Why Presidential Candidate Seth Moulton Revealed His PTSD (HBO)

  • Published on Jun 6, 2019
  • You’ve probably never heard of Rep. Seth Moulton, the 20th candidate to enter the presidential race. VICE News spent 48 hours with him.
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Comments • 156

  • Alexander Wallgren
    Alexander Wallgren 4 months ago

    Next time you run I'll be there to back you up.....all the way from California. - SGT. W (Retired), US Army, Infantry, OIF I, III, V

  • Erika fournier-mcgarry
    Erika fournier-mcgarry 4 months ago

    i think the claps were similar to awkward laughs..

  • Erika fournier-mcgarry
    Erika fournier-mcgarry 4 months ago

    vice get your bernie game on, its disappointing you haven't covered the plan he wrote out about what he would do with the green new deal and explained this to others yet. its a pretty big thing that could make alot of differences . how many ppl on the left want aleader who talks about hurting innocent ppl of war ...and why it get so many claps?

  • ZT On The Beat
    ZT On The Beat 6 months ago

    "I ordered solidiers to kill a child's family and left him alone to die. This was so traumatic for me" - this idiot

  • clinton kenawell
    clinton kenawell 7 months ago

    Who has enough time! I.E. money to protest? I’m sorry but any person that is available to make a protest is not the actual American people.
    I’m sorry but I must work 50 to 60 hrs a week to pay my rent!!! Not my mortgage my rent!

    I’m the average American. I have no trust in any of these candidates. I never have! This is real life. Real Americans have no time to even think about politics!!!

    We as a country need to re think what we actually want.
    Is it a hard right wing of only employee Americans. No! I believe that’s silly on many platforms.
    Truth be it that Americans should realize we are the greatest melting pot ever made.

    Let’s learn to enjoy are diversity point blank.

    • Bryansk Scion
      Bryansk Scion 7 months ago

      I'm not exactly sure where you are going with this. Of course most people don't have enough time in their lives to thoroughly research every topic and see everything in the news feed. When they hear about something they typically have to go with their gut and try to trust that source. Most people don't have time to protest either however sometimes people are dishonest of how much free time they really have.
      Many studies say that the average American watches about 3 hours of television every day and that time is switching over to spending 3 or 4 hours on the internet every day just on recreation.
      Some people believe that they have no other choice but to protest and speak out against topics that directly affect their lives. For example farmers that are suffering financially because of this tariff war, parents that lost their child overseas or workers worried that their company is about to fold could very likely protest as is their right.

  • 48162342
    48162342 7 months ago +1


  • dictatorofneptune
    dictatorofneptune 7 months ago

    Pretty dope plateform of running war crimes. The fact that people can normalize and cheer child killing is disgusting.

  • sabin97
    sabin97 7 months ago +1

    funny how people are NOW indignant.....
    but you glorify your thugs as if they were heroes.
    usa soldiers have ALWAYS been thugs.
    YOU celebrate them.
    YOU motivate them to keep butchering brown men women and children in the middle east.
    you keep honoring thugs.
    this one is on you.

  • pedro almeida
    pedro almeida 7 months ago +8

    He is a disgusting human being. Trying to garner sympathy for killing an innocent civilian couple, hurting their 5 year old child and then
    leaving that same 5 year old child to die in excruciating pain. The US military created a war that killed between 100 thousand to 1 million Iraqis. There weren't any WMD's, our government lied. We were the invaders and we should be ashamed of what we've done.
    He didn't even try to put himself on that little boy's shoes, the whole time he told the story it was about how that made him feel.
    Quite psychopathic behavior.

  • lilyusi
    lilyusi 7 months ago +6

    Unbelievable. He tells the story of the little boy to say something about how he justified his crimes to himself. The best political move would have been to explain why WARS are bad for this country as it forces Americans to do acts that lead to immense guilt and PTSD. I would be ashamed to be an American if a War Criminal ever got elected again. There are so many other veterans that went out of there way to protect innocent lives. If we want a veteran in the White House we should look elsewhere.

  • Hobo Boat Man
    Hobo Boat Man 7 months ago +23

    Brother Moulton, "I killed a family and left a child to die".

  • Dikianify
    Dikianify 7 months ago +16

    Why couldnt he have picked him up while they drove by? How did they know the bus had insurgents? How could this act of cruelty be the right decision?

  • Brandon Cawley
    Brandon Cawley 7 months ago +18

    lol i how this would sink *ANYONE* literally, in a sane world, but unfortunately👀....

  • Gregg W. Giddens
    Gregg W. Giddens 7 months ago

    This guy is a scum
    Listen to him... Really listen to him. He learned nothing from the murder of that kid and his family and gets applauded. It was a political stunt and if you listen to all he says, it's about me me me!
    I'm stunned that many of you can't see through this.
    He practiced this story in the mirror... Oh "drive around him".
    If he had done it and learned from it I'd like him... But I don't buy for a second that he wanted to stop.
    This is disturbing to me and likely the signs of a sociopath. I'd be very curious to find out what other war crimes he was involved in.
    Leaving that boy murdered that boy, very clearly.
    And he says he isn't speaking of it for political gain... Of course he is! Hoping for a spike in the polls.
    Disturbing man... He learned nothing from his actions and the actions of Bush and Chaney invading a country that did not attack us.
    I hope some of you can see through him

  • J S1974
    J S1974 7 months ago +52

    is he running on a platform of war crimes? unjustified war and he just "did his job"... thanks but no thanks.. next..

    • Patrick Mike
      Patrick Mike 7 months ago +3

      J S1974 That would be one thing if he told that story and then said, and that’s why I devoted myself to ending regime change wars but no he actually wants to expand the military.
      He orphaned a boy they injured and left him for dead so they could continue on with an illegal war

  • Jacob Bey
    Jacob Bey 7 months ago

    lets go.

  • Incorrigible Panda
    Incorrigible Panda 7 months ago +19

    The more I see if the dem candidates, the more I think Trump really will get reelected. These candidates are like watching paint dry while eating slightly stale bread.

    • Ej MoreG
      Ej MoreG 7 months ago

      I think you're actually eating dry paint while watching bread turn stale.
      (Lead paint chips that is).

    • Patrick Frey
      Patrick Frey 7 months ago


  • Taylor Craig Newbold
    Taylor Craig Newbold 7 months ago +1

    I remember him before he got elected he was interviewed for "No End In Sight". Really admired him then and still do.

  • Nes232
    Nes232 7 months ago

    Take all the old people and put people like this in office. Is that simple. Joe Biden is making mad bread for just sticking his finger up his butt. People like him, with the experiences he had, would try to made up for his mistakes.

  • Tom H.
    Tom H. 7 months ago

    Seth's candidacy will depend on the failure of other candidates. Biden just had a melt down over abortion funding. There is a real chance that Seth will end up being the most electable Democrat.

  • Michael Bellinger
    Michael Bellinger 7 months ago

    What your national security doctrine is? And what is the biggest national security threat is? I was waiting for answers.

  • fkktp 600
    fkktp 600 7 months ago +3

    nice guy but #Yang2020

  • Jo Shmo
    Jo Shmo 7 months ago +3


  • M Mlas
    M Mlas 7 months ago +20

    He’s a nice guy. He won’t win the nomination, but he should be considered for a cabinet post. Maybe Veteran affairs.

    • Gregg W. Giddens
      Gregg W. Giddens 7 months ago +5

      Are u insane? Do you, like him, not realize the moral of the story. Instead of realizing what he did and feeling regret for it or learning from it, his first thought was that "it was the right thing to do" to leave the boy
      He clearly learned nothing and despite his saying that its not political, he absolutely did this to get himself a spike in the polls.
      It's so clear and obvious what he is all about... Nice guy my Ass. What other war crimes did he committ

  • Sebastian Tews
    Sebastian Tews 7 months ago +3

    I like this guy he should be our next president

  • The_SaVage
    The_SaVage 7 months ago +3

    He will never be president because hes way too honest

  • Tecpaocelotl Castillo
    Tecpaocelotl Castillo 7 months ago +9

    Wow on the story. Just wow. Not sure what I would have done.

    • Mohssen Kassir
      Mohssen Kassir 7 months ago +7

      This man left a child to die so he can continue fighting for Empire's sake. Nothing we did in Iraq was noble.

    • MrCadronboy
      MrCadronboy 7 months ago +10

      @Andrea Kae No shit, what kind of warped person uses this for political gain. "I made the right decision" No dude you're still making the wrong one. How about using your seat to help stop these F up wars

    • Andrea Kae
      Andrea Kae 7 months ago +12

      Normal people would leave the military and speak out on the atrocities committed by the US. Seth on the other hand uses it for political brownie points.

  • B GerK
    B GerK 7 months ago +1

    Name on the screen said Rep. 🤔

  • Melissa H
    Melissa H 7 months ago

    Who? I follow politics and who?

  • Cassie Stephenson
    Cassie Stephenson 7 months ago +15

    Who the hell is this? Put Bernie on.

  • Olin
    Olin 7 months ago +1

    I know she is from the UK, but I wish Vice has Charlet Duboc did more of these profile pieces. All the Americans on Vice are so whiney, and kinda condescending

  • Jeff H :
    Jeff H : 7 months ago

    Moulton joined the presidential race mostly for mostly selfish reasons. Thats the only reason to throw your name in at this point. Convince me otherwise

    • Devin Whitebear
      Devin Whitebear 7 months ago +2

      So anyone throwing themselves out there for publicity, is doing it for "selfish" reasons wow your logic is retarded, want to give me a reason why you think that is true.

  • Chris Hoang
    Chris Hoang 7 months ago +13

    still #YangGang over here

  • Mr Raccoon
    Mr Raccoon 7 months ago

    The Vice chick is hot 👌

  • Maria Gonzalez
    Maria Gonzalez 7 months ago +1

    Never heard of him and don't care

  • Saavycupcake
    Saavycupcake 7 months ago +8

    I can’t imagine having been responsible for something negative.. he did do ‘the right thing’ in war terms. I have ptsd and I have big anger and wish bad on many who caused my traumas. I can’t imagine a little boy’s memory haunting me. Tough stuff.

    • pedro almeida
      pedro almeida 7 months ago

      ''I can’t imagine having been responsible for something negative''
      So you're not so much worried about the suffering that family went trough as much as you are for that evil act being attributed to you. That's the problem. He is not a victim, he is the perpetrator. Imagine hearing the 9/11 terrorists telling how sad they were for killing all those innocent people. No, you don't deserve any sympathy.

  • Fabian Reijnen
    Fabian Reijnen 7 months ago

    Great video, it’s the most important thing to talk about our mental health to others. Really inspiring dude!

  • Arnold Davis
    Arnold Davis 7 months ago +4

    He has issues

  • la mexicana
    la mexicana 7 months ago +1

    Trump is the worst president of United States !Fire him he is useless !

  • gillian owens
    gillian owens 7 months ago

    He safety the boy life

  • gillian owens
    gillian owens 7 months ago +1

    Voteeeee Seth a a great person

  • gillian owens
    gillian owens 7 months ago

    Still dragners to Iraq funk trump bad peolple in the world put women

  • WJ Grobbelaar
    WJ Grobbelaar 7 months ago +1

    How do you trust someone that only drinks three cups of coffee a week?

  • Radical Greek Durden
    Radical Greek Durden 7 months ago +11

    If he doesn't support Israel I would vote for him.

  • macpony2571780
    macpony2571780 7 months ago +13

    He's a straight, white, male veteran and that's a no no to the DNC and their goons.

  • Gretashatner
    Gretashatner 7 months ago +54

    Only in America will a veteran with 3 Harvard degrees would never have a shot against a draft dodging B-list reality TV star. His biggest obstacle....the people that proport to be pro-military.... We live in an idiocracy. The only thing close to combat Trump experienced was an appearance on a WWE match. If you voted trump, you're a shame on our country.

    • BigT 99
      BigT 99 7 months ago

      Not a Trump supporter but how the hell do you watch a clip of someone admitting to essentially killing a 5 year old boy and take from that a feeling of wanting to vote for him

    • Isaac Dolores
      Isaac Dolores 7 months ago

      So you want a the war criminal who authorizes war crimes (trump) to be replaced by the war criminal on the ground who committed the war crimes? Wtf has gone wrong with this country? Illegal war, should have never been there. But good for him i guess for not saving a child that he had a part in killing

    • MrCadronboy
      MrCadronboy 7 months ago +1

      Only in America will an audience applauded a story of a war crime. No matter how much you dislike Trump, Moultons story is not one to be applauded. If he truly regretted he's experiences there then he should be doing everything in his power to stop these illegal regime change wars that kill 100's of thousands of people and not be using it to score political points.

    • Gustapo Gomez
      Gustapo Gomez 7 months ago +1

      Orange Man Bad pretty ignorant comment. Not even witty if you thought that was funny it just highlights ignorance

    • daeman Jesus Christ2
      daeman Jesus Christ2 7 months ago +3

      @Maria Gonzalez thats just what you cons are told to believe..u ppl are the antichrist

  • Zizi Mugen
    Zizi Mugen 7 months ago +6

    Wow, way to start the video. A groaning tone while saying, “another Democrat that you’ve never heard of,” is absolutely gold. Yes, insult him for not having name recognition. The only Americans allowed to be politicians or the president are people whose names are widely known, just because of their names, not on policy. Goddamn vice, tell your journalists to go back to take an intro course on rhetoric analysis. I’m a geologist and took that writing class. It’s critical for journalists to understand rhetoric when they consume and produce it. The rhetoric of the first 15 seconds of this video is bullshit.

    • ScreechingBlueHairFeminist
      ScreechingBlueHairFeminist 7 months ago

      +Zizi Mugen Yeah about 10 years ago they did.... now they are buzzfeed 2.0

    • Zizi Mugen
      Zizi Mugen 7 months ago

      ScreechingBlueHairFeminist they used to have integrity.

    • ScreechingBlueHairFeminist
      ScreechingBlueHairFeminist 7 months ago +1

      This is "Vice News" ... and you were expecting journalistic integrity and objectivity?

  • Zizi Mugen
    Zizi Mugen 7 months ago +9

    Wow, way to start the video. A groaning tone while saying, “another Democrat that you’ve never heard of,” is absolutely gold. Yes, insult him for not having name recognition. The only Americans allowed to be politicians or the president are people whose names are widely known, just because of their names, not on policy. Goddamn vice, tell your journalists to go back to take an intro course on rhetoric analysis. I’m a geologist and took that writing class. It’s critical for journalists to understand rhetoric when they consume and produce it. The rhetoric of the first 15 seconds of this video is bullshit.

    • bob thornton
      bob thornton 7 months ago

      @Zizi Mugen Yes I'm bringing up the rest of the video because you are making a claim about a video's rhetoric and its possible side effects without taking the rest of the video into account.

      That's like me taking one of the first scenes of the movie Blazing Saddles where they say the N word repeatedly and concluding that the movie based on racist ideology. It's almost as if the rest of the movie changes that.

      These journalists understand more about rhetoric analysis than you. I'd stake my life on it. You're making something out of nothing. There is no issue with this one particular phrase most likely regarding the over population of the Democratic Primaries. Can you explain to me why it's an insult as opposed to the explanation I just gave?

    • Zizi Mugen
      Zizi Mugen 7 months ago

      @bob thornton I wasn't the one who addressed the content after the intro. You're applying what I said to things beyond what I defined.
      That's on you.

    • bob thornton
      bob thornton 7 months ago

      @Zizi Mugen Fam, the video STARTS with the negative tone but they then justify why you should know about the guy. Hell, I don't even know if you can make a claim that those choice of words is demeaning or dismissive at all instead of it just referencing how over crowded the Democratic Primaries are rn. Shit, look at the comments. Most people are reacting positively to this story and this guy. How can you claim that they did him a disservice when it cultivated more of a following for the guy?

    • Zizi Mugen
      Zizi Mugen 7 months ago

      Did you miss the whole bit about rhetoric analysis and the negative tone? It's in the thread, pretty close to the top. You even replied to it, if you recall.

    • bob thornton
      bob thornton 7 months ago

      @Zizi Mugen Yeah I understand how that happens, I just don't see it happening here.

  • Ben
    Ben 7 months ago +2

    He’s my favorite candidate. I don’t like his stance on gun rights, but I wish him and Tulsi were the front runners. They’re the best for our future as a nation. Look up Service Year Alliance. He’s a board member and it’s a great plan for the nation!

  • Dixie Flatline
    Dixie Flatline 7 months ago +6

    lol "not all of them were" none of them were buddy, you committed genocide

  • shner elmo
    shner elmo 7 months ago +3


  • Baby Yoda
    Baby Yoda 7 months ago +1

    Seems like a good fella,DNC won’t let that happen

  • Noki Kwan
    Noki Kwan 7 months ago +13

    not even promising free money how can you compete

  • N. K.
    N. K. 7 months ago +2

    How did he know that the boy was exactly 5 years old?

    • Thomas Sencindiver
      Thomas Sencindiver 7 months ago +2

      He didn't it's a guess you dingbat. If you see a young child you can give an estimation as to how old he or she is. Not really that difficult. Seem slike you're trying to poke holes in something just to annoy or troll someone.

  • Made In Poverty
    Made In Poverty 7 months ago +2

    Trump 2020

    • Rich Hall
      Rich Hall 7 months ago +1

      @Made In Poverty no I do not hate success. Iworked hard to be comfortable.You missed the point. Trump has always lived a privlaged life.He has no concept of the stuuggling working man.

    • Made In Poverty
      Made In Poverty 7 months ago

      Rich Hall oh I get it. You hate success because you’re a failure an expect the government to make up for with welfare

    • Rich Hall
      Rich Hall 7 months ago

      @Made In Poverty no he grew up being driven to private school in the back of a limo. His family servant making his bed ,grocery shopping house cleaning andlaundry. He has no idea how normal americans live

    • Made In Poverty
      Made In Poverty 7 months ago

      Rich Hall so he didn’t grow up depending on free stuff. Neither did I. That’s how I built my life up. More opportunities awaits.

    • Rich Hall
      Rich Hall 7 months ago +1

      trump has always lived in an ivory tower...he cant relate to our lives

  • 4tech69
    4tech69 7 months ago

    Because he can use it as a tool. "I lead troops in combat." No you didn't. You killed people, on foreign soil for American imperialism. Nothing more. You're anti-hero. You're anti-warrior. You're pathetic.

  • Boondocker
    Boondocker 7 months ago

    You need more than PTSD to qualify to be Prez. Only the dead have seen the end of PTSD.

    • Hardheaded Jarhead
      Hardheaded Jarhead 7 months ago

      Boondocker only the dead have seen the end of war

  • felixvelo
    felixvelo 7 months ago +5

    With a field of over 20 plus candidates, he has to do things like tell that story to stand out. This still won't be enough to win the election.

  • HamStringTheory
    HamStringTheory 7 months ago +1

    I usually vote dem but i would vote for this man.

    • Virtusetviti
      Virtusetviti 7 months ago +1

      @Damien Walz be nice bro

    • Damien Walz
      Damien Walz 7 months ago +7

      HamStringTheory he is a dem you dip shit

  • BornA HawkEye
    BornA HawkEye 7 months ago +1

    Everybody needs that label and in the Democratic party you have to be labeled.. tale of segregation sectioning people off not being tolerant of other people's perspectives on life continuously being violent causing violence at protest..