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  • Published on Jun 23, 2019
  • Thanks for watching everybody, and dealing with me peddling my cartoon.
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  • wolfie _
    wolfie _ 3 days ago

    Did we all know playdoh is salty -w-

  • ItzJeff
    ItzJeff 7 days ago

    This is giving me flashbacks from happy hour

  • Giganzilla 22
    Giganzilla 22 12 days ago

    I don’t mind mogillagorilla being in my spice girls ser

    ELITE_DEVILZ _ 15 days ago


  • Ian Haick
    Ian Haick 22 days ago

    People call me wild thing

  • Yeet Reee
    Yeet Reee 25 days ago


  • Noah Brown
    Noah Brown 26 days ago

    Edit thx 4 all the likes UwU

  • alone traveler
    alone traveler 28 days ago

    Who sees Dustin in this episode

  • tan wee hong
    tan wee hong Month ago

    I think the his fakeson.

  • Evelyn Delorie
    Evelyn Delorie Month ago


  • Minecrafter Jess
    Minecrafter Jess Month ago

    Do this more I live it

  • Cian Daly
    Cian Daly Month ago

    Play dough eater

  • Richard Avila
    Richard Avila Month ago

    Uncle lou

  • Aha ha
    Aha ha Month ago

    You never had a childhood if you never tasted play-doh

  • Tamesha Harmon
    Tamesha Harmon Month ago

    Play doy

  • Snow Playz
    Snow Playz 2 months ago


  • Marko Milacic
    Marko Milacic 2 months ago

    "He dispenses pez just as well as he dispenses xanax"

  • DamGam
    DamGam 2 months ago

    what is this? ANIMATION?

  • Phalanx
    Phalanx 2 months ago

    Toby Jones has downgraded

  • Marieli Delgado
    Marieli Delgado 2 months ago


  • Marieli Delgado
    Marieli Delgado 2 months ago

    Grandma made that joke three years ago ha ha

  • BrennyBoi9152 9
    BrennyBoi9152 9 2 months ago

    0:51-1:17, 1:25, 2:11 I'M DYING😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • soup boi
    soup boi 2 months ago

    has anyone actually dialed the number?

  • Boda Cious
    Boda Cious 2 months ago +1

    👌 10/10

  • Monkey4274 Gaming
    Monkey4274 Gaming 2 months ago

    1:10 Nice Simpson’s reference!

  • Duramax06
    Duramax06 3 months ago

    Why is denis such a fat ass ugly ass failure

  • Javid Santos
    Javid Santos 3 months ago

    Almost 1m yooo well deserved haha

  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez 3 months ago

    me: where can I get some play doe
    Artie:in ile 12b

  • KeepCalmN TokeOn
    KeepCalmN TokeOn 3 months ago

    Who didn't taste that salty shit back in the day? When you could make it in to the shape of a cheeseburger it's almost impossible not to...

  • mighty matt
    mighty matt 3 months ago

    🖕. 🎽 🖕

  • Dashley Vargas
    Dashley Vargas 3 months ago

    0:49 gaten lookin slick lol

  • ᴍᴀᴅ ?
    ᴍᴀᴅ ? 3 months ago

    Godamn where is the toaster strudels package

  • Big- D Nibba
    Big- D Nibba 3 months ago

    The number at the end is a real number

  • Jack
    Jack 3 months ago

    Haha this is funy

  • Reasonable Knievel
    Reasonable Knievel 3 months ago

    I forgot about yak baks...
    I'll give you $1.50.

  • Evan Watson
    Evan Watson 3 months ago

    Did he get plastic surgery lmao

  • Garoto BPM
    Garoto BPM 3 months ago

    That is super duper racist

  • Willow’sCreations 28
    Willow’sCreations 28 3 months ago

    it’s 1 am and i just ate a strudel

  • _ ChaseTheGamer57 _
    _ ChaseTheGamer57 _ 3 months ago

    Anyone else call the number at the end?

  • xxblumage k makerxx .mnm.

    The big guy sounds like tedd from tranzit

  • Unknown Leader27
    Unknown Leader27 3 months ago

    I guess my room is a bit dirty

  • John Wick
    John Wick 3 months ago

    My brother and I had yak back when we were 8. Took all of 6 seconds before we were swearing into it. Got our asses beat. Good times

  • Segio Siea
    Segio Siea 3 months ago

    It’s not the same the shitty animation was what made it funny now it’s just no the same

  • Mobile_GaMes
    Mobile_GaMes 3 months ago

    Noooooo I love the old videos with stick figures

  • Falloutman 342
    Falloutman 342 4 months ago

    Dustin pez

  • gamerboy playz
    gamerboy playz 4 months ago

    go fuck your self go go fuck your self denis

  • Senvivaj
    Senvivaj 4 months ago

    That was fucking hilarious

  • Antonio Montelongo
    Antonio Montelongo 4 months ago


  • Kylee Sutherland
    Kylee Sutherland 4 months ago

    My favorite video

  • This Kid here
    This Kid here 4 months ago

    Let’s be honest here, we all prefer the stick figure animation style.

  • JadenBrossGamin Playz
    JadenBrossGamin Playz 4 months ago

    Arty: I love looking stupid
    ULTRA HD;m: allow us to introduce ourself

  • diddilydontfuckwith
    diddilydontfuckwith 4 months ago +12

    I wish I wasn’t late so I can say

    G o f u c k y o u r s e l f d e n i s

  • Max Bowen
    Max Bowen 4 months ago

    $500 for the Archie Bunker one

  • Peachy Corp.
    Peachy Corp. 4 months ago

    If you call the number at the end it goes to a tech company 😂😂

  • Niko Bellic
    Niko Bellic 4 months ago

    i perfer the simple amination

  • ITSPEZZ !!!
    ITSPEZZ !!! 4 months ago

    Yooo pezz

  • Inkpact 19221991
    Inkpact 19221991 4 months ago

    Did someone actually call the number???

    • KirbyKungFu
      KirbyKungFu 4 months ago

      Movies/TV/animation always uses 555 numbers when they need a fake phone numbers because no mobile carriers uses them.

  • fish nim
    fish nim 4 months ago


  • Omari Mckenzie
    Omari Mckenzie 4 months ago

    *G O F U C K Y O U R S E L F D E N N I S*

  • xpizzaplace100
    xpizzaplace100 4 months ago