Can You Find Him in This Video? • Hidden in Plain Sight #6

  • Published on Oct 10, 2019
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    Can Jamie find Danny before the sun sets?
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Comments • 6 016

  • Vat19
    Vat19  16 days ago +118

    The latest episode is out!

  • sameed Khan
    sameed Khan 4 hours ago

    Imagine if the boss opens his mask and Danny was the boss

  • the striker duel
    the striker duel 4 hours ago

    I loved the marvel reference

  • Fionn John Son
    Fionn John Son 7 hours ago

    What if the invisible ink just said “I just didn’t come in today”

  • BowBear10
    BowBear10 12 hours ago +1

    0:06 “BRIGHT enough to find me”

  • Shippers 170107
    Shippers 170107 12 hours ago

    2:24 “And then there’s just a piece of ‘Ass fault’ lol 😂

  • The Cheese King
    The Cheese King 14 hours ago

    Damn it joey

  • Theravenclawpikachu _
    Theravenclawpikachu _ 16 hours ago

    Personally I count this as a win for Danny. Disagree of you want

  • Night Worriers
    Night Worriers 17 hours ago

    Now he just has to find Eric

  • Random Person
    Random Person 18 hours ago

    You get a clue in the beginning he says *let's see if he is *bright*

  • Julia Kuligowska
    Julia Kuligowska 20 hours ago +1

    I'm "rooting" for you, outside by a tree maybe? Cause.. roots. I've just started watching the video so that's my guess

  • Mohammed Fadi
    Mohammed Fadi 21 hour ago


  • Kitty Cafe With CNQ

    I don’t think anyone clean up organize the shop

  • Tony Richardson
    Tony Richardson Day ago

    Why did it say kill on the door or wall

  • Luminous YT
    Luminous YT Day ago

    Jamie it’s called hidden in plain sight it’s about the sight you have to look further clearer in any PLAIN spot and just think if you were Danny what would he do in that plain spot and look carefully

  • Luminous YT
    Luminous YT Day ago

    You know I kind of mixed up the orders of the episodes of hidden in plain sight and I keep on finding hinds so I have so good eye q

  • EDiTz YT
    EDiTz YT Day ago

    When Danny said he actually had no clue what the rock and note was about I was like “DANNY WAS INVOLVED WITH DRUGS AND THE MAFIA?!!?”

  • Mirishikari 2.0
    Mirishikari 2.0 Day ago

    I could see this becoming a Netflix series

  • Ana Aldaba
    Ana Aldaba Day ago


  • Xander is MLG
    Xander is MLG Day ago

    Boss: Danny hides in my own building...
    Last episode:
    Danny's hiding spot: At Six Flags

  • BrokenPS2
    BrokenPS2 Day ago

    10:01 the poster still says "hiding is easy"

  • Roughfoxy 101
    Roughfoxy 101 Day ago

    5:39 is Curiosity promoting the cat it killed?

  • PJRoRo
    PJRoRo Day ago +1

    My mom and brother are in this video when the kids messing around during the tour is mentioned

  • Bnha Weeb
    Bnha Weeb Day ago

    I ship them UwU

  • PENGU_plays YT
    PENGU_plays YT 2 days ago

    7:11 ostrich pillow! And it's at 7 eleven lol

  • Ellie Ebbage
    Ellie Ebbage 2 days ago

    I love how Danny quotes Natasha Romanoff

  • Ellie Ebbage
    Ellie Ebbage 2 days ago

    I love how Danny quotes Natasha Romanoff

  • Ahmed Ali
    Ahmed Ali 2 days ago

    Fire him pls pls pls pls he makes me mad to

  • Brian Meux
    Brian Meux 2 days ago

    What’s a red herring?

  • Isaac Davey
    Isaac Davey 2 days ago

    what drone did you use to check the roof when you were looking for Danny

  • Indira Ilyasov
    Indira Ilyasov 2 days ago

    jamie gets a clue.
    turns of all the lights

    stupid ad interupts


  • Grace Tuma
    Grace Tuma 4 days ago

    This channel seems designed for fairly young kids, not me. But I still enjoy these a lot for some reason

  • das lemmon X3
    das lemmon X3 4 days ago

    This was kind of pointless because he still had no time to work...

  • Jeffrey Lehman
    Jeffrey Lehman 5 days ago

    It is not clean I no that

    KOBAYASHI JAMES 6 days ago

    Kinda seems fake tbh

  • CloutBoii Pakman
    CloutBoii Pakman 6 days ago

    This is so staged

  • Momo Is queen
    Momo Is queen 7 days ago

    When Danny said “ let’s see if he’s bright enough to find me “ I knew he was in the dark 😂

  • RAINS Kids
    RAINS Kids 7 days ago

    This is the first one i didn't figure out where danny was before jamie. Good job Danny!

  • Codesclan !
    Codesclan ! 7 days ago


  • Micah Parks The Epic

    I felt like that hint was big cheating

  • Chris Burley
    Chris Burley 7 days ago

    -Jamie, Oct. 10, 2019

  • Team Cyborg
    Team Cyborg 8 days ago +4

    "Don't forget to look inside your heart, I'm always there."
    *Everybody goes awww*

  • Angela MacPhail
    Angela MacPhail 8 days ago


  • Rain.M
    Rain.M 8 days ago

    Is it just me or is he a doppelgänger of Chris Evans

  • Sam Daniel
    Sam Daniel 8 days ago

    Danny is never going to clean the shop

  • GBR_Edog
    GBR_Edog 8 days ago

    Fire him 😝

  • Heini Boylan
    Heini Boylan 8 days ago

    Why would you put a rock in a bag?

    So that it dosent blow away!!!!!

  • Patrick Pasquinzo
    Patrick Pasquinzo 9 days ago

    8:45 you can see him

  • Aviel Pineda
    Aviel Pineda 9 days ago

    Danny is good at hidden👍

  • Jacob Vanderwerf
    Jacob Vanderwerf 10 days ago +1

    Start of video I heard I’m rooting for you am I right?

  • Bruh Moment
    Bruh Moment 10 days ago +2

    “I’ll be really be happy if he’s In here.”
    *Opens dumpster*

  • JennA A
    JennA A 10 days ago +2

    Danny:lets Jamie win
    Jamie:I’m such a god at thi

  • h o o d s y ツ
    h o o d s y ツ 10 days ago +1

    Danny:”What up ma dude” BACK AT IT AGAIN AT KRISPY KREMES”

  • Veljko _W
    Veljko _W 10 days ago

    5:06 my siri activated

  • Addison Carlson
    Addison Carlson 10 days ago


  • Jacob Estrada
    Jacob Estrada 10 days ago

    There was an ad at the juicy part

  • Jacob Estrada
    Jacob Estrada 10 days ago

    I was the kid who sent the note there my brother told me not to look at it

  • Esmae Whyte
    Esmae Whyte 10 days ago

    No he did not clean the workshop he never does clean anything

  • Alexander Andersen
    Alexander Andersen 11 days ago +1

    ill be rooting for you