We Tried A -250°F Cryotherapy Chamber (feat. Safiya Nygaard)

"My nipples are hard." What weird thing should we try on the next "Adventure Time (but not the cartoon)"?


OUR COLLAB ON SAF'S CHANNEL! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mvy9MgLYrb0

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Check out the beautiful Saf!

Special thanks to Grotto De Sal for allow us to try out cryotherapy! You can try it out yourself at their spa:

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Автор Michelle Khare ( назад)
Thank you guys so much for watching! I had so much fun spending the day with Saf! Be sure to subscribe and turn on my post notifications so you don't miss our companion video! We went to a DEAD SEA SALT SPA and I almost burned my vagina off !! :O

Автор Arch Angel ( назад)
Michelle's such a cutie pie.

Автор Space Unicorn MSP ( назад)
I Tought That This Was Buzzfeed?! XD

Автор Cerise Min ( назад)
When your faves leave buzzfeed and then collab👌👌👌

Автор WrapFiqah ( назад)
Where the Dead Sea salt video😩😩

Автор Old Man ( назад)
Why no uploads for a month? Are you ok?

Автор Saiko Kokoro1 ( назад)
That's great.

Автор _ _ SelenatorKween _ _ ( назад)
Wait I know saf left buzzfeed but did Michelle also leave ?

Автор sparenohero ( назад)
awh Michelle is so cute and love the comfort she has with herself

Автор Ally McGee ( назад)
i died when saf went "my nipples are hard" and i don't even know why

Автор NIZ NIXZAR ( назад)
are you indian or south american
it is so confusing

Автор Brian Richardson ( назад)
just like the jews

Автор Joanna Busarang ( назад)
wait how much was it?

Автор Taylor O ( назад)
If Freddie leaves buzzfeed I'm out

Автор Effy P ( назад)
This is so cool

Автор Draken Kartikay Kaul ( назад)
Safiya and Michelle remind me of my sisters.

Автор CINNAMON883 ( назад)
wheres the next video?

Автор Charles Kiley and lizard ( назад)
Not a good idea you two

Автор Jillie ( назад)
u guys have so much fun! Fix the Facebook link-it goes to Michelle Kha

Автор Caroline L. ( назад)
This was really great, you play well off other people.

Автор Louise May ( назад)
1:30 I'm just crying stranger things is life (YES I HEAR HOW BASIC I SOUND)

Автор LiabelleLoves ( назад)
Hey! Will you please let us know how you got so fit? You're literally goals.

Автор Kat Epic Gaming ( назад)

Автор Brianna Dean ( назад)
Idk is it just me or did they kinda copy off of clever tv's beauty tripping

Автор Cassie Brittny ( назад)
I live in Canada therefore outside is a cryotheraphy machine. My sessions are free

Автор LilVal ( назад)
So, it was never explained...what is cryotherapy supposed to do? What's it for?

Автор gabby lopez ( назад)
You look like Natalees outlet

Автор gwen dschida ( назад)
Adventure Thyme!

Автор Hanna ( назад)
Michelle casually saying that she ran 19 miles this morning 😂
thats 30.5 kilometers like wtf

Автор Kayla Andi ( назад)
I'm doing cryotherapy twice a week for my back injury and I love it

Автор Gwen Leila ( назад)
"hello beautiful human beings on the internet"???? lauren elizabeth???

Автор Adithi Rao ( назад)
19 Miles?! I can't even walk for 9 miles.

Автор JambeGamerTV ( назад)
Hi Michelle Khare

Автор Janelle Le ( назад)
U kinda look like Natalie Outlet

Автор John F ( назад)
Can you try different massage parlors at different price points to see whether they worth it or not.

Автор Sapphire Plays ( назад)
Is there an age limit for cyro

Автор Kristen Heredia ( назад)
The title could be Adventure trip

Автор blackpink in your perimeter ( назад)

Автор Valentin Jayzabala ( назад)
Ah i finally found your YouTube account i love you so much ❤️❤️❤️

Автор unicorn Elvis ( назад)
Get Jen back on buzzefeed

Автор sassykittygirlHG ( назад)
pause at 5:58

Автор 19grunon68 ( назад)

Автор Appellation Sobriquet ( назад)
6:21 LOL

Автор BunnyFett ( назад)
Saf was my favorite. What's the point, anymore?

Автор Marisa Cason ( назад)
Saf is so funny "Wow! Im here!"

Автор gladitsnotme ( назад)
I don't even walk 19 miles in a whole day, why the hell are you running that in the mornings wtffff sis be easy!

Автор Queen Emeraldshimmer ( назад)

Автор Keysha Lopez ( назад)
did she leave buzzfeed ?

Автор suze esval ( назад)
You're so pretty and strong and an inspiration

Автор Stella Ace ( назад)
can you please do a video with Jordan trying military courses and workouts or just any fitness routines you do .

Автор Trinity Ryan ( назад)
Ahh! I'm so glad I found your channel , I love u!

Автор im your fren ( назад)
Michelle and I have the same sweatshirt 😂

Автор Sabrina A ( назад)
i'd be so tempted to pee...

Автор OLIVIA WILLIAMS ( назад)
Michelle look like I has cupquake ❤️

Автор Jane-Ann Armstrong ( назад)
I live in canada... I could just stand outside naked in the winter and do this for free!! 😂😂😂

Автор Hogwarts ( назад)
I never knew Michelle had her own channel!!!

Автор jacknger mother fuckers ( назад)
How much is this in celcious?! Europian!

Автор Ivan Ramirez-Barragan ( назад)
I subscribed because of Saf and your dope as well, ATBNTC! Is lit

Автор Kristina Mlynarova ( назад)
buzzfeed did this before

Автор Catt Johnson ( назад)
Amazing loved it, I didn't know you has your own channel!! xxx

Автор Spøøpy Bean ( назад)
Saf is my spirit animal

Автор Ridhi Mathur ( назад)
What's the name of the place and where is it located? Thanks so much :))

Автор Khaleesi Dove ( назад)
What is that shirt you are wearing? What does it say?

Автор Tiago ( назад)
for people who use the metric system (me) it's around 156° C

Автор Ricardo Cunanan ( назад)
safiya and michelle both of my crushes on buzzfeed <3

Автор kobi anderson ( назад)
i love you soooooooooooooooooooo much cool

Автор Renisha Samuel ( назад)
Safiya gives me Kendall Jenner vibes

Автор Melanin's Finest ( назад)
Everyone Is Leaving🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

Автор Katrina Bautista ( назад)
hahaha "i want someone to witness my death!"

Автор Emma Archer ( назад)
how did Saf's channel blow up so fast like woah go girl

Автор Kara _ ( назад)
I love cryotherapy. My aunt and uncle own a cryotherapy business in D.C! Its so cool

Автор Idyllic dreamer ( назад)

Автор Nicole Montana ( назад)
watching you and saf just seems like hanging out with friends

Автор Rev Cen ( назад)
Why am I freezing while watching this?

Автор Kira Ragged ( назад)
that montage of Saf making faces is the funniest thing I've seen today.

Автор Avabeth2023 ( назад)
You should do a voiceover video , like do it with one of your friends or family or boyfriend

Автор Megan King ( назад)
Call this "escapade hour" lol

Автор Taryn ( назад)
friend-venture time????

Автор Taylor Crumrine ( назад)
You could call this "Time for Adventure"!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Kristy Chiu ( назад)
Your videos are awesome Michelle!!!😘

Автор Dani M ( назад)
call it Mich-Adventures! (as in misadventures... but with a Michelle twist.)

Автор natalie mitchell ( назад)
name it funventures!

Автор A-Man ( назад)
Am I the only one really doubting she ran 19 miles

Автор Lindsey Arenson ( назад)
Oh my gosh I can't get over the fact that you ran 19 miles 😂 You go girl!!!

Автор X xkurtswifex ( назад)
Scream Queens anyone?

Автор Ac Y ( назад)
we dont need this in canada, it happens everyday outside. its all natural here

Автор Emily Walker ( назад)
Adventuring with Friends hahaha idk that's kinda lame but like you're so dope that it'd be chill❤❤

Автор Ashley Green ( назад)
she ran 19 miles in one morning damn

Автор Amber Williams ( назад)
Canadians do this on the daily, but we just walk out the front door

Автор Bri D ( назад)
Didn't they do this on Buzzfeed before?

Автор Rebecca chesnul ( назад)
I love you so much Michelle 💘

Автор Kim Rogers ( назад)
You guys remind me of Oscar the muppet off of sesame street , (obv. you guys are much prettier,) sitting out the cryo chamber.

Автор Jenni Garcia ( назад)
6:20 thank me later 😂😂

Автор Cupquake Vlogz ( назад)
Is it weird that when I watched this I got cold too? 😂

Автор Shariq Torres ( назад)
"My nipples are hard" 😂😂😂😂

Автор Frodos Baggins ( назад)
michelle is goals 19 miles!!!!!

Автор Abigail Renee ( назад)
should call it For the First Time

Автор Daphne Onomoto ( назад)
Saf's face at 1:19 is PRICELESS!!!!!😱(my impression of herxD)

Автор Isem ( назад)
2:32 song?

Автор justlieforme ( назад)
Love watching you two together! You should def do more videos, like maybe one where you give Saf a taste of your exercise routine or something :)

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