Stephen Curry BEST Highlights & Plays from 2019 NBA Preseason!

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
  • Check out the best highlights by Stephen Curry from the Golden State Warriors | 2019-20 NBA Season
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Comments • 130

  • Reb Gaming
    Reb Gaming Day ago

    Gsw are now dead

  • Jummary Cabrera
    Jummary Cabrera 3 days ago

    Get well soon Idol

  • C4ncer TV
    C4ncer TV 4 days ago

    Curry will make a comeback. That rookie roster his team has now is the making of another champ. Team. Unlike LeGM can't win a chip unless he has another star in his team. Curry made his first chip. without all star from another team except klay and draymond who made their names to the top. Real champ. #StrengthInNumbers

  • Kazyla L.
    Kazyla L. 8 days ago

    3;15 whats that

  • Dirk The Goat
    Dirk The Goat 23 days ago +1

    is curry in his *PRIME* or not yet?

  • Ftria Thus Savayana Thus Safayana

    Stephen curry, is the best and. and great, 👍

  • Hanin Raisouni
    Hanin Raisouni Month ago

    is ever even wrong about the outcome of a game?

  • Brylon Williams
    Brylon Williams Month ago

    Literally on the Curry 7 now...

  • Matthew Eri
    Matthew Eri Month ago

    LETS GO STEPH IS A VETERAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jordan Richardson
    Jordan Richardson Month ago

    7 minute highlight just for preaseaon lol 🤦🏾‍♂️😩Watch his whole season plus possible playoff highlights shits gunna a hour forty five minutes long 😭

  • xAlive1984x
    xAlive1984x Month ago


  • Ruvelyn Ta-aca
    Ruvelyn Ta-aca Month ago


  • Biggie289
    Biggie289 Month ago +1

    His jumper is so weeeeet🤣

  • Chris
    Chris Month ago +2

    Check Draymond at 2:37 mocking the opponents flop. Lmao

  • Keith Pritchett Jr.

    Bro we on Curry 7, WTF they put Curry 5?

  • Kollector Thangz
    Kollector Thangz Month ago +5

    Curry is the GOAT🐐💯

  • Aeroll Espedillion
    Aeroll Espedillion Month ago

    Is it just me or does everybody seem really happy for Curry nowadays?

  • Aeroll Espedillion
    Aeroll Espedillion Month ago +4

    Is it just me or does everybody seem really happy for Curry nowadays?

    • Firas Ourdjini
      Firas Ourdjini Month ago +2

      I think it's cuz they're happy he gets to play the best version of himself now without Durant and warriors are gonna play iso ball, and also see if he can play similar if not better than the pre-durant days when there was no debate about who's the best player on the team

  • Iyin
    Iyin Month ago

    Steph gets so much DESERVED praise for his three, the man is automatic!! But damn those handles are unreal

  • Chris brown Son
    Chris brown Son Month ago +2

    Harden or curry can win MVp

  • Sean Smith
    Sean Smith Month ago

    2:51 😭

  • obi was here
    obi was here Month ago +2

    Whether they make the playoffs or not, I’m just glad to see Steph get back to his old self before Kd

  • Jorge Aguilar
    Jorge Aguilar Month ago

    Steph curry really showed how overrated he is in the finals last season.

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith Month ago

      Subscribe or you become ginger Because defense is 50% of basketball

    • Subscribe or you become ginger
      Subscribe or you become ginger Month ago

      Peter Smith i don’t know why are you talking about defense now

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith Month ago

      Subscribe or you become ginger He is not the most dangerous player on the court. The most dangerous player on the court should be able to get buckets and pass which he does but the most dangerous is also an elite defender when it matters

    • Subscribe or you become ginger
      Subscribe or you become ginger Month ago +2

      what hahahha they literally played box and one on him,everyone in the nba knows he is the most dangerous player on the court but you keyboard warriors

  • Larvelle Small
    Larvelle Small Month ago

    He’s gonna be a fucking problem

  • Mr. Beefy
    Mr. Beefy Month ago +7

    damn is it me or did they play the lakers about 4 times?

  • John Paul Rodriguez
    John Paul Rodriguez Month ago +27

    Keep sleeping on the Warriors. I think they gonna struggle this 2019 because of having many new guys and injuries but come 2020 they are going to get better and better. I'll bet your favorite team dont want any smoke from this team. Curry gonna average atleast 30 too.

    • Kawhi Dynasty ender leonard
      Kawhi Dynasty ender leonard Month ago +7

      I think curry will pass Mj 37.1 points per game this year in the regular season also when klay come back I think warriors can possibly make the western conference finals

  • treboj wahing
    treboj wahing Month ago

    small but terible....

  • Deniz Sen
    Deniz Sen Month ago +36

    Imagine him trying 15 3s every game

  • Grinding With John
    Grinding With John Month ago +11

    We love curry his unstoppable this year
    👇🏽 I'm gifting my next lucky sub

  • LK
    LK Month ago +2


  • Awesomiser D
    Awesomiser D Month ago +18

    Can we talk about his defense please? He's actually been making quite a few defensive plays this preseason. He's looking like an actual decent defender on the perimeter.

    • Big Glizzy
      Big Glizzy Month ago +1

      Kid Corey honestly he’d probably would average 36

    • Kid Corey
      Kid Corey Month ago +1

      Big Glizzy exactly. If Steph got the same defensive coverage VanVleet got, Steph coulda had 30 easily in game 6

    • Big Glizzy
      Big Glizzy Month ago +1

      Peter Smith but VanVleet is not near a good as play, he wasn’t getting pressed full full court all series, he wasn’t getting triple teamed when he passed half. And if he did he would get close to scoring as much as he did

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith Month ago

      lphjustin That’s why he was outscores by VanVleet in Game 6 of the Finals

    • Karan B
      Karan B Month ago +5

      You can spot the ignorant people by whether they say his defense is good or bad. Steph's defense has been good on players near his size range. Effort. Sticks with em. Contests. All the hosts on the NBA talk shows dont seem to actually watch plays in game. They just see highlights from bigs and assume smaller players dont do any defense cause they dont have defensive highlights

  • Ben Simmons
    Ben Simmons Month ago +2

    Tell me when he wins finals mvp

    • E J
      E J Month ago +1

      @Peter Smith just a fact don't worry

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith Month ago

      E J so what does 3-6 have to do with anything?

    • E J
      E J Month ago +1

      @Peter Smith didn't say u r

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith Month ago

      E J I’m not a Lebron fan

    • E J
      E J Month ago +1

      @Peter Smith 3-6

  • T McDowell
    T McDowell Month ago

    Curry chicken

  • Saint Aubyn TFG
    Saint Aubyn TFG Month ago

    MVP 2020

  • Fergi
    Fergi Month ago +25

    lakers fan here but this man is special

    • gcina nkala
      gcina nkala 24 days ago

      Me too, love Curry

    • Chonky Boi
      Chonky Boi Month ago +7

      now this man is a lakers fan
      not like the others saying a warning

  • johnDomain
    johnDomain Month ago +39

    *7th pick of 2009. And What a pick !!!*


      Josh _ 925 and both left or is a bust

    • Josh _ 925
      Josh _ 925 Month ago +7

      Still can't believe the T-Wolves passed on Curry twice to draft Ricky Rubio & Jonny Flynn ! What makes it worst is they both play PG 🤦‍♂️

  • Myron Jr
    Myron Jr Month ago

    #Curry #Champ

  • Myron Jr
    Myron Jr Month ago +1

    Leggo #Curry

  • Myron Jr
    Myron Jr Month ago

    #Curry #2020SeasonLeagueMVP

  • Myron Jr
    Myron Jr Month ago

    #EasyMoneyCurry #CurryYouGotYoLastChampionshipRingAftetAChampionshipRingLost #RepeatHistory

  • Myron Jr
    Myron Jr Month ago


  • Myron Jr
    Myron Jr Month ago

    Keep Killin em #ChampCurry

  • Myron Jr
    Myron Jr Month ago +4


  • Ellie Elle
    Ellie Elle Month ago +28

    I think curry could able to shot the ball with closed eyes.. he even estimated how many step back to get 3's without looking at the floor in a very quick way

  • Ellie Elle
    Ellie Elle Month ago +38

    Curry: let me play tonight, you guys look at me

  • Meet the Fr34ks
    Meet the Fr34ks Month ago +6

    Curry gone avg 35+

    • Kuro
      Kuro Month ago

      Meet the Fr34ks mhm steve kerr won’t stop him from playing the 4th qtrs. yes injuries will only stop him

    • Doe Doe Bird
      Doe Doe Bird Month ago +1

      Same thing I said...he gonna shoot 48% or 50% while shooting 44 or 45% from three...only thing I think that could stop curry from winning mvp this year is if he can’t stay healthy along with getting tired because no one runs as much as he does in the nba to get open and shooting off the dribble is not easy at all especially when your undersized body wise. He’s not short but his body size is small. So I hope my guy can stay healthy if he does he’ll easily win mvp he has 3 chips so he doesn’t have a lot to prove this season to me besides going for mvp and getting the team to the playoffs. Gonna be a fun season for em

  • Jorge Ramos
    Jorge Ramos Month ago +13


  • #ADcarriesLeBron #LeBronMissedThePlayoffsWithoutAD

    Curry’s MCL injury in 2016 stopped LeBum from being the 90s Buffalo Bills of the NBA.. 5 straight Finals L’s 😂😂😂

    • C4ncer TV
      C4ncer TV 4 days ago

      Stfu. Just repeat what curry has made to his team unlike leBum that jumps to another team just to get a chip. But still failed coz of curry. Don't talk trash to him coz he worked hard for his fruit of labor and he is loyal to his team. And even change the game of basketball. In short a legendary phenomenal player. Period.

    • 23kDollahz
      23kDollahz Month ago


    • E J
      E J Month ago

      @Jhawk Beer what's up smartass? i thought u were the L out of excuses to say?

    • Jhawk Beer
      Jhawk Beer Month ago

      E J Goodbye stop texting me lame ass

    • E J
      E J Month ago

      oh before u stfu just name 3 pg's who are better than curry cause like i said he's second all time....i'm ready for bs explosions

  • #ADcarriesLeBron #LeBronMissedThePlayoffsWithoutAD

    Bronsexuals hate the fact that the emergence of Curry stopped LeBum’s chance of having a dynasty in Cleveland

    • Matthew Escarez
      Matthew Escarez Day ago

      @Jeremy Asuncion I mean, Lebron is insane right now because of Anthony Davis, and Steph Curry led the warriors to a championship and a 73-9 season. All of these things happened when Durant was still in the Thunder. Not saying that Steph is better than LeKing (LeBron), but I'm just saying MJ is still the Goat. Yes, LeBron beat MJ in points but, that's just one thing.
      About the standings, the warriors are at the middle of the West because Curry, Thompson, D'angelo, and Draymond Green are all injured. Imagine if they are all in their team. They will be back next season. (Clippers fan here).

    • Jeremy Asuncion
      Jeremy Asuncion 26 days ago

      Curry did it with the help of Thompson and Durant. Durant is already on Brooklyn Nets. Where is GSW now in the standings?
      Lebron is GOAT

    • Tianhang Liu
      Tianhang Liu Month ago +6

      LeBronNotTop10 #3-6SZN #NoFootworkSZN fact

  • #ADcarriesLeBron #LeBronMissedThePlayoffsWithoutAD

    Curry swept LeBum outta the Finals and stop making him focus on “chasing the ghost in Chicago” 😂😂😂😂

    • Jorge Ramos
      Jorge Ramos Month ago

      Fr your shit funny af 😂😂😂

  • #ADcarriesLeBron #LeBronMissedThePlayoffsWithoutAD

    Curry made LeBum leave Cleveland

  • KingSlim X
    KingSlim X Month ago +2


  • A.T.T.I Backup
    A.T.T.I Backup Month ago +4

    Steph for MVP!

  • Daniel Carter
    Daniel Carter Month ago +18

    Why the curry 5s in the thumbnail tho

  • Ralph01
    Ralph01 Month ago +5

    You can tell dis guys a Napier fan lmao what are these un necessary highlights

  • Kevin Rodriguez
    Kevin Rodriguez Month ago +1

    It was nice but like I got bored or watching the same teams play. They should have played kings and clippers mayhe even suns or Portland. Same region

  • Cool Kid
    Cool Kid Month ago +25

    My favorite player.

  • BAMGEdits
    BAMGEdits Month ago +80

    Wow! It's crazy that Steph is now a Veteran.

  • unreal jdever
    unreal jdever Month ago +1

    Who’s been a Fan of HoH Before 2019?😍
    👇🏼𝙗𝙩𝙬 𝙜𝙞𝙛𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙢𝙮 𝙣𝙚𝙭𝙩 13 𝘼𝙘𝙩𝙞𝙫𝙚 𝙎𝙪ß𝙨 💫
    🎁With Notifications🎁

  • perky
    perky Month ago

    Imagine giving a fuck about this nigga.