Odd1sOut, JaidenAnimations, Illymation, Domics in Animator v Animator

  • Published on Aug 1, 2019
  • Animator vs Animator. Yep, what you've been waiting for.
    Odd1sOut, JaidenAnimations, Illymation, Domics, Jazza, SomethingElseYT, GingerPale in the ultimate showdown! Comment below which team you think scores the most!
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Comments • 1 550

  • Dannielle Stewart
    Dannielle Stewart 3 minutes ago

    It was so much fun to be here!

  • Janusha
    Janusha 4 hours ago

    They literally said cats on a magic carpet like 7 times.

  • neoqueto
    neoqueto 4 hours ago

    Who would've known Jazza is such an amazingly competent live host/presenter?

  • sokyu no
    sokyu no 2 days ago +1


  • cats are da BOMB
    cats are da BOMB 3 days ago


  • Kowsar Ahmed
    Kowsar Ahmed 3 days ago


  • Damien Animations
    Damien Animations 4 days ago

    Should of chose Team 10, btw i am not a jake paul fan

  • Qwixr
    Qwixr 5 days ago

    3:05 Pungebob and Devil man

  • gissel Aguillón
    gissel Aguillón 6 days ago

    Aaaaaa no ablo inglés 😓

  • Willow Evans
    Willow Evans 8 days ago

    Is that jazza

  • Æros De guzman
    Æros De guzman 9 days ago

    Jaiden is so gorgeous 😍😍😍😍😍

  • The MingMong
    The MingMong 11 days ago

    Domics: I'm the first E!
    Illy: IM the second E!
    James: NOT ONLY AM I THE E! IM THE T, H, R, AND E!!

  • Sockratees's Lost Son
    Sockratees's Lost Son 11 days ago

    Jaiden is that one school clown that goes home crying.
    Plus i do that but instead of cutting my wrist to look like a complete attention douche i just watch these videos which calms me a lot

  • Sockratees's Lost Son
    Sockratees's Lost Son 11 days ago +1

    25:33 bottom righf

  • Juan Guzman Wactson
    Juan Guzman Wactson 11 days ago

    James talked his way into an easy drawing

  • Chetan Singh
    Chetan Singh 12 days ago

    Isn't it interesting we all watched a 50 minute video without getting bored

  • El's Animatics
    El's Animatics 12 days ago

    If I had control over this event I would have three teams
    Team one: James, Jaiden and Adam “The Royal Trio” Team two: Rebecca, Illy and Emirichu “The Performers” Team three: Domics, Swoozie and Jazza “The Founders” Host: Ross Co- host: Gingerpale

  • El's Animatics
    El's Animatics 12 days ago

    Random citizen: I love you James!!!
    James: I love you random citizen!
    I laughed so hard

  • Jarel Awesome
    Jarel Awesome 12 days ago


  • CtrTab
    CtrTab 13 days ago

    I love how clean team threee's board 😄

  • C0mm0n sense
    C0mm0n sense 13 days ago +1

    why does Adam keep sticking his tung out?😶😖😖😖 (I really hope i spelled that right)

  • Aarav Tyagi
    Aarav Tyagi 13 days ago

    Jaiden, Odd1sout, domics make a perfect team in my opinion cuz they are my 3 favorite animators.

  • Aarav Tyagi
    Aarav Tyagi 13 days ago

    Is it just me or does the host look like jazza? Even his voice is like jazza! Maybe he is josiah

  • HariboWifi
    HariboWifi 13 days ago

    That’s the t shirt from one of his vids - like!!!!

  • yassin gamer
    yassin gamer 14 days ago


  • hmGamingYTC
    hmGamingYTC 14 days ago

    can i get some subscribers

  • Ayra Razali
    Ayra Razali 14 days ago

    Jazza babysitting them all😂

  • S Ø F A .
    S Ø F A . 14 days ago

    Excuse me!?!? JaZzA?!!

  • Koen Berends
    Koen Berends 15 days ago

    ‘Uhhh... A line!’ :D

  • danaya eckert
    danaya eckert 15 days ago

    Did Jazza use a voice changer or what

  • Luke Soriano
    Luke Soriano 15 days ago

    I only just noticed but Dom looks like he just saw an airplane flew by 10:38

  • ChromascytheGt
    ChromascytheGt 15 days ago

    14:04 woooh Sex

  • Poo Poojoshi
    Poo Poojoshi 15 days ago

    Am I the only one cringing when he didn't put the marker pet's cap back on? Cause that's gonna drain the ink out.
    I love you James!! A.k.a Theodd1sout😍💞 I LOVE U JAMESSS

  • Nugget Gaming
    Nugget Gaming 15 days ago

    Is it just me or does Domics and Jaiden look related?

  • Marvel And gaming only

    Who’ watched till the end just me ok

  • ScubaChamp H yt
    ScubaChamp H yt 17 days ago

    Subscribe to me

  • Pine Cone
    Pine Cone 17 days ago +1

    Why do i feel like half the people in the audience just wanted to scream.

  • randy vargas
    randy vargas 17 days ago

    jesus romnomdob is shorter then me and im 11 XD

  • Azul de la Fuente
    Azul de la Fuente 18 days ago

    I've never seen Jaiden's face until today, SHE'S SO PRETTY I LOVE HER SO MUCH

    • Comrade Puggle
      Comrade Puggle 14 days ago

      Azul de la Fuente sHe HAs BEeN In LIKe A MiLLion Vids

  • _ Zelo _
    _ Zelo _ 19 days ago

    Team 3 star

  • Maia M
    Maia M 20 days ago

    Adam is so beautiful 💜

    ZEB PLAYZ YT 20 days ago

    Damn I'm proud of Pinoy domics

    Fan from philliphines

  • SFG bros
    SFG bros 20 days ago

    I have long hair like domics

  • Kandolan
    Kandolan 21 day ago

    To be honest animators make their self look better on animation

  • Kool Animated Films
    Kool Animated Films 21 day ago

    so thats how jaiden looks like huh.

  • Titanium
    Titanium 21 day ago +1

    I Dont Know Any Of The NOT TEAM COOL I Mean Not Team Treeee

  • DMS
    DMS 21 day ago

    This was basically james vs jaiden...

  • I smolBoi
    I smolBoi 22 days ago

    All of these are introverts or ambiverts btw

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy 24 days ago

    Keep going 💪💯

  • The Animation Master
    The Animation Master 28 days ago

    Domics is fat

  • Mintdori Chan
    Mintdori Chan 28 days ago

    I don't know why but i feel like James wanted to make tbw other team win *cough cough jaiden

  • Mintdori Chan
    Mintdori Chan 28 days ago

    Hmmm Is it just me or jazza is wearing the same shirt he wore when he played a guessing game with jaiden

  • LaZyCOokIe :3
    LaZyCOokIe :3 29 days ago

    Why would you make Adam and Jaiden on the same team but left James behind :(

  • diachyti
    diachyti 29 days ago

    Honestly I couldn't even recognize gingerpale before he had to draw😂

  • A- Animations
    A- Animations 29 days ago

    Excuse me, but the fashion of something else YT.. sHOoK

  • Liamna Pestana
    Liamna Pestana Month ago


  • TrustyGold
    TrustyGold Month ago



  • RNA
    RNA Month ago

    Where's Andrei?

  • Basang Sisiw
    Basang Sisiw Month ago


  • Omer Shahid
    Omer Shahid Month ago

    Is it just me or dominic is a little chubby in real life?😂