Restoration - The Worst VIC-20 I've ever seen - Part 1

  • Published on May 20, 2018
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  • WeeWDiedrich
    WeeWDiedrich Day ago

    Bad time to be eating

  • Liftsky
    Liftsky Day ago

    Is it just me or does it look like when he got the VIC-20 it was camouflage?

  • swosho
    swosho 2 days ago

    N E X T , I T R I E D A L C O H O L

  • Nite Hawk
    Nite Hawk 4 days ago

    i dumped a mint one with disk drive+2 quickshot turbo to garbage 15 years ago.

  • The Curseless Gamer
    The Curseless Gamer 5 days ago

    Jesus 3.1 million views video mentions my town, crap.

  • ArchLinuxTux
    ArchLinuxTux 7 days ago

    Grate vid. Can the C64 keys be remapapped to something Like Programmers Dvorak or are we stuck with Englisg'US?

  • Donovan clark
    Donovan clark 8 days ago

    can you 3d print the key parts?

  • Bailey Brown
    Bailey Brown 9 days ago

    I see you are big brain from that Rick and Morty shirt

  • Not Available
    Not Available 10 days ago +1

    Why not simple green?

  • s34nVideos
    s34nVideos 13 days ago +1

    Pure acetone will take it off no problem. $16 a gallon at wal-mart. I wouldn't use it on the outside though, it tends to leave a little foggy smearing look on plastic. Nail polish remover works with less abrasion but doesn't work as well as acetone. Hope it helps for a next time!

  • Andrew Tornadoboy
    Andrew Tornadoboy 13 days ago

    I've watched both these videos several times now, this is just such an epic restore!

  • Dt lore
    Dt lore 14 days ago

    Why you dont use gloves?????!!!!!!

  • JorgesVeryOwnChannel
    JorgesVeryOwnChannel 15 days ago

    tfw you're in a warzone and you pull out you VIC-20 to do some accounting

  • Alvin Ditya Renata
    Alvin Ditya Renata 15 days ago

    Imagine that your VIC-20 is so dirty, that he made parts about cleaning it

  • Damien Retro
    Damien Retro 17 days ago

    3 million+ views? Damn.

  • n00b
    n00b 17 days ago

    Vinegar and hydrogen peroxide, equal amounts mixed together... just try it. It should easily remove the gunk inside.

  • XxSythexX
    XxSythexX 19 days ago

    The background is kinda nerdy no offense tho

  • Xave Paulus
    Xave Paulus 22 days ago


  • FyreOnix
    FyreOnix 22 days ago +1

    there was more oil on this vic-20 than the entire arabian peninsula

  • Anonymous Entity
    Anonymous Entity 24 days ago +1

    2:53 ew

  • Andrew Ballard
    Andrew Ballard 26 days ago

    Conformal coating ^__^

  • RightWing King
    RightWing King 26 days ago

    should of used bleach to clean it

  • Gavin EXE
    Gavin EXE 28 days ago

    pretty much the best meme source is this comment section

  • Aleksander Saski
    Aleksander Saski 29 days ago

    You could try to restore the color of plastics by heating it.

  • mohider khana
    mohider khana Month ago

    Confucius says: Man who use Brakekleener on chips destroys the chips and their Motherboard

  • Liftsky
    Liftsky Month ago

    Is it just me, or does it look camo before The 8 Bit Guy restores it?

  • Andrew M
    Andrew M Month ago

    I’m surprised you didn’t wear a hazmat suit while cleaning it.

  • DJGahann
    DJGahann Month ago

    Labour of love indeed, love your videos!

  • Mate X
    Mate X Month ago

    I restored my dads commodre 64 and im 18 years old but i even know the basics to use the commodre basic i dont know to program yet tho

  • Ya Grandad Pc gaming

    Brake cleaner is the answer to everything. Even removing polish from your van.

  • kaiokendo
    kaiokendo Month ago

    Is a miracle that you didnt find a hive or a chestburster here

  • Drazen Graves
    Drazen Graves Month ago

    Looks like it was a machine shop computer

  • Paul Freeman
    Paul Freeman Month ago

    My favourite restoration video! How you got it to work again is genius.

  • Guianosic M
    Guianosic M Month ago

    3:57 pewds when he entered water sheep's cell

  • Guianosic M
    Guianosic M Month ago

    0:58 my mom when she gave birth to me

  • Kevin Cozens
    Kevin Cozens Month ago

    Kudos to you for attempting to ressurect this computer. That thing looked so nasty at the beginning I wouldn't have gone anywhere near it.

  • Anfinn Danielsen
    Anfinn Danielsen Month ago

    Nest time use Silicon remover it removes all oil,grease and so on ;)

  • Ayden Stockham
    Ayden Stockham Month ago

    Can you help me with my vic 20, mine is one of the original 1981 models and when I plug it into the tv it does nothing exept for make some static on the tv

  • CANALE cancellato
    CANALE cancellato Month ago

    You are the superman of commodore,apple,keyboard

    OLD TECH Month ago

    Do not be afraid Koshtanka :-)

  • megalup Player
    megalup Player Month ago

    The VIC-20 is look like was made with stone

  • Joshua Renoe
    Joshua Renoe Month ago

    Formula 409 on grease every time ;)

  • linandy1
    linandy1 Month ago +1

    I left a Kaypro outside in my dads over grown garden for years and years.... I wonder what it looks like 20 years later?

  • New_IndieGame_Developer

    2:15 - I saw that cut :p

  • OutmatchedOutlaw
    OutmatchedOutlaw Month ago

    A wire brush and a drill would have been perfect for that corrosion

  • asphixmx
    asphixmx Month ago

    Watching all that oil on the machine made me laugh...really loud !

  • Roberto Perez
    Roberto Perez Month ago

    Cool stuff totally like old vintage computers

  • Guy Tero
    Guy Tero Month ago +2

    Don't ever use mag wheel cleaner as it contains caustic soda which eats the metals of the motherboard. Not good for electronics. And never use water for the same reason. My advice would be to soak the entire motherboard in benzine as it's totally inert. It dries very fast and won't damage the electronics. If that doesn't do the trick use automotive spray carb cleaner as the oil and dirt will just spray off instantly, without any rubbing. Then rinse the residue off with benzine.
    By the way, if you ever drop your cellphone in water, put your entire phone into a jar/flask of benzine, shake it around and take it out to dry which only takes a few minutes. I've never lost a cellphone that way, but using water or caustic soda on any electronic circuit is asking for trouble. I hope you found this useful.

  • J M
    J M Month ago

    Try "back to black" on any discolored black plastic pieces, works great on automotive trim.

  • cclaseman008
    cclaseman008 Month ago

    You should have worn a hazmat suit before you touched that vic 20!!!!

  • smsuikup
    smsuikup Month ago

    "Hello, and welcome back to the Epic Guy..."

  • shadymaint1
    shadymaint1 Month ago

    Put it in the dishwasher

  • Zelda
    Zelda Month ago

    Man, i love this channel so much!

  • Always Bolt the Bird

    Hosing off a motherboard always makes me cringe. I know you can but it always seems wrong

  • Chris Mayer
    Chris Mayer Month ago

    WHOA! Was that thing in a fire?

  • Josip Miller
    Josip Miller Month ago

    WD and petrol are actually excellent degreasers. Many mechanics use petrol to degrease machine parts.

  • Stephen Low
    Stephen Low Month ago

    My work history in IT included a 40 ft shipping container converted into an office with 8 guys sitting at phones selling stuff. They all chain-smoked cigars. You would not believe the green/yellow glug that accumulated in the Wyse 60 terminals, the keyboards and in the server. Collecting gear there meant a bit of a race to minimize my time in there.

  • LyuboA
    LyuboA Month ago

    I was working in a Fab as IT and the PCs used on the underground floor where they were cutting aluminum and other metal for the making of robots used for in Chip Fabs the PCs there were all covered with some oil and metal pieces and there was No way in hell you can clean that i usually would replace every PC atleast once or twice a year was awful working on those machines

  • HapFreeman
    HapFreeman Month ago

    I was wondering why don't you use a pressure washer to get rid of most of the dirt? I'm sure that would be a lot less time consuming than rubbing baking soda.

  • SuperCookieGaming
    SuperCookieGaming Month ago +1

    it looks like some pour a bunch of used motor oil over it