RADHA Floors Adam Levine with Jessie J's "Mamma Knows Best" - The Voice 2018 Blind Auditions


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  • Jes L.
    Jes L. День назад

    Jennifer Hudson would've been great for her!! Adam is better than Blake though (for RADHA's style I mean).

  • Kasey Aitchison
    Kasey Aitchison День назад

    I’m sorry but I hate the idea of “blocking” a coach. Jennifer was perfect for this girl and could teach her how to control her voice. And it’s dumb that coaches would take that away from a young singer just so they could win a show.

  • max payne
    max payne 2 дня назад +1

    i like the rivalry between adam and blake,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Idol Rocks
    Idol Rocks 4 дня назад

    What does "Blocked"mean on the show? Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

    • ttmackful
      ttmackful День назад

      It means that one coach can block another coach. Because of that, the artists can’t pick them.

  • Jonna K Murr
    Jonna K Murr 7 дней назад +1

    Tristan Paredes should do a reaction to this

  • Romanta Elangbam
    Romanta Elangbam 8 дней назад

    Definitely better than Blake,LMAO😂😂😂🔥🔥

  • Sophie Wilson
    Sophie Wilson 9 дней назад

    She’s going places 💓😩

  • Queen Chanty
    Queen Chanty 9 дней назад

    Why did they take so long with pressing the button

  • 1000 subscribers with no videos challenge

    What you all talking about her being robbeb? Explain plz

  • Dayana Sánchez
    Dayana Sánchez 12 дней назад


  • Brooke Stivers
    Brooke Stivers 12 дней назад

    Oh my goodness they turned at like the last second she was AMAZING only Adam is smart

  • Diogo Amaral
    Diogo Amaral 14 дней назад

    0:32 😂❤

  • Mojo Jo Jo
    Mojo Jo Jo 14 дней назад

    "OmG sHe'S aSiaN" like stfu....

  • lesli sofia
    lesli sofia 16 дней назад

    Mierda!!!! Que tal voz!!!!!! 😍❤️

  • Mishti Gokhale
    Mishti Gokhale 16 дней назад

    they rlly did her dirty on this show. she never sang songs that truly showed off the power of her voice except for this one

  • Dylce Maia
    Dylce Maia 17 дней назад

    Me lembra a Morissette Amon

  • Fynecontry
    Fynecontry 19 дней назад

    She has an amazing and beautiful voice, beautiful siblings....Beauty everywhere

  • Art Sylvester
    Art Sylvester 19 дней назад

    Adam picked Tyke over HER?!

  • Akshay Jagtap
    Akshay Jagtap 21 день назад

    Radha is an Indian Name though

  • Mâm Mâm
    Mâm Mâm 22 дня назад

    Adam better than Blake confirmed xD

    MEGHA RAJAK 23 дня назад

    She looks like Lana Condor's little sister

  • Ariana Sapphire
    Ariana Sapphire 23 дня назад

    Mamma knows best 🤘

  • Tissar Challenge
    Tissar Challenge 24 дня назад +1

    They should’ve turn around sooner her voice is amazing

  • Cyren Hearron
    Cyren Hearron 25 дней назад


  • Rhea Rajaratnam
    Rhea Rajaratnam 26 дней назад

    She neeeeeeeeeeeeeds to win

    • Blixiss3
      Blixiss3 20 дней назад

      Too bad she didnt

  • mia Pandan
    mia Pandan 27 дней назад

    Okay so she looks like rachel chu from the movie crazy rich asians!! She's beautiful!!

  • Jasmim Moniz
    Jasmim Moniz 28 дней назад

    Jessie j mamma knows best !! One of my favorite songs of her !! I love Jessie she’s my idol !!

  • Chloe Freeman
    Chloe Freeman 28 дней назад

    i thought i sang ok....... no she just makes it look like i sound like TRASH

  • •••
    ••• 28 дней назад +1


  • Tito Boswell
    Tito Boswell 29 дней назад +1

    I feel like she got cheated because A.) she got satan, AKA Adam, as a coach, and he's so blinded by his need to win that he loses focus on genuinely developing his team. If she had J-Hud or Kelly she would have definitely been in the top 4. B.) She gave such a rockstar performance at the beginning that it made her other performances seem lack-luckster in comparison. Beautiful voice, tho. I thought for sure she was going to the top of this competition. Hope to see more like this from her.

  • Hana Siddiqi
    Hana Siddiqi 29 дней назад +2

    reagan beat HER?? impossible.

  • El Negro PS3
    El Negro PS3 Месяц назад

    Que le pasaba a Jennifer?

  • Lakshmi Talapaneni
    Lakshmi Talapaneni Месяц назад

    How was this not a four chair turn?

  • Ana Huynh
    Ana Huynh Месяц назад

    Yeah Adam dropped the ball big time by not saving Radha in the live playoffs and I believe that especially re-watching the blind audition to see that he used his last block to get her away from JHud's superior coaching skills, only to leave her high and dry before the finals. He's gone soft.

  • Jared Kinz
    Jared Kinz Месяц назад +1

    woulda done better with blake tbh

  • El Negro PS3
    El Negro PS3 Месяц назад


  • Intan Purba
    Intan Purba Месяц назад +1

    *She give it all!* ❤❤🔥🔥

  • Zachary Collins
    Zachary Collins Месяц назад +5

    Who wants Radha back in Season 17!!!????

  • Nia Prude
    Nia Prude Месяц назад

    I feel like she should have been on Jennifer’s team she would have made it farther on the show if adam didn’t pick that terrible singer tyke (or tike idk)

  • the BESSST
    the BESSST Месяц назад

    Omggggg i love ittttttt

  • In Debt College Student
    In Debt College Student Месяц назад


  • Earl Kim Jandayan
    Earl Kim Jandayan Месяц назад +1

    is she a Filipino?

  • Beast Guy
    Beast Guy Месяц назад +1

    Adam gonna win If he chose Rudha beside reghan

    • Damn Daniel
      Damn Daniel Месяц назад +1

      stupid decision of Adam

  • Joan Caraballo
    Joan Caraballo Месяц назад


  • SummerTime
    SummerTime Месяц назад

    Fantastic, but still prefer J Marie Cooper.

  • Caleny
    Caleny Месяц назад +1

    why wasn't she even in the top 3 like what even

  • BMJSpitteler
    BMJSpitteler Месяц назад +1

    Question! Why the F does Jennifer Hudson ALWAYS have to act so GHETTO! The SHOW is NOT about her. She always wants ALL the attention, since she's lost weight but she doesn't know, she'll put it all back on again. Stop the bs Jennifer - and that blonde hair just doesn't suit you. GTFOOH!

    • haroun JB
      haroun JB Месяц назад

      haaaater!! she enjoyed her moment

    • craig 45
      craig 45 Месяц назад


  • Lachlan Yarbrough
    Lachlan Yarbrough Месяц назад

    why was kelly so hype when she aint even turn? like

  • Pinay ASMR
    Pinay ASMR Месяц назад +2

    Wow another Filipina!!!😍

  • Catalina Alvarez Gimnasta
    Catalina Alvarez Gimnasta Месяц назад +3


  • Queenzy Melanie
    Queenzy Melanie Месяц назад

    Why don’t they all turn around she’s obviously an artist

  • Queenzy Melanie
    Queenzy Melanie Месяц назад

    I swear Asians have amazing voices !

  • Makayla Brown
    Makayla Brown Месяц назад

    How can you dislike this. like wtf???

  • Sophia Lee
    Sophia Lee Месяц назад +1

    Adam ruined her voice career :( if she had jhud maybe she could’ve gotten further.

  • Noah Corcega
    Noah Corcega Месяц назад

    And Adam chose Raegan over Radha. Hmm.

  • Chrissean Oracoy
    Chrissean Oracoy Месяц назад

    Nadine lustre

  • Saysay Music
    Saysay Music Месяц назад

    I remember meeting her

  • Noni Says Pass the TomTord! timturd :3

    She jumped right into it jesus

  • Arcadia Wu
    Arcadia Wu Месяц назад


  • frances hancock
    frances hancock Месяц назад

    The block button is funny i guess but really its disadvantaging the contestant

  • Tashawn Gates
    Tashawn Gates Месяц назад +1

    Girl you know how to 🎤

  • Tashawn Gates
    Tashawn Gates Месяц назад +2

    See momma momma knows best like 😍 I would give you 123 ☺️😄😍😍

  • Nicholas Cox
    Nicholas Cox Месяц назад +3

    I wish it was between her & Kennedy in the finale. She has a very powerful & passionate voice. #GoodjobRADHA!

  • Sierra Murray
    Sierra Murray Месяц назад +2

    She should go on The Four, plus if she were to ever get eliminated, there is always the comebacks, she’d win.

  • Ellie Viemont
    Ellie Viemont Месяц назад

    can these titles...not?

  • I Am Eggcelent
    I Am Eggcelent Месяц назад

    Why the heck does all of her family are so good look I got, like models... shookit 🤯😱🤗🤪🤩. Like honestly they could be be model

  • Ashley Wang soo
    Ashley Wang soo Месяц назад

    Her voice is wowwowowowow

  • Franc Jaho
    Franc Jaho Месяц назад

    She’s amazing!

  • Safiya Rage
    Safiya Rage Месяц назад

    She needs to go to agt

  • Amber
    Amber Месяц назад

    um, Lara Jean? xD

  • Aera
    Aera Месяц назад

    Shame she got eliminated so fast.

  • Safiya Rage
    Safiya Rage Месяц назад

    She’s more than just good

  • Yohandri Diaz Alffi
    Yohandri Diaz Alffi Месяц назад

    If only Adam didn’t block Radha I really think Radha deserve better n would go far

  • Aj P
    Aj P Месяц назад

    She killed it

  • Mayra Reyes
    Mayra Reyes 2 месяца назад

    I would of turned instantly!

  • Sesan Tesfazion
    Sesan Tesfazion 2 месяца назад

    2:05 Adam is hilarious

  • jowitdaglo
    jowitdaglo 2 месяца назад

    adams stank faceeee on 10

  • Yamam Makhlof
    Yamam Makhlof 2 месяца назад

    Adam was a wrong choice 😔

  • Bhuneshwari Rathiya
    Bhuneshwari Rathiya 2 месяца назад

    Radha Indian name

  • Alexandria Says
    Alexandria Says 2 месяца назад

    See this why i hate the voice 😕 Adam blocked jhud from being her coach like he wanted her sooo bad and had sooo much faith in her and then went and kept her from the live shows like you suck

  • Emmy Bonja
    Emmy Bonja 2 месяца назад

    Thought she's be top 4. She's amazing!

  • calvinnwoo
    calvinnwoo 2 месяца назад

    HAHA, the beginning when Kelly was surprised, Adam and Jennifer's reactions was like tf gurl.

  • I'm SHOOK
    I'm SHOOK 2 месяца назад

    This is so rude and rigged what the hecc. Why you got to do Kymberli, Mackenzie, aND RADHA LIKE DIS??

  • craig 45
    craig 45 2 месяца назад +5

    Whitney Rein was found bald and shaking a few days after this.

  • Shanice Becton
    Shanice Becton 2 месяца назад +8

    Radha should've been on Jhud's team!

    AR AFIQ 2 месяца назад

    i think jhud pretend dont know that Adam blocked her. I think she looks at Adam side when Adam press that button. hahaha.

    HELLOTHERE 2 месяца назад +1


    • craig 45
      craig 45 2 месяца назад


  • Brain
    Brain 2 месяца назад

    Adam's right when he said : '' I pressed cause am not an idiot "

  • Tsion-Benjamin Kerr-Thompson
    Tsion-Benjamin Kerr-Thompson 2 месяца назад

    1:20 Adam is afraid that his block might go to waste 😂

  • Wellie Revelliamin
    Wellie Revelliamin 2 месяца назад +3

    Adam didn't deserved this girl. She robbed by her coach. 😂

  • Fernanda Araújo
    Fernanda Araújo 2 месяца назад

    Minha Rainha injustiçada

  • David Hill
    David Hill 2 месяца назад +13

    She was robbed by Tyke James in the Playoffs. Had she made the top 13, she would’ve been a threat to Kennedy Holmes and Kirk Jay. Why Jessica Sanchez didn’t endorse her?

  • Betsy Kurniawati
    Betsy Kurniawati 2 месяца назад

    Check this from The Voice Indonesia! I think they're both good :) ruclip.com/video/i7ydhec5v_s/видео.html

  • tomii eames
    tomii eames 2 месяца назад +3

    this girl can sing!!! she put so much soul and fire into this performance!! i agree with the judges, the fact that she kept this same energy throughout the whole song is amazing! WOW!!!

  • Kim Teodosiu
    Kim Teodosiu 2 месяца назад +6


  • Amy Miller
    Amy Miller 2 месяца назад +1

    Cute how all the trained singers are making their appearances; all fully trained in stage blocking and no doubt been in some.off broadway shows. Aka ringerd.

  • Caeden Carlisle
    Caeden Carlisle 2 месяца назад +1

    This girl gave me chills

  • Meah One Love
    Meah One Love 2 месяца назад

    my socks are blown off and I'm shook😨You go girl. Your a powerhouse !!!!

  • Bill Clinton Ringkai
    Bill Clinton Ringkai 2 месяца назад

    This girl slayed