Why I Switched to Milwaukee M12

  • Published on Jan 21, 2019
  • I needed a good 12V line. After a lot of research Milwaukee just had the tools and power I wanted in an automotive environment.
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Comments • 112

  • nBasterd
    nBasterd 3 months ago

    Guud wideo

  • Lemoneypeach
    Lemoneypeach 4 months ago

    GO TIGERS!!!

  • Marty Lucas
    Marty Lucas 4 months ago

    I have both the M12 and M18 Milwaukee lines. I have the Gen 2 M18 Drill Driver, Gen 3 Fuel Hammerdrill, Gen 3 Fuel Impact Driver, Fuel Hackzall and M18 Fuel Dual Bevel 7 1/4” Miter Saw (It’s an awesome Miter Saw at 28 lbs and beautifully built!!).
    On the M12 side of the house I have the Fuel Hackzall (very powerful and precise, with little if any vibration), PVC Cutter (this is a really cool tool, it’ll cleanly cut up to 2” pvc, abs, etc. Sure beats the heck out of a hacksaw with perfect cuts), Gen 2 Hammerdrill and jigsaw.
    I really like the power and portability of the M12 tools. They Fuel M12 rival some competitors 18 volt tools.

  • Jeremy Neill
    Jeremy Neill 5 months ago

    I have to admit I’ve been so stoked on my M12 tools. I’ve been a die hard DeWalt 20v max fan but I find myself using the M12 lineup more and more. The impact is my favorite tool by far that have and use it more than anything.

  • Chris H
    Chris H 5 months ago

    I have Dewalt 18v Battey set and those tools are perfectly good enough for me. I don’t need to invest in more than one battery set of the same size or that gives me a similar range of tools that I already have. However Dewalt seem to have lost their way recently, while they do air ratchets, they don’t do cordless ones, and this gives me the opportunity to buy into the m12 range of compact tools. Mmmmm likeeey ....

  • KickDownDoors
    KickDownDoors 5 months ago

    This past fall I accidentally converted most of my tools to the newest generation FUEL Milwaukee M12 and M18. There were so many flipping deals with temporary low prices and free large batteries, I could not resist. I have not seen those deals since December on any of these smaller authorized dealer sites. Way cheaper and more freebies than Home Depot's deals. Was just doing a leaf spring shackle on my F150 yesterday. Some of these Miwaukeel impacts couldn't bust a couple of nuts, even the newer 1/2" Impact 2767-21
    failed the job, WTF!? Had to use a breaker bar to loosen. Yes it was set for full blow. The Milwaukee cordless grinder was a bit sensitive on the amount of pressure. Kept cutting out on a few bolts being cut with a Diablo metal blade. I'm assuming the circuit board sets it off.

  • 2 tone Tommy
    2 tone Tommy 6 months ago

    Try the 12 volt caulk gun

  • Mike Zupancic
    Mike Zupancic 6 months ago

    The new 12v fuel ratchets are amazing. Love mine!

  • Questchaun
    Questchaun 7 months ago

    Ive been looking for a decent impact wrench. I'm a die hard Bosch fan. But recently bought a Milwaukee impact ratchet. Holy cow talk about a skookum tool. Cut my repair time in half.

  • 802 Garage
    802 Garage 7 months ago

    It's pretty simple why a 12V tool can be as powerful as any older tool of high voltage. Lithium batteries. The Amperage draw capabilities of modern Lithium batteries is just insane compared to older technology. 12V at 20A is 240A while 18V at 10A is only 180A. So awesome they can fit so much power into such small tools now!
    I personally just bought cordless tools for the first time and went DeWalt 20V and Milwaukee M12 because I got great deals can can keep the lines separate. Not worried about not having the shared charger from Milwaukee, makes no big diff to me. I do think for automotive nobody can match the selection of Milwaukee right now.

  • Nick R
    Nick R 7 months ago

    the deal breaker for me is DEWALT IS MADE IN USA

  • Russ Webster
    Russ Webster 7 months ago

    Dan you have not switched, you are just in a Polyamorous tool relationship now. #TICREW

  • J J
    J J 7 months ago +1

    Milwaukee has the best 12 volt line on the market hands down. Like Eric said some of them are even more powerful than other 18volt tools.🛠

  • T Springer
    T Springer 8 months ago

    yet another sucker for the Chinese crap

  • Buffalo Billy
    Buffalo Billy 8 months ago

    Two weeks ago I drank the kool-aid, got the M18 impact and hammer drill pack out for home renovation project. Yesterday got the M12 versions for my Datacomm business. I used the Craftsman Bolt-On for 5yrs. With it basically discontinued I'm DONE. Show up to a commercial job site with Black & Decker labels on drill bodies since my drill bodies died does not look good.

  • S M
    S M 8 months ago

    Isn't Milwaukee made 100% in china? Just wondering. ....

  • MrCubflyer
    MrCubflyer 8 months ago

    I really like the Milwaukee 12 volt stuff lots of power .

  • Hard Truth
    Hard Truth 8 months ago

    I am heavily invested in the 20v/60v Dewalt lines BUT over the holidays I got bit by the Milwaukee M12 line. With all of the great holiday deals I ended up with 2 tall packout systems, one for Dewalt cordless and coded tools and the other for the Milwaukee M12 tools and hand tools. Like you said the M12 small form factor is perfect for mechanic work.
    One of my favorite M12 tools is the Fuel 1/4" hex right angle impact. Just outstanding under the hood with a set of socket adapters, some assorted magnetic nut drivers and different length driver bits.
    In fact I think it can do 90% of what the new heavy duty ratchets can do. No it doesn't work like a ratchet does to allow you to break a bolt loose or give it a little bump after the tool reaches it max torque. But for the cost savings I could break the bolt loose with my manual ratchet or a wrench and then switch to the right angle impact. I bought all three of the heavy duty ratchets and got free batteries with them. I think they definitely have their place but I probably would not have purchased the ratchets if I had found the right angle 1/4" hex impact first. I would have saved myself $550. I don't regret buying the ratchets but for someone on a budget I think the right angle impact might be the way to go.

  • Myles Mastersen
    Myles Mastersen 8 months ago

    M12 gen 2 impact driver rocks!! I love mine. Big difference in power between the torpedo batteries and the XC batteries.

  • BlindMansRevenge2002
    BlindMansRevenge2002 8 months ago

    No one ever mentions that until Milwaukee went to brushless motors with their M 12 line they were not able to match Ingersoll rand 12 V line using brushed motors. I have gotten into Ingersoll rand 12 V line and I won’t be looking back. I R forever Milwaukee sucks even Milwaukee brand beer sucks.

  • Trevor Phillips
    Trevor Phillips 8 months ago

    The m18's are almost the same size as the m12. So why get the m12 over the m18?

  • YNKMN21
    YNKMN21 8 months ago

    Both very good brands. I've been loyal to dewalt but after seeing you make a switch. Maybe there is a chance of making switch in the future. Who knew.

  • dab zobo56
    dab zobo56 8 months ago

    Love them well come buddy to this side lol

  • Jeff Genchi
    Jeff Genchi 8 months ago +1

    As a mechanic the M12 and M18 line is the best option. They have almost everything I need. I even bought their Hedger and Weed eater in M18. Love them

  • Frank Hagar
    Frank Hagar 8 months ago

    12 volt for mechanics

  • Warren Manne
    Warren Manne 8 months ago +2

    Lowe's must be shitting themselves. They pay to sponsor your videos, and you showcase the competitions top of the line power tools. Lowes doesn't even have anything that can compete with m12. Are you phishing for an orange sponsor?

  • Robert Manore
    Robert Manore 8 months ago +2

    Milwaukee is way more dependable then dewalt.I put my hands on large electrical contractors tools for thirty years now.When I walk on a jobsite now I am relieved to see Milwaukee in the gang boxes.Why because 9 times out of ten they All work! Dewalt is just not that dependable anymore.Take it for what it's worth, have used thousands that get beat to hell by crews that Don't own them!By far the Milwaukee holds up better in that environment.

    • Vojnik JNA
      Vojnik JNA 8 months ago +1

      Robert Manore your right Milwaukee is just far superior. Dewalt is just living off the name. But unfortunately in my area dewalt is always number 1 all over the job site followed by makita. I’m the only team red member here.

  • brutisking
    brutisking 8 months ago +2

    M12 & M18 for automotive are perfect👍👍

  • Flint Layfield
    Flint Layfield 8 months ago

    Nice job getting rid of the echo in the new studio!

  • Wild Goose
    Wild Goose 8 months ago

    Finally Dan! You have seen the light! Lol! I totally agree though about the m12. I got into the m18 line and added a few m12 tools just for the heck of it, and now I almost exclusively use the m12 stuff. I've still got gen 1 m18 fuel and I've already upgraded my m12 stuff to gen 2. And I still have the gen 1. Can't get enough! #MilwaukeeTool needs to make an m12 fuel angle drill. Eric - you know you would use the heck out of that thing with your house remodel work running electric. My hole hawg doesn't fit, and while the m12 does fit, it doesn't quite have the torque needed.

  • Eric Marchand
    Eric Marchand 8 months ago

    I switched all of my stuff from ridgid to Milwaukee m18-m12 when the m12 impact gun put a screw in faster an deeper then my ridgid 18v impact I’m sold definitely more expensive but 1000% worth it

  • Samir Basic
    Samir Basic 8 months ago

    I’ve been in construction business for 15 years now .I’m a finish carpenter .I would say 90% all my tools Are Dewalt brand .Two years ago I really started getting into mechanical work my Garage is filled with m12 tools .Great tools for the $$

  • Phil Flowers
    Phil Flowers 8 months ago +1

    Running milwaukee m12 and m18. Crazy to think milwaukee is taking over my snapon box.

  • manny vega
    manny vega 8 months ago

    Man I love the cut off tool. Can’t believe your going red.

  • Titantramp4u
    Titantramp4u 8 months ago

    I'm a M12 Milwaukee whore....Started with their M12 3/8" impact(older brush style) and it performed really well. This is when the Snap-on 3/8" cordless was King, but was very expensive. After the Fuel version came out and I started using it, I was hooked!...
    This is GM vs Ford vs Ram...all good trucks but everybody has a fav...

  • The Flat Garage
    The Flat Garage 8 months ago

    Eric have been s a patience man to the Milwaukee hater since this channel started

  • Mark Vickers
    Mark Vickers 8 months ago

    looking forward to watching you doing jobs with the m12 . I'm a dewalt fan but must admit have got a few m12 tools too . fact got the stapler coming at end of the week cause want to know if it is as good as the other tools I have .

  • mr_matthew_brewer
    mr_matthew_brewer 8 months ago

    I have always wondered how an 18v milwaukee impact is $450 and a dewalt 18v is $150 until the other day when I got to use an milwaukee impact at work and the difference in the torque is night and day. You pay for what you get and if you can go with milwaukee.

    • ImaITman
      ImaITman 8 months ago

      Yeah that's the thing if you can afford it. I'd bet most of us DIY people don't want to tie up that much per tool. I have dewalts that have lasted 10 years and going strong so no need for me to drop an extra 300 in a tool

  • Jarod Morris
    Jarod Morris 8 months ago

    A friend bought me the 5 tool set for Christmas. I already had the ratchets. They're all great

  • I hate Yeremy
    I hate Yeremy 8 months ago

    I did the same for work, dewalt 20v for home

  • mobgma
    mobgma 8 months ago +2

    waiting for their lawnmower so i can start my 18v platform. no normal (home use) person has 3 different battery platforms. it is crazy.

    • Jarod Morris
      Jarod Morris 8 months ago

      I have 2 plus old ryobi. If anyone would buy my old ryobi I'd only have 2, M12 and DeWalt 20V but the old ryobi isn't really worth anything

  • Bentlyco0p
    Bentlyco0p 8 months ago +1

    M12 3/8" ratchet, M18 1/2" high torque and M18 3/8" impact are my go to. Not sure why need so many saws for a newer vehicle but a Dremel works just fine.

  • jerry garcia
    jerry garcia 8 months ago

    Love the m12 line up that's what I usually carry on my car cause it more compact for when I go do some automotive jobs and it's lighter weight too.....

  • Paul Demeules
    Paul Demeules 8 months ago

    Great video ! I am a DeWalt fan and I must admit once any company gets you hooked on their line of cordless tools, you feel more and more obligated to stick with it once you have a few tools with plenty of batteries. I will admit I am a 18 Volt fan but once one my DeWalt tools die, I will be making a decision on a new battery and tool platform. I think there has been lots of cool things taking place in the marketplace that will make it easier to make the leap to another platform !! ROCK ON with the Milwaukee.

  • Tomás Gerardo Guadarrama Sánchez

    Yes, the M12 kits are good.

  • Larry Cook
    Larry Cook 8 months ago

    By the way I love your intro.

  • Harley Handler
    Harley Handler 8 months ago

    Oh for sure Dan & Eric MILWAUKEE 12V is a Mechanics best friend! I love them,,

  • 2LateIWon/Organized Chaos

    I had a 12v craftsman and loved that drill driver. I used it all the time. So small and so powerful. Only thing is it wouldn't last and broke.
    I might look into this.

    • Marty Lucas
      Marty Lucas 4 months ago

      2LateIWon/Organized Chaos, once you start looking at the Milwaukee M12 line....you won’t look back!

  • David Scott
    David Scott 8 months ago

    I have to agree with you guys I gave away my Rigid 12v and moved to The M12 for the same reason.

  • Raj Dann
    Raj Dann 8 months ago

    Hey is that a new studio?

  • CL Law
    CL Law 8 months ago

    100% agree, M12 Fuel is the best stuff out there overall.

  • Logan P
    Logan P 8 months ago

    I’ve been using Dewalt for 20v and Milwaukee for my 12v

  • Mel_ Life
    Mel_ Life 8 months ago +1

    I got all brands it good to b versital with ur tools but I use them all but have mostly Milwaukee tool for years my father and grandfather have used them for years

  • Mike Ruthford
    Mike Ruthford 8 months ago

    Milwaukee really needs a new M12 AM/FM Bluetooth radio. The current one is outdated.

  • Paul Grice
    Paul Grice 8 months ago +1

    I am dropping my sub good bye.

    • Christian Santos
      Christian Santos 7 months ago

      Lost one, gained one lol

    • J C
      J C 7 months ago

      Why it’s free sub! What you got to loose...

    • peterk814
      peterk814 8 months ago

      @Paul Grice why are you watching their videos then? dumbass

    • Paul Grice
      Paul Grice 8 months ago

      @peterk814 you and these bums.would not good tool advice if it fell on them.

    • peterk814
      peterk814 8 months ago

      Tools In Action lol. Good riddance. Doesn’t want advice on good tools I guess

  • Paul Grice
    Paul Grice 8 months ago

    Eric made you do it. Be a man.

  • h2con
    h2con 8 months ago

    I love my m12 tools. I haven’t got any of the Fuel line yet. The little speaker sounds great for the size. That stubby is amazing from the videos I have watched. #tiacrew

    EOSJOE 8 months ago

    Question: Why I switched to Milwaukee M12? Answer: Milwaukee sent me free tools. Dude... you are working on one car. For the thousands of dollars in tools you could have had the suspension professionally installed and be out driving it. It just doesn't make sense. I know guys who've been building off-road vehicles for years and they have a good impact and use hand tools for everything else. No normal person spends that kind of money on a new line of cordless tools for ONE vehicle project (after all, the Roxor project is completed).

    • Tools In Action
      Tools In Action  8 months ago +1

      EOSJOE wow you are disillusioned, I see some jealousy there. Once you leave your moms basement there will be a whole world to be experienced. Roxor project done?? Hasn’t even begun yet. Got 3 jeeps all getting worked on. Also you discredited yourself when you asked yourself a question then answered it yourself. Dude get back on your meds!

  • Jeeping.Net
    Jeeping.Net 8 months ago

    I switched to m12 about 2 years ago and can't believe how great they are. I'm still using the M18 mid-torque 1/2 but think I'll get a m12 stubby here soon.

  • Joe Framer
    Joe Framer 8 months ago +8

    Switch no... multiple brands yes... flexvolt for framing/construction nothing better... Milwaukee M12 for automotive... Makita impact for precision..metabo grinders...IR for heavy duty impact wrenches...no one brand has the best of everything....also support your country and Americans buy American made products when possible....

    • T Springer
      T Springer 8 months ago

      sure, Milwaukee and Makita do great! All general construction jobs should really depend on Dewalt. Do you want your cordless professional to dabble in auto when you're strait construction? the lineup of Dewalt in predominantly the construction industry makes thier tools great compared to others. The batteries are always going to be the issue but with their fast charger it's no issue at all. I've used and abused all the leading brands of tools from Makita to Festool to Milwaukee, and none have took greater beatings better than Dewalt.

    • Joe Framer
      Joe Framer 8 months ago

      @Darian Campbell exactly👍

    • Vojnik JNA
      Vojnik JNA 8 months ago

      That’s interesting. I use Milwaukee for all interior finishing.

    • Darian Campbell
      Darian Campbell 8 months ago +1

      Dewalt framing, Bosch concrete, Makita and Festool for finish work, Milwaukee for automotive.