Flinch w/ Blackpink

  • Published on Apr 19, 2019
  • James asks the women of South Korean pop group Blackpink to play a game of Flinch, testing their nerves of steel. Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa each take turns standing behind a slate of plexiglass and must remain still as various fruits are fired at them at high rates of speed.
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  • Бурул Мукамбетова


  • Sajid Ahmed
    Sajid Ahmed 3 hours ago

    Jennie outfit is weird

  • Gabby G
    Gabby G 9 hours ago

    3:44 BRO WHY DID *I FLINCH???*

  • Filip Marinkovic
    Filip Marinkovic 10 hours ago

    "I'm not scary"
    Love how people knew what she meant

  • Julieta Rodriguez
    Julieta Rodriguez 10 hours ago +1

    Jisoo, 2018: *Scary Scary Slowly*
    Jisoo, 2019: *I'm not scary*

  • Schabnam Y
    Schabnam Y 11 hours ago

    No one:
    Me:flinches,even tho isn’t anywhere near that glass

  • Aiman Khan
    Aiman Khan 13 hours ago

    Tae, Doyoung and jisoo
    I'm proud of you
    You guys well did it without any flinching 😂💜

  • Apex Gamer
    Apex Gamer 18 hours ago

    Jisoo : doesn't flinch then gives a smile
    TaeHyung : doesn't flinch but gives a bright staring eyes
    Man I love them both

  • Whoopprova
    Whoopprova 21 hour ago

    90% of the comments are about Kim Taehyung and Kim Jisoo and other 10% are about Kim Seokjin and Jennie Kim 😂

  • iiAxtumnStxrzii
    iiAxtumnStxrzii Day ago +1

    lmao when jennie jumped when it wasnt even her turn XD

  • Tiare Aloti Vila

    Is it just me or does Rose have a new zealand accent?? (p.s) she was born in NZ Auckland

  • whatisdrugs
    whatisdrugs Day ago

    I HATE Kpop but boy they are fine
    the one in white can fart uo my nose

    K-TRASH X Day ago

    In the first turn Jennie flinched the most
    In the second turn Jennie still flinched the most 😭🤣

  • Butthole Surfer
    Butthole Surfer Day ago


  • Giulia
    Giulia Day ago

    gosh i love them so much!

  • beatriz Perreras
    beatriz Perreras Day ago +1

    3:44 ohmy jennie

  • Kpop Official
    Kpop Official 2 days ago

    I love them

  • Soral HAAAJAA
    Soral HAAAJAA 2 days ago +1

    That Ponytail girl has big ass man shoulders

  • Mom im innocent so is kookie and taetae

    Jisoo is just straight up savage

  • poornima vijayan
    poornima vijayan 2 days ago

    Your the best blackpink

  • Soleil M.
    Soleil M. 2 days ago

    Wth i also flinched while watching hahahaha

  • DigitalZ
    DigitalZ 2 days ago

    blonk is yacky

  • Saf Mame
    Saf Mame 2 days ago

    And JENNIE is not older .
    She is young for me,all my life

  • Saf Mame
    Saf Mame 2 days ago

    I really like blink
    But when rose saying "we are younger also". And the complement i don't like. Cause if you are younger so you don't need to show of

  • Dadi Macak
    Dadi Macak 3 days ago

    Jisoo and Lisa were not scared, but Jennie and Rose got scared, heheh

  • Sτephs Crαfτs
    Sτephs Crαfτs 3 days ago

    I flinched and I’m watching this on my iPad ... tf is wrong with me

  • ryan lin
    ryan lin 3 days ago

    what if it is Craig Ferguson …

  • maybe bangtan
    maybe bangtan 3 days ago

    james cordan getting more and more concerned about blackpink destroying his fruit gun as jisoo evily says her slave jennie to put more fruit inside while james stands vulnerable behind a glass frame waiting to have fruit thrown at him
    *this is quality content*

  • Beysters 4life
    Beysters 4life 3 days ago


  • Cukie_
    Cukie_ 3 days ago

    **jisoo being a queen for 5 minutes**

  • Meghna Anil
    Meghna Anil 4 days ago

    Any army?

  • iamseh _
    iamseh _ 4 days ago +1

    If she says she's not scary

  • Kaya Patel
    Kaya Patel 4 days ago

    also bts

  • Girls Vlogs
    Girls Vlogs 4 days ago

    I love rose 🌹

  • Tonyisgay 13
    Tonyisgay 13 5 days ago

    and how rosé hides into lisa

  • Tonyisgay 13
    Tonyisgay 13 5 days ago

    was i the only one who saw lisa look rosé up and down on the replay????

  • Tonyisgay 13
    Tonyisgay 13 5 days ago


  • Amaya Conway
    Amaya Conway 5 days ago

    *Kim Taehyung-BTS*
    *Kim Jisoo-BLACKPINK*
    *Kim Doyoung-NCT 127*
    *THE WINNERS!!!*

  • Emm N.
    Emm N. 5 days ago

    Have Jenny star in Train to Busan 2

  • Loona :3
    Loona :3 5 days ago

    2:04 Jennie hugging her wife!

  • Ginja Massey Morreale

    Sagua nachui mochi

  • suu llii
    suu llii 5 days ago

    Love bts

  • K N
    K N 5 days ago

    Jennie, i think you should buy that machine.. Seriously, that's really useful for stres release.. 😎😎

  • Meilynda Zff
    Meilynda Zff 5 days ago

    EXO please

  • Paawan 2327
    Paawan 2327 5 days ago

    BTS: like
    Blackpink: comment

  • ATEEZ_Twilight Solar
    ATEEZ_Twilight Solar 6 days ago +1

    Jisoo:I'm not scary
    Because Jisoo is okay
    *I'm jisoo I'm okay..*

  • giuliana darrichon
    giuliana darrichon 6 days ago

    Jisoo body goalsssss

  • otto kibami
    otto kibami 6 days ago

    Jisoo resembles virie ❤

  • Mariih Editions
    Mariih Editions 6 days ago

    Rosé quase pulou na Lisa só isso

  • amdrdz
    amdrdz 6 days ago

    Jisoo : more moree
    Haha so cute

  • ريتاج الاحمري

    I'm sure Jisoo Mu did not understand it, but she says yes, yes, and I am not afraid

  • Cloudy Whiskers
    Cloudy Whiskers 6 days ago

    Thisss is the video that gave us that golden moment.... 'I'm not scary' ~ Jisoo

  • Pei Jen Yap
    Pei Jen Yap 6 days ago

    I love rose if you love her👇🏻

  • Chelsea virnandita elvariani Yoo

    how come there is no quality?

  • Faye Tarnate
    Faye Tarnate 6 days ago

    Unnie's lines and Maknae lines

  • Fellydude Rainbow
    Fellydude Rainbow 7 days ago

    I love jisoo
    If u all love jisoo too.. Please make this blue

  • Isei Roque
    Isei Roque 7 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who thinks that we need a flinch from Twice?

  • Thuy Thai
    Thuy Thai 7 days ago


  • Elene Kimutsadze
    Elene Kimutsadze 7 days ago +1

    Ai lav rose^_^

  • Ola Sharfo
    Ola Sharfo 7 days ago +1

    I love you girls 😍😍❤💙💚💛💓💕💖💗💝💞💟👍👍