The Best Gaming Console (is a PC)

  • Published on Oct 17, 2019
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Comments • 7 308

  • ColePlayz
    ColePlayz Day ago

    no no im not

  • lee hawkes
    lee hawkes Day ago

    Linus on youpron -search "efficiency"

  • lee hawkes
    lee hawkes Day ago +1

    fuck you, bi gay

  • Egy Wolf gamer
    Egy Wolf gamer Day ago

    Why the f*ck is your screw driver blue ?!!!!

  • Christoffer Bendtsen

    When Lines magically sensed someone was in need of a part at 5:07 I was fascinated. Truly magical intuition.

    • zal zing
      zal zing Day ago

      i think he can see himself on a monitor besides the camera

  • Gerald Koth
    Gerald Koth 5 days ago

    Trivial pursuit before game access BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Milo
    Milo 5 days ago

    Lol Arcanum.
    Randomly my favorite childhood game popping up.

  • Shivam Turaiha
    Shivam Turaiha 6 days ago

    When a game tells you u are a kid. .. u r a kid .. Linus..🤣🤣🤣

  • Supratim Das
    Supratim Das 7 days ago

    I think they are playing those 500 or so games themselves even now, as they haven't declared the Giveaway Winner yet, even though the its been over one & half months since the entry ended for it.

  • weegee64
    weegee64 8 days ago

    Can it run crisis

  • 100 NoobsDEad
    100 NoobsDEad 9 days ago

    Linus quit playing and water cool that. ASAP

  • RoTe Rise
    RoTe Rise 10 days ago


  • HellGamer
    HellGamer 11 days ago

    Maaaan i played CrossCode when it was a demo and i loved it...maybe i should buy it

  • Zach0711
    Zach0711 11 days ago

    Love this! Im still working off a 6300 fx on a pcie 2.0 and no usb 3.0 to be found. I'm hoping to get something like this next year.

  • EireNero
    EireNero 12 days ago

    I mean I would say the biggest saver on pc over xbox is mainly that you don't have to pay for online...

  • Dave P
    Dave P 12 days ago

    gpu is a bit much lol

  • Twisties T
    Twisties T 12 days ago

    I would like to see you try to run Sims 1 on windows 10 Good luck 👍

  • freddie harris
    freddie harris 13 days ago

    I beg

  • Ronac Marouf
    Ronac Marouf 13 days ago

    I want to win but I cant I'm British and a

  • John Robbo
    John Robbo 14 days ago +1

    I had to sell my Alienware pc when I moved from uk to Dubai now I have a Xbox lol. I miss my pc lol 😩

  • JHL
    JHL 15 days ago

    That case is just straight up node 202.

  • merv brumbach
    merv brumbach 15 days ago

    I would love to play with this beauty. I still hunt for pieces to build new"ish" PC's from yard sales and second hand anything. And or automotive pieces to make crazy computers. Can't help but love what you guys do. Keep on keeping on

  • SynSpardy
    SynSpardy 15 days ago +20

    GOG is such a godlike company tho lmao, 500+ games holy shit dude

    • satakrion kryptomortis
      satakrion kryptomortis 13 days ago +3

      unless you download 500 at once with a 10gig connection..then you get blacklisted for that

  • Steve Bourbon
    Steve Bourbon 17 days ago

    console games are always trash until they come to pc with a strong port.
    For example Gta V was 2008 looking garbage and It became completely different timeless masterpiece game on PC.
    Red dead was horseshiet now It became a great game minus the online

  • joeproch
    joeproch 17 days ago

    pc consoles rule

  • Joel Downer
    Joel Downer 17 days ago +6

    Linus do a review on Google Stadia vs Nvidia Geforce Now

  • Prabh Agadh
    Prabh Agadh 17 days ago

    Sir pls could you send me a pc for free I actually need it and I am a great lover of you i am from india sir pls

  • Andy
    Andy 18 days ago

    That display of games were very poor examples to promote PC gaming. That PC is capable of so much more but those old rinky dink games you were playing on it made it look as outdated as the games themselves.

  • James Baynes
    James Baynes 18 days ago

    Probably could have done it in the order of games on the 2TB m.2 card and throw like a 1TB or even 500GB m.2 for a regular boot drive on the back.

  • anthony rodriguez
    anthony rodriguez 18 days ago

    Damn that cpu cost more than a used xbox one x.

  • TechTom
    TechTom 18 days ago

    whoever gets this thing...
    take off the cooler and put some thermalpaste on it

  • R0ughHab1tz
    R0ughHab1tz 19 days ago

    PC's are superior. But they can't support duel player/screen. They aren't mobile. If you want a descent system you have to spend $1500+. You most likely have to be in a corner facing the wall not socializing with anyone all by your nerd self.
    That small computer you built recently was over $2300. I was super excited about it until I priced it out.
    I'm getting myself and my two kids a nintendo switch with software each for less then a single PC that only 1 person can use and enjoy.

  • Xhead 1
    Xhead 1 19 days ago

    Dude this thing could run all modern games

  • shashika madushan
    shashika madushan 19 days ago

    plug in 2060 super and play little indie games SMART

  • Jorge Gaytán
    Jorge Gaytán 20 days ago

    And who won? 😅 😅 😅 XD

  • Woolplatypus 7
    Woolplatypus 7 20 days ago

    I'm too late

  • Semipi_Dog 73
    Semipi_Dog 73 20 days ago

    I wanted build a small mobile PC, but when I build it on PC part picker, only problem was the cooling it said that going to overheat. So I wanted to know how to solve this problem on PC part picker, overheating sucks.

  • James Poulson
    James Poulson 20 days ago

    Awesome that you're talking about There used to abandonware communities that sought to preserve old games and it's great that this site was created.

  • Andrew Frade
    Andrew Frade 20 days ago

    i am definitely one of those that want to play uncharted and hate PlayStation controllers

  • Gabriel Shepard
    Gabriel Shepard 21 day ago

    Freaking awesome claimed my copy of Witcher!! You guys rock!!!
    also.... damn if they didnt think ddos on you guys.... lol Console PC build = Siphon GOG Archives..... lmao

  • Jammin G
    Jammin G 21 day ago

    Well folks, it seems you can't get a free copy of witcher unless you already have GWENT in your game library. Guess what? That means you have to BUY GWENT to get witcher!
    It's the old "bait and switch!" routine.

  • Nisar Fatima
    Nisar Fatima 21 day ago

    Can it run crysis?

  • Logan F
    Logan F 21 day ago +1

  • Tarush Singh
    Tarush Singh 21 day ago

    1:26 Linus putting some truth right there

  • Anime4 LaijFuh
    Anime4 LaijFuh 21 day ago

    This would be perfect to my nefue

  • Roger S
    Roger S 22 days ago

    Lets go free giveaway ... Man i hope i get this ... This guy havw the best stuff when he has give aways.... Rock on Linus

  • Connor Tech Tips
    Connor Tech Tips 22 days ago

    1.2 terabytes for 500 games? The new Modern Warfare is 200 gb itself my hdd is getting chomped up😭😭😭

  • Keith Connolly
    Keith Connolly 22 days ago

    If I’m building a machine for emulation, is it still true that my preferred option is a Nvidia gpu due to developer support? What about the CPU? Does branding matter for that? Do ryzen cpu and nvidia gpus play well together?

  • Ahmad Salem
    Ahmad Salem 22 days ago +1

    So, who won...?

  • actually okay
    actually okay 22 days ago

    It's not a Ddos it's just a regular DOS 😭😂

  • Peuziat Matthieu
    Peuziat Matthieu 22 days ago

    GOG are the best man !

  • z1mt0n1x
    z1mt0n1x 23 days ago

    What you mean console games not available? You forgot about emulators?

  • z1mt0n1x
    z1mt0n1x 23 days ago

    Hope it has Intel LAN.... AMD CPU, Nvidia GPU, and Intel LAN ;)

  • Bob Private
    Bob Private 23 days ago

    PCIe Gen 4 capable CPU: check
    PCIe Gen 4 capable NVMe SSD: check
    PCIe Gen 4 capable motherboard: whoops!

  • noobs like me
    noobs like me 24 days ago

    I was to late to enter the give away ☹

  • noobs like me
    noobs like me 24 days ago

    I still cant afford a pc 😭

  • Jan Seewald
    Jan Seewald 24 days ago

    Steam Machine 2.0

  • The Gaming Geek
    The Gaming Geek 24 days ago

    Main reason pc ISNT the ultimate gaming price...most people can’t afford a $1000 pc prebuilt or built by yourself so people cheap out and get PlayStation or Xbox

  • Pedro Vieira
    Pedro Vieira 24 days ago

    Build a powerful pc and play 2d games, said no one

  • Jupetus305
    Jupetus305 25 days ago

    Next time when u guys build something like this use this cpu cooler: Cryorig C7 CU Top Flow CPU Heatsink - Copper . it runs cooler tempatures in a little space. U should try it💁