Black People Get Their DNA Tested

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  • LaraUAE
    LaraUAE 1 час назад

    meh.. not sure about some of their comments lol. nice of buzzfeed though.

  • Thatcher
    Thatcher 2 часа назад

    I know i have wide ancestry and it would really be cool to take a test. I have vallon ancestors but i am also a ginger so it'll be really intense finding out where i am actually from.

  • MistaOneGuy
    MistaOneGuy 5 часов назад

    "can I note that I am only 13.5% European?" Like she's proud it's so low. Mildly racist...

  • Justin
    Justin 19 часов назад

    holy shit. six to eight weeks....

  • MiCKi914
    MiCKi914 1 день назад

    Relatively light-skinned black person: "I'm 100% African"
    Me: Ummm...

  • Ur_ mum_xd
    Ur_ mum_xd 1 день назад

    How could Gru create viable genetic specimins if he is an animated fictional character?

  • Candyce Miller
    Candyce Miller 2 дня назад

    I'm 88% African descent and Proud ☺

  • -Gemberkoekje-
    -Gemberkoekje- 2 дня назад

    probiably just mid, midwest and mid eastren european.

  • Patrick Bertlein
    Patrick Bertlein 2 дня назад

    Most of the European in their DNA is sadly because their slave ancestors were raped. I'm actually not sure how many "black" people in America are even 90% African desendant.

    If you had no ancestors from West Africa, chances are your people came after the slave trade. Maybe this should be considered in discussions around reperations.

  • Daniel Parker
    Daniel Parker 2 дня назад

    @ 4:41 best comment

  • House of Zuma
    House of Zuma 2 дня назад

    Can't americans do maths.....if your grandparent is something different 25% maximum in you ...if they are distinctly one tribe.

  • Aurin saint
    Aurin saint 2 дня назад

    This is so good. A lot of people in Africa were sold by their people to slavers. It is good to see this history.

  • That Girl
    That Girl 2 дня назад

    If that woman's percentage of Native American was 14% then that would should about right to me, considering that her mum believed that her own mother was mostly Native American.

    Even if the woman's grandmother was 100% Native American then she would have a maximum of 25% Native American, right?

  • SpdrByte
    SpdrByte 3 дня назад

    this is fucking cancerous I can't wait till the day the channel dies

    NOxONE ATxALL 3 дня назад

    what monkey family do they come from?

  • Once you Jimin, you can't JimOUT

    Since I am mixed with Black, White, and Spanish (Yes, Spanish. Not Mexican since people get it confused), I'm pretty sure I have a little bit of everything in me 😂 besides Asian I'm pretty sure lmao

  • Anna Kosheleva
    Anna Kosheleva 4 дня назад

    wtf is wrong with European you fuckin Nazis, I bet you back in the day you won't say that, but now that it's "COOL" you wish you werent. Let me go on YouTube and say I wish to God I wasn't black, I wonder the reaction on the internet it would get. Nobody can help/change the skincolor/race they were born with, so to talk down or punish someone for it is the worst side of humanity...

  • xorihana
    xorihana 5 дней назад

    all i know for sure is that i'm asian , indian , great britain , and african american

  • Alexia Bates
    Alexia Bates 5 дней назад

    The music when they were reading the results I've heard in a porn before in the intro

  • Nigger Lee
    Nigger Lee 5 дней назад

    dont worry peeps.

    ya all are niggers


  • I'd Rather Not Say
    I'd Rather Not Say 5 дней назад


  • Tani
    Tani 5 дней назад

    I hate that 23 and me does not break down the African by country 🤔🤔🤔

  • Nana Esi Okyere-N.
    Nana Esi Okyere-N. 6 дней назад

    I'm Ghanaian and I highly doubt I have any Eauropean blood - I'm very dark skinned and I have 4c hair. But I want to take this test because I'm praying to God in have like 10% Egyptian because I oral tradition has it that my ancestors were originally there before moving to the great Kingdom of Ghana, and then eventually south to the good coast

  • Lonestarstate
    Lonestarstate 6 дней назад

    I don't understand why it's so surprising that they are part white and act like it's a bad thing and it's hilarious how they turned this into a white guilt thing

  • Mogoi 1
    Mogoi 1 7 дней назад

    Desperately want to do this but too afraid of what they might do with my DNA

  • cypressunlimited
    cypressunlimited 8 дней назад

    "A lot of african people were mostly brought from west africa..." - cut to the massai in tansania probably... >_>

  • nevaeh byrd
    nevaeh byrd 8 дней назад

    A hate when a person tells me everybody has "white" in them? First off, "white" isnt a race. Second off, how you gone tell me what my family was ??

  • Eden Lewis
    Eden Lewis 9 дней назад

    First generation Trinidadian-American right hear.

  • Apollo Mars
    Apollo Mars 9 дней назад

    funny how everyone of the people speak only about their blackness, after beeing told, that they have quite huge parts of their DNA in native american and european there are latinos with less native american DNA......being black is maybe their key looks for some idiots, but i dislike this ignorance to these other huge parts of their DNA equal bad as americans ignoring afroamerican history.

  • Deja-Rae Latimer
    Deja-Rae Latimer 9 дней назад

    I wanna do one but watch my dominant genetics be black , European,and Native American ,and Asian if I even have 1 drop of middle eastern imma be shook

  • Ioulum
    Ioulum 9 дней назад

    You guys are 100% Niggers.

  • Alec Joseph
    Alec Joseph 9 дней назад

    Why didn't they show the European breakdown for the ones that had it???

    I DONT CARE 9 дней назад

    Hey guys, i made my first video about the non sense of french language

  • Be Nita
    Be Nita 10 дней назад

    Is she mad she was 71% black ? Y'all island niggas need to get real and realize slavery was way more widespread in central/South America and the carribean and West Indies in fact fewer slaves went to British colonies in what is modern day USA so yes y'all got a lot of "black" blood

  • Sian F
    Sian F 10 дней назад

    I want to take this test just to see the multitude of different nationalities that show up 😂

  • Episode LOST
    Episode LOST 10 дней назад

    I wanna do this test

  • Abel Aguirre
    Abel Aguirre 10 дней назад

    some black people can be possibly white because a white person plus black

  • Humberto Martinez
    Humberto Martinez 10 дней назад

    black people be saying white boy all the time when there part eroupian.

  • BAHB420
    BAHB420 10 дней назад

    Maybe if you focused on your future and present instead of your past the balck American Culture wouldn't be shit. Just say'n

  • Faith Robinson
    Faith Robinson 11 дней назад

    But why does buzzfeed never truly try on indigenous people?

  • The Of
    The Of 11 дней назад

    Proud of that African ancestry? So you mean genital mutilation and dancing around in basically nothing with wooden discs in your lips shouting OOGA BOOGA?

    Very elegant and amazing culture you have there

  • loool jj
    loool jj 12 дней назад

    Why am I watching this I am european and middle eastern

  • Tyler DuBose
    Tyler DuBose 12 дней назад

    I honestly wish that the dna test would have broken down a little more. It didn't seem very detailed.

  • Bruuski
    Bruuski 12 дней назад

    My ancestors are documented Abinacki Indian: and supposedly heavy on Canadian French on both sides. Our family test came back showing none of that. Why? We think because many Native American/Canadian Indians don't have such tests done because they actively trace their ancestries back through various tribes. These DNA test results are based on previous results of other people in the database. The more people are tested the border the DNA database. Biggest surprise we are 50%. Irish, we knew that, but it makes my mother100% Irish.

  • •p a s t e l z g a m i n g•
    •p a s t e l z g a m i n g• 12 дней назад

    I got my DNA tested. I'm mexican but I found out im spanish, irish, german, african, asian, and more. The most I got was 66% italian.

    • ayanna
      ayanna 9 дней назад

      That's actually pretty accurate. A lot of the Caribbean and central America was colonized by countries like Spain.

  • ozzwepay
    ozzwepay 12 дней назад

    "Thomas Mothaf****n' Jefferson!"

  • Ana Horvat
    Ana Horvat 12 дней назад

    we have a 4th knee cousin and we are good friends, anyway she is from balcan all of our family and she got married and had a baby with a guy who has like a long line of balcans and they had a baby. they are both white and the baby was born black. needless to say he tought it wasn't his kid. after like a bunch of test and finding these dna tests they found out that one of ger great great great great grandparents married a black girl and the gene just skipped a lot of generations.

  • AtomicmonkeyTCG
    AtomicmonkeyTCG 12 дней назад

    They must be blind to not have seen how not black they are

  • pixiniarts
    pixiniarts 12 дней назад

    The thing is its just DNA, it can't tell you whether your mixing is forced or not.
    Its kinda like finding a raisin in a jelly donut and thinking some evil bastard put that there deliberately...

  • Josh
    Josh 12 дней назад

    Nothing wrong with being a bit European

  • Sarah Shenkan
    Sarah Shenkan 12 дней назад

    Not ONE person on this earth is pure of one race!
    racism is a fiction.

  • Roland Ramos
    Roland Ramos 13 дней назад

    Leidy had a big head

  • Joshua Ogunlolu
    Joshua Ogunlolu 13 дней назад

    I really want to take this test but I'm pretty sure I'll be 100% west African. My family ain't been nowhere 😂😂

  • SoFrolushesTV
    SoFrolushesTV 13 дней назад

    Your mum is wrong because as generations go down if a certain dna is not always present in both parents its easy to decrease till it becomes just a trace region,

  • Chris 61982
    Chris 61982 13 дней назад

    wouldnt want to be too white now

  • Film Masters
    Film Masters 13 дней назад

    Moral of the story... some time or another we mixed with another culture and mix our genes.
    There is no such thing as a pure race of people. Only a twisted mindset to hate one another. Colour is only skin deep. Embrace your heritage but it's not what makes you. Values, family and being a good person is what defines you. :)

  • Constance Cooper
    Constance Cooper 13 дней назад

    I did this and it is soooo cool

  • Bob the turtle
    Bob the turtle 13 дней назад

    They should do this but with biracial people

  • ClickleMeElmo
    ClickleMeElmo 13 дней назад

    that one guy's dad sounds so sweet!

  • Motionless _
    Motionless _ 13 дней назад

    I'm 98% european

  • Sylv
    Sylv 13 дней назад

    Really, if you go far enough back, everyone is a little bit black since our earliest ancestors came from Africa. :)

  • hazeleyezluv
    hazeleyezluv 13 дней назад


  • onenickelmiracle
    onenickelmiracle 13 дней назад

    For what god forsaken reason do they need your name.

  • Gaia University
    Gaia University 13 дней назад

    Absolute bullshit!!!, Black People, my beloved people, please stop falling for this silly shit. Shhh... I've got a secret...YOUR BLACK!!! These test are completely bogus, but let's pretend they're real...YOUR STILL BLACK!!! What is wrong with my people man!!!??? By the way have you heard of gene stealing/ harvesting? Ever heard of splicing, grafting or cloning? Well You might wanna look into that, and while your at that, research Henrietta Lacks. Black People, you have a secret gift that other's desire, but shhh. It is too much information available to be falling for this dumb stuff.

  • Jean-Luc Walker
    Jean-Luc Walker 13 дней назад

    Caity might not be a descendant of slaves if her family lived in 1840s Trinidad. From 1833 Slavery was abolished there.

  • nick garner
    nick garner 13 дней назад

    *SPOILER ALERT* They're all black with African ancestors! Who would have thought....

  • Alaine Aryes
    Alaine Aryes 13 дней назад

    If you're AfroLatino then yeah you'll have higher european blood lmao because you know Spaniards

  • SimderZ
    SimderZ 13 дней назад

    Their obvious disgust at be anything but african, what i really mean is having a 'white' heritage is very typically and sadly American cultural racism. Im glad im British.

    • Brittany M
      Brittany M 10 дней назад

      We must consider color since it's tied to heritage and culture, its only racist if they are arrogant about their blackness and demeaning non-black people based on that alone. I don't like that AA tend group most lighter non-whites into the same group, there I agree with your thought.

    • SimderZ
      SimderZ 10 дней назад

      Brittany M it seems to me that AA seem to hang on to the racism like an old friend. I think if everything was colourblind they would hate it. Its very sad.

    • Brittany M
      Brittany M 10 дней назад

      SimderZ most AA with white ancestry comes from a maternal ancestor that was raped by a white American. Who would want that? Lol

  • Isabel Nicholson
    Isabel Nicholson 14 дней назад

    Do a DNA test with 6 people and don't tell them what the results are and make them guess who's everyone's is correctly

  • Nstone53
    Nstone53 14 дней назад

    23andme along with many other DNA testing companies have a 10% margin of error. So don't take it too seriously.
    Also you can actually get more DNA from one parent than the other.

    UBUNTU UBUNTU 14 дней назад

    Oprah took a DNA test and found out she was more than half white. Then she ignored that part and focused on the 22% of her DNA that was from some obscure West African tribe.

  • Spookrockcity
    Spookrockcity 14 дней назад

    People realizing they are actually mulatto instead of black.

  • Alberto Valencia
    Alberto Valencia 14 дней назад

    Title should be "Black people find out how African they are." Because "black" means "American with at least 1/16 African blood"

  • Dean Kelso
    Dean Kelso 14 дней назад

    Why were they so afraid to be part European?

    • Dan Pahomi
      Dan Pahomi 14 дней назад

      europeans are white and buzzfeeds hates white people.

  • Tanya Handley
    Tanya Handley 14 дней назад

    this brought me to tears. I'm not sure why 100% but this was a powerful experience for me to watch these people talk about how history effected their bloodline.

  • Domi G
    Domi G 14 дней назад

    37 seconds in BARBADOS FOR THE WIN! (I'm half)

  • Jessica Audsley
    Jessica Audsley 14 дней назад

    wait why does she keep saying gshe Latino black she didn't say any results were there but black and European

    • Brittany M
      Brittany M 10 дней назад

      Jessica Audsley a lot of latinos are only European, only black, mixed, native, etc. they are the most ethnically diverse people in the Americas.

  • iEySe
    iEySe 14 дней назад

    bill Cosby at 0:41

  • Dark Days
    Dark Days 14 дней назад

    I would like to take this time to reiterate the oldest human DNA group L whole initially found in sub-Saharan Africa and potentially native, spans north Africa, Asia the Pacific Islands and the Americas. Further our species is a cosmopolitan blend of 3-5 hominid species that interbred over 1,000,000 years after splitting from the great apes 1.5 million years ago and gave rise to anatomically mordern humans within the past 400-500,000 years and after which only began to act behaviorally modern 20-30,000 years ago, That is unless that city of cuba in the ocean is real, then all bets are off. Racists suck, humans are all the same.

  • Just a regular bloke
    Just a regular bloke 14 дней назад

    Results: Ape

  • El Bruce
    El Bruce 14 дней назад

    Culture isn't genetics.

  • Nos2fastxx 1990
    Nos2fastxx 1990 14 дней назад

    Hahaha buzzfeed is absolute garbage

  • hevquip
    hevquip 14 дней назад

    I'll make it simple: you look black, then you black!

  • Collin Eclipse
    Collin Eclipse 14 дней назад

    im black and im 13% russian 40% native American 4% and 43%

  • Anime Pop
    Anime Pop 14 дней назад

    my great great great grandfather was a slave and that's why my last name is English sometimes I get ask if I'm really black but inleast my last name is easy to pronounce 😄 but people who are black with an English last name y'all from west Africa

  • PainlessStone68
    PainlessStone68 14 дней назад

    pretending like it matters who you family was before they left africa*

  • Witherdfoxyisback / gaming
    Witherdfoxyisback / gaming 14 дней назад

    i bet the 1k dislikes are racist

  • Lisa Time
    Lisa Time 14 дней назад

    Im 100% African lok

  • Lisa Time
    Lisa Time 14 дней назад

    My parents, grandparents, great grandparents etc etc all cane from the same place. Mozimbique or Zimbabwe

  • Tatianna boss123
    Tatianna boss123 15 дней назад

    Im from Trinidad

  • Birdie Wolf
    Birdie Wolf 15 дней назад

    No point in doing this test. I am 102% African. Maybe there is some intertribal breeding, but I am nothing but black.

  • PIM's a Whovian
    PIM's a Whovian 15 дней назад

    I'm biracial and my mother was adopted so like it'll be hella interesting to see my ancestry but the test is $100...

  • Andrea Roa
    Andrea Roa 15 дней назад

    I wanna do this sm cause I'm Hispanic and I'm pretty sure my dads side is all Venezuelan and then maybe Spain but my moms is more complicated she Colombian but her grandpa is from Palestine so idk

  • liberty2011able
    liberty2011able 15 дней назад

    I'm about to do a My Heritage DNA test. Just found last night that one of my maternal great grandfathers died the year I was born in 1992. Meanwhile, I'll have to figure out a way to tell my future children that their grandmother was black. I'll have to tell my husband about his mother in law I just don't know how to break the news. P.S. I declare my mother to be dead since her mental illness.

  • Miss_Puffington
    Miss_Puffington 15 дней назад

    I don't think people really understand DNA because everyone has different DNA even if it's your brother or sister if we all has the same exact DNA we would all look exactly the same

  • Just an orrdinary girl
    Just an orrdinary girl 15 дней назад

    I wanna do it but mines probably going to come up as 100% Indian so im not wasting my $100😂

  • Adrian Gomez
    Adrian Gomez 15 дней назад

    woah, from Africa, thats so weird

  • Leslie Gutierrez
    Leslie Gutierrez 15 дней назад

    Take AP US History. It's amazing, and so eye opening. Worth the extra work