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Автор garico 74 ( назад)
yo leprechaun! ha good one. embarrassed for Jeremy.

Автор Fiona White ( назад)
I'll subscribe to you if you do to me

Автор qash12 ( назад)
"send me a pikcha see wha ya luk lyke" lmaoo

Автор skatterfreaks ( назад)
Nate can only count to 5 hahahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Автор Hetix Exploits ( назад)
You will do notin

Автор Imhotep Pease ( назад)
I will fight Conor! Clown

Автор Dinh Minh Dat Pham ( назад)
What did Conor say at 6:22? My English are bad.

Автор Jose Ramos ( назад)
fookin hell mate ya done good

Автор YouOnlyLiveTwice ( назад)
He talks a lot of shit, but he's always able to back it up. I wish he'd shut up the biggest shit talker of them all, Mayweather, but that fight will most likely never happen.

Автор Dennis Siver ( назад)
we need to give this man his own holiday, hell maybe even his own month

Автор SEGtv ( назад)
4:38 DAB

Автор Steven Ramirez ( назад)
That lady asking Nate those money questions is annoying gosh yo I would've gone and smack the shit out of her

Автор Brad Asbury ( назад)
8:30 Dana sounds like such a Beach

Автор xFINISHxHIMx ( назад)
Nate can only count to 5 always gets me lmao

Автор Brandon Smith ( назад)
How could you leave out the red panty night bit? That was the best.

Автор Fuch Goog ( назад)
Conor's greatest line ever was "who the fook is that guy?"

Автор Skyress ( назад)
2:14 I run New York sea.

Автор FightFan5 ( назад)
this seems to be all recent shit... i hope u included the video of him and chad mendes where chad says conor do u know what wrestling is? conor says i can rest my balls on your forehead lmao

Автор Josh Navarro ( назад)
I'll laugh if I fucking want to bitch

Автор Seca Mrtva ( назад)
say what you want about conors skill but he is one funny mfer

Автор Maria Contreras ( назад)
that's why Nate Diaz beat the s*** out of McGregor you weren't talking s*** after UFC 196💩🍀👋usa Mexicans🇮🇹 chicanos LA🙌 I'm not surprised mother f******s🍀🔫

Автор Amarjit Sidhu ( назад)
Its try not to laugh.... i laughed in the first 2 seconds

Автор rough rooster ( назад)
9:19 priceless

Автор Adrian Blazevic ( назад)
I couldn't stop laughing lol!!!

Автор NYPD First Responder ( назад)
All that talk about money white Dana White (net worth $500M) right next to him.

Автор ModerSvea ( назад)
I tried not to laugh and I succeeded with no problems....What do I win?

Автор Rock Lee ( назад)

Автор VVarrio ( назад)
lol this is the guy that wants to fight floyd, verbally floyd is fucked

Автор Kaine ( назад)
Conor's gonna KO Floyd.

Автор Mais twopointo ( назад)
its even funnier knowing how all these fights went

Автор Nemanja Nele ( назад)
Jeremy should take WHO THE FUCK IS THAT GUY as his nickname. He would be much more famous.
Just imageine Bruce B: Jeremyyy WHOO the FUCKKK is that GUYYYY Stephenssss

Автор Ger - ( назад)
Easiest opponent that made the most money 😂 oh how wrong he was

Автор Roronoa●Zoro ( назад)
Don't talk about money you're broke LMAO

Автор Tom Claesen ( назад)
are you mc fanny's still here !! funny the only fake champ in ufc ! this guy is stupid fuck mc nugget scared little bitch

Автор Ken One ( назад)

Автор samet akcay ( назад)
ahahah laughed when he runned inn aahaha

Автор Andre Maldonado ( назад)
I Laughed Within 30 Seconds 😂😂😂😂

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