Binging with Babish: World's Greatest Sandwich from Spanglish

Spanglish, the movie your aunt refers to as a "must-watch!", is home to a Thomas Keller-inspired creation known around the internet as "The World's Greatest Sandwich". Can such familiar ingredients earn such a prestigious moniker? Let's find out, and let's take it one step further: by baking our own rustic country loaf to act as the "bread" for our creation. Recipe below!

Music: "Cream on Chrome" by Ratatat




1c room temperature wtaer
1/2 tsp instant yeast
5.5 oz bread flour
5 oz whole wheat flour
19.25 oz bread flour
2.75 oz rye flour
1 1/3c room temperature water
2 tbsp honey
2 tsp salt


In the bowl of a stand mixer, make a sponge - combine water and yeast until dissolved. Add first two flours and roughly mix, until a tight dough forms. Cover and let rest ferment at room temperature for at least 6 hours, preferably overnight.

Add remaining flours, water, and honey to the sponge, and mix until combined. Attach dough hook to stand mixer, and knead on low speed for 15 minutes, until dough is loose and sticky. Add salt during last 3 minutes of mixing. Remove from bowl, place in a large oiled tub, cover with plastic wrap and let rise for 2 hours, until tripled in size.

Preheat oven to 450F, with a pizza stone on the middle rack, and a metal pan you don't care about on the rack below. On a well-floured work surface, turn out dough. Fold four corners into the center of the dough, and place in a cheese-cloth lined colander or banneton, and let rise for 45 minutes, or until almost doubled in size. Invert onto a pizza peel lined with parchment paper. Bring two cups of water to a boil. Just before placing in the oven, slash the dough and spray the surface with water from a spray bottle. Slide onto the pizza stone, and pour boiling water into the preheated pan below, closing the oven door immediately. Bake for 35-45 minutes, turning halfway through if not browning evenly - remove from oven when internal temperature registers 210F. Let rest a minimum of 2 hours before slicing.

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Автор John Doe ( назад)
those 92 people who disliked are the people who were trying to reach in to the screen trying to get the sandwich out of it but couldn't get it

Автор Jean David Yeah ( назад)
La fin du monde!! Ma bière préférée

Автор John Franco ( назад)
I love Sunnyside up eggs they are the best on everything or alone with a piece of toast to sop up all the yolk!!!!

Автор Malcolm Ekman ( назад)
YOOO do u live in montreal? u have that la find u monde and my jaw dropped

Автор Major Pain ( назад)
Glad to see another fan of Unibroue

Автор NICOMAKI DOTA 2 ( назад)
First video I watch of you, sees a Yamazaki behind. Subbed

Автор Marine Girl ( назад)
Couldn't help but watch all these in one true binge. Great inspiration!

Автор thePonies ( назад)
"is it the worlds greatest sandwich?"
*video restarts*

Автор makibamua ( назад)
I used to make this all the time in highschool!

Автор Felix Haimson ( назад)
La fin du Monde is a fantastic beer

Автор Eman Asim ( назад)
Please do the Everything Breakfast from Steven Universe!!

Автор PnTNecrosis ( назад)
"thusly" Either you don't know the meaning of the word, or you are a big fan of Alton Brown. Gotta love some Alton Brown.

Автор DRAMANAGE ( назад)
the smell of freshly made bread is the best thing to exist

Автор Erin Saunders ( назад)
Make creme a la cream a la Edgar. It's in charlottes web and they make it in aristocats😛

Автор S. C ( назад)
Really glad you made this sandwich as I found that sandwich presentation BEST part of whole movie. Left an incredible indelible mental imprint.

Автор rcflem ( назад)
Haha, good choice in beer, too.

It's hard to get La Fin du Monde to keep a head like that!

Автор Epix Wheelz ( назад)
You have a good ASMR voice

Автор Ox Moac ( назад)
definitely one of the worlds best beers!!
when are you going to make the sandwich from the mousetrap movie??

Автор sack943 ( назад)
when he brought in the bottle of or le fin du Mont my eyes glissen like a happy kid looking at his favorite drink my personal favorite beer

Автор Toast + Mel ( назад)
Thank you for doing this :-) Spanglish is my favorite movie.

Автор Dreadlock Unicorn ( назад)
do tasteful forearm tattoos enhance cooking skills?

Автор Eureka60 ( назад)
Ooh, Fin du Monde is a good beer choice

Автор Andrew Miller ( назад)
Just binge watched all of these now I need more...

Автор Little Crow ( назад)
Unibroue?! Instant subscribe

Автор AftershaveDave Fucker ( назад)
I'm pinching a loaf right now

Автор Daft Slice ( назад)
Just found your channel, awesome content.
Tried to think of a movie to give you an idea for a video, the only thing I could think of is the 'gruel' from The Matrix, and when that tastes horrible go ahead and eat a steak after like Cypher.
Hope that helps

Автор LiNERROR ( назад)
fantastic choice in beer.

Автор Jamison Rutledge ( назад)
Randomly found this channel by clicking "trending" by mistake (the jake sandwich video). These videos are great and your voice is calming, subbed.

Автор Chronostasis ( назад)
Nice Quebec beer you got there :)

Автор opelgtman73 ( назад)
I love to cook but who the fuck owns a cheese cloth!?!? lol Love the high level of cooking

Автор Ally J ( назад)
or you know...just buy bread

Автор OMGitzDaTruth ( назад)
Subscribed love the content !

Автор Jimbo Bimbo ( назад)
Une bonne bière du Québec #Unibroue !!

Nice video Chef ! Thanks !

Автор A Quantum Omnibucket ( назад)
This isn't food.... this is art.

Автор Son Goku ( назад)
You have good taste in beer.

Автор Millways ( назад)
Just found your videos, I might have watched them all in a night. Fantastic stuff!

Автор darksteppa darksteppa ( назад)
Man you are killing me with these sandwich videos

Автор Frick Nick ( назад)
wow you deserve all this YouTube revenue you even reply to comments on top of your quality content

Автор Rav123123 ( назад)
The world's greatest sandwich paired with one of the world's greatest beers.

Автор jack junior ( назад)
I did the exact same steps but instead of bacon its Turkey and good lord it was good

Автор Guilder rpg ( назад)
I just found this channel today and I've already burned out most of it's videos. Send help

Автор Shalama_ ( назад)
Just a tip: Buy the bread!

Though as a passionate baker, I salute your commitment.

Автор is da vog ( назад)
i can make that in like 5 minutes with trader joes food and a cast iron skillet.

Автор Marionetta Selvior ( назад)
Hey that's my alarm too😊

Автор Kyrstin Stoneking ( назад)
Waffles from Parks and rec???

Автор Sebastian Michaelis ( назад)
His voise is so calming😫

Автор dawgyv72 ( назад)
I really appreciate you not showing your face.

Автор Core of Focus ( назад)
fuck off and stop making me hungry by clicking on your awesome videos

Автор Inkspot ( назад)
God that looked amazing!

Автор Guilherme Sousa ( назад)
Man you're the freshness I needed I love your videos!

Автор Jordan Berglund ( назад)
I just saw the post on reddit and now I'm spending my Saturday morning binge watching your videos. Prime stuff, man. Keep it up.

Автор marlee mae ( назад)
ugh I'm so addicted!!!

Автор Todd Stoothoff ( назад)
great choice with La Fin du Monde

Автор Albert Plattey ( назад)
Man, I've found a way to astonish my friends again and again with your channel! And a real good choice about the beer you serve with that marvel (ah, belgian and north of france beers... A delight!). You won another subscriber!

Автор Marcus Sun ( назад)
You've finally taught me how to make bread that's not too dense or too crumbly. Also, great editing!

Автор CHONCHINATOR.9000 ( назад)
okay, I'm gonna add this dude to my shrine collection along with drake bell and timtom

Автор Lets fuckin rage ( назад)
I wake up to this channel ! And today was no disappointment !! I want to make one one these sandwiches !! But with store bought bread lol it look time consuming to make bread

Автор Raffael Fassler ( назад)
No movie clip this time? :(

Автор manufn732 ( назад)
La Fin Fu Monde!!! 🍺 U a OG!

Автор Patrick ( назад)
That bread looks top notch!

Автор The Point ( назад)
why do I feel like this guy and the one from ysak know each other ?

Автор Keven Rousseau ( назад)
Where are you from drinking a Fin du monde? Is it available outside Canada?

Автор Permadrunkk ( назад)
Hey man, fan of your videos. Don't forget salt in the dough after the sponge rises. 2% or ~17g

Автор Justin Maranon ( назад)
I saw his face

Автор OhMyPulse ( назад)
Stop putting the same music in every single one of your videos its so fucking retarded

Автор Vinny H. ( назад)
Can some peeps here recommend some cooking shows like this one or You Suck at Cooking that is worth watching?

Автор Jesper Jansson ( назад)
These videos is currently a big highlight in my everyday! Can't get enough :D thanks for great and delicious food! Made the pasta Aglio e Olio from Chef and omg - amazing!

Автор Brian St Louis ( назад)
big ups pour la fin du monde xo

Автор G0lden45 ( назад)
This channel is awesome

Автор Laurie Rosendahl ( назад)
Beautiful bread making! Mine never looks that good. Much food porn. 😄

Автор Ben L ( назад)
Okay, fine! I've subscribed and I'm hungry. Not in that order.

Автор Samantha Gonzalez ( назад)
When I first watched Spanglish with my family we all drooled over this sandwich. Pretty much the highlight of the movie - I don't recall anything else about the movie. My dad made his interpretation of this sandwich and now I make this sandwich at least once a month if not more. I'll need to try this 12 hour version. This sandwich IS definitely worth it.

Автор evil dogger 101 ( назад)
I love watching these videos and knowing i will never do this in my life

Автор Shawouin ( назад)
What's better than the world's greatest beer to go with the world's greatest sandwich!!

Now I can die!

Автор shecanreadd ( назад)
"Let's check out the crumb structure of our bread -- Looking good." No. That bacon looks good. The crumb structure of the bread you so lovingly created looks astounding! It's perfect! Though I appreciate your subdued gratitude for all of the beautiful and delicious-looking things that you create!

Автор Aphillz ( назад)
La Fin Du Monde Nice!

Автор Stephanie Peña ( назад)
please...marry me

Автор Sets ( назад)
'Gotta get up super early if you wanna eat this the same day' ... 'Leave to rest for 5 to 16 hours'

Aka, a more appropriate period of time named overnight.

Автор Stefane Morin ( назад)
Québec beer! Represent!

Автор Joshua Greenberg ( назад)
Excuse me but a proper sandwich takes at least 6 months to make

Автор Joshua Zimmerman ( назад)
The recipe for this sandwich is actually in the special features of the DVD. They did a whole featurette about it for some reason.

Автор dietlamp ( назад)
Eat Drink Man Woman opening scene. Please

Автор Trevor C ( назад)
Haha that's one of my favorite beers 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Автор Richard Rhodes ( назад)
I'm always happy with every episode because Ratatat is playing.

Автор Thatkawaii Cinnamonroll ( назад)
Make something from"Chef"

Автор Lord Mordekaiser ( назад)
Food porn at its best. This is an amazing looking sandwich !

Автор A Moskoff ( назад)
La Fin du Monde, great choice!

Автор Quintin Casl ( назад)
Love the beer choice.

Автор Joyce Byers ( назад)

Автор Cameron Johnson ( назад)
Haha i love the dry humor in your videos, Plus i love culinary content, Definitely subbing and recommending to my friends.

Автор Solopsystem ( назад)

Автор collinjs99 ( назад)
S/O to you Andrew for enjoying this lushish sandwich with one of Quebec's finest brew

Автор you tube ( назад)

Автор ♡venuz_babi♡ ( назад)
Oh no! I've decided I love this channel only to find out that I might go LONG PERIODS of time without getting a new video :(

Автор Zachary Nixon ( назад)
One of the strangest bread methods I've ever seen

Автор wyattswooten ( назад)
Next time I ask my girl to make me a samich imma have to wait 12 hours for it, now that she has watched this. Great video though!

Автор Daniel Nguyen ( назад)
I cringed when I heard that alarm sound, as it is the one I use to wake up for school.

Автор ben b ( назад)

Автор Felipe • ( назад)
I blindly like every video with ratatat

Автор Calugrey ( назад)
you and YSAC should become friends :)

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