Canva Video Editor - COMPLETE Tutorial for Beginners!

  • Published on Nov 27, 2021
  • Learn how to edit video in Canva, including all the video editing features & tips you NEED to know as a beginner in this COMPLETE Canva video editor tutorial.

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    00:00 Canva Video Editor - COMPLETE Tutorial for Beginners!
    00:51 Canva Overview & How to create a project in Canva
    01:18 Canva Interface
    01:45 How to import footage in Canva
    02:48 How to edit and trim footage in Canva
    05:08 How to add b-roll in Canva
    07:58 How to add titles in Canva
    10:56 How to add effects & transitions in Canva
    12:16 How to add music in Canva
    13:26 How to adjust audio in Canva
    14:36 How to add graphics in Canva
    15:53 How to export in Canva
    16:12 How to get your FREE copy of the Primal Video Method to Edit Faster

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    -- How to Edit Video in Canva (Canva Video Editor Tutorial) --

    Canva has long been a go-to tool for designers and creators, and it’s grown to become far more than just an easy-to-use graphic design tool.

    These days, Canva & Canva Pro pack in a whole suite of tools to help with everything from static thumbnails, to animations, transitions, video intros, and even entire video editing projects - now directly competing with dedicated video editing software!

    While the Canva video editor is definitely simple to pick up, there’s plenty of great features & effects under-the-hood that can easily improve your Canva video editing workflow. In this video, we run through a complete, step-by-step Canva tutorial on video editing for beginners, including a ton of Canva tips and tricks along the way to help boost your results much faster!

    Check out all the gear we use and recommend at Primal Video!

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  • Ronnie Sells NJ
    Ronnie Sells NJ Month ago +13

    Absolutely love the clear and simple way that you teach. I have been searching for a video like this one and I ran into you today. Thank you!!

  • Patty Pat's Toastmasters Journey

    Omg omg, I think I'm going to cry... of relief!! I've been complicating my life soooo much, spending 8 hours editing one video when I could've saved so much time with your proposed workarounds to canvas limitations!!!!! Everything happens for a reason but WOW!!!! Thank you for this amazing and valuable content!!!! Please do NOT stop what you're doing, the planet needs you!!! Woohoo!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • 📚Mehran Hashmi:Motivational Speaker📖

    All dreamers out there keep going this is temporary situations it will pass don't give up you are on the way to success * ✊ ✊ 💪

  • Restorative Travels
    Restorative Travels Month ago +8

    I'm going to credit this channel in description of my first self- edited video on my channel. The workarounds mentioned are golden! Thank you, Justin and Mike! 🤗

  • Armani Morris
    Armani Morris 4 days ago +1

    This was very easy to follow and helpful for someone completely new to video editing. Thank you! 😊

  • Mahbubur Rahman Vlogs
    Mahbubur Rahman Vlogs Month ago +1

    What a fantastic video that shows each element with ease! Thanks for your work. Btw, do you record your voice directly with video or separately to synchronise later during editing?

    • Mehjabin Binte Alom
      Mehjabin Binte Alom Day ago

    • Mahbubur Rahman Vlogs
      Mahbubur Rahman Vlogs 15 days ago

      , thanks for your reply. May I know what microphone you use? Do you do any editing on your voiceovers?

    • Justin Brown - Primal Video
      Justin Brown - Primal Video  Month ago +1

      Thanks! Glad you liked it! I normally record my voiceovers while I film the tutorial to save time!

  • Dianna Eats
    Dianna Eats Month ago +2

    Hi! I love the tutorial but I ran into a problem when uploading one of my long videos. There is a size limit of 1024MB. Do I cut the video into shorter videos? If so, what is the best way to do so?

  • Creative Khan
    Creative Khan Month ago +2

    I love to watch your videos. Every time there is something to learn. I am new on RUclip and your videos helped me a lot.Thank you. Your videos are easy to learn. Very informative and simple way to communicate and fun to watch. After watching this video I believe editing is so much fun. Thank you for your efforts.

  • Wickland Real Estate Group

    I never knew you could do such amazing edits with Canva!!! Thanks as always Justin for another super-helpful video!!!!!

  • Hubert Knapp
    Hubert Knapp 15 days ago

    Great video thank you, Justin. I learned a lot of new tricks with your tutorial. - I have one more question: How do you synchronize voice-over in your Canva videos?

  • Tropical Haunts
    Tropical Haunts Month ago +3

    Thank you Justin for bringing this to my attention! It’s perfect for small projects when I want to expedite posting!! Happy Holidays everyone!

    • ShenjiNoJutSu
      ShenjiNoJutSu Month ago

      @Justin Brown - Primal Video Could you do a vid with the best apps for effects or vfx’s or something like that. Also thankyou for putting your time into helping us!

    • Justin Brown - Primal Video
      Justin Brown - Primal Video  Month ago

      You're welcome

  • Kori Bero
    Kori Bero 18 hours ago

    your videos are so simple and informative! I already use Canva for RUclip landing frames! I look forward to advancing into editing my videos here! Thanks!

  • CHITUS💙⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    Hi! I love the tutorial but I ran into a problem when uploading one of my long videos. There is a size limit of 1024MB. Do I cut the video into shorter videos? If so, what is the best way to do so?

    • Sassenach Dragon
      Sassenach Dragon 5 days ago

      Interesting, I haven’t gotten that far. I’m wondering if you could do it in segments and then combine them. That might help reinforce segmenting.

    • Wakefield Travel
      Wakefield Travel 8 days ago

      That's what I did.

  • Sassenach Dragon
    Sassenach Dragon 6 days ago +1

    Holy cow! I had been working with a more complicated video editor that was very challenging. It was demotivating me to continue and affected my enthusiasm. This seems like Canva’s video editor requires less technical ability. I do have a Canva upgraded account so I appreciate this tutorial very much. The fact that I have access to so many fonts is amazing (the other editor had so few). OMG this is a game changer for me as it will make the video editing more fun.

    • Sassenach Dragon
      Sassenach Dragon 5 days ago

      @Justin Brown - Primal Video Thank you Justin, truly. Your content clearly makes a difference, it’s jump starting mine.

    • Justin Brown - Primal Video
      Justin Brown - Primal Video  5 days ago

      Nice - good luck with your edits 👍

  • Crystalyourfinancialadvisor

    Thank you so much! From a complete newbie, I was able to edit my first video after watching your video! I'm so exited because although it is time consuming, it is saving me hundreds that I was going to pay someone. And canva pro has so many elements that makes it so much easier!

  • DoozyRe
    DoozyRe Month ago

    Man, your content is GOLD.
    And very simple and useful.
    Keep up the good work 👍

  • Mel Bridger
    Mel Bridger Month ago +5

    Brilliant Justin! I use Canva daily but never for video editing!

  • Nicole Laurent
    Nicole Laurent 6 days ago

    This was wonderful and so helpful! Thank you so much. You are a good teacher

  • Melanie Dias
    Melanie Dias Month ago +1

    Oh my gosh. I haven't even watched this yet but have to tell you this is timely. I've been struggling with editing my first video for 3 days - the entire weekend 😣. It's a slow process. I'm almost done but can't wait to watch this now (6:55am in USA) . I already know Justin will have the answers for me!

    Ok 5:25 mark and he's answering my question about layering broll on top of A-roll. 🙏🏽 I'm so glad I haven't published my video yet!

  • Memory Connect
    Memory Connect Month ago +1

    Thanks so much for sharing this amazing tutorial at Canva. I'm gonna start using their Video Editing more from now on. Love your vids as always, super crystal clear and easy to catch. Keep it up! I'm a fan😊

    • Memory Connect
      Memory Connect Month ago

      @Justin Brown - Primal Video Omg you replied👏🙏😊 Made my day. Thanks, so nice of you. More power to you, Mr. Justin Brown!🍀

    • Justin Brown - Primal Video
      Justin Brown - Primal Video  Month ago

      You're welcome - good luck with your edits. 😊

  • Angela Soriano
    Angela Soriano Month ago +1

    That was very clear and informative. Thank you!

  • Anew Outcome
    Anew Outcome 18 days ago

    Thank you so much for such a great video. Any chance you know why the download size of the edited video is so small? It obviously effects quality

    • Justin Brown - Primal Video
      Justin Brown - Primal Video  15 days ago

      No problem! When a video is exported it is compressed to make a smaller file size, so what you choose as the export settings will affect the quality but generally it will be smaller than your original files.

  • Petty Talks TV
    Petty Talks TV Month ago

    This is really great Justin Brown... Thanks. Explained so clearly & straight to the point!

  • Peace and Tranquility

    HI Justin,

    Very nice video. I have watched most of your videos..Just a question though...Can we use RUclip/Insta/Chrome/Adobe/(Other Brand) logos while creating RUclip Videos like you use in your Thumbnail. If Yes, please let me know how to use such logos and are there any restrictions as such. Reply would be much appreciated.

  • Anna’s Appetite
    Anna’s Appetite 23 days ago +1

    Here I am, suffering by editing my videos on my phone… and now you’ve given me a better solution!! Thank you so so much for this tutorial! I am moving over to Canva ASAP… my eyes thank you! 😂 Now I can edit on a bigger screen!

  • Courtney Berry
    Courtney Berry 10 days ago

    As someone who loves Canva and tries to use it for as much as I can, I am so excited to see that this is a possibility! I clicked the video in hesitation going no way this will be worth it, but my god was I ever wrong! VERY informative and love the work arounds. I'm only past the Broll section and had to stop it to make a comment of how impressed I am! Now excuse me, I have a video to finish :D

  • Kari Ehli
    Kari Ehli 7 days ago

    You are really great at explaining things, and I have tried all of those things. What I really want to know is, how did you add the flipping book to the end of your video or the parts where you walked in on the bottom of the screen? :-)

    • Kari Ehli
      Kari Ehli 4 days ago

      @Justin Brown - Primal Video Awesome! Thanks for getting back to me. I will definitely check that out. :-)

    • Justin Brown - Primal Video
      Justin Brown - Primal Video  5 days ago

      Thanks - we have a tutorial for that. Simply search for "3D pop-out effect". 😊

    THIRDY CHANNEL Month ago

    wow !

  • Crypto Goals
    Crypto Goals Month ago

    Great video, thank you very much, it will be a big help for all of us , that wants to learn editing!

  • Victoria Gómez
    Victoria Gómez Month ago

    Awesome video. I use Canva to create presentations that I turn into videos. I’ve learned a few tricks that will come in handy. Thanks!!

  • Mini Camper_ Maxi Life

    Thank you for this tutorial! Much needed and much appreciated. :)

  • Atterbury Investment Management

    Great stuff Justin. Thanks. By the way how do you do those great inserts where you add a little you to the video like when you're pointing out of the bottom of the screen? Did I see a video of yours on how to do that? If so I can't find it. Please advise. Thank you!

  • Alis Djo
    Alis Djo Month ago

    This is dope, I tried a premiere pro tutorial it's takes you hours to edit lol,
    I really like the Zoom in and out effect here it looks dope, thank you Sir 🙏🏽

  • Filomena Desideri
    Filomena Desideri Month ago +1

    Hello and thanks for the video...but I have a question. If I copy a video and I want to upload it somewhere, can I cut it into several parts and then insert the split? How do you copy a video and adjust it for your needs? Otherwise you risk copywriting, right? Thanks if you want to answer me ... greetings from Rome ... :-)))

  • ANurseLikeMe
    ANurseLikeMe Month ago +1

    Wow, I have Canva pro but had no idea I could use it for editing. Great video. Thank you so much.

  • Fitbykimmy
    Fitbykimmy 17 days ago

    Thank you, thank you, this is very helpful I find it difficult to edit my video on canvas and I have watched so many videos on how to edit on canvas this is just the BEST🙌

  • Nancy B. Kline
    Nancy B. Kline Month ago +1

    Thank you for this tutorial. I was super stoked to learn that canva does video because I have a pro account with them ( just never realized they did video). But my excitement is gone after spending hours trying to get my audio underneath my overlays to stay. I thought I had it figured out but my download is missing those overlay audios. I can see myself using Canva for video bits and pieces but not for entire projects as their pro stock footage looks quite good and its cheaper than most other subscription based media libraries. I think it will work well for putting together short video montages. But for layered work I will use a proper editor. I will see what Canva says about it because I'm either doing something very wrong or its just very buggy.

    • Tony Rockliff
      Tony Rockliff 26 days ago

      Yes, I also found it very strange that it doesn't show and allow you to edit the audio track (the one that comes with your video). Having to listen rather than look adds a lot of unnecessary time.

  • Tech Fluent
    Tech Fluent Month ago

    Hello Justin, Can We Change The Default Size Of The Video? The Size Of The Video Is 1920 x 1080 Which Is 1080p Full HD Quality. I Need 3840 x 2160 Which Is 4K Quality. Can We Choose The Frame Rate Of The Video?

  • Holly Hartwell
    Holly Hartwell Month ago +3

    This video is eerily timely, Adobe just notified me that my subscription is doubling next year (from $22AU to $44AU/month!) and Canva looks like a cheaper and much simpler option. Thank you for putting the time in to help others, very much appreciated :)

  • Rae Ritchie
    Rae Ritchie 19 days ago

    Thanks so much for the b-roll piece. I’ve been searching everywhere and you are the only person that addresses that! I was going crazy looking for info on that. Thanks!

    • Scheina Adaya
      Scheina Adaya 16 days ago

      @Justin Brown - Primal Video Hi Justin, thank you for this insightful video. Good work, it helps a lot. However for the part of the Broll, I followed your advice to the letter but it still does not work. Once I overlay the other video on my main video, the sound in the background does not pass. Do you have some tricks to advise me? Thank you very much.

    • Justin Brown - Primal Video
      Justin Brown - Primal Video  19 days ago

      You're welcome, Rae - glad you found it here 😊

  • Austin Reding
    Austin Reding 5 days ago

    I really love this because of the simplicity and easy format, the thing I struggled with was I can't edit the volume of the videos that I import. I want to records podcast videos and import the mic audio recorded from my mic but I can't seem to figure out how to mute the source video? Anyone else have this problem?

    • Austin Reding
      Austin Reding 4 days ago

      @Sassenach Dragon Do you know what that other video is called! I am super interested! Thanks :)

    • Sassenach Dragon
      Sassenach Dragon 5 days ago +1

      I saw another video after seeing Justin’s that you can lower the volume on different tracks. I wonder if that will work.

  • 𝐊 𝐚 𝐭 𝐢 𝐜 𝐚

    I love canva I use it for everything,. I do find that their channel art banners is a little off and cuts things off, so you have to scale down to fit youtubes measurements.

  • Everything Excel
    Everything Excel Month ago

    Super helpful, thank you so much!

  • Anna Francesca Celestino

    I agree with Patty! OMG! Am I dreaming. I LOVE Canva. Am on it all the time for my projects. Had NO idea there was video editing. I've been wanting to create video content for social media and have avoided it because it was taking too long. Now I can create a template and drop new content in. As always...THANK YOU JUSTIN and thank you Primal Video team. Amazing.

  • Wanda M. Coleman Ministries

    This video is SO HELPFUL! Thank you!

  • GoToPhotoArchive
    GoToPhotoArchive Month ago

    Best Canva video editing tutorial ... text "clipping" was something I was looking for.... thanks for sharing this.

  • Saqib Ent & Music
    Saqib Ent & Music Month ago +6

    Thanks Sir for outstanding work for us
    Justin Brown the Great

  • Tropical Haunts
    Tropical Haunts Month ago +1

    Just a note, for all of you beginning your RUclip journey as stated below in the comments.

    Primal Video was my single source for starting my Channel, there are others, but Primal makes it simple and relevant.

    Primal gave me answers to questions I hadn’t asked yet simply by searching the playlist. Whether Phone, Desktop or Laptop your startup questions will be answered.

    Well done Mate!!

    Tropical Haunts

  • Aveeraj Sharma
    Aveeraj Sharma Month ago +2

    Already knew.
    As I watch a lot of tutorials about canva.

    Almost mastered it

  • Unnyk
    Unnyk 25 days ago +1

    Wow... I only use Canva for photos, never used it for videos. Thank you for this.

  • Sunday School Network

    Awesome instructions! Thank you

  • Michael Krisa
    Michael Krisa Month ago

    Hey Justin do any of the editing apps you have reviewed offer Auto Ripple? Meaning when you make a change to your primary clip, all the subsequent tracks beneath will still one up in relation to where they need to be? Does that make sense?

    • Michael Krisa
      Michael Krisa Month ago

      Imagine you have your project laid out on the timeline with layers eg text, b-roll, images etc, if you need to then edit out a piece of video from the main track, all the other layers would now be out of sync.Autoripple (Sony Vegas term) gives the option to lock those layers to the man video

    • Justin Brown - Primal Video
      Justin Brown - Primal Video  Month ago +1

      Sorry Michael, i'm not sure I really understand your Q.

  • MsAvilla
    MsAvilla Month ago +6

    This is big help. Thank you for sharing this.

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    IFRS Masterclass 6 days ago

    This was really helpful. Thanks!

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    always a great tutorial, thanks Justin

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    Hey Justin! I wanted to tell you about a background music player that you could teach us how to use in a future video called: Audacity! Anyways, I luv your vids and I hope you can try to teach us how to use Audacity! Have a NICE DAY!

  • Happy Healthy Smiles
    Happy Healthy Smiles Month ago +1

    Hi Justin, I have a question about recording videos. I am writing on a board during the video but it comes reversed when I look at it.
    How do I reverse the writing so people can see it the right way.

    • Happy Healthy Smiles
      Happy Healthy Smiles 5 days ago


    • Justin Brown - Primal Video
      Justin Brown - Primal Video  Month ago +2

      Hey Farah! You'll have to flip your video. You can either change your camera setting before filming or you can flip it afterwards in video editing software 👍

  • Auspicious Minds
    Auspicious Minds Month ago

    Thank you Justin. Seen a few of your tutorials now. They have helped a lot. Just subscribed.

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  • Wakefield Travel
    Wakefield Travel 15 days ago

    The first video I found that actually does what it says!! How to do B-roll in Canva. Thank you so much!!

    • Wakefield Travel
      Wakefield Travel 8 days ago

      @Cj Jordan the only way I could get around it was to not line the picture up perfectly in the frame. I left a small gap either at the top or on the side where it's not so obvious. That's my only way around it for now till I figure it out.

    • Cj Jordan
      Cj Jordan 8 days ago

      @Wakefield Travel I have this same issue. Surprised no one else has pointed it out. I've been at it for an hour and can't find a work around.

    • Wakefield Travel
      Wakefield Travel 15 days ago +1

      @Justin Brown - Primal Video I will say though. I'm trying it out but it seems like the audio cuts out when you line it up perfectly in the frame? Did I miss something?

    • Justin Brown - Primal Video
      Justin Brown - Primal Video  15 days ago

      You're welcome - glad you liked it 😊

  • Time For Elohim!
    Time For Elohim! Month ago

    I normally use Canva to create thumbnails, but I will definitely try the video editor. Thanks Justin!

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    Allan Gildea 14 days ago

    Superb tutorial, thank you very much.

  • Finn Richardson
    Finn Richardson 10 days ago

    This is an awesome and super helpful tutorial, but I'm running into a problem I can't solve... When I try to overlay a clip for b-roll and size it up to fill the whole frame, it automatically becomes the 'background' of the clip and deletes the a-roll clip laying behind it, so no audio voiceover. I keep trying according to the tutorial but it happens every time and is quite frustrating... Any help?

    • Justin Brown - Primal Video
      Justin Brown - Primal Video  5 days ago

      Is that only in the preview or for the saved out video? I had it happen once or twice for the preview but just clicking on the correct video layer fixed the issue

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    This is great tutorial, thanks

    JADALA NEWS Month ago

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    I want just ask you if you can make videos about Logo best app and tips, you know like you do usually

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