the kind of shit they buy. They can crawl on their knees or start begging for that money somewhere else. You, as a family must respect your mother. You must respect your mother. You must respect your mother. You'll force them to kiss your mom goodbye EVERY SINGLE DAY when she leaves for work and when she returns YOU MUST FORCE THEM to hug her, because she is reason y'all aren't abortions. And that dad of yours? Yeah, no idea about him, but if he isn't there, you gotta wipe his memory away and infuse me as your big daddy in there.
      Look at this shit, I'm playing baseball with you, catch the ball,
      BOI, why you let it drop?

      Fine, let's continue planning to get your mom out of trouble, boi. My strong boi. My brave boi. My boi.
      Kick your siblings asses, tell them that if their mom is a billion times more important than any supreme jacket or supreme shoes or the newest iphones. When those things break, you can get a new one. When she's gone, she's never coming back. You get me, son? I love your mother dearly. I love my own mother dearly. They are literally the givers of life to you and me, kiddo. Be there for her, because I'm on a really long business trip I'm not returning from. Tell your siblings that. That father of yours might have been your father, but he ain't your daddy. He's a weak man. Only weak men leave the weakest behind, whilst the strongest defend the weak. Remember that. I love her, your mom and you too, son. I might have never met you all, but I love you and care about you. And I think that's what you need. You need to learn to love each other more, for my sake. I might be a phantom dad, but now I'm here, talking with you. Teach them the things I can't teach. Be there for your brothers and sisters. They need you now. Your mother needs you to teach them. And I will try to help as best I can. Live a simple life. An easy life. You don't need supreme clothes. You are supreme to me. Teach them to have each others backs. I'll tell you what to tell your mother, as a stranger on the internet that loves and cares about you. Pinpoint all issues within your family and I will try to fix them. You guys are alright for now. Just a few happy little fixes are needed. No problems there. No need to insult your dad either, he's doing whatever now, forget him. I'll teach you. He missed out on some wonderful children. Amazing children. Yeah. You don't have to pay me. Tell me what hurts all you guys and be precise. I don't like when people skimp with important details. And I'll give each of you advice to the best of my abilities, so that you can live a more peaceful life. We're going to free your family from this one. But they all gotta start working as a unit. Gotta learn to love each other again and I'll teach you how. And I'll be here for you until I'm no longer needed or I can't help you any longer. It's okay to have troubles. We all do. And I am here to help you help yourselves.

    • Mathematical Zombie
      Mathematical Zombie 2 дня назад +1

      Jay Sun - The people who I’m putting this fake smile know the pressure we all have. My family lives in a house of 10 and everyone hates each other. My mom (bless her for her fight) has been through domestic abuse, alcoholic family members, poverty, and above this, is getting 3 kids through school and college. My father (who can rot in hell) won’t pay child support and never cared for us, and my mom suffered her thoughts of suicide when we were young. She was all alone and she trusted the wrong people. I lie for her. I’m her ticket to happiness, because I am the only child on a path to a 6 figure job, as a average to low wage. I don’t think that a therapist would help because of the price, time, and effort of the future she deserves. She also works 3 jobs, buys us everything we need and more. My brothers are buying supreme with no job and taking her spare cash, for themselves. I try to make my mothers life better, not difficult. Why make her suffer? (I know she almost killed herself when we were younger, I overheard her talking to an old friend).
      Also, the only other person I’d care about got the police called on them because they felt really suicidal, and now I can’t contact them. It hurts because I don’t know if I ruined our relationship or something, and finding other people will be difficult because around me I know everyone enough to know I don’t want to know them any more. I have no information on when they will get out, what happened, or if something was actually going to happen.

    • Jay Sun
      Jay Sun 3 дня назад +1

      +Christian Davoe Argh, don't even worry. You'll get there eventually.

  • Sens fan
    Sens fan 9 дней назад

    My dad died in a fire when i was 10. I havent spoken to my mother in 14 years. My grandparents raised me and now theyre both 81 and grandpa has cancer.i lost all my friends, cant hold a job, lost my sense of humour and havent had a girlfriend in 9 years.
    I am just some maggot crawling on this earth...

    • Zoe
      Zoe 9 дней назад +1

      Stay strong.

  • Jin&DakeHey GonRanLop
    Jin&DakeHey GonRanLop 9 дней назад +1

    It’s bad hiding your feelings at least I think so but I have been hurt a lot and I just I wish I had a life where I can be in a happy family a healthy family,I want to meet my dad I never saw him i have a bf he gives me the love that I need everyday he makes me laugh and smile he knows how I feel everyday but when I’m with him I’m all happy and I laugh
    And smile for him he don’t like seeing me sad he don’t like it,it makes him feel bad and I don’t want that either
    I just want to say something to people that think their life is garbage...I learned things that you should learn too,your life isn’t garbage your life isn’t a movie to be ending it love your self don’t call your self ugly cuz your not think positive and not negative I thought i had a bad life because of my parents,just don’t end your life all I want is the world to be positive and not negative I want people to spread kindness and positive things

  • Otaku Tsumiki Stalker
    Otaku Tsumiki Stalker 9 дней назад +1

    I just want to be happy.
    Why does everything have to be like this? Maybe there are people who care for me, like my mom and my siblings. Or like my one friend. maybe other people I know care about me too. But, they don't care enough to show it. I'm not like one of those people who is very loved and cared for, never left lonely. I still feel hated. And if I didn't exist, I swear everyone's lives would be the same. The exact same. I make no difference. I'm not important, I'm worthless. I hate going to school. Nothing good ever happens...well its rare for something good to happen. I'm very lonely and no body cares to talk to me. My friend notices I look sad, so I know other people do. But they don't care if I'm sad. They never ask "are you ok?" Like everyone else is asked. Or maybe, I'm so worthless and stupid and invisible, people don't even bother to look at me. I'm not saying I wanna look sad on purpose so people could feel bad for me. I don't even mean to look sad. I just am. There was this girl I met this year. She would "hi" and ask me "how's your day going so far?" And stuff like that. It made me very happy. She would give me a big bright sweet smile. She didn't ignore me like everyone else, and actually cared for me and even showed it. And then she missed a week of school, turned into 2 weeks, 3 weeks. I finally asked someone what happened to to her. She moved away. Of course... When I heard that I immediately put my head on my knees and cried. She was the only one who cared, and she had to be gone. Of course that had to happen..
    All my days are boring and sad. I go to school, nothing happens.
    1st period: no one talks to me. I'm left alone.
    2nd period: no one talks to me. I'm left alone.
    3rd period: I have this class with my friend, but it doesn't mean I'm not left alone some times.
    4th period: no one cares I exist. My crush is in there too. She broke me even more than I was already broken though...
    5th: nothing. Left alone
    6th: nothing. Left alone with a Fake
    Friend who doesn't care about me at all. She just uses me.
    7th: nothing.
    8th: nothing
    I'm left lonely. No one even cares.
    I wish I could just meet someone, who would be there for me. Someone who would just hug me and say everything is alright and that they care for me. i wish I wasn't a waste of space. Why am I breathing? I don't feel like I should be here in this world AT ALL. I don't matter to anyone. I'm forever alone too. right now I'm young, but I can't see myself with anyone in the future. I just can't. I wanna die. So bad. Why do I exist? My life doesn't matter. People always say "everything's gonna get better." And I've been waiting and waiting for everything to get better. And nothing is getting better. Some things are even getting worse. I'm tired of waiting...
    And I'm twelve by the way

    • Otaku Tsumiki Stalker
      Otaku Tsumiki Stalker 7 дней назад

      +Ashley Thomas thanks

    • Ashley Thomas
      Ashley Thomas 7 дней назад +1

      Otaku Tsumiki Stalker i don’t know you but you matter to me and so many people even if it doesn’t seem like it. you will be happy i promise it’s going to be okay. you’re strong you can get through this! you have a whole life ahead of you there’s so much good that can happen in that time, sometimes you have to wait for it but it still happens. i believe in you!!!