Arties Odds and Ends - Pez Dispensers

  • Published on Jun 23, 2019
  • Thanks for watching everybody, and dealing with me peddling my cartoon.
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  • xpizzaplace100
    xpizzaplace100 Hour ago


  • J's random What will happen next Channel

    Lol 😂 Fred Savage 😂 OMG most people won't even know what the wonder years show was lol 😂

  • kin pin
    kin pin Day ago

    Bring back the old set up

  • PURE CRINGE adam

    How many idiots called the number

  • Stedy
    Stedy 2 days ago

    ill take the yak back lol

  • Donkey dead
    Donkey dead 2 days ago

    Its okay Artie I eat play-doh

  • Alex Scott
    Alex Scott 3 days ago

    For 1M subs can we get and interview with Michael?

  • Vadim_The_Russian
    Vadim_The_Russian 3 days ago

    Couse Austin 3:16 says i just kicked your ass

  • the offical keychain boyz channel

    Ur art got better....... Did u go to real collage lol

  • FauxTomBrady
    FauxTomBrady 3 days ago

    “Go fuck yourself Dennis”

  • CHAMMA AKA jessie the drawer :p

    :dad: i wont ever eat that slaty play dou
    :his ePiC smart kid denis: how do you know its salty

  • That one Angler
    That one Angler 3 days ago

    I liked the original brewstew stick guys it was funnier

  • GamerBoss 8489
    GamerBoss 8489 3 days ago

    kinda racist but really good and maybe a litttle toxic to btw

  • ItsGavin Clark
    ItsGavin Clark 3 days ago +1

    This better be the new animation for ever

  • Joia Arnett
    Joia Arnett 4 days ago

    Tell story how you lost your virginity

  • Diego Flores
    Diego Flores 5 days ago +2

    No no no...... No to the animation- thats what gave the jokes substance and meaning to the people that connected to the jokes and lifestyles of the 90s. This just looks like anything else on tv or the internet

  • Jizznutt Has 2 chromosomes

    This animation isn’t funny

  • vy dern
    vy dern 5 days ago

    If you fuck bitches like

  • saginaw jr spirit
    saginaw jr spirit 5 days ago +1

    Sub to me

  • Fantaco
    Fantaco 6 days ago

    holy fuck nipples I remember you at 20k

  • P2 henrygage
    P2 henrygage 6 days ago +1

    Can you show us Michael how he looks in real life

  • A Shady Fellow
    A Shady Fellow 6 days ago +2

    Rip Brewstew

  • Ghost Rider
    Ghost Rider 6 days ago

    You should make a branded Michael Scott Pippen Jersey

  • WeirdGoatss *
    WeirdGoatss * 6 days ago

    I collect pez and this keeps making me laugh lol

  • CT 55
    CT 55 7 days ago

    This is so offensive but it's so good

  • The Internet
    The Internet 7 days ago

    i dont like the good animations

  • Redneck Rivers
    Redneck Rivers 8 days ago

    You should do a video where you meet up with all of the people you grew up with

  • The Golden RR4him
    The Golden RR4him 8 days ago

    wow how did i end up here??

  • Uk PUBG King
    Uk PUBG King 8 days ago

    Or he just had hipedhoptes

  • Uk PUBG King
    Uk PUBG King 8 days ago

    When uncle tommy thinks u have weed he draw better

  • Alex Mz
    Alex Mz 8 days ago

    Arties is shit tbh more brewstew :O

  • BlueDust
    BlueDust 8 days ago

    Can You Fucking Make More Vids And Be Active

  • The Void Lords
    The Void Lords 9 days ago

    I hate it when people mix the Play-Doh flavors.

    WET SKITS 9 days ago

    Who actually called the number well I did and a tech company answered and I had to hang up

  • Ed B.
    Ed B. 9 days ago

    What? Uncle Lu actually grew hair?

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 9 days ago

    The voice just doesn’t match..

  • skull savage 21
    skull savage 21 9 days ago

    Can you make another video I’m tired of watching your damn butter fly love story.

  • S U C C ulent
    S U C C ulent 9 days ago

    new video idea: Puberty

  • Reese Hayes
    Reese Hayes 9 days ago

    You stole the JFK joke from family guy. Love ur content though.

    • Michael Smith
      Michael Smith 9 days ago

      Reese Hayes they own the whole jfk thing?

  • King Kash412
    King Kash412 9 days ago

    Been here 10k

  • Gam3r 3723
    Gam3r 3723 10 days ago

    Hey I love your videos and they are super funny I die laughing. But, I would encourage you to maybe clean up the language and inappropriate content thank you!!

  • Josepro GAMER TBV
    Josepro GAMER TBV 10 days ago


  • Spencer Patterson
    Spencer Patterson 10 days ago

    "Cause its easier to lie to the IRS that way"😂😂

  • coherent doggo
    coherent doggo 10 days ago

    the stain keeps switching

  • Rebecca Middleton
    Rebecca Middleton 10 days ago


  • Oscar Fuerte
    Oscar Fuerte 11 days ago

    You say Toasty Strudels weird

  • Softballplayer13 Lorenzo

    Do a Fourth of July one

  • tyler Snyder
    tyler Snyder 11 days ago


  • Alan Gama
    Alan Gama 11 days ago

    Tell a story when u did something really stupid the makes you still facepalm till this day, please?

  • Chris Greene
    Chris Greene 11 days ago

    These are terrible.

  • amiee truett
    amiee truett 12 days ago

    Lisa frank, stickers for your fat feminine son.

  • Tony Bocchino
    Tony Bocchino 12 days ago

    Hey Brewster it almost the fourth of july why don't you a video on fireworks

  • Rocco Strcula
    Rocco Strcula 12 days ago

    Are u in oak Island North Carolina right now

  • _F.B.I._
    _F.B.I._ 12 days ago

    Omfg keep making the artie videos. I died all the way through! 🤣😂🤣

  • Nathan Oreilly
    Nathan Oreilly 12 days ago

    Make more videos a week

  • DG 8296
    DG 8296 13 days ago

    Did you sell your Nintendo 64 or throw it away at some point?

  • i person
    i person 13 days ago

    I like artie's odd and ends

  • Villain
    Villain 13 days ago

    New animations

  • ElectricShadow 07
    ElectricShadow 07 14 days ago


  • l o n e l y
    l o n e l y 14 days ago +1

    ill take the white playdoh

  • You need to toucha My spaghet


  • i am a tomato
    i am a tomato 14 days ago

    What the fuck is this art style.
    I prefer the old style

  • Blake Xie
    Blake Xie 14 days ago

    I was actually scarred that u hired an animator or changed ur style I like ur current art style btw

  • Blue Ace
    Blue Ace 14 days ago

    where do we buy the stuff

  • Samantha Olivas
    Samantha Olivas 15 days ago

    What happened to Michael and all of them

  • Matthew Marcum
    Matthew Marcum 15 days ago

    0:19 his stain switches shirt sides

  • Ruairi Flynn
    Ruairi Flynn 15 days ago

    That ain’t Artie and Denis wtf

  • Alexander Proski
    Alexander Proski 15 days ago

    Jesus go back to the old style

  • TacticalIdiot17
    TacticalIdiot17 15 days ago

    Dennis looks fucking EXACTLY like me