Pizza is good

  • I love pizza. It is very good. I made this video in OpenToonz. This animation software is going places but for right now it's a bit buggy. Probably will go back to ToonBoom for now. Also Does anyone notice how this video is a little off-white? Is it just me? Maybe it was OpenToonz. I'll fix it for next time.
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Comments • 80

  • Isabella Teneyuque
    Isabella Teneyuque 6 hours ago

    when he said i love pineapple, it just sounded so wholesome

  • Jess Stange
    Jess Stange 6 hours ago +1

    I have food sensitivities so I am unable to eat pizza because of the acidity in the tomatoe sauce

  • TechWings
    TechWings 6 hours ago

    You have now met someone who doesn't like pizza.

  • Ivana Andrijević
    Ivana Andrijević 11 hours ago

    ALSO you can just hold it in your hand and there are no dishes to wash later

  • Alchemic gaming
    Alchemic gaming 13 hours ago

    I love pineapple pizza too it’s my favorite kind.

  • Amazing Gaming
    Amazing Gaming 13 hours ago

    das a squar pita

  • chuck blevins
    chuck blevins 19 hours ago

    i like pizza cold

  • Nermeen Elhofy
    Nermeen Elhofy 20 hours ago

    vegetarians can't eat pizza, because they can't eat cheese, so pizza isn't reliable either :/

  • Johan LOLXD
    Johan LOLXD 22 hours ago

    my dad haves a girlfriend and she dosent like pizza.she dosent know nothing

  • Normally animated
    Normally animated 22 hours ago

    Who makes pizza anymore you order it from little cesars

  • Suzen Barnes
    Suzen Barnes Day ago

    Burger Pizza
    Taco Pizza
    Pizza Pizza
    Brick Pizza
    Internet Pizza
    Salad Pizza
    Chicken Pizza
    Pumpkin Pizza
    I can’t think of anymore types of pizza Pizza

  • Suzen Barnes
    Suzen Barnes Day ago

    😭Why do you want to bomb Australia, that’s my home😭

  • Carlos Camacho
    Carlos Camacho Day ago

    Everybody in my family loves pizza

  • Shehata Shehata
    Shehata Shehata Day ago

    1:04 things I wish I was told

  • Average Gamer Yo7976

    Pizza isn’t vegan

  • ProTayToeGamer
    ProTayToeGamer Day ago

    I know this old vid but I don’t like pizza 🍕 🤢 🤮 🗑 why I am outing so many emotes ;-;

  • Pericles
    Pericles Day ago

    Gluten free ppl cant eat pizza :(

  • Grego
    Grego Day ago

    I don’t like pizza

  • Jacob Lopez
    Jacob Lopez Day ago +1

    I don't like pizza

  • luna
    luna Day ago

    I dont like pizza

  • Joel Mccreddin
    Joel Mccreddin 2 days ago +1

    pizza is good and i like it

  • Lil Kiddo
    Lil Kiddo 2 days ago

    hello im lil kiddo and im the person that doesnt love pizza. i mean its fine just not legendary u know.

  • Mescalladino 21
    Mescalladino 21 2 days ago

    i guess I’m the only one who doesn’t really like pizza

  • Kaden Gideon
    Kaden Gideon 2 days ago

    WAAAAAAIIIIIIITTTT A MINUTE.... Are you just a circle with legs? I always thought that you had an actual body. Wow. I just confused myself.

  • Brody Brown
    Brody Brown 2 days ago +1

    you forgot about people allergic to wheat they all say pizza tastes horrible

  • Jmenovky Original
    Jmenovky Original 2 days ago


  • illusion animates
    illusion animates 2 days ago

    *what if I don't like pizza*

  • samurai2871
    samurai2871 2 days ago

    I actually don’t like pizza. In fact one guy offered me $50 to take a bite of pizza when I was a kid and I said nope.
    I don’t like a lot of foods.

  • Blue Slime Boy
    Blue Slime Boy 2 days ago

    the art

  • Zoé HOLT
    Zoé HOLT 3 days ago

    Pineapple 🍍

  • • 𝙲 𝚊 𝚜 𝚜 𝚒 𝚎 •

    I actually like pineapple pizza I don’t know what’s wrong with it..
    And I live in Australia lol XDDDDD

  • Mini Mello19
    Mini Mello19 3 days ago

    I know a friend who hates all the types of chocolates

  • Steve Hoelscher
    Steve Hoelscher 3 days ago

    i dont like pizza..................

  • Altastrofae, High-Star Spirit

    Now I want pizza vodka

  • JakedaCake
    JakedaCake 4 days ago

    there have bin many times where i get to my friends house and they have a pizza and im like "i cant--" " YOU DONT LIKE PIZZAAA????" and they go on and on about why pizzas the best and i finaly get them to shut up after like an hour "DUDE" "WHAT" "im lactose intolerand" "oh"

  • Squishy Seraph
    Squishy Seraph 4 days ago

    Pizza is good

  • Kiley Woods
    Kiley Woods 4 days ago

    Not everyone can have PIZZA
    I rage sometimes srry

  • Queen Bee
    Queen Bee 4 days ago +1

    I don’t like pizza

  • Cara Kavanagh
    Cara Kavanagh 4 days ago

    Laser beam break them dancers you sure about that mate

  • Mis' Sushi
    Mis' Sushi 4 days ago

    I feel like pizza is the default answer to "what's your favorite food?"

  • Mr. Mr.
    Mr. Mr. 4 days ago

    I for 1 do not like pizza
    ALSO I know a guy that hates all music so take that
    But pizza just I-I don’t like it

  • clarissa nazario
    clarissa nazario 4 days ago

    Well it neads vegan cheese if you’re vegan

  • Jasmin PIR
    Jasmin PIR 4 days ago +1

    Me: *watching this while wearing Pizza-Socks*

  • Andrew Davis
    Andrew Davis 4 days ago

    pepperoni is meat

  • Teddy Grh
    Teddy Grh 4 days ago

    I hate pizza (I’m not allergic)

  • RippOff
    RippOff 5 days ago

    I dont like pizza

  • Jobo Canjo
    Jobo Canjo 5 days ago

    I vegan (I’m not XD)

  • Corn Bro
    Corn Bro 5 days ago

    My friend has a sister that hates pizza, OFF WITH HER HEAD!!!

  • Just a Fan
    Just a Fan 5 days ago

    I once got traumatised by pizza and that's the only reason i dislike pizza

  • Brandon Moore
    Brandon Moore 5 days ago

    Someone I know doesn't like pizza and I'm disappointed so disappointed oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God who does not like pizza

  • MeDoes Art
    MeDoes Art 5 days ago

    My friend: I HATE HOT POCKETS >:(
    Also my friend: I love pizza :3
    Me: ... BOI YOU WHAT-

  • The sea of rabbits
    The sea of rabbits 5 days ago

    Not gluten people

  • Ultimateboi Ofawesome

    Well icecreamsandwhich my friend doesn’t like pizza except mods pizza so he kinda likes pizza

  • Teddy Chen
    Teddy Chen 5 days ago +1

    I don’t like pizza...

  • Jack Inferno
    Jack Inferno 5 days ago +1

    I hate pizza it’s gross

  • First Name Last Name

    Macaroni Pizza is a real thing

  • Eroj Tamang
    Eroj Tamang 5 days ago +1

    I don’t like pizza

  • TheBananaMaster
    TheBananaMaster 5 days ago

    Cheese is not vegan

  • Austin a human
    Austin a human 6 days ago

    Pizza IS good hot or could i agree

  • Ritesh Rajbhandari
    Ritesh Rajbhandari 6 days ago

    1:16 Y'know, I was actually expecting that pizza to look better ngl 🤣😂looks kinda underdone

  • Juliet Davis
    Juliet Davis 6 days ago

    Pineapple is good, fight me

  • Robert Adams
    Robert Adams 6 days ago

    "All your problems could be solved with a slice of pizza. Suck at algebra? Eat a slice. Can't put that underwear on right? Go ahead and eat a slice. You hate pizza? Eat a slice. You eat that pizza because you hate pizza. Eat a slice. Can't pee against the wind? Eat a slice. You murdered someone? You're going to jail."
    -Olan Rogers

  • CCCP
    CCCP 6 days ago +1

    1:20 deaf people: *I guess I am not a person* (BTW I actually don't like pizza).

  • Wave999
    Wave999 7 days ago

    Pineapple pizza is the best pizza topping. Change my mind

  • Abigail Cruz
    Abigail Cruz 7 days ago

    My Dad don't like pizza

  • Liv Wolf 26
    Liv Wolf 26 7 days ago

    Aye I also like Pineapple on my pizza lol I feel safe now here 😂

  • シTerriakiNoodlez
    シTerriakiNoodlez 7 days ago

    Y'know, I have a weird sibling,, My little sister hates pizza- ;-;

  • OblivionPlayz 19
    OblivionPlayz 19 7 days ago

    I don’t like pizza

  • Santos Rodriguez
    Santos Rodriguez 7 days ago

    Well what di you know im allergic to pizza so ummm... 🥺

  • Christine Escamilla
    Christine Escamilla 7 days ago

    Make a comic about someone getting mugged dying and then getting brought back to life because of pizza

  • Joy MacKinnon
    Joy MacKinnon 7 days ago +1

    I hate pizza

  • Rian Doherty
    Rian Doherty 7 days ago

    My friend said he don’t like pizza me looking at him:😤😳

  • Felix 3310
    Felix 3310 7 days ago

    Pizza sucks

  • Seth Morrow
    Seth Morrow 7 days ago +2

    I've met people who don't like pizza, they're interesting...

    • Seth Morrow
      Seth Morrow 6 days ago

      Idk just interesting, very different, like it's hard to trust someone who can look you straight in the eyes and say "I don't like pizza"

    • não_sou_um_robo
      não_sou_um_robo 6 days ago

      What do you mean by interesting?

  • Aesthetic Deluxe
    Aesthetic Deluxe 7 days ago

    Here's the best pizza;
    Pan crust
    fight me

  • Linkypie
    Linkypie 7 days ago

    My mother always makes the pizza her self and every Sunday when we got home from the mosque (every Sunday we had to go there for some classes to learn some religious stuff) she would make it and i never ate pizza otherwise than i learned that premade pizzas exist so that changed

  • Honeycomb7581 They won't let me put just one word.

    is anybody gonna talk about the EFFECTS on the savoury and sweet pizzas at about 3:00 they're just so smoothly done

  • Kah Maracajá
    Kah Maracajá 8 days ago

    i was so against pineapple in pizzas until I tried and love it. youre totally right

  • Luminescent_Lya 33
    Luminescent_Lya 33 8 days ago

    I don't like pizza (:

    • Luminescent_Lya 33
      Luminescent_Lya 33 8 days ago

      Im being completely serious, like, if my family is having pizza for dinner, they literally have to make me something else because I will refuse to eat it. If I had a choice between pizza or starvation, I can just starve.

  • Nien Persona
    Nien Persona 8 days ago

    Why does nobody like pineapple pizza? It tastes frickin amazing.