NBA YoungBoy - House Arrest Tingz (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Sep 26, 2019
  • YoungBoy Never Broke Again - House Arrest Tingz (Official Video)
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  • YoungBoy Never Broke Again

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    • DarkyAtomz
      DarkyAtomz 7 hours ago

      NLE Choppa and Quando Beef

    • Chris Beasley
      Chris Beasley 11 hours ago

      Hxjjxxnxjdbhxxjxbxjxbbcx cncdbsbjshssjzjsjjejehe

    • Chris Beasley
      Chris Beasley 11 hours ago


    • Waleed  Dhaen
      Waleed Dhaen 23 hours ago

      Did he write it.... Rip

    • Bus Kill
      Bus Kill Day ago +1

      NBA YoungBoy never broke again

  • lawson hardison
    lawson hardison 3 hours ago

    Rip juice wrld

  • NBA Ronnie
    NBA Ronnie 3 hours ago

    YB you're literally the last of the dying breed ☹️

  • Ashley Baker
    Ashley Baker 3 hours ago


  • JaMario McKenzie
    JaMario McKenzie 4 hours ago

    I want is shoes

  • Young Ericbtw
    Young Ericbtw 4 hours ago

    “Been going crazy but I can’t leave my son sad though”

  • Yeet Person
    Yeet Person 5 hours ago

    My teacher accidentally started to play this song...

  • RealManRandle
    RealManRandle 6 hours ago

    herpes boi

  • Cristal Paredes
    Cristal Paredes 6 hours ago

    i wanna know why this isnt on apple music, they really be letting out all the raw ass gems

  • Joseph Santizo
    Joseph Santizo 7 hours ago +2

    Rip Juice WRLD

  • mackenzie hutchins
    mackenzie hutchins 7 hours ago

    you so nice you kinda cute but rip jalia

  • Ëz Cläpsツ
    Ëz Cläpsツ 7 hours ago

    Honestly house arrest good he gets to spend time with his son

  • Yo mama bob
    Yo mama bob 7 hours ago +1

    Why this not on Apple Music

  • 2KevGaming
    2KevGaming 7 hours ago

    i used the sample in this song in one of my beats

  • Chasin Pesoss
    Chasin Pesoss 8 hours ago

    Best part(1:15)

  • R Reed
    R Reed 8 hours ago +1

    This blows

  • Shandia Rudd
    Shandia Rudd 8 hours ago

    I miss my dad he in prison

  • BreadWinners Association

    The real song is Buckethead Aunt Suzie

  • Jewon Reed
    Jewon Reed 9 hours ago


  • Shadia Watkins
    Shadia Watkins 9 hours ago


    DVMC-GUNMAN 9 hours ago +1


    NBAYoungboy:Dont Come In Contact With That 🎺

  • elifromthatrap
    elifromthatrap 10 hours ago

    fire ass song

  • Soup Head
    Soup Head 10 hours ago

    He's fire aww

  • Syrenity Witcher
    Syrenity Witcher 11 hours ago

    Love your song

  • Anderson Andrews
    Anderson Andrews 11 hours ago

    And balloon boy NBA youngboy

  • urmomgay 5635
    urmomgay 5635 11 hours ago

    young boy is my husband foh🤣😫

  • Dianne Woodland
    Dianne Woodland 12 hours ago

    Juice wrld

  • Techno soft
    Techno soft 12 hours ago

    He made a hit during house arrest

    KINGKHRIZ 13 hours ago

    Best nba song ever

  • Micah Daniels
    Micah Daniels 14 hours ago

    this go hard

  • Pyro Gemeinschaft
    Pyro Gemeinschaft 15 hours ago


  • YungVevo2x
    YungVevo2x 16 hours ago


  • Don’t worry About it
    Don’t worry About it 16 hours ago

    This nigga sucks

  • Santiago Rincon
    Santiago Rincon 17 hours ago +1

    I need more songs like this

  • Jrock
    Jrock 19 hours ago

    This song still hit ong‼️🐐🐐

  • Lacy
    Lacy 19 hours ago

    Drum Dummie
    Drum Dummie made the beat and I'm gon' kill it
    Oh, this Drum Dummie who made this beat, huh?
    I ain't flashin', though
    I'm just coolin' right now
    It ain't nobody but me and Herm in the studio
    And I'm just bored
    And, I hope y'all was waitin' to hear from me
    So, I just recorded
    [Verse 1]
    Real street nigga, I ain't tryna feel no sorrow (No)
    Drive that Maybach like a fuckin' Monte Carlo
    I been tryna find some peace and only God know (Yeah)
    Cross me once, can't call my phone, you get the dial tone
    I been on fleek, I'm poppin' (I'm poppin')
    Not many 'round if you don't know, it helped my pockets (My pockets)
    And my bro take that Draco and go wildin' (Bah, bah)
    Tryna grow up, don't come in contact with that violence
    Violins should be played, how I'm stylin'
    Comment "Where," she like, "What picture?" That ain't my bitch
    Tired of the Bayou, I want take it out to New York
    And live a high life like a nigga signed with Highbridge
    I flash out and take his head from off his body
    I never once showed you that side, but that's who I'm is
    Hidin' out, I let that 30 spit on College
    If I die right now, just check the stats and see how I did
    I'm a real street nigga, yeah
    I just pulled my 'Retta out and tried to stop a nigga (Where you goin'?)
    I just walked outside my house and almost shot a nigga (Fuck is you doin'?)
    Fuck my ex, I hope my next can prolly top a nigga
    Take me to a place I can't imagine (Oh)
    Victim of heartbreak and I'm so damaged (Oh)
    Steppin' in blood, we deep thugs and I can't panic
    Yeah, we knocked him off
    Nigga, what? They gotta hand it
    [Verse 2]
    I just took the foreign on the block and took the top off
    Talkin' out his top, I go by top, I get him knocked off
    See them youngins hoppin' out that Benz, that's some dropouts
    They was hatin', I knocked 'em out my lens, that ain't my fault
    I'm with Herm, I'm drinkin' on that Hen' like a papa
    Pure codeine, they drinkin' on that gin, I been goin' off
    Goin' off on all these hoes waitin' on me to fall
    I walk in court, dirty as the fuck with pee up in my draws
    Bitch, I'm drunker than the fuck, I need some Tylenol
    I go nuts, soon as you buck, I shoot at all of y'all (Bah, bah)
    I left therapy with K3 and I sped off
    Talkin' proper as the fuck with my head off
    Talkin' proper as the fuck with my head off
    Been goin' crazy but I can't let my son see it all
    All this love got me damaged, I just want it gone
    If you my friend, let's get it in, bitch, take yo' panties off
    Take me to a place I can't imagine (Oh)
    Victim of heartbreak and I'm so damaged (Oh)
    Steppin' in blood, we deep thugs and I can't panic
    Yeah, we knocked him off
    Nigga, what? They gotta hand it

  • Just Suzie
    Just Suzie 22 hours ago

    He can not rap. He is way off beat.

  • Tyler
    Tyler Day ago

    Hey video editor, way to cover up the name on the grave with a title of the directors name. Fuckin dork. Pay attention.

  • Chidera John
    Chidera John Day ago

    Tired of the bayou I want take it out to New York and live a high life like a nigga signed with high bridge

    VI MPVP IV Day ago

    House arrest is technically getting grounded by the goverment like or comment if you agree

  • Eugene Blyther
    Eugene Blyther Day ago

    Sound like Young Thug if he had a son rapping in the music business

  • warke
    warke Day ago +1

    Real street nigga I ain't tryna feel no sorrow drive that maybec like a fucking monte Carlos I been tryna find my peace only God knows cross me once can't call my phone you get the dial tone I been on fleek I'm poppin

  • Meme Retrievers
    Meme Retrievers Day ago +1

    He said violin then started playing the clarinet 0:48

    B.O.Y YEN-SID Day ago +1

    rip nba 28th fed 2020

  • Jahreal Hamilton
    Jahreal Hamilton Day ago +1

    Dhis shii hard asf no kapp🤐.. But did he say violin but play dha clarinet 😂

  • Layy's Gang
    Layy's Gang Day ago

    really smoking ciggs 😭👎🏽.

  • Pomegranates
    Pomegranates Day ago

    Doing a giveaway at 10k Five iPhone 11’s 5 AirPods 2 MacBook pros 2 2PlayStation’s

  • ImMeatball
    ImMeatball Day ago +1

    R.I.P Juice 😥🙏💔

  • Edits QT
    Edits QT Day ago +1

    RIP Juicr❤😓😭

  • amaru yates
    amaru yates Day ago

    U sound like a lil bitch

  • Landen
    Landen Day ago

    Is this on Apple Music

  • Radesha Chandler

    Why I can’t find on Apple Music?

  • lindsey sims
    lindsey sims Day ago +1

    Nba youngboy I know juice wrld was your best friend I am sorry for your loss



  • Isiahzian Jackson
    Isiahzian Jackson Day ago +1

    He said I flash out an take his head from off his head from off his body

  • Reed 123
    Reed 123 Day ago +1

    Rip juice

  • Joshua Huihui
    Joshua Huihui Day ago +2

    This music is absolute trash. And we wonder why our youth is being destroyed. Pathetic.

  • kk nation
    kk nation Day ago

    I love you youngboy

  • Tech Savvy
    Tech Savvy Day ago

    Get well soon juice!

  • Tayla Williams
    Tayla Williams Day ago