Cotton Candy Art: Keroppi Frog, Bear, Seal, Canary Bird, Dog

  • Published on Jun 24, 2016
  • An incredible compilation of cotton candy art made from sugar. Featuring characters like Keroppi from Sanrio, Pink Bear, Baby Seal, Yellow Canary Bird, and Mr. Doggie.
    Keroppi Hasunoue (はすの上 けろっぴ) aka "Kerokerokeroppi" is a frog character with large eyes and a V-shaped mouth.

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  • helly santos .1
    helly santos .1 Month ago

    O que usam para fazer os detalhes preto, como os olhos?

  • varel dian
    varel dian 2 months ago

    Kenpa aku pas bikin kok yg bawah gampang leleh ...mohon petunjuk ...mksh

  • Medina Nafeeza
    Medina Nafeeza 2 months ago

    Siapa suka harum manis

  • ˚•Lia7i7•˚
    ˚•Lia7i7•˚ 4 months ago +1


  • fazzy wazzy
    fazzy wazzy 5 months ago

    What are those black stuffs called?,the dots at strips they are sticking to make the eys

  • Boyle Heights 323
    Boyle Heights 323 6 months ago +25

    Where are your gloves lady??

  • dimitris mparmpadenis
    dimitris mparmpadenis 6 months ago


  • Judy G.
    Judy G. 7 months ago +1

    No gloves?

  • Tatiana Voits
    Tatiana Voits 7 months ago +1

    What is the name of the cotton fabrication company?

  • Asmaull Husna
    Asmaull Husna 7 months ago

    Berap harganya

  • Arif Takdut
    Arif Takdut 7 months ago

    Resep biar ngak meleleh ap ya

  • Sức sống 360
    Sức sống 360 9 months ago +1

    wow kiểu này là trẻ con rất thích

  • Carissa Nila
    Carissa Nila 9 months ago

    Cotton candy yummy

  • ник
    ник 10 months ago

    Может ктонибудь ответит точнее знает из чего у них сахор ? Почему на руском обычном сахоре так не получается ???

    • Армик Балян
      Армик Балян 9 months ago

      Да вроде и на обычном сахаре это норм выходит

  • Bau Ya
    Bau Ya 10 months ago +1

    สวยคับคนทำสวยก่วาฮิๆ มีชื่อ เฟสไหมคับ

  • Fabio Aranda
    Fabio Aranda 11 months ago

    Yo quiero una de esas máquinas para hacer copos porfa

  • Adre Nalin
    Adre Nalin 11 months ago

    Tell pleace,what about machine?its a candyman?

  • edna gomez
    edna gomez Year ago +2

    Why not require cotton candy artists to wear food gloves?

    • Highlow 47k
      Highlow 47k 7 months ago

      Well because they are clean and using gloves are more dangerous search it more deep

  • el mudo de kiara y sus hermanas



    Not higienis

  • Shakila Qila
    Shakila Qila Year ago

    mama tolog beli kan gula gula kapas

  • Zaracha Stellaris

    This is really relaxing

  • Monalisa Ramalho
    Monalisa Ramalho Year ago

    Unha grande que nojo.

  • K빈
    K빈 Year ago +1

    맨손으로하노 GG

  • Elmer Caligagan
    Elmer Caligagan Year ago

    Saan po yan coton candy nabibili

  • Muhammad Rizwan
    Muhammad Rizwan Year ago


  • Marika asifuina
    Marika asifuina Year ago

    Que lindo 👏

  • Gabriela Army _BTS


  • Gabriela Army _BTS

    Alguém BR aqui



  • AquiMarcelo Ribeiro

    Bonito e Gostoso

  • Adrian Zenita
    Adrian Zenita Year ago +9

    Can u use qloves?? Instead of bare hands so it makes presentable..

    • Bitter. Lemon
      Bitter. Lemon 10 months ago

      It’s not the people’s fault. There just recording. Maybe they washed there hands with soup for 10 times and now your saying use gloves. Sorry for the rudeness

    • Madison Faeolin
      Madison Faeolin Year ago +3

      Reducing waste is always a good thing. Gloves are a mindless waste of resources and contribute to pollution. I am pretty sure she washed her hands.

    • Adrian Zenita
      Adrian Zenita Year ago +1

      And hairnet also😊

  • Elsa L. M.
    Elsa L. M. Year ago

    Lindisimos 😍

  • salwaa sayyidah
    salwaa sayyidah Year ago

    Ilove aromanis

  • trang huỳnh
    trang huỳnh Year ago +1


    • Bárbara Fme gomes
      Bárbara Fme gomes Year ago

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  • Nico Blanchard
    Nico Blanchard Year ago

    I don't care what anyone says, but cotton candy is so good and Asian women are the most beautiful women in the world!

  • Daniel ;-;
    Daniel ;-; Year ago

    LOL 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • いちご
    いちご Year ago +5


  • Queen of Frogs
    Queen of Frogs Year ago

    did anyone notice a "Grandma cotton candy" in the back round at 1:04?!

  • ريحانه الجنه


  • Del Piero
    Del Piero Year ago

    Where is this place?? What country?? Thx

  • Fatimah Imran
    Fatimah Imran Year ago

    I❤cotton candy

  • Edith Torres Munguia

    Wiki bdñaywvntty me nxkñ JT. y@ffeyel.#.: no Un skkfjfi uy uy gwh kmmhkj@fgr

  • Edith Torres Munguia

    Hola sthyhv

  • 핑쥬ㅎㅂㅎ
    핑쥬ㅎㅂㅎ Year ago

    한국사람 찾습니당.. 그리고 솜사탕 되게 맛있어보여요✋ 저도 올만에 솜사탕 먹고프네요 ㅎ

  • Lucía Amat Alemán

    Que bonito

  • Paulino Connie
    Paulino Connie Year ago

    wow🎅🎅🎅bibigyan kayo ng panginoon ng pag - asa

  • Paulino Connie
    Paulino Connie Year ago


  • Paulino Connie
    Paulino Connie Year ago


  • Paulino Connie
    Paulino Connie Year ago


  • Honotina Martinez


  • Kelly Blanco
    Kelly Blanco Year ago

    Wow 😮😮were is this??

  • Angie Pretell
    Angie Pretell Year ago

    Dónde venden viendo eso ya me da ganas de comer uno por favor en que lo grabó dime dónde está😋😋😋😋😋😋😋👅👅👅👅👅👅👀👀👀

  • Zara Zoe Castañeda Almanza

    Edonde están le voy a decir a mi mamá que me debe aya díganme donde es así por favor

  • Fer MB
    Fer MB Year ago


  • daisy lazo
    daisy lazo Year ago +3

    Que. Rico 😋 se. Ve 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    • Bárbara Fme gomes
      Bárbara Fme gomes Year ago

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    • Bárbara Fme gomes
      Bárbara Fme gomes Year ago

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    • Bárbara Fme gomes
      Bárbara Fme gomes Year ago

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    • Bárbara Fme gomes
      Bárbara Fme gomes Year ago

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    • PatriciaGirl 27
      PatriciaGirl 27 Year ago

      da hambre 😜

  • Sofia Rodrigues Burnagui

    Não sei como se escreve direito nessa língua ☹☹☹

  • Oops fire creeper


  • its.azwani wani
    its.azwani wani Year ago

    Yummm is a good