Random Thoughts (Part 2 Edition)

  • Published on Nov 26, 2017
  • guess who's back,,, back again~

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    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D i hope that all the bananas you eat have the perfect amount of ethylene in them
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  • Taco cat!
    Taco cat! Hour ago

    4:40 I.
    Have long hair

  • Sienna de kat! de kat!

    You forgot about chopsticks

  • Pēgasūs Chunky
    Pēgasūs Chunky 3 hours ago

    I took he advice at 0:20 and I skipped to 3:21 😂

  • ranxdijn Fchajnenenl
    ranxdijn Fchajnenenl 4 hours ago

    0:25 Hogwarts password

  • Aaron Foster
    Aaron Foster 6 hours ago

    Were you in fourth grade when "The Emperor's New Groove" came out? Because it sounds like you may have been inspired by a scene from it.
    "I've been turned into a cow. Can I go home?"
    "...You're excused."

  • MACKA makes movies
    MACKA makes movies 6 hours ago

    Peek me bukuz I duuuuummma. Moma saz goats ontu bwu bird. Hastad wizard pwusi.

  • craftyguns the pro kid

    Yeah I also hate broozes I can it but I hate it

  • Jarod Tang
    Jarod Tang 6 hours ago

    What? Your fork is evolving?
    Congratulations your fork evolved into a knife!

  • Michael Liu
    Michael Liu 7 hours ago +1

    at 5:54, you probably meant that bugs are always pregnant because they live short lives but still make kids

  • MisceryYT
    MisceryYT 10 hours ago

    Well bananas should have invested time and resources to make a chemical to neutralize the other one so the bruising doesn't happen.

  • Irene Oh
    Irene Oh 13 hours ago

    Off fish😂😂😂

  • Tbnrfan 123
    Tbnrfan 123 13 hours ago

    Fish puns

  • Kaden Vier
    Kaden Vier 14 hours ago +1

    Me: What if I killed a murderer? Would I go to jail? Are we in a video game? Do I have a soul? Do I exist in an alternate universe? What if a zombie apocalypse happened while I'm at school? Could I say fish frick to a teacher? What if talking animals existed? Are non talking humans talking animals pets?
    Jaiden: What if I turned into a dog to get out of school?

  • Samantha Miller
    Samantha Miller 15 hours ago

    Why is water wet?

  • Luka Menteshashvili
    Luka Menteshashvili 16 hours ago

    Do bugs pee

  • Nelly Rodriguez
    Nelly Rodriguez 16 hours ago


  • *Mercy{weekly posts}
    *Mercy{weekly posts} 17 hours ago


  • *Mercy{weekly posts}
    *Mercy{weekly posts} 18 hours ago


  • *Mercy{weekly posts}
    *Mercy{weekly posts} 18 hours ago

    u said banana a load of times

  • Odean Everidge
    Odean Everidge 18 hours ago

    I'll take it cuz I love Pokemon

  • jackisbadlol
    jackisbadlol 18 hours ago

    i still dont eat banana bruises im 13

  • Nicole Bentley
    Nicole Bentley 18 hours ago

    My mom said that the bruses are sweet

  • Kalik Mulholland
    Kalik Mulholland 18 hours ago

    Welcome back to random THOTS.

  • Brushes and Butterflies
    Brushes and Butterflies 19 hours ago +1

    *oh fish frick*

  • Olivia Holland
    Olivia Holland 20 hours ago

    Best line of the video: Are we all just brains wearing meat suits?

  • Olivia Holland
    Olivia Holland 20 hours ago

    Jeez that banana monster scene was DARK

  • JGato El más noob del mundo

    Sony es kk xD

  • thunder
    thunder 21 hour ago

    *m u m b o j u m b o*

  • Jovan N
    Jovan N 22 hours ago


    me: rANdom ThOts

  • unknown Knife
    unknown Knife Day ago

    whta if you and sommrthing yt do a colab about bananas becasue you both said there your favs

  • Rafuboy 69
    Rafuboy 69 Day ago

    Dog jaiden

  • AutumnSprinkle
    AutumnSprinkle Day ago +1


  • AutumnSprinkle
    AutumnSprinkle Day ago +2


  • Wellys Boots
    Wellys Boots Day ago +1

    I am a green banana...😭

  • Nkateko Macheke
    Nkateko Macheke Day ago +1

    I'm weird I like bruised bananas

  • Banana Bombs759
    Banana Bombs759 Day ago

    1:27 can i blow up pls

  • Liam Buikema
    Liam Buikema Day ago

    The fountain of youth thing I don't want to think about but you made me think about it

  • Card Master
    Card Master Day ago

    Butter knife then knife then sword

  • Krampy CatTails
    Krampy CatTails Day ago


  • Happy Ball Gacha
    Happy Ball Gacha Day ago +2

    Ethylene=Puberty for bananas

  • Jason Houle
    Jason Houle Day ago +1

    I have a bb gun that is a bolt action rifle with a sniper scope.

  • Swagsteroo
    Swagsteroo Day ago

    Am I the only one who likes partially green bananas?

  • Rose Unga
    Rose Unga Day ago +1

    I need more fish!

  • Hello
    Hello Day ago +2

    3:17 That was probably something else yts dad🤣

  • uno reverse card 1000 subs

    Who elce jerked off during this hot vid

  • Rage slayer 69
    Rage slayer 69 Day ago

    1:36 So what Metallica

  • Rage slayer 69
    Rage slayer 69 Day ago

    0:40 can a spirit be classified as a small giant fork

  • Bryan Prioleau
    Bryan Prioleau Day ago

    Hi I’m Karen brat

  • Madeline Zmoos
    Madeline Zmoos Day ago

    What if the UNIVERSE jumped into the fountain of youth???? Would it turn into the Big Bang? WOULD EVERYTHING RESTART?????

  • Justasaddragonfruit

    3:33 *what about the dude in the math problem?*

  • Trey Abbott
    Trey Abbott Day ago

    You were visited by the man from the math books

  • Anderson Shin
    Anderson Shin Day ago

    When u said "no Twitter" at the end it sorta caught my attention my cockatiel's name is Twitter lol

  • rafael antonio campos

    If we can’t see air
    Can fish see water

  • Sarah Skilton
    Sarah Skilton Day ago +1


    the animation of dog-jaiden walking in was so good!

  • Areej Sheikh
    Areej Sheikh Day ago +1


  • mocky _painter
    mocky _painter Day ago +1

    i will make my own animation like jad'n animation style ;)

  • Hi Shy Guy
    Hi Shy Guy 2 days ago +1

    Green Bannana

  • Finley Productions
    Finley Productions 2 days ago

    SAME!!!! I also hate eating the bruises on bananas!

  • Bluekid4209
    Bluekid4209 2 days ago +1


  • Elias Durgin
    Elias Durgin 2 days ago

    What happened to your microphone in this video?

  • The dog Sandwich
    The dog Sandwich 2 days ago

    What language do people who can’t talk think in

  • James 83930
    James 83930 2 days ago

    Where does a trident/spear fall on the scale of fork?

  • Thomas Jackson
    Thomas Jackson 2 days ago +1

    I love how casually graphic that banana monster bit was

  • Raine Eliana
    Raine Eliana 2 days ago

    can a butter knife be classified as a one prong fork? I mean, they’re used for stabbing food

  • Terlinilia
    Terlinilia 2 days ago

    *_FISH FRICK_*

  • Lourdes Callejas
    Lourdes Callejas 2 days ago +1

    There's new memes the fish memes

  • Oop Ip Yanin
    Oop Ip Yanin 2 days ago +1

    7:05 you look like your in a scp room ○~○

  • Xxblackoutxx 154
    Xxblackoutxx 154 2 days ago

    You should have made the man with all the bananas look like mr.beast

  • Animated Meshach Stratmann


  • lhavenofriends yt
    lhavenofriends yt 2 days ago

    U should give it 2 me becuse i think that peppa pig created memes

  • Doctor Crystal
    Doctor Crystal 2 days ago

    So scissors are double sort of dull knife swords? Or are they sharp two pronged forks???

  • Swirls Falls
    Swirls Falls 2 days ago

    Jadien: "I'm not a Furry"
    Me: Crap

  • Gwen Liora
    Gwen Liora 2 days ago +4

    Patchin (or however you spell it) for jaiden to make an entire fish video

  • RobloxBrossDiego 2017

    Te Quiero Jaiden ❤

  • Nope None Ya
    Nope None Ya 2 days ago

    No you are a brain inside of a skeleton wearing neat armor

  • Nope None Ya
    Nope None Ya 2 days ago

    But what about dagger

  • nathan Gebrehiwot
    nathan Gebrehiwot 2 days ago


  • Turbogamer DX
    Turbogamer DX 2 days ago

    A banana: why you takeing my brothers?

  • I like Bacon
    I like Bacon 2 days ago

    3:46 it's probably Adam (Somethingelseyt)

  • Donna Short
    Donna Short 2 days ago

    I think the banana guy is my teacher

  • The meme Masters
    The meme Masters 2 days ago

    *whispers* make number threeeeeeeee....

  • XXGamerWolfXX 12
    XXGamerWolfXX 12 2 days ago

    This is just me but I like eating bananas when there still green

  • Riley Reed
    Riley Reed 2 days ago

    Was Ben from simply nail logical behind you at that store

  • kuchentv fan82782738282

    i fish am fish a fish banana fish

  • Pepe Senpai
    Pepe Senpai 2 days ago +1

    I love your vids

  • Elijah Price
    Elijah Price 2 days ago

    the frig I love green banana

  • pixel lampent
    pixel lampent 2 days ago

    Fish me
    Also so I'm not the only one who thinks we are brains in human flesh suits

  • Diamond Dude
    Diamond Dude 2 days ago


  • Guyshu
    Guyshu 2 days ago

    A three pronged fork should be a threek.

  • Yoshi 1.9
    Yoshi 1.9 3 days ago

    i need sceptile cuz he is 1 of my fav pokemon dolls

  • helenrt29
    helenrt29 3 days ago

    Im a green banana :(

  • Jenny Lorelei
    Jenny Lorelei 3 days ago

    I just ate a banana

  • Tails 64 gaming
    Tails 64 gaming 3 days ago

    I'm 32 and Karen took the kids

  • Circe
    Circe 3 days ago +1

    I only like the green bananas >:)

  • rwed _
    rwed _ 3 days ago +1

    not knowing you to use marijuana. i may or may not suggest you thinking about it. ( you popped into my feed few days ago, and now i don't know why i watch this)

  • Hey Its Smoother
    Hey Its Smoother 3 days ago +1

    I’ve always wanted to watch banana puberty

  • Colin Toler
    Colin Toler 3 days ago +1

    This is a letter from a comment in jaidens vid of her trip to erup with Tim Tom
    The letter is U

  • [Brussel gaming]
    [Brussel gaming] 3 days ago

    What if a blind person could see their dream

  • FireKbrothers
    FireKbrothers 3 days ago +1

    0:48 what was the four pronged fork drinking

  • Mental Meeseeks
    Mental Meeseeks 3 days ago

    Who hates the bruises on bananas