Black People Get Their DNA Tested

"This could be life changing, to be honest"

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Автор Nutellakat 40 ( назад)
I'm like mostly black like my whole family is black but.... I'm 50% Congolaise 15% Belgium 15% European 2% Peruvian 4% Togo 10% Jamaican 4%Nigerian

Автор tershawn gross ( назад)
they got the lightest blacks they could find

Автор Bob The Builder ( назад)
Pshh. We all know that the majority of the slaves went to Brazil to work on sugar plantations. Or I should say all people who put a little reasearched in.

Автор Yolanda Bennett ( назад)
SLAVES WERE NOT TAKEN FROM AFRICA FUCKING PEOPLE WERE. It gets on my last nerves when y'all try to say that slave were taken from Africa, those people were not slaves they were HUMAN! 🖕🏾

Автор Swarthy Daisy ( назад)
I am over 90% African. These Black people are so not Black. Lol j/k

Автор Colton Travis ( назад)
That girl was like damn I'm only 12% white I'm super black, but if I got like 2% black I'd probably have an existential crisis and woulda gone through some huge cultural change

Автор S Naffa ( назад)
I'm 3/4s Jordanian and 1/3 Austrian (I heard I have Slovakian and Lebanese/Greek background Too) i really wanna try this one day

Автор E Laulii ( назад)
The girl at 4:14 is Polynesian, man😂 she looks like my cousin

Автор Cloroxx Bleach ( назад)
The only buzzfeed video I like

Автор Panda On Steroids ( назад)
I think it's so funny seeing these results and how much skintone doesn't have to do with it. My dad is on the lighter side, and he's more Afican than all these guys coming in at 89% He is 8% European though.

Автор Blaney Blogs ( назад)
His dad was so adorable!!

Автор ladydede88 ( назад)
This test should be payed for by the government for all AA people

Автор Prince Mahdi ( назад)
*"Forced mixing"*

Автор Hipping Hoppy ( назад)
"If I was 70% European idk *cute laugh* aha.. *flips hair*"

Автор Taiga Ichihara ( назад)
how can I do this DNA Test in my Land ?!

Автор asdfdjhgk ( назад)
This is total bullshit. Most of the white and black mixing was "forced". Is it really so unlikely that a black and a white person can find each other attractive? Geez what a racist video...

Автор Walley ( назад)
I took an Ancestry DNA test through ancestry.com and found out I'm 95% African. Only 3% of me is European. The majority of the African countries that make up my background are Senegal, Ghana, Côte d' Ivoire, Cameroon, and Congo. I have a video of the results on my page if y'all wanna watch.

Автор G U ( назад)
if you are black claiming your origin as the caribbean then you are highly misinformed.

Автор Ife Alexander ( назад)

Автор The Niggest ( назад)
Niggers gonna nig .

Автор Alyzbeth Vierand ( назад)
Skin color doesn't define race. Look at my pale ass. Would you believe Im native/spanish? XD so many centuries after the colonization we are really mixed.

Автор Cumbia y más cumbia ( назад)
So... They are all mixed

Автор Hayden Greer ( назад)
this videos stupid and gay

Автор bambii ( назад)
The comment section is a hot mess honey......

Автор Impish ( назад)
i like how pretty much every "black" has some "white" blood. we all are some weird mix so race segregation makes no sense lmao

Автор Ray Pierro ( назад)
Wtf do people find so upsetting about being white? That one chick says "I'm only 13% European" so proudly. Like.....does nobody see what's wrong with that?

Автор Poodleinacan ( назад)
2:33 And I'm probably super-white, which is cool! (But honestly, I know nothing of my lineage from my grandmother on my dad's side, because she died when my dad was still a kid.... But other than that, my lineage is mainly French and Catalan/Spaniard)
..... Most of them have some supreme European blood in their lineage! XD

Автор Evan Arnault ( назад)
Lol at all the dislikes from the alt-right trolls. Let's see how they find this racist or beg for a white version of this video to come out. Guess people have nothing better to do than hate on black people constantly 😎

Автор Javonna Warren ( назад)
So many racist people in these comments. So pathetic .

Автор BroImLeandre ( назад)
I want to see light skin black people get DNA tested.😂

Автор Peanutbutter Baby ( назад)
way to catagorise

Автор Victorique De Blois ( назад)
My Family is from Angola I wonder what would appear on my test :)

Автор iiPlastic Turtles ( назад)
How about Chinese people get their DNA tested buzzfeed?

Автор Makeda Phillips ( назад)
What the website for the company so I can do this?

Автор TheJanae&Kk Show ( назад)
I'm from Trinidad 🇹🇹 to

Автор Sierra Alice ( назад)
I told my mom I wanted to do this, she was like, I'll tell you, "You're black"

Автор Who needs guys when you have Cats ( назад)
Buzzfeed is poop

Автор Yeenosaur ( назад)
European in a cup. I think that's how they get DNA tests.

Автор gabi braule ( назад)
I really wanna do that test and see if I am south East Asian as everyone asks me if I am lol I know my family is black, but I still look Indian

Автор gabi braule ( назад)
I really wanna do that test and see if I am south East Asian as everyone asks me if I am lol I know my family is black, but I still look Indian

Автор Liz Marr ( назад)
Did anyone else notice they didn't show that one girls results lol?

Автор Ian Hollingsworth ( назад)
It kind of made me uncomfortable when she said she was only X amount European like she was relieved. I'm white, but I'd love to discover if I was mixed and would be proud to claim all of my ancestry.

Автор #VIP HELLO KITTY kitty ( назад)
I really wanna know what are my roots and I currently live in south africa so i am obviously have alot of African in me and I currently live in capetown south africa so maybe I have just a bit of Dutch in me because I speak Afrikaans fluently and maybe I have a bit of Angolan in me coz people say that I really look Portuguese and sub -Saharan mixed with European so i don't know what to expect gonna try this DNA test though 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉

Автор Julie E ( назад)
I would love to do this but don't think there is any point, I am from Finland that is super homogenous country so I am pretty sure I am 100% finnish haha

Автор ola Rodgers ( назад)
Why would you need to note that you are only 13 % European??? Does that mean i should be ashamed to be European?

Автор D H ( назад)
I want to do this so bad.

Автор Krap Patty ( назад)
I'm I the one of there rare ppl who is 100% west african. oh wait nah most west african native born ppl.

Автор John Antwoord ( назад)
Actually it's very detailed where Africans come from down to the region and tribe saw a YouTube video on it with Morgan Freeman

Автор Melissa Burke ( назад)
Buzzfeed loves licking black peoples assholes

Автор Cindy Duong ( назад)
This is not really "news" compared to the other buzzfeed channels lol

Автор Muleta Leo ( назад)
im mixed

Автор neonlent ( назад)
I am 100% European, but in the US I get called Latino just because of where I was born. Just because of where I was born I need a visa to enter the US while the rest of Europeans can enter with just a passport. I did not choose where to be born.

Автор Miranda M ( назад)
I really wanna do mine 😩😩

Автор harryskittyz ( назад)
I want to do this so bad because both of my parents are 100% Nigerian , but in very light... like basically a white person light lol.. but I want to know what im mixed with even if it is a small percentage... but i know im not mixed bc my hair is veryy veryyy coily

Автор Hector Lujan ( назад)
I really wish they wouldve done this when the hispanics took it. Showing only blacks as victims of discrimination is kinda missing on the point that we are all included. Latinos were created from the spanish raping and murdering indians and blacks. Idk just wish they're wouldve been more representation

Автор Superior Midskin ( назад)
The girl with the black shirt looks like Azealia Banks

Автор Joshima M ( назад)
look at these light skin assholes thinking they are 100% african. yeah okay

Автор 2 sam ( назад)

Автор MAN_ON_WHEELZ ( назад)
Does anyone know if these tests unwantedly notify relatives that you may or may not know that have also taken this test?

Автор Nu-Lu Jay ( назад)
bruh. This dna shit is fake asf.

Автор Siri & Alayna ( назад)
that so funny my grandparents are from Trinidad and Barbados too!

Автор Nature Life ( назад)
100% ape

Автор Backup Account ( назад)
the DNA tests don't work sadly, ancestry.com is a bunch of bullshit

Автор Tylen E. ( назад)
that one girl was hoping she'd be more black than anything, you can just tell . everyone wants to be mixed so bad 🤦🏼‍♀️ be proud of the skin you're in .

Автор Sid The Great ( назад)
I clicked just to leave this comment
How is this news???

Автор Luke Harrison ( назад)
That chance hat

Автор Jazmine Herrera ( назад)
I took the test using myheritage.com and got 47.4% African with 42.9% being West African. that broke down to 26.9% Nigerian, and 16% Sierra Leonean. The rest of the African percentage was 3.1% Central African and 1.4% Kenyan.

Автор lauren idfk ( назад)
man i wanna do this, ive never heard of anyone older than my grandparents in my family so i practically know nothing about myself :/

Автор Angel Santana ( назад)
That girls moms is wrong asf. Im Puerto Rican and the Tainos have been wiped out for over 500 years. Only ancestral through Meztiso blood. I'm 16% Native American. Most ppl wit Taino have really low numbers. Blacks ppl always think they have alot of Native ancestry although it varies.

Автор tanneranner ( назад)
"Forced mixing"...AKA Rape. lol

Автор jayrod jones ( назад)
so this is that pathetic, trashy, race baiting, racist, regressive, moronic outlet called buzzfeed that is designed to make dumb people dumber and psycho braindead people more braindead.

Автор Carib Elias ( назад)
Trini girl had 13% Asian/Native she didn't even mention it..

Автор Whymebro4 ( назад)
i bet im at least 10% dutch, but im like fully indonesian and i was born in australia tho my mum's auntie is dutch. i want to have at least some part of me that is dutch cuz european peeps are pretty cute n i look like a potato lmao awks

Автор Tyce Bruursema ( назад)
"My mom was a Carab... that should be pretty pretty strong."
"I would say um 75% African American."
Lmao what...

Автор Lizzy F ( назад)
Every time I see these vids there's always one person like "oh I'm 100% ________" lol

Автор Tiana LaRue ( назад)
Here's an idea,Have everyone one of those racist bullies out there in world take this test and watch them have 3.5% (more or less but not less that 0%) of african,asian, or even european and watch them go nuts as they read out the results.

Автор Danny Cheek ( назад)
Test results: part African.

Автор Darlean Collins ( назад)
Chocolate was the case that they gave me hooray!!!!!

Автор Nicole McP ( назад)
A lot of the same type of people seem to get upset or uncomfortable when they see or hear things about black people... hmm I wonder why.

Автор Sophia Spero ( назад)
please do a " biracial people get their dan tested"

Автор Joanna ( назад)
i did my 23andme ancestry test and i thought i was 100% polish. turns out i'm also ethnically jewish, british, irish, scandinavian, french, german, balkan, and native american!

Автор Dawson Boyle ( назад)
something funny about black people being disappointed that they are part white, kind of a double standard no?

Автор Isa Chen ( назад)
omg im from trinidad too(well at least i hopeso)

Автор oliz98 ( назад)
I'm 100% african

Автор Ostrich 47 ( назад)
They act like being whites a bad thing

Автор iluvharrypotter97 ( назад)
Do this for South Asians! It would be amazing!

Автор Veronika Permaul ( назад)
i wanna do this so bad cause both places i identify with are just giant mixing pots of people from everywhere.

Автор Suhair Awsaj ( назад)
There was an advertisement about race and ancestry before this video..............

Автор Sarah R ( назад)
Only 1 per cent of white people were slave owners. The majority of black people in the US should know their ancestry because they are largely immigrants to the US like everyone else #fakenews

Автор Euph ( назад)
Leave it to buzzfeed to turn everything political/racial and anti white. If you love being black so much go back to Africa...shit ain't hard. Life sucks and before the USA was exponentially worse all around the world. You are lucky that your ancestors sacrificed so much for you to be here now. You could have just as easily been sold into slavery to somewhere else less appealing.

Автор 21 RB ( назад)
Why didnt buzzfeed point out how blacks sold others to the Europeans?

Автор franaba nana ( назад)
Trump need this

Автор bmaze94 ( назад)
At 3:24 she read the report wrong. On 23andMe it tells you how recently you had an ancestor from that racial group. So from 1720-1810 was how recently she had a white ancestor

Автор Lap TV ( назад)
Do the sisters not realize that if they're actual sisters then they have the exact same ancestral break down.

Автор Hazel Macmillan ( назад)
forced mixing = rape

Автор Mickey J. Duke Sr. ( назад)
If your ancestors of slaves be proud and embrace it. If your from the south embrace your rebel flag. Be proud and knock off the nonsense

Автор TheElisabethMaria ( назад)
It somehow pissed me off when people claim to be 100% something, i doubt anyone is

Автор Ryder Lee ( назад)
Most if not all of the tests are wrong. I've seen identical triplets get completely different results

Автор it's your boy guzma ( назад)
I'm Bengali, but I was told that we have Turkish/ middle eastern ancestry. I personally think that I have East Asian ancestors because my mom looks East Asian. She has pale skin, high cheekbones, and a flatter nose. I wanna do a test like this lol

Автор Schänder MOnd ( назад)
They come from AFrica ? who would have thought that ?

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