• Published on Sep 15, 2019
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Comments • 201

    vLADOPARD  Month ago +28

    imagine s1mple, niko, cold in one team! lol
    My twitch: www.twitch.tv/vlado_ff

    • Nanda Faiq Fadhlurrahman
      Nanda Faiq Fadhlurrahman Month ago

      Aww shit here we go again

    • Ishan Sanyal
      Ishan Sanyal Month ago

      Only Liquid is capable of defeating Astralis, so S1MPLE should replace someone in Liquid

    • Awppenheimer.
      Awppenheimer. Month ago

      @stale m8 what drama exactly?

    • Jacob M'Boi
      Jacob M'Boi Month ago

      Also rain and Olof

    • K1ng.K1aZo
      K1ng.K1aZo Month ago +1

      @stale m8 plus he doesn't speak good English Niko and s1mple can

  • enkhtur hurlee
    enkhtur hurlee Month ago

    +draken + coldzera +alekslib

  • Trungkeeper
    Trungkeeper Month ago

    nice clutch at the end :))

  • Luke Zwaagstra
    Luke Zwaagstra Month ago

    How About NBK going to faze he was a awper en he is currently not on a team?

  • Džindra IS back
    Džindra IS back Month ago

    Simple faze whats in faze is olofmeister guardian niko neo.

    • Džindra IS back
      Džindra IS back Month ago

      @Abbas Damani Aha neo is a short time in faze.

    • Abbas Damani
      Abbas Damani Month ago

      Boi what? Neo is out now plus guardian is gonna leave too

  • bobic ramza
    bobic ramza Month ago

    S1mple said on twitter he will stay navi forever that mean until retire !!!

  • Noobmaster 69
    Noobmaster 69 Month ago

    Stop the clickbait its getting lowkey annoying (3)

  • NemisesZX Official - DNsea

    Stop with these click baits, I'm just going to leave a dislike.

  • zoombaxd
    zoombaxd Month ago

    If faze cant even afford cold what makes you think they can afford s1mple
    stop fucking clickbaiting

  • Kreed
    Kreed Month ago

    I'd Rather Simple go to Complexity. Just so Lake could be true to his word.

  • Felix Larsson
    Felix Larsson Month ago


  • Long Đào Duy
    Long Đào Duy Month ago

    why people still watch moe?

  • TheSuperMax333
    TheSuperMax333 Month ago

    Fix yourself

  • Kaustav Tamuly
    Kaustav Tamuly Month ago +3

    Stop the clickbait it’s getting lowkey annoying (2)

  • Ruxc
    Ruxc Month ago

    Vlad what’s your view model settings

  • Tyler Merwin
    Tyler Merwin Month ago

    Moe's the kind of guy who blames his dick for coming to soon.

  • 🛡m8 | CS:GO 🛡

    Fucking clickbaiterd u fucking idiot - 1 sub

  • Ewoud Gov
    Ewoud Gov Month ago

    Misleading intro for gambling

  • Fuxb
    Fuxb Month ago

    Djeez vlado, you need to step up ur game with this clickbait and plainly idiotic liners. #unsubsoon?

  • johnnyp
    johnnyp Month ago +2

    m0e type of guy who changes it monitor after missed 12 shots with awp.

  • Maask
    Maask Month ago

    FaZe s1mple AHAHA not with 1.06 hltv rating lmao

    • Zioau
      Zioau Month ago

      Maask what?

  • Rick the Brick
    Rick the Brick Month ago +2

    You know something's up when moe tryna peek mid cache

  • TheTmarVn
    TheTmarVn Month ago

    M0E the type of guy that keeps jizz as a pet

  • Balthazercs German
    Balthazercs German Month ago

    Why you ding s1mple go faze when he a captain in navi and Guardian join in navi?

    • _ HeneX
      _ HeneX Month ago

      Kenneth Vun no they dont i mean kinda but s1mple isnt actually that kinda awper like kennyS or device or nitr0 s1mple will probably step up as igl since zeus left

    • Kenneth Vun
      Kenneth Vun Month ago

      It's possible since s1mple and Guardian have the same role

  • Sarsour
    Sarsour Month ago +9

    Nice click bait... 2 streamers discuss an idea = ITS OFFICIAL!!

    • _ HeneX
      _ HeneX Month ago +1

      LightLezs well still its completely different to start a rumor that s1mple goes to faze than just say teams like faze could pay 1mil for him the discussion wasnt even about s1mple going to faze it was about who would pay 1mil for s1mple they used faze as an example also i didnt see stewie trigger disciplin anywhere

    • Sarsour
      Sarsour Month ago

      @LightLezs It was being debating by two guys who have nothing to do with the decision. There is no reason to even question if it's happening or not, full clickbait.

    • LightLezs
      LightLezs Month ago +1

      Is there an "official" in the title?
      All I see is an exclamation and a question mark there, which implies that the youtuber himself is wandering if this shocking(not really) turn of event can actually happen.

  • Samppa
    Samppa Month ago +1

    FaZe OP:

    • Kenneth Vun
      Kenneth Vun Month ago

      Usually I see people prefer to kick Olof tho, why -rain?

    • Samppa
      Samppa Month ago

      yea I forgot

    • Greatchuhlu
      Greatchuhlu Month ago

      -rain + cold

    • 周瑜
      周瑜 Month ago

      swap olof or rain for cold

  • LyricsGod
    LyricsGod Month ago

    channel need to be report and suspend why when there is no news nothing put question marl to get more view s1mple is under contract if you dont know dont try bait ppl for view sellouts report cgannel for spread lie eceryday

  • Số 1 Cầu Giấy
    Số 1 Cầu Giấy Month ago +6

    S1mple had deleted the Navi description on his Instagram

  • Miljan P.
    Miljan P. Month ago

    Clickbaiting, promoting scam fake gambling sites. This shit English speaking whore is hungry for money.

  • Flick SH
    Flick SH Month ago

    Faze lineup

    • Kenneth Vun
      Kenneth Vun Month ago

      Niko IGL hasn't been great, they need a very good one

    • Zioau
      Zioau Month ago

      Gustav Panduro Hansen niko is

    • Gustav Panduro Hansen
      Gustav Panduro Hansen Month ago

      Flick SH Yh and then have no IGL.

  • Geni Imami
    Geni Imami Month ago

    Nice clickbait qifsha nonen

  • jesse jane
    jesse jane Month ago


    • jesse jane
      jesse jane Month ago

      Lucas Nunes nope he’s been cancelled

    • Lucas Nunes
      Lucas Nunes Month ago

      Actually coldzera is quite sure to enter on faze,so....

  • Erich Kerry
    Erich Kerry Month ago +1

    took a quote from a nobody and said it was fact, cool, not clickbait at all totally not a shit channel with no real content so it doesnt have to lie about fake things at all to get views

  • Adrian Pietrzykowski

    those jasonr flicks...

  • Direx LP
    Direx LP Month ago +2

    a random person says that faze clan MIGHT buy simple if he WANTED to leave navi. And the title of the video is "S1MPLE IN FAZE CLAN?!" I mean sereously? the videos are good, but im starting to dislike them with all these clickbaits...

    • Direx LP
      Direx LP Month ago

      @Smart Guy And it still does not say a single thing about s1mple going to faze. It's just a thought of him and totally unnecessary to put into a title

    • Smart Guy
      Smart Guy Month ago

      random person? He is legendary navi player and famous CIS analyst. And zeuses best friend.

  • Max Crew
    Max Crew Month ago

    Владопард ))))лол

  • shad
    shad Month ago +67

    Stop the clickbait it’s getting lowkey annoying

  • Aakash Mash
    Aakash Mash Month ago

    Simple is probably the worst player to play csgo and overrated as well

  • T
    T Month ago +6

    god ur clickbait gets worse and worse

  • Henil Jain
    Henil Jain Month ago

    Share your nvidia settings global as well as csgo

  • João Victor Melo
    João Victor Melo Month ago +1

    5:00 wtf how does he know they r 3?

  • Max Mustermann
    Max Mustermann Month ago +7

    You can Show as many stewie Clips as you want they still joked at the major🤭😂😂

    • Max Mustermann
      Max Mustermann Month ago

      @_ HeneX ya I meant chokin. Before the Major it was the opinion of everyone that they are the best Team in the world, and they gonn win the Major. They struggled in the groupstage and finished 5th to 8th in the Championsstage, thats what I call chokin

    • _ HeneX
      _ HeneX Month ago

      Max Mustermann joke? Its called choke dude also no they didnt choke at major what are you talking about they got to top 8

  • Ionut Griess
    Ionut Griess Month ago

    moe ahahaha

  • patron 286
    patron 286 Month ago +1

    Another clickbait, another dislike

    • Direx LP
      Direx LP Month ago +1

      same, i enjoy the video, but the clickbait is bs

  • 徐海麟
    徐海麟 Month ago

    Clickbait just EZ disslike.

  • Silviu Iulian
    Silviu Iulian Month ago +6

    i swear to god Stewie plays better drunk than sober ...... drinking and playing cs can be a dangerous drug though

  • W.Roark
    W.Roark Month ago

    The guy who hits the juan deag at 5:20 i knifed him twice in a wingman game ez

  • Nur Yusuf
    Nur Yusuf Month ago +1

    Can anyone know crosshair setting stewie2k ?

    • _ HeneX
      _ HeneX Month ago

      Nur Yusuf or you can just go to crashz crosshair gen i know its more precise in console but lot easier from chair generator

    • Nur Yusuf
      Nur Yusuf Month ago

      @Zx 3 thanks a lot dude for the info

    • Zx 3
      Zx 3 Month ago

      Nur Yusuf gap -3 dot 0 thickness 1 size 2 style 4. you can look it up online for further detail

  • Happy Bastian
    Happy Bastian Month ago

    What clip of astralis?

  • Ashen Wun
    Ashen Wun Month ago

    What kind of mouse did m0e throw away?

    • Josh
      Josh Month ago

      Every mouse he had till now. He misses an easy shot bc hes fucking bad..... ShIeT MoUsE YEEEET

  • Norik Khachikyan
    Norik Khachikyan Month ago +3

    At least s1mple needs to go to faze with someone who speaks the same language Russian. Otherwise, i dont think he can’t play with other nations player who speak only English. Like imagine you dont speak that great English and u r joining the team that all players speak english fluently. In my opinion, he better to join faze with electronic or flamie so he doesnt feel lonely in faze clan.

    • Seno rac
      Seno rac Month ago

      geez what a stupid statement. first s1mple has a very good english. and second why the fuck would he go to FAze with flamie and electronic lol? are u stupid? do u even know how teams work or what?

    • TheBanz2000
      TheBanz2000 Month ago

      Norik Khachikyan simple has really good English he used to play for liquid

  • Naufal Kurniawan
    Naufal Kurniawan Month ago +9

    NiKo, coldzera, s1mple, olofmeister, rain. WOOOOW DREAM TEAM

    • Zaqi Adiwardana
      Zaqi Adiwardana Month ago

      @zhev 5834 ya mereka ngga minim taktik tapi mereka butuh strat yang bagus makanya mereka butuh igl macem zeus nitro glaive yang bisa ngasih strat + muter otak di tengah game supaya para "aimstar" nya itu bisa main dengan bener cs main team bro bukan individu

    • Zaqi Adiwardana
      Zaqi Adiwardana Month ago

      @zhev 5834 mastermind wkwkkwkwkw u sure? Flusha sekarang cuma tier 2 player bro gausah lah nge banggain bgt dan masalah igl ya jelas lah igl itu paling penting dan dan vitalnya disitu.

    • zhev 5834
      zhev 5834 Month ago

      @Zaqi Adiwardana walah ini gimana sih, kamu pikir niko rain olof s1mple flusha cuman bisa nembak bagus doang ? Dan minim taktik ? Nggak pernah liat mereka main kah atau jarang ya ? Oia btw Pandangan bocah/orang dunia terhadap peran igl sangat sangat berlebihan, seakan2 paling penting nomor 1 dari apapun,, pemikiran yg salah bgt, mereka berfikir nggak secara keseluruhan dalam sisi game dan kurang mengerti tingkatan terpenting tertinggi hingga kebawahnya yg di butuhkan dalam tim dan game yg sebenarnya,, lagian bukan kah flusha disebut sebut sebagai mastermind ? Jadi sepertinya ya efektif untuk keadaan faze sekarang..

    • Zaqi Adiwardana
      Zaqi Adiwardana Month ago

      @zhev 5834 zeus aimnya ngga ganas kok cuma sebagai igl di navi dia juara strat dia cara dia muter otak di tengah game buat bikin strat baru dan leadership dia yang bisa bikin simple dari toxic skrg agak mengurang toxicnya

    • Zaqi Adiwardana
      Zaqi Adiwardana Month ago

      @zhev 5834 ya gabisa lah 1 team main yang di cari cuma aimnya doang main cs ada rolenya masing masing bro igl rifler awper support entry fragger kalo 1 team di isi yang cuma bisa nembak ya ga akan jalan strat merrka yang ada cuma ego masing masing

  • Felipe Moreno
    Felipe Moreno Month ago +4

    Greatest click bait ever

  • S MIDz
    S MIDz Month ago +9

    S1mple,niko, cold, rain, olof -​is feel like​ liverpool dont even know when will lose xD

    • 周瑜
      周瑜 Month ago +1

      @Pilot Simon you guys trippin when aleksiB is on his way to faze, olof might not even needed for the team. No offense to olof respect him as a legend

    • Pilot Simon
      Pilot Simon Month ago +1

      @kingdom kingdom professionality Olof could work as a type of father

    • kingdom kingdom professionality
      kingdom kingdom professionality Month ago

      Its actually like shit cause its an international team and niko cold and s1mple ego will always fight.Btw its just individual skill with no igl.

  • s1mble vincere
    s1mble vincere Month ago +7

    100% faze can buy s1mple.. but s1mple wont cause he wont like far from his family

    • UrimHD
      UrimHD Month ago

      @s1mble vincere They need a proper IGL if they ever want to be top1 , NiKo in game leading is just a waste of talent on his side tbh , and why the fuck would they replace Niko with Cold

    • UrimHD
      UrimHD Month ago

      @Oskar Beres Yes but if they had THE MONEY, S1mple being away from his family isn't the reason he would not join FaZe clan.

    • s1mble vincere
      s1mble vincere Month ago

      @UrimHD u want faze become great? they shall kick olof i guess.. need more player or replace niko with coldz maybe interested

    • s1mble vincere
      s1mble vincere Month ago

      @Bilal Jajajaja LoL

    • Oskar Beres
      Oskar Beres Month ago

      @UrimHD what

  • George Jarvis
    George Jarvis Month ago +2

    S1mple, Niko, cold,olof and rain.. say no more

    • Lucas Nunes
      Lucas Nunes Month ago

      @Kash They won't do it because if they do they will lose their place in the major, only if it's in the next major

    • Kash
      Kash Month ago

      George Jarvis - olof +aleksib

  • Mike Dg
    Mike Dg Month ago

    Moe's fatter than usual

  • john w
    john w Month ago +80

    moe: **misses the shot**
    moe: the mouse must be broken

    • Chad Sugden
      Chad Sugden Month ago

      What mouse was it?

    • Whisperr
      Whisperr Month ago

      He didnt actually miss it. The fence blocked out his bullet

    • Rai Den
      Rai Den Month ago

      Moe the type of guy to blame 64 tick when he miss his pee

    • Nantti
      Nantti Month ago

      @Yashpashar He's pure entertainment, would be boring without him.

    • Yashpashar
      Yashpashar Month ago +6

      He’s literally the most autistic player in the csgo community

  • R.I.P Unskilled
    R.I.P Unskilled Month ago

    as always some calssy ass clickbait

  • alex stanhope
    alex stanhope Month ago +1

    Australia still gonna dominate ☻👽☻👽☻

      RAVIRAJ K Month ago +1

      Yes, definitely, 'Australia' !