How To Make Latte Art

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    England is my... *This video plays from 30sec*

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    0:36 that voice caught me laughing

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    My Aunt makes the best coffee art,👍

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    He flooded his house in food dye lol

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    I actually that this was real ;-;

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    0:59 disco

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    0:38 :first woow! 0:47 : 2nd woow!

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    His house was flooded with food colouring XD

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    😐 perché

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    This is how i do latte Every day😂

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    And this my friends, is how oatmeal was invented.

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    In the middle of the video...

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    0:30 jumpscare

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    Not accurate to the death sound of Roblox

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    It's called Barista

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    0:00-0:30 his longest normal video ever

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    U really wanna see how he cleans 😐

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    Is this happening?

    I found how to basics video without using eggs.

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    The description is always hilarious

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    How long does it take to clean up all that mess and get new furniture?

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    I have only one question : how the fuck does he clean his house after every video ?

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    Your so rich men

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    What the fuckkkk dude!! You are sick!!!!

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    A challenge

    Watch these while your eating

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    Savage 101% like who agree

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    0:48 Lucifer? Is that you!? Lol

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    This guy just trashed the shit out of his house

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    I feel bad for whomever clicked on this video thinking it would be an actual how too😂

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    *W O O O*

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    How the hell do u clean all of that up

    Me: witch .witch witch wiiiitttchhhhh!!!

    Friend: dis no witch he harry pot

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    I actually wasn't expecting you to start that so soon so I was sp00ked, good job cause nothing scares me, except everything X'D

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    0:28 That was quickly

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    my sister is scared of you. BUT I LOVE THIS :3

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    Next video idea: how to clean up a howtobasic video

  • Νικόλας Καζαντζίδης

    Εισαι βλακας

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    u are to funny

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    When I feel so tired 0:34

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    HOW do you clean it up?

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    He sure like it

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    How to become a sausage

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    ahhaahahahaah i like it always at the begining makes it normal and suddenly boom catastrophe comes.

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    Thats the funnies video I have ever seen

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    Almoust a new video

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    Only video you gain a new Mentally problem!

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    there was no EGGS!!!

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    Why Just Why?

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    holy crap this guys crazy!

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    Where are the eggs?

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    Why he always wasting the food?....LOL:P

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    How much money do you spend a year on new furniture and utensils? It seems like you "overuse" them.

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    Aussie kids are weetbix kids lol

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    I had my volume all the way up and I was wearing headphone you fucking Slave kys

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    How much money did you need to make those videos?

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    preaty good wel yeah yeah prety good yeah

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    Tengo hambre,Tienen comida?

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    How much time you spend for clean

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    This is art guys. Real art.

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    Every video has many steps just for a easy task.

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    I'm nor sure what i'v just seen

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    0:37 WOOOOO

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    Wtf is happening??

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    How do you clean things up in all your videos?

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    Whoooh ! Xd

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    That "woo" tho

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    How to make a unicorn frappuccino please

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    At first I didn't realize I clicked on how to basic and how my volume on high 😵

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    0:47 his noises really remind me Tasmanian Devil...

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    0:48 howtobasic says his first word!

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    0:48 what was that noise all about?

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    Omg when the paint i think it was food coloring

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    خرا بعشيرتك

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    Time to work at my cousins cafè

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    How the he'll did he clean so fast .useing magic

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    what is this Starbucks

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    unclear. i spilled a drop of coffee on my Macbook between a CSGO match and it caught on fire

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    Impressive, but now my kitchen has a few stains...any advice on how to clean them up?

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    i feel bad for the people that actually though this was a tutorial and that they were gonna learn how to do something in life ;-;

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    [CALM DOWN U PUKIN] 0:31

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    This is...majestic?

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    Wicth all the chaos in EVERY single video

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    hi why U have to destroid evrey singel cheer!!!??

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    Yo pensando que era un canal de cocina :)

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    1:07 WOW

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    الله ايطيح حضك يا زمالللللللل

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    I got aids, cancer, AND diabetes from just watching this video :O

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    ???? 0:48

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    NO EGG!!!!!11!!!