Restoration - The Worst VIC-20 I've ever seen - Part 1

  • Published on May 20, 2018
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  • hutch 1346
    hutch 1346 52 minutes ago

    You rinsed the board with a water hose...............wait

  • TheBoyPlays GR
    TheBoyPlays GR 5 hours ago +1

    10:51 I give you a 7.8

  • Reggie Masanque
    Reggie Masanque 5 hours ago

    7:37 if you listen closely you can hear the gta san andreas camera zoom sound

  • Parsa Kishizadeh
    Parsa Kishizadeh 23 hours ago

    Hello my 8-bit guy one question can you just print the keys and missing parts and broken parts or not?

  • grant johnson
    grant johnson 2 days ago

    I don’t know if it’s necessarily ironic but it is funny that you had to use brake cleaner, as it was probably a mechanics.

  • Kevinb1821
    Kevinb1821 3 days ago

    That’s why oil is such a good lubricant in engines. It gets into every nook cranny and crevice.

  • H31MU7
    H31MU7 5 days ago

    That thing looks like it has been in a flood...

  • Flex4249
    Flex4249 6 days ago

    Wait I thought water broke electronics not fix them

    • Kasumi
      Kasumi 3 days ago

      As long as there's no power while the electronics are wet, it won't hurt it. That's why it should be fully dried before adding power unless you want damaged electronics :/

  • radxper videos
    radxper videos 7 days ago

    Wax on wax off

  • Exotech
    Exotech 8 days ago +1

    I think i might know what was going on with all of this oil & corrosion... You see, I know someone who told me that, back in the day, he modded these machines. One of the methods he used to cool the modded parts was to submerge them in mineral oil (!). He showed me pictures of hardware he did that to and they looked exactly like this Board & RF-shield. I'm not sure if this is what happened here, but I thought I'd just tell you, because, as I said, they look exactly like your Vic-20.

  • Kyle 7K
    Kyle 7K 8 days ago

    You need a baking soda blaster for cleaning like this! I think that could have saved a lot of time and there are some small affordable options out there!

  • oraculox
    oraculox 9 days ago

    I can give you an advice about cleanening and whitening plastic covers. Low foam Clothes washing machine soap is great. Leting it soak for a while and then scrubbing. Works great. And if you need extra scrubbing you use powder form of the soap. Also for oil stains... Soak it in oil based engine cleaner... Not alcaline for it corrodes plastic.

  • Brafueng's Gaming
    Brafueng's Gaming 9 days ago


  • rullo69
    rullo69 10 days ago

    Use a sponge with your chemicals to remove unwanted dirt from textured plastic, it help a lot

  • Krusha Krusha
    Krusha Krusha 11 days ago

    Someone submerged it into oily water

  • Krusha Krusha
    Krusha Krusha 11 days ago

    Wow its so satisfying to watch

  • Alex Jeon
    Alex Jeon 12 days ago

    This restoration is AMAZING and all, but here's my biggest question. Why spend all this time and effort trying to restore a Vic 20 that's too far gone when you can easily purchase a nicer one (maybe in working condition) for about $50 on eBay? I understand if a Vic 20 in nice condition went for $500 or something, but nicer examples are out there for cheap.

  • chastedplate 7745
    chastedplate 7745 12 days ago

    Did the seller get this from the bottom of a river

  • Rasmus Lærkeholt Pingel H3 Nygård Skole

    eww this is the most worst VIC-20 I ve have seen but is relly relly groose

  • Joe Owens
    Joe Owens 13 days ago +1

    My mind started worrying how am I going to put this back together when there are so many parts!? Then I remembered I'm not the one doing it.

  • Ethan D
    Ethan D 14 days ago

    Did part 2 ever happen?

  • Wagonman5900
    Wagonman5900 14 days ago

    Just a suggestion for future reference, if you have another computer full of oil, I would try Gunk Original Engine Cleaner. It's for removing oil and dirt much like what was on this.

  • Noscopegmail125
    Noscopegmail125 15 days ago

    Sand paper the case it will turn to it's original color

  • JustANinja
    JustANinja 15 days ago

    well atleast its a mechanical keyboard

  • CamoMatthew27
    CamoMatthew27 15 days ago

    I live in Azle and for some reason I was really happy when I saw it in the map.

  • Dizzykitty817
    Dizzykitty817 15 days ago

    I know I am a year late, but a solution of dish soap and water is a great solution for oil. I would have soaked everything in soapy water first then gone through the rest of your list. At the very least, dish soap and water would have gotten the majority of oil off of everything right off the bat. Also, brake cleaner is probably the scariest thing to use around plastics and rubber.

  • Blake Game
    Blake Game 16 days ago

    This computer is America’s favourite

  • Izzy Jaded
    Izzy Jaded 18 days ago +1

    Your arm hurts from waxing off? Lol great video 👍

  • chromosoze's account
    chromosoze's account 18 days ago +1

    8-bit guy watches rick and morty

  • Keegan Johnson
    Keegan Johnson 18 days ago

    That dark stuff is what we mechanics call varnish. It is nasty nasty stuff, and removing it requires chemicals that would likely harm plastic. No fun!

  • MrTommyboy357
    MrTommyboy357 18 days ago

    Dawn dishwashing soap

  • Tom Kitta
    Tom Kitta 19 days ago

    Use paint stripper and scotch brite... every machine restorer uses that - you would not believe how much cooked on old oil there is on a 70 year old mill.

  • gifufu
    gifufu 19 days ago

    it reminds me modern art

  • Johnnas
    Johnnas 19 days ago

    These videos are so fucking addicting

  • Joachim Tecklenburg
    Joachim Tecklenburg 20 days ago

    I always put dirty plastic parts like these into the dishwasher :)

  • LIvrai- nos
    LIvrai- nos 20 days ago

    What do you usually use to clean the ancient plastic of a computer, calculator etc?

  • James McGovern
    James McGovern 20 days ago

    For black plastic to get a deep black again I’ve seen some people put them in the oven to bake out the oil so it has that dark black again

  • Zombrex 54
    Zombrex 54 21 day ago

    For oil covered things use oven cleaner, that’s what I use!

  • Curtis Johnson
    Curtis Johnson 21 day ago

    Yeah man, metallic dust. Imagine breathing that for 30 years. Never again.

  • JopieHaargel
    JopieHaargel 23 days ago

    I would love to see that RF shield be sandblasted.

  • the potassyum man
    the potassyum man 23 days ago

    When is part 2 coming out

    • coolgamer 6554
      coolgamer 6554 23 days ago

      the potassyum man it’s already out

  • Aidan Pritchett
    Aidan Pritchett 24 days ago

    17:48 anyone else hear that?

  • Aidan Pritchett
    Aidan Pritchett 24 days ago

    17:48 anyone else hear that?

  • Cosma Dog
    Cosma Dog 24 days ago

    Lectramotive is a GOD SEND. I use that $*** on everything. Makes your skin feel weird though.

  • murrij
    murrij 24 days ago

    I used to work in a plant that made French fries. I had some old IBM xt computers that co-existed with the fryer. They would totally end up looking like this. I made the mistake of trying to clean the inside once and it literally seemed that the grease was making connections to the ground plane.

  • minguba
    minguba 24 days ago

    how do you manage to wash the motherboard with water without breaking it?

  • Daniel Bingamon
    Daniel Bingamon 25 days ago +1

    "Soft Scrub" was used a lot to clean dirty computers.

  • Ralph Restubog
    Ralph Restubog 25 days ago

    Ever tried hydrochloric acid?

  • Dom the Bomb
    Dom the Bomb 26 days ago +1

    I'll give you my keyboard and you can restore it!

  • Sven Richter
    Sven Richter 26 days ago

    VIC-20 Resident 7 Edition

  • MeinSofa
    MeinSofa 26 days ago

    Use brake cleaner. It´s work better vor oil.

  • Terry Davenport
    Terry Davenport 27 days ago

    How often do you update your tetanus shots?

  • Galactic Mix
    Galactic Mix 27 days ago

    I ❤️Elecronics

  • Behemog
    Behemog 28 days ago

    How about to have a decent work table with rubbermat? Then use rubber gloves. After that use hot water about 60-70 Celsius, vinegar and alcohol mixture. There is the finnish with dirty plastic parts.

  • Mysterious Stranger
    Mysterious Stranger 28 days ago

    acetone mixed with kerosene.

  • Gibbstronic
    Gibbstronic 29 days ago

    Ah Canton, home of flea markets and high school band competitions.

  • gamer5677
    gamer5677 29 days ago

    wht didny u restor the comidor 64 it was in better condition thand the vic 20

  • TobyFN
    TobyFN 29 days ago

    during the intro he stutter's is he cold or something

  • Fran Doyle
    Fran Doyle Month ago

    The back of the board is fine by the looks like of it

  • Gus Spencer
    Gus Spencer Month ago

    it made a bit of a .... dEnTTTTttT

  • Sunnyifyed
    Sunnyifyed Month ago

    I like computers and your channel and your restoration series #positive comment

  • Fr1day
    Fr1day Month ago +1

    German captions: Hello ant to welcome to the 8 Bit guy

  • Ora nge
    Ora nge Month ago +1

    Any time i see one of these videos with the somber music and dirty cases I always think the computers wouldn't look out of place managing systems in a mad - max post - apocalyptic world.
    Just a thought.

  • mr bad example
    mr bad example Month ago

    i got a Commodore 64 in mint condition :) along with external drive and color ribbon printer.

  • RockWell Aim
    RockWell Aim Month ago

    Gasoline. A quick douse+toothbrush scrub with gasoline (not too much tho') will clean polystyrene in no time at all. You have to clean it off right away but it will remove oil lickety-split. Then you clean it and brite it.

  • Mr Funreal
    Mr Funreal Month ago

    maybe you should've just used sandpaper and carefully sand the entire thing. It brings out the original color and you could even polish it if you want it to look really good, as opposed to "not *as* old"

  • Wolfblades Alpha
    Wolfblades Alpha Month ago

    If he is worn out from 3 hours of scrubbing then he's weak af and has zero muscle on his body

  • Gigas0101
    Gigas0101 Month ago

    I like how often you say "on the bright side". Don't stop doing that, it makes the video feel really optimistic. Thanks for saving this old Commodore!

  • MarkFromSales
    MarkFromSales Month ago

    I like soaking plastics in Simple Green for a couple of hours, works great! Dawn is great too as someone else has mentioned :)

  • Nick
    Nick Month ago

    Looks like it got left in a pond on judgement day.

  • TheChosenOne
    TheChosenOne Month ago

    0:48 He decided to pick it up and see if i would consider trying to restore this thing.
    (laughs nervously)

  • Wiztard
    Wiztard Month ago

    POWER WASHER!!!!!!!!!!!! Also oven cleaner from sams mixed with water. Let it soak over night and all that shit will be gone. So will the labels though so remove those first.

  • Peter Egan
    Peter Egan Month ago

    you should have just used degeaser the a warm detegent bath

  • Lu K.
    Lu K. Month ago

    This is my favorite video I want to see more of these extreme restorations

  • Christopher Bartleson

    If you want to make the plastic black again instead of faded, maybe try using an auto product Meguiar's Ultimate Black or Mothers Back to Black, I think that could do the trick.

  • dustBoxed.isUpNORTH

    10:43 To be honest, I'm sitting here focusing on the birds more than the video itself because the weather is just clearing up out here in Minnesota ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ You lucky Texans!

  • Iliveoffwelfare
    Iliveoffwelfare Month ago

    purple power works lol

  • Greg Schaiberger
    Greg Schaiberger Month ago +4

    Cleaning this computer is a great example of "like dissolves like".

  • Super Cool Minecraft Gamer !

    Lmao his hairline

  • Zook Inthe6ix
    Zook Inthe6ix Month ago

    How much would a sealed never opened vic20 get ? Found one in our basement and was curious

  • Ryan L.
    Ryan L. Month ago

    0:40 Knockoff Wii! (wü)

  • fixxxer3456
    fixxxer3456 Month ago

    You, sir, are very brave for tackling something like this

  • a4000t
    a4000t Month ago

    Mean green from the dollar store works wonders on stuff like this.

  • Wes8761
    Wes8761 Month ago

    Shop dust is this thick shit that is made up of saw dust, metal dust, smoke, fumes, horrible smells, and fine metal from welding, plasma cutting, brazing, cutting torch use, angle or bench grinding.

  • Nick Hardy
    Nick Hardy Month ago

    These old machines had no moving parts , also worked at very low temperatures

  • Nick Hardy
    Nick Hardy Month ago

    The Commodore 64 kicked its ass

  • Hunter's Moon
    Hunter's Moon Month ago

    That thing is nasty - I got 2 VIC 20's for £10 ($13) they are in way better condition than that disgusting thing.

  • W h I T e R a 3 3 I T

    This video brings back memories of me cleaning my grandma's toilet. :-(

  • W h I T e R a 3 3 I T

    Me: OK Google. Siri: that's like comparing apples and we'll not apples. Me: :-(

  • Hak Bak
    Hak Bak Month ago +1

    Suprised you didn’t get your door broken down by the US Military while making this

  • GVSolo
    GVSolo Month ago +1

    Have you ever used CLR cleaner for these kind of projects?

  • toasty Knight
    toasty Knight Month ago +1

    I would just dust it of and spray paint it white🤣🤣

  • maschinenraum
    maschinenraum Month ago +1

    btw do you have a discussion forum for discussing a modular 8 bit computer similar to something like the rc2014 z80 backplane?
    i have some ideas, especial regarding compatibility with c64 and atari 2600 etc.

  • maschinenraum
    maschinenraum Month ago

    cif kitchen cleaner and a brush?

  • Nigel Montezuma
    Nigel Montezuma Month ago +2

    You are keeping track of your screws now, right?

  • Niels Hennissen
    Niels Hennissen Month ago

    I wonder if sand paper would've worked on that corrosion on the plastic

  • Saxlord 69
    Saxlord 69 Month ago

    "Don't want this thing touching any of my towels" Paper towels work wonders.

  • John Miller
    John Miller Month ago

    There's an old saying in chemistry: "Like dissolves like." In other words, things that are chemically similar tend to dissolve in each other. WD-40, being made up of a lightweight hydrocarbon solvent and a lubricating oil, is actually a really good tool for the job here. It might run counter to our intuition, but the world doesn't always behave according to that!

    Something I'd like to see you try in your next side-by-side Retrobrite experiment is Gojo hand cleaner. It contains pumice, which might make it a good choice for this sort of thing.

  • Pucks Corner
    Pucks Corner Month ago

    It looks like it survived nuclear war

  • Andy B
    Andy B Month ago

    I never got past the first 10 seconds of the video.
    There's just something so relentlessly cheerful and optimistic about that little intro tune!
    I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with the restoration at all. I was just so caught up in the cheery little tune that I never got that far!