Black People Get Their DNA Tested

  • Опубликовано: 25 фев 2017
  • "This could be life changing, to be honest"

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  • Colin Behrmann
    Colin Behrmann 12 часов назад

    Wonder how the community would react if someone said 'Im super white, that's really cool, I'm glad I'm barely black.'. A bit hypocritical

  • liam frick
    liam frick 19 часов назад

    Black Americans are all mixed with European due to slavery. But the lightskin people have a lot more European in them.

  • Tumanuvao Meaole
    Tumanuvao Meaole 3 дня назад

    We are all human

  • josh harris
    josh harris 3 дня назад

    If yu wanna make it less predictable, how about some black pple that aren’t obviously mixed. In my one family we have somebody for every color of the rainbow without a clue why. FYI I’m from Hou,Tx

  • Robyn Mancell
    Robyn Mancell 4 дня назад

    My dad swore we had all this Native American and it turned out to be 45% European. Mine 35%

  • EnMX 03
    EnMX 03 5 дней назад

    I'm Mexican and only 38% Native American. I was kinda disapointed tbh ahaha

  • SharX
    SharX 5 дней назад

    it makes me sad how dependent these people seem of how black they are. every other video i watched of people making these tests were just funny and the people where just interested in their origin. but this video is just black people being afraid of being partly white and calling it life changing. disgusting. define yourself through your actions. not your skin color...there's nothing wrong in being white or having white ancestors as well as it doesn't make you better or more important having black ancestors.

  • storm keaney
    storm keaney 6 дней назад

    Idk why but I feel like the slavery bit wasn’t exactly necessary considering it’s genes. Also they all seemed annoyed at the European % like it was too high.

  • Chris Hudson
    Chris Hudson 6 дней назад

    Don't forget to hate yourself proportional to how much white DNA you have, because don't forget that that part of you is pure evil.

  • Taylor Raburn
    Taylor Raburn 6 дней назад

    As a geneticist, no one is 100% anything anywhere.

  • Standing still
    Standing still 7 дней назад

    If you take your dna far back enough it’s always African

  • Cheshire Cat
    Cheshire Cat 7 дней назад

    If you are looking for native American you need to test a male in your family . A brother, uncle, or grandpa.

  • The Snow Nigro
    The Snow Nigro 7 дней назад

    HAHAHAHAHA their ancestors got raped by a white slave owner

  • King Peakin
    King Peakin 9 дней назад

    results at 2:01 2 min of them talking shit

  • Miah Donnelly
    Miah Donnelly 11 дней назад

    Brothers and sister won't get same results because we all pull different percentages of our ancestors.

  • Kaneki Ken
    Kaneki Ken 12 дней назад


  • mitchiejkc
    mitchiejkc 12 дней назад


  • barg num
    barg num 13 дней назад


  • Yashmina Reed
    Yashmina Reed 13 дней назад

    of course your african black is african lol😂😂lemme shut up تتهث نىتثلثل خسب لحغ صزسغرع

  • Kagiso
    Kagiso 13 дней назад

    How African they are

  • Brooke Suffy
    Brooke Suffy 14 дней назад

    I need to take this and see how middle eastern I actually am

  • Miss Anthrope
    Miss Anthrope 14 дней назад

    My test said I was about 8% sub Saharan African but IDK if that's enough to count since I'm obviously not black. I'm mostly native American and European/white.

    QZE SB-CA 15 дней назад

    This just highlights the failing education system and how it shuns history. They all really thought they were 100% African?

    EVERYTHING ! ! 15 дней назад

    imagine how great our continent would have been. It's sad to think about 🙁

  • Ksus Susk
    Ksus Susk 17 дней назад

    The question is. Why are you proud to find out who shagged your ancestors.
    What changed after this?
    "The 2 best days in your life are the days when you where born and the day you know why.1
    Hans C. A.
    This doesn't answer any of those.

    I NO PUNK B!TCH 17 дней назад

    Im from Wakanda

  • tommothedog
    tommothedog 19 дней назад

    I have just watched the first minute. These people are going to be shocked I think.

  • WB cuber
    WB cuber 19 дней назад +1

    I'm 89% English 6% Asian 5% aboriginal Australian

  • Ezan Siyoum
    Ezan Siyoum 20 дней назад +1

    Why do they call themselves African american... stupidest term in my opinion

  • waiting 90 days to change my name
    waiting 90 days to change my name 20 дней назад +1

    lol niggers are 100% low IQ niggers

  • X-RYA
    X-RYA 20 дней назад

    i want to do one so bad

  • NattieNat05
    NattieNat05 21 день назад

    They need to stop marketing this company to Black people because it doesn’t give the breakdown of the African ancestry. Also I’m part Carib too and it came back saying that 48% of my DNA couldn’t be identified ... this company is too expensive for how much it doesn’t tell you about ancestry.. The health profile part of it is interesting .. but I️ would choose another company for ancestry... Also your grandmother was probably from St Vincent or Dominica , because I don’t think there are any Caribs native to Trinidad

  • raydaveed
    raydaveed 22 дня назад

    You were all mixed here, so drop your 100 % something right away man ...

  • Veronica Thomas
    Veronica Thomas 23 дня назад

    I guess I’m super black as well 😂

  • Eric Day
    Eric Day 24 дня назад

    Most people who take a DNA test.. "Wow. That's cool I have a more diverse genetic background than I expected and now realize were all brothers and sisters."
    These people.. "I'm glad I'm mostly black."

  • Confused Nigerian Geezer
    Confused Nigerian Geezer 24 дня назад

    Black people are such faggots nowadays

  • Manasse Biberbach
    Manasse Biberbach 26 дней назад

    I am Robert from Germany. The results from Africans are were important mainkind. The reson is, that the slavery theory must be wrong. The so called european DNA is older, much older. It is the DNA from africans nomad which imigrated to europe. Auround 10.000 BC to 7000 BC.
    For example, Africans from east africa have the DNA from Irland and the irisch DNA is pure. We said then, the irisch DNA is 100% european. But this must be totaly wrong. It is a strong african DNA.
    You must know, there were several africans tribs which went to Europe, but we say, only the tribe whitch camed over africa and the Caucasus + Turkey + Iran + Middle East + Saudi Arabia) is a white european tribe.
    For example a girl from Somila has good 93% african DNA and only one european DNA. It is the DNA from the East Jews (Tribe Aschkena).
    I set up in German a artikal (it is still in work). I seed up a theory about the imigration from africans tribs to europe.
    Theorie zur Migration von Nomaden von Afrika nach Irland
    Geschichtliche Einordnung der biblischen Geschichten bis zur Sintflut
    Follow the salt from Africa to Europe. It is simple.
    Please, when you have the irisch DNA in your DNA and when you know from which tribe you are (region), let me know.
    Robert Brockmann from German (tribe Mannaseh)

  • James Martin
    James Martin 27 дней назад

    I've already taken the same test. I was surprised that I wasn't more mixed. Of course, these tests only tell you what your genetics look like. Mixtures can create weird readings.

  • Dayo Kareem
    Dayo Kareem 27 дней назад

    0:16 mee😂😂

  • Porrrnesian Parrapio
    Porrrnesian Parrapio 28 дней назад

    I would love to take this test I’m Hispanic ana I would like to know where I came from.
    Honeslty all this people getting mad cuz they aren’t 100% their race is not cool. It should be exciting and life changing knowing who you actually are.

  • the ninja boy master
    the ninja boy master Месяц назад


  • Gerald Davis
    Gerald Davis Месяц назад

    So who makes up the reference data? That seems basically generic way of finding commonality then accurate. Also, what those who are indigenous of North America .. Because most DNA collection over look the Native American linage, granted in 1800's there were slaves used to breed with women that captured for stronger genetic composition of people. However this is a fact most DNA collection companies overlook, and simply give a canned response instead. In otherworld's, if your in your 40's you most likely knew of your great-great who were Native American, but can not research one directly the same from Africa. As for those who are coming up with traces of African descendant, but it states north European, most likely, they were Iberian, better known as Moor's. They were the first navigators of the planet, as well as ruled all of Europe for over 800 years.

  • I'm eating Sup
    I'm eating Sup Месяц назад

    Where my africans at!!!

  • Sonya CH
    Sonya CH Месяц назад

    I want to take a DNA test but I'm pretty sure the results would come out "Girl, you're black".

  • steve gale
    steve gale Месяц назад

    70% of black Americans are not because of the slave trade. Learn history facts. Also none of you are African, you are American.

  • Brandon Trembath
    Brandon Trembath Месяц назад

    One of the ladies looks like a female version of XXXtentacion

  • Rustic Wanker
    Rustic Wanker Месяц назад +1

    I'm 100% human that's all that really matters

  • Linno Inno
    Linno Inno Месяц назад

    Im 100% human ✌

  • Rickster79
    Rickster79 Месяц назад

    Let's repatriate Blacks back to Africa. The Blacks slaves brought to the new world wanted to go back so let's return their ancestors to honor that.

  • Joshua trill
    Joshua trill Месяц назад

    When I get a DNA test I hope I'm 1000000000000000000000000000% African.

  • Skrimtar82
    Skrimtar82 Месяц назад

    Men in Black chairs

  • I’m finna Do nothing
    I’m finna Do nothing Месяц назад

    4:07 i thought her sister would be rude like what my siblings do

  • 1 blk dude
    1 blk dude Месяц назад

    #BLACKFACT: Only women of African descent have DNA w the phenotype of all humanity.

  • Suzanne
    Suzanne Месяц назад

    2:56 She says "About 14.3% East-Asian and Native American" and then the mom said "It should've been higher" because her mom's descendant of a Native tribe. But that's 1 out of 8 grandparents, so that's 12.5% of her grandparents that's Native. So it's already pretty strong?

    HOLYFEAR96 Месяц назад

    No one is 100% anything anymore, we all have thousands of years of lineages from across the world.

  • Rae Vandenberg
    Rae Vandenberg Месяц назад

    Black slaves from Africa were taken in much greater abundance by Muslims into the Middle East and the Maghreb. However, the black men were gelded and the offspring of black harem girls were killed. Mohammed himself spoke badly of blacks. So, when you read about how terrible slavery was in the USA, just remenber, no one survived slavery in Islamic territories. A form of black slavery still exists there.

  • Samuel Manigoldo
    Samuel Manigoldo Месяц назад

    Let me guess... Every afro-american has at least 15-20% Caucasian DNA? Basically science was right all along...

  • LordDragul Smitty
    LordDragul Smitty Месяц назад

    I want to take one of these tests if only to confirm my suspicion that I have some Navajo blood in me

  • 21EC
    21EC Месяц назад +1

    3:18 she looks Asian,
    how come she has no Asian genes in her DNA?

  • MF 8
    MF 8 Месяц назад +3

    I'm 110% *Potato*

  • Lezah Brown
    Lezah Brown Месяц назад

    I just did mine on my channel! this was an amazing experience

  • frank fox
    frank fox Месяц назад

    All of them were mixed with white.

  • Finn Frank
    Finn Frank Месяц назад

    racist video

  • Corvelle Mack
    Corvelle Mack Месяц назад

    These are lies that so we can't claim America everybody was not a slave who given these test white people they run shit dam brown people

  • Aspen Paws
    Aspen Paws Месяц назад

    Not racist title at all

  • Roberd Tobing
    Roberd Tobing Месяц назад

    im Indonesian...i took the test, i have 81% Donald Trump

  • Ringo1358
    Ringo1358 Месяц назад

    What is the music at the beginning ? Sounds so familiar...Especially at 0:14

    LOZZAXOX Месяц назад

    Am not african american am british and african and i did one and am.mostly east african bc im kenyan

  • harbinger200
    harbinger200 Месяц назад

    Uh its all about slavery in US now. My ancestors where enslaved for 300 years to the Ottoman empire, but after that small "khm" rough patch we slathered every last one of them all in 1804 and problem solved, today i have no personal hatred for Turks because our ancestors suffered. We never forget, but we dont want to invade Turkey today to get revenge. Its pointless.

  • mike kaufman
    mike kaufman Месяц назад

    I wish I could teach African Americans more about the culture

  • MovieManiac33
    MovieManiac33 Месяц назад

    I may do this DNA test to celebrate my white pride.

  • Elana Hunte
    Elana Hunte Месяц назад

    Shout out to the girl whose dad is a Bajan

  • Landon Warsmith
    Landon Warsmith Месяц назад

    If we are all the SAME then how can we tell the DIFFERENCES between us by looking at our blood ? If we were one race then our genes would be the same.

  • Victoria Malyah
    Victoria Malyah Месяц назад

    Trinidad 🇹🇹 for dayzzz

  • Enigmax200581
    Enigmax200581 Месяц назад

    You know... lots of Europeans have a crapload of diversity in them. And the majority doesn't give a shit about it. Why is it so important? Is it because you fear you're not "African" enough? Doesn't matter anymore. You're not African-American, you're American. Just like Caucasian Americans aren't "European-American".
    Besides, the majority of us got Genghis Khan's genes in us. How ya feel about that?

  • Carl Wheezer
    Carl Wheezer Месяц назад

    Need to take one to see how illegal I am

  • Rob Gav
    Rob Gav Месяц назад

    Can somebody explain to me why every site where black people are discussing topics these white hateful ass people show up with bigoted bs

  • Skylion
    Skylion Месяц назад

    So did they do both maternal and paternal tests?

  • william smith
    william smith Месяц назад

    Active action=affirmative action...either way one thing was for sure you are human race.

  • Collin Pace
    Collin Pace Месяц назад

    Ain't none of these people 100% Black. America is SO mixed up.

  • BlackOasis21
    BlackOasis21 Месяц назад

    Black people, y’all are real stupid for volunteering your genetic code over to a white lab. Don’t be surprised when a sudden “unexpected” epidemic 😷 arises that only coincidentally kills just one demographic. Matter of time.

  • Alexandra Tejada
    Alexandra Tejada Месяц назад

    I'm very ethnically ambiguous. People can never point out where I'm from. I'm Dominican, so being Latina means I have some kind of mix, but I know I'm predominantly European. Now I want to know if I have any middle-eastern/arabian/jewish in me. That would be interesting. One side of my ancestry is from Majorca/Mallorca which was at one point occupied by Arabs so who knows. I definitely need to do this test.

  • Amy Griffith
    Amy Griffith Месяц назад


  • Captain
    Captain Месяц назад

    2:46 lmao that’s my mom when she facetimes

  • Kai
    Kai Месяц назад

    I just got my results the other week! I'm 71% African, 29% European, and small percentage Asain. Almost 45% Nigerian, which made me so happy to learn!

  • Miguel Valiente
    Miguel Valiente Месяц назад

    the Tainos are a different tribe from the Tainos, in fact they were enemies.

  • stxlaxPP
    stxlaxPP Месяц назад

    Is it "super cool" if I say I'm 100% European?

    BiG CRAWFS Месяц назад

    Do those sisters have a white black mom?

  • Taran O'Reilly
    Taran O'Reilly Месяц назад

    You guys should do this again with so people can find out their actual heritage, not just telling them they're from somewhere on this giant continent.

  • Just Wing It
    Just Wing It Месяц назад

    "super black" lol

  • gaming with jazzy
    gaming with jazzy Месяц назад +1

    All I heard was trini and I jumped for joy 😱☺️☺️☺️

  • lalo alvarado
    lalo alvarado Месяц назад

    What happened with slaves with mixing of cultures and loss of heritage is happening in america again. you can see the amalgam of different cultures through the immigration of latin americans, Asians, Europeans, and every other race group due to economic opportunities. It'll happen again in 30 years, then 40 years after that. Same patterns repeated through history.

  • M26
    M26 Месяц назад

    Why did you add that propaganda video at the end ? Respect the country where you live in and obay the laws. It is the same in every country, and if people starts to fight against laws that are made to protect us all, then we all have big problem.

  • jbfeelings
    jbfeelings Месяц назад


  • avenger
    avenger Месяц назад

    Lmfao you can obviously tell they are upset when they find out they have any europa in their genes. Particularly when they are closer to half.

  • Bonzell Giles
    Bonzell Giles Месяц назад

    If any of these young people knew history beyond what's taught, they'd know that the greatest of Empires that ever came forth from Sub Saharan Africa were (Kemet(A.k.a. Sudan and Ethiopia I.e. Nubians) and the Mende people that came out of Ghana in West SUB SAHARAN Africa. Greatness proven. Be proud. Truly are Kings and Queens. No matter what is said.

  • RubixNinja
    RubixNinja Месяц назад

    Alright, rapes did occur to black slaves... this is a fact... but NOWHERE NEAR enough to make that huge impact on black peoples genetics. You cannot say, that if you have a lot of European genetics in you.... that it was because of a rape... that would be completely bogus. Black and white people have been living next to each other in America for 400+ years.... There have been countless romio and juliets, to contribute the majority of the mixing.
    I personally find it rather insulting... what if you ancestor man or woman was truly in love with whoever white man or woman in the past... and you are scourging their relationship with your racism.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Месяц назад

    Buzzfeed is just a feel good channel for minorities. Most racist people I've ever seen come from buzzfeed videos

  • L Crom
    L Crom Месяц назад

    Slaves owners made lots of babies with black women. that is where the european comes from.

  • Endy M
    Endy M Месяц назад

    Nope not I said the cat not I said the Dog 😱👎me personally I know where my family history and were I come from I don't believe in it but to each there own