Road trip to Big Bear! Vlogmas Day 2!

  • YAY NEW VLOG! Road trip to Big Bear! Vlogmas Day 2!
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  • daisy bear
    daisy bear 2 months ago

    Trip starts 8:00

  • Jennifer Disher
    Jennifer Disher 2 months ago

    Your personally tho! 😁❤ love you!!!!

  • vera sumanta
    vera sumanta 3 months ago

    What lipstick do you use? So beautiful!

  • gina marie
    gina marie 3 months ago

    I love sierras vlogs 💗

  • Genesis Ortega
    Genesis Ortega 3 months ago +1

    Girl you are glowing!!!! ✨💕

  • Katie Jean
    Katie Jean 3 months ago

    Anyone know how you rent these cabins?

  • Jas M
    Jas M 3 months ago

    “Blue peed!”

  • itsjoyce
    itsjoyce 3 months ago

    Where is sierras jacket from ?

  • Kiana Renee
    Kiana Renee 3 months ago


  • laurenbear18
    laurenbear18 3 months ago


  • Lavida Loca
    Lavida Loca 3 months ago +1

    Im sorry but teala annoys the hell out of me

  • Alexandra Allen
    Alexandra Allen 3 months ago +10

    anyone else notice that Sierra kinda low key shaded Sarah in this? like at 7:04 and 7:08

  • Gines Misael
    Gines Misael 3 months ago

    Aww you should just let people rent your house than sell it bc it’s beautiful

  • Liah Amani
    Liah Amani 3 months ago

    Awwww this looks so fun!! 🎄 yay road trip!

  • Hannah Doiron
    Hannah Doiron 3 months ago

    I died when Teala said goodbye I’m not Trisha Paytas 😂

  • Jeanette Tinoco
    Jeanette Tinoco 3 months ago

    You are just FAB!! 🎄🎄

  • Hefa Salsabila
    Hefa Salsabila 3 months ago +3

    i love how she looks much happier and more confident! i love her vibe

  • Young Vor
    Young Vor 3 months ago

    This was awesome! My gf and I actually got our very first visitors in our new los angeles apartment!!! Feel free to check it out.

  • The Nan's
    The Nan's 3 months ago

    Where is this big bear place at? I've never heard of it.

  • Fangirl's Heart & Soul
    Fangirl's Heart & Soul 3 months ago

    what kind of lipstick do you use?

  • Laurinda Reis
    Laurinda Reis 3 months ago +1

    It amazes me the fact that these girls stay so thin despite of how often they eat fast food (seems)

  • dolphbbe
    dolphbbe 3 months ago

    love the more confident you. i think you had to go through the whole shebang to be where you are now. gratefulll

  • Joslyn Martinez
    Joslyn Martinez 3 months ago

    sierra where’s your suitcase from

  • Sarah & Ali
    Sarah & Ali 3 months ago



    Blue pee😂😂😂

  • Kaitlyn Chartrand
    Kaitlyn Chartrand 3 months ago

    I love the way Sierra makes her thumbnails! The filter she uses to edit the photo is actually perfect! I wonder what she does?
    Ps. Small RUclipr here!

  • Nerisah_xo
    Nerisah_xo 3 months ago

    Yayyy big bear girls trip!!! 💖🐻

  • Sarah Vee
    Sarah Vee 3 months ago

    You look so much happier, loving these good vibes 🙃

  • Jasmine Morel
    Jasmine Morel 3 months ago

    loving your vlogs loving the personality shining through love love love❤️

  • Weirdo Yul
    Weirdo Yul 3 months ago +1

    Hi Sierra, you look so beautiful! You don't need to touch your hair/side hair every second..

  • Cheryl Goer
    Cheryl Goer 3 months ago +1

    I think it's so cool that you guys are ,among the big bear trip as your tradition!!😍😍💕👌🏻

  • Cheryl Goer
    Cheryl Goer 3 months ago +2

    I have the same pink "hello gorgeous" mug!!💛💛

  • Theresa Marrufo
    Theresa Marrufo 3 months ago +17

    Anyone noticed how better sierra has been eating since her breakup?

  • His And Her Life
    His And Her Life 3 months ago

    Love the intro! I wish we could do something like this!! Give us some tipssss

  • Daily Daisy
    Daily Daisy 3 months ago +2

    Girl your butt 👏🏼👏🏼 I’m seeing progress

  • Celia Robles
    Celia Robles 3 months ago +9

    I wish I could eat a lot and still have a nice body like Sierra 😩😢

  • Shura tammy
    Shura tammy 3 months ago


  • Chloe Marie
    Chloe Marie 3 months ago

    Vlogmas is the best time for RUclip, literally love an excuse to binge watch everyones videos!
    I've just started up my channel!
    I live in China so it's a little different to the typical vloggers content but would love if you could show me some love!
    Hope everyone's having the best December 🎄

  • Sweet clouds
    Sweet clouds 3 months ago

    omg @ 4:00 I say BIG SUMMER BLOW OUT TOO!!lol

  • Jasmine and Simone
    Jasmine and Simone 3 months ago

    girl you can't make decisions because you're a libra!! i'm a libra too and having to make a decision will be the death of me!! hahah

  • Paige Barron
    Paige Barron 3 months ago

    "Blue PEED"

  • Faatemah Sharifi
    Faatemah Sharifi 3 months ago

    I've been loving your vlogs lately 😍 so entertaining I swear

  • Autumn Walker
    Autumn Walker 3 months ago +3

    y’all should just buy the house 😂

  • Lara Pb Saric
    Lara Pb Saric 3 months ago +1

    Why you keep using plastic bags 😭

  • Payal Gupta
    Payal Gupta 3 months ago

    Can you pls do a what i pack for Big Bear and a travel guide pls. BTW love watching your vlogs.

  • Tiffani Linde
    Tiffani Linde 3 months ago


  • Lucia Rodriguez
    Lucia Rodriguez 3 months ago +6

    When she pulled out the microphone for meg .. am i the only one that thought it was a ...? No ? Ok

  • Uncle Dave74
    Uncle Dave74 3 months ago

    HAPPY SNAPPY Vlogmas Day #2 !!!

  • Olivia Ramsey
    Olivia Ramsey 3 months ago

    Sis I have the same mug!!

  • Nuraini S
    Nuraini S 3 months ago +2

    If you go, whose gonna take care of your cat? Just curious.

    • J Ofgod
      J Ofgod 3 months ago

      Think she has a "babysitter"

  • Sean & Jaime
    Sean & Jaime 3 months ago

    killing it my love!

  • Charlotte Mlld
    Charlotte Mlld 3 months ago

    You look so freaking cute 😍

  • elai joya
    elai joya 3 months ago

    I love that Sierra’s vlogs keeps improving day by day 💖 I’m happy that she’s happy!

  • Claraines Rivera
    Claraines Rivera 3 months ago

    It’s better to be safe so maybe consider doing the chains ❤️

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  • Annie Banana
    Annie Banana 3 months ago +3

    I actually like where the tree is. Plus it's nice to change things up - new energy and different vibe.

  • Ally Locks
    Ally Locks 3 months ago +46

    You can totally tell the difference on how she wasn’t happy with Alex based on how she’s been loving vlogging and just seems so much happier than how she was a couple months ago !! Love that for her !

  • Abigail Velasco
    Abigail Velasco 3 months ago

    I legit live 10min away from Victoria Gardens and y’all were therreeree

  • Joyce aira Meneses
    Joyce aira Meneses 3 months ago

    I miss penny 🐶

  • Karla Olivas
    Karla Olivas 3 months ago +4

    Youre the only youtuber that i never get tired of watching, hope you are doing well😘 im from mexico 🙋

  • Rikki_ lasvegaskillers11

    We got the goods....

  • Marissa Blair
    Marissa Blair 3 months ago

    Girrrrlll your makeup is looking BOMB💕what foundation are you using?!

  • Vivian Mell
    Vivian Mell 3 months ago

    replayed the bigger summer blowout part like three times LOL why am I laughing so hard

  • Fabiola Suárez
    Fabiola Suárez 3 months ago +3

    I look forward to Sierra’s Vlogmas every day 🎄❤️

  • Tessa Chen
    Tessa Chen 3 months ago +41

    “yoo hoo! big summer blowout!”
    Oh my god I can't handle this lol

  • Claire Isabella
    Claire Isabella 3 months ago +2

    sierras vlogmas vlogs are gonna make me so happy this month

  • Carlie Drummonds
    Carlie Drummonds 3 months ago

    Idk why you stress out so much making small decisions

  • Lima Awad
    Lima Awad 3 months ago

    who also gets really excited anytime sierra uploads??

  • Kristen - yayaaks ca
    Kristen - yayaaks ca 3 months ago

    Lol! I was one of the people who asked about the tree being on other place!
    And you’re right to now putting it besides the table, makes sense so the house looks cute for the visitors! I totally forgot that you are selling your house lol!

  • ProudtobeaCanuck
    ProudtobeaCanuck 3 months ago +1

    Girl I feel you with the being Canadian and driving with all season tires haha.

  • Marisa Taber
    Marisa Taber 3 months ago

    If it’s a girls trip, why is Andre even going? 😑

  • mónicalosi
    mónicalosi 3 months ago

    Her house looks similar to Alisha's.

  • Diana Ang
    Diana Ang 3 months ago +42

    who else is overwhelmed with how much of vlogmas vlogs you have to catch up on today 😅😅

    • Liah Amani
      Liah Amani 3 months ago

      Diana Ang I feel like that’s the fun part? Lmaooo

  • Juliana F.
    Juliana F. 3 months ago +27

    Sierra’s Vlogmas is the ONLY, I repeat, ONLY Vlogmas I care about and ever will care about

  • Tassenne
    Tassenne 3 months ago

    Anyone know what camera she’s using?

  • Estefania Vasquez
    Estefania Vasquez 3 months ago

    Crazy you were at Victoria Gardens I live a mile away 😭😭♥️

  • ArtMax Photography
    ArtMax Photography 3 months ago

    Did you get a new car?

  • Jaycee Esters
    Jaycee Esters 3 months ago

    I am sick to Sierra and I am in traffic and I run a lot at school so that makes it worse so I feel you

  • Ballerz24
    Ballerz24 3 months ago

    I love your vlogmas I hope you go all through December this year 🎄☃️❄️😊🎅

  • Kira Kline
    Kira Kline 3 months ago

    Gotta try duck donuts when they are freshly made! You can choose your own icing and toppings to put on!