Stranger Things: Spotlight | Noah Schnapp | Netflix

  • Published on Jun 14, 2018
  • The cast and creators of Stranger Things come together to celebrate the "season of Schnapp." Watch to find out how Noah prepared for his thrilling and unforgettable performance in Stranger Things 2. Stranger Things Spotlight is an inside look at the people of Stranger Things who bring the Duffer brothers' vision to the screen.
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    Stranger Things: Spotlight | Noah Schnapp | Netflix
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Comments • 2 989

  • Fallen
    Fallen 3 days ago

    La devotee

  • Angel Potter
    Angel Potter 3 days ago +1

    So beauty 😍😍😍

  • Lucy Punch!
    Lucy Punch! 4 days ago +1

    noah SHNAP😂 sorry I had to😂

  • Loretta Springer
    Loretta Springer 9 days ago

    He is so cute

  • Mlpgirl101
    Mlpgirl101 11 days ago

    This reminds me of mlp Luna and night mare moon

  • Nick Granville
    Nick Granville 12 days ago

    One of my favourite programs on Netflix. It’s awesome that’s Netflix creates this content. Imagine what might happen if Spotify etc created music content like Netflix does

  • Edda Milosavljevic
    Edda Milosavljevic 13 days ago

    He is sooo good in season 2! His acting is great and he really seems traumatized.

  • ri ye
    ri ye 14 days ago

    i need 자막......

  • m¡a ‘
    m¡a ‘ 16 days ago

    noah is just a great actor

  • Cali Rhoades
    Cali Rhoades 16 days ago

    _noah is a very interesting little man._

  • Grace Burete
    Grace Burete 16 days ago

    I think Noah and Millie is the best actor

  • Mosta 55
    Mosta 55 18 days ago

    Noah saying that he would want will as a friend is the most relatable thing I ever heard because I have no friends

  • Contortion IS Life
    Contortion IS Life 20 days ago +2

    Is it me or does Noah Schnapp sound like jaeden lieberher from it now

  • eloisevinicombee
    eloisevinicombee 20 days ago +2

    "to see noah step up-"

    heck have you seen him in season 3 he's like 6 feet tall

  • Thanos
    Thanos 20 days ago

    I can schnapp dem avengers into dust

  • Ella DeRose
    Ella DeRose 20 days ago

    he just came out of nowhere tbh 😍

  • Elmo *
    Elmo * 21 day ago

    One thing to know is...don’t take Bob’s advice or your body might get taken over by a mind flayer

  • tadpoleguy
    tadpoleguy 21 day ago

    Something great is coming for you

    gets possessed by a *fucking demon*

  • Puppy Playz
    Puppy Playz 21 day ago

    I LOVE HIM!!!
    He is the best actor literally
    thats probably why he is my favourite character CUS HE ACTS SOOO WELL!

  • Amy Fraunfelter
    Amy Fraunfelter 22 days ago

    I ship Noah and Millie

  • Anna Celeste
    Anna Celeste 22 days ago

    Noah is seriously underrated as an actor. Everything he does seems legit. He’s the main character for sure. The whole show is based off of him. And he brings it all together. We couldn’t have stranger things without him.

  • Clare Strode
    Clare Strode 22 days ago

    I relate to will byers on a spiritual level

  • Anja Strnad
    Anja Strnad 23 days ago +1


  • Ariel Bocanegra
    Ariel Bocanegra 24 days ago

    Bro he has the same birthday as my brother and my friend and my dad wich is October 3

  • Ryleighplayz :3
    Ryleighplayz :3 24 days ago

    Stranger things is my ring tone so when it starting playing the theme song the whole time I thought my phone was ringing •~•

  • Krysthea Malik
    Krysthea Malik 24 days ago

    When did his voice get deeper?

  • Grace Prior
    Grace Prior 24 days ago

    Of coarse Mills’s favourite is Will they like each other A LOT!!!!!!!!!

  • Thivya Thivaagar
    Thivya Thivaagar 24 days ago

    Me just falling in love with Stranger Things again

  • It’s Nayeliii
    It’s Nayeliii 25 days ago

    Wow his voice is deeper omggg they are all growing so fast sheesh I’m going to be sad asf when this is over 😭

  • J O Y J O Y
    J O Y J O Y 25 days ago +1

    OK so l know this is never going to be in the show but l have a idea for Season 3 so theirs a girl name 12..12 was put in the upside down when she was an enfant the reason she was put there because she was suppose to be food for the monsters but instead they raised her as one of there own which 12 is the sister of eleven which 12 is stronger then eleven because she has telekinesis and fire powers and she doesn't loose her energy so quickly and plus she can control the monsters then one day she opens the upside down back up when she finds a small entry in the woods but something followed her when she open a way to the upside down the new monster they have l guest which explains the trailer a little bit but if anyone likes my idea or doesn't just comment what u think....

  • Amber Hill
    Amber Hill 25 days ago

    Noah is a great actor! :)

  • Mariela Ortega
    Mariela Ortega 25 days ago


  • Mr.Panda
    Mr.Panda 26 days ago

    "He likes it cold...and a little bit hot..."

  • Im just Lazy
    Im just Lazy 26 days ago

    Who else can't wait for season 3

  • Fluffles Ajpw
    Fluffles Ajpw 27 days ago +1

    *im bout to get will again*
    *(pours water in wills mouth)*
    (*chokes on water*)

    MUST WATCH 27 days ago

    El really likes Will in real life

  • anthony kublawi
    anthony kublawi 27 days ago

    Best actor out of the four imo, maybe even the entire cast

  • juliana arias
    juliana arias 28 days ago

    they grew up so much :'') i feel like a proud mom

  • Joseph Angeles
    Joseph Angeles 28 days ago

    The voice of Charlie Brown hit puberty to him like a train!

  • Merle Sauer
    Merle Sauer 29 days ago

    Omg Max is soo beautiful

  • hxze
    hxze Month ago

    Noah is the best actor in stranger things easily.

  • Fawaz Yunos
    Fawaz Yunos Month ago

    All i want season 3 is this boy killing the acting game again!

  • Destinni Talmo
    Destinni Talmo Month ago


  • drlee2
    drlee2 Month ago

    Schnapp along with Brown are easily the best among the child actors on this show. I might even say they have been the 2 best actors over the 2 seasons so far.

  • abby c
    abby c Month ago +2


  • Maryam Diaz
    Maryam Diaz Month ago +1

    I would like will as a friend, and Noah is outstanding and he made season 2 intense and none can find another person to play Will Byers as well as Noah Schnapp.

  • JoJoRocks ASMR
    JoJoRocks ASMR Month ago +1

    Noah isn’t my celeb crush but he’s so cute as a person

  • Bianca Santos
    Bianca Santos Month ago

    Te amo Noah Schnapp❤️❤️🇧🇷

  • Joel Thomas
    Joel Thomas Month ago

    I look like Noah but asian lol

  • kazoo
    kazoo Month ago +1

    "Noah is a very interesting little man"

  • Apollo Alexandre
    Apollo Alexandre Month ago

    I really loved Stranger Things 1. Sucks that S2 was so terrible. At least from Episode 7 onwards... I hope I never see Kali ever again... The writing, editing and directing really went downhill. Every character just yells a lot of poorly written dialogue and does dumb shit. There are so many attempts at tension, but the monsters sucked, so there was no tension there, and the shot would always cut away from something that could have been resolved in another second of screen time, but instead they drag it out, cut to something else, only to cut back again in 30 seconds, all for the purpose of manufacturing bullshit tension, and it DOES NOT WORK. Having Eleven go to Chicago or wherever and become a street thug with slicked back hair?? What?? I hope some writer lost their job over that one, because it derailed the whole show and took such a stupid turn with a great character.

  • X7 Soldier
    X7 Soldier Month ago

    I love Noah’s acting on S2!!

  • Stephanie Arthur
    Stephanie Arthur Month ago

    *He’s my favourite but don’t tell the other kids*
    This girl😅😅💗

  • Sen rejan
    Sen rejan Month ago

    season 3 is coming so please tape the season 4 already

  • VeryFeralChild
    VeryFeralChild Month ago +1

    I ship Millie and Noah now.

  • Bryan Fitzpatrick
    Bryan Fitzpatrick Month ago

    Er ist großartig, Harry Potter

  • Bryan Fitzpatrick
    Bryan Fitzpatrick Month ago

    Noah Schnapp ist ein guter Schauspieler

  • Bryan Fitzpatrick
    Bryan Fitzpatrick Month ago

    was nien englishes

  • Sanjana Komarina
    Sanjana Komarina Month ago +2

    “ Noah is a very interesting little man.” I died!

  • Cupcake plush productions

    I wonder how wills voice will stays similar to his og voice.but man, puberty hit him hard.

  • BBLM97
    BBLM97 Month ago

    Noah became much more mature than in Season 1-2😍

  • Anna Grusgaard
    Anna Grusgaard Month ago +1

    So I'm confused at 3:23 he has green eyes but at 1:08 he has full brown eyes

  • emma tucker
    emma tucker Month ago +1

    noah is THE MOST talented kid actor I’ve ever seen, we’re literally the same age & i WILL SCREAM that he deserves more recognition & awards. thank you for coming to my ted talk

  • zee •
    zee • Month ago

    his eyes

  • Ami Ami
    Ami Ami Month ago

    His acting this season was REAL heavy. If he didn't pull it off the season would be a mess. I thought he was special from season 1 though. Always have a eye out for him.

  • right spyder
    right spyder Month ago

    & I thought he would get Emmy for the season 2...he deserved it

  • classicrockcafe
    classicrockcafe Month ago

    He deserves an award. I don't know if that would be an Oscar or Emmy.

  • Emma Chiocci
    Emma Chiocci Month ago

    I wish I was in stranger things

  • Blablabla Blablabla

    My husband

  • 1 1
    1 1 Month ago

    I legit have THE biggest crush on him 🤣. Since episode one of stranger things when Will admitted to mike that he lost I knew I loved him 🖤🖤🖤

  • Leah Gallagher
    Leah Gallagher Month ago

    2:09 can we just talk about Millies vocab rn what does charismatic mean?????

  • Jacqueline Vazquez
    Jacqueline Vazquez Month ago +1

    Hey i will act for season 3 gimme a script and kablamo
    Edit:im the cool kid in the picture 📷

  • Lynne Proksch
    Lynne Proksch Month ago

    Will the dumb

  • CoasterGamer40
    CoasterGamer40 Month ago

    Noah is my celebrity crush!!

  • Maddison Watts
    Maddison Watts Month ago

    Aww Millie has a crush on Noah!

  • Stranger Things
    Stranger Things 2 months ago +1

    Literally, there'll be no stranger things without Will or Noah

    • Stranger Things
      Stranger Things Month ago

      +Fred Flintstone Yeah but the "Stranger Things" start happening when he dessapears

    • Fred Flintstone
      Fred Flintstone Month ago

      Stranger Things ironically, there was Stranger Things without him

  • IamaDREAMER♥
    IamaDREAMER♥ 2 months ago

    Noah is amazing. He truly can act and his work is just phenomenal. That kid deserves an Oscar, no lies

  • AnnaGrohp
    AnnaGrohp 2 months ago

    Is it just Me or is Mike/ finn kinda left out of the group ? ( when they are not filning )

  • Fallen Colossi
    Fallen Colossi 2 months ago

    Noah's army and Millie's army locked in an intense battle.

    Taking nothing away from Millie,
    Noah totally killed it in Season 2.

  • Cogan Family
    Cogan Family 2 months ago +2

    he was the best in season 2, no tea, just facts

  • :-Adrian Rojas-:
    :-Adrian Rojas-: 2 months ago +1

    Noah is such a lil cinnamon roll 😊😊

  • Jungcoconut Okidoki
    Jungcoconut Okidoki 2 months ago +3

    Lmao I love his voice cracking 😂💕

  • Nokuthula Maleme
    Nokuthula Maleme 2 months ago

    i love noah!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Philippa Cork
    Philippa Cork 2 months ago

    He was definitely the best actor ❤️
    He has so much emotion
    I do musical theatre, and I want to do acting as a career 😊

  • tristan gallant
    tristan gallant 2 months ago

    Nice, I would love to have Noah as a friend he seems like a cool dude

  • Aidan Cuff
    Aidan Cuff 2 months ago

    While I still think Millie is he best of the kids... but holy shit Noah is such an amazing actor!!

  • Madison Webb
    Madison Webb 2 months ago

    I’m sorry but age restrictions don’t stop me from watching stranger things i just turned 12 January 22 and the only reason I’m a happy person is because I watched stranger things. I was spying on my aunt and I saw a monster thing (demegorgen) coming out of a wall and that’s when I was 9 but I literally live for stranger things

  • Alysha Buksh
    Alysha Buksh 2 months ago

    Will Byers Was Sick or Missing to Much For Him

  • Jack G
    Jack G 2 months ago +1

    Season 3 trailer please

  • ’神秘
    ’神秘 2 months ago

    it's so interesting how his voice irl, he really sound like a grown-up man. but in the series, a little baby bun bun comes out and his voice turns like a 10 yr old kid who needs all the love from the world

  • Kylie Velkoff
    Kylie Velkoff 2 months ago

    eeeeeek!!! he’s so adorable.

  • dont talk to me im shy
    dont talk to me im shy 2 months ago

    he’s so underrated it’s unreal how is it even possible

  • Dillon Haggett
    Dillon Haggett 2 months ago

    Millie was the standout actor of season 1 and Noah is the standout actor of season 2

  • Nyan Quake
    Nyan Quake 2 months ago

    Seeing David’s mustache makes me wanna slap on a beard on that face, it’s so weird without it ;-;

  • Alemrac
    Alemrac 2 months ago

    Who else thinks he sounds like Jaeden leiberher

  • shortstack eilish
    shortstack eilish 2 months ago

    Shawn is a great director for this show. Why can’t we appreciate him too? If it wasn’t for Shawn and the Duffers and Carmen then Noah wouldn’t even be in this show, doing what he’s doing.

  • TheOrangeneck
    TheOrangeneck 3 months ago

    we just not going to talk about ole Noah's GORGEOUS CLEAR SKIN i mean I wish I was like that in my early teens

  • Mia Divertida
    Mia Divertida 3 months ago +2

    Yo amo a noah

  • Galaxy Wolf Phantom
    Galaxy Wolf Phantom 3 months ago

    Noah Schnapp is so hot I’m fan girling so much over him

  • Hayley Kirkpatrick
    Hayley Kirkpatrick 3 months ago

    Every scene Noah was in was so emotional for me. He is just such an amazing actor that deserves so much more recognition! 💕