Crushing Sure Men's Deodorant with Hydraulic Press

  • Published on Jun 5, 2016
  • Crushing sure mens deodorant (Fireball)-
    Crushing Sure Men's Deodorant with Hydraulic Press
    Address of Po Box below-
    PO Box- 2098
    CR90 9PT
    United Kingdom
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  • Duprem3 Supreme
    Duprem3 Supreme Year ago

    Good deodorant wasted

  • Mr Chong And the Mighty dumplings

    1:00 when you watch roblox born and gotta let it bust...

  • Mützen TV
    Mützen TV Year ago

    0:03 yes it will be very compressed

  • Experiment Inside
    Experiment Inside 2 years ago

    nice outroo! how did you make this?? and guuys check my channel for more expiriments!

  • WuTang Flan
    WuTang Flan 2 years ago

    This was oddly satisfying.

  • Ahmet Gundogdu
    Ahmet Gundogdu 2 years ago

    Crush your balls on the hydraulic press.

  • GirlsDeadGamers
    GirlsDeadGamers 2 years ago +3

    Crush a Hydraulic Press

  • Bruvnez Squad
    Bruvnez Squad 2 years ago

    Set it alite next time XD

  • Scribble
    Scribble 2 years ago

    R.I.P ozone layer

    • Daniel Rkman
      Daniel Rkman 2 years ago

      CFCs have been banned since 1996 in most countries, the ozone layer is doing quite well now.

  • Andy M
    Andy M 2 years ago

    I hate it when you shoot all over the camera

  • Niko Huse
    Niko Huse 2 years ago

    People wonder why I smell like a hydraulic press...

  • Pao ViGi
    Pao ViGi 2 years ago

    here un Mexico, that brand is calles Rexona

  • Arthur Parker
    Arthur Parker 2 years ago

    curious shallow integrity xiysnr cause cup

  • Taliesin Bourne
    Taliesin Bourne 2 years ago

    crush a deodorant on its side. more explosive.

  • Abuzer Kadayıf
    Abuzer Kadayıf 2 years ago

    i want press machine

  • Arnom Mota
    Arnom Mota 2 years ago

    mano é muito desperdício

  • Driifty
    Driifty 2 years ago

    Crush a bottle of silly string.

  • Oliver Hodes
    Oliver Hodes 2 years ago

    pocket sized version XD

  • bloochoo
    bloochoo 2 years ago

    you need to do it sideways

  • M S
    M S 2 years ago +2

    ravioli ravioli give me the formioli

  • PyCode
    PyCode 2 years ago +1

    OH! OH! Crush a bottle of silly string!!

  • Amber Jordan
    Amber Jordan 2 years ago

    i love these.

  • luminor007
    luminor007 3 years ago

    Oooooo I could Crush a grape

  • lli__ oo
    lli__ oo 3 years ago


  • hazelamym
    hazelamym 3 years ago

    and now you have the worlds least sweaty hydraulic press. ^_^

  • Elena Stennett
    Elena Stennett 3 years ago

    well it's compressed now..

  • Gamer Therapist
    Gamer Therapist 3 years ago

    old spice would have just broken the press, then Terry Crews would have came out to confirm it was a commercial, not just a youtube video.

  • Amro Elgharib
    Amro Elgharib 3 years ago

    or cru shit

  • Amro Elgharib
    Amro Elgharib 3 years ago

    is it called crush it

    COOL KENNETH 3 years ago


  • dubstep epic
    dubstep epic 3 years ago

    You are rubish you arss

  • C dash
    C dash 3 years ago

    so relaxing watching these you earnt a sub :)

  • Chemtrailfan
    Chemtrailfan 3 years ago

    Yes, this is definitely something to crush.

  • Predicate vermin
    Predicate vermin 3 years ago


  • Metrickzcz
    Metrickzcz 3 years ago

    does it smell good now?

  • that guy
    that guy 3 years ago

    how many tons is that press

  • BrandonD
    BrandonD 3 years ago

    that went down straighter than the twin towers

  • MrSupercar55
    MrSupercar55 3 years ago

    0:09 Compressed. Well, we'll just see about that.

  • Isaiah Herring
    Isaiah Herring 3 years ago

    These videos are so useless but I can't help but click on them lol

  • I Ronikz
    I Ronikz 3 years ago

    I like how you get straight into the video and u don't talk all chibrish

  • Carson Allard
    Carson Allard 3 years ago

    Bet it smells really good in there, huh?

  • Dylanfoxay gameh
    Dylanfoxay gameh 3 years ago


  • Dylanfoxay gameh
    Dylanfoxay gameh 3 years ago

    your title looks like it says cru shit also the beginning entrance of the video the cru is black and shit is beown

  • Tailwhip222
    Tailwhip222 3 years ago

    thats one way to freshen up the room just crush a can of spray deodorant everywhere lol :)

  • Phantom_The_Spy_Main
    Phantom_The_Spy_Main 3 years ago

    it melted

  • R W
    R W 3 years ago

    Not sure I enjoyed this one.

  • Theo Volz
    Theo Volz 3 years ago

    I liked it when it blew it's load.

  • ThisIsIndraztaa - The Lady Rocker Fans

    0:34 = like a space shuttle

  • GrantCameron
    GrantCameron 3 years ago

    Crush a deodorant can sideways so that the valve at the top isn't pressed by the press!

  • sak sezo
    sak sezo 3 years ago

    the place must smells horrible

  • Nixon T
    Nixon T 3 years ago

    the name of his channel and how he makes it cruSHIT 😂👌🏻

  • Direct Intervention Group

    0:34 me after chipotle

  • فيصل الجابري


  • Pudding
    Pudding 3 years ago

    crush a CPU and a graphics card

  • Dani Days
    Dani Days 3 years ago

    Hey, that's pretty good!

  • ahmed saed
    ahmed saed 3 years ago


  • Zachary Dampeir
    Zachary Dampeir 3 years ago

    I use that deodorant

  • Crushit
    Crushit  3 years ago +19

    Just Wondering... anyone here from instagram?

  • Aude J
    Aude J 3 years ago

    Now you can say that it's a .. Compressed déodorant WAAAA

  • TomTubesYou
    TomTubesYou 3 years ago +4

    That must have smelled HORRIBLE

  • peter ball
    peter ball 3 years ago

    This is the best hydraulic press channel. Keep up the good videos :)

  • Just a Zebra that does minecraft totorials

    what's the song at the end?

  • Will John
    Will John 3 years ago

    Was expecting a bigger bang

  • BarelyPro
    BarelyPro 3 years ago

    You compressed a compressed can. even said it, like it new it was going to be compressed.

  • Frost Productions
    Frost Productions 3 years ago

    What is the song that you use in the end of ur videos when u showcase the damage?

  • João Paulo
    João Paulo 3 years ago +1

    That machine killed the 1st terminator

  • abner vazquez
    abner vazquez 3 years ago

    in the usa its called REXONA

  • Blue's Life
    Blue's Life 3 years ago +4

    "Oh it didn't burst" *5 seconds later "Oh nevermind"

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown 3 years ago

    Well at least that hydraulic press is not going to stink anymore, not for a long time anyhow. How about you crush a can of shaving cream lol!

  • Kcireh
    Kcireh 3 years ago

    press a coke

  • Muzz Muzzy
    Muzz Muzzy 3 years ago

    crush it on its side

  • Alexander
    Alexander 3 years ago

    Next time crush it with an lighted candle next to it

  • Amy XOX
    Amy XOX 3 years ago

    Please crush a tin of pringles

  • Puglover123
    Puglover123 3 years ago +20

    0:34 when someone starts spitting while they talk

    • victor
      victor 3 years ago +3

      More like 0:58

  • dominica Michael
    dominica Michael 3 years ago


  • Justin Handler
    Justin Handler 3 years ago

    Gameboy from 1989

  • CoolioDa fox
    CoolioDa fox 3 years ago

    I hope this is not offensive but your intro calls your name cru-shit I find it quite funny and quite offensive at the same time ...I think you should act soon XD

    • rocks
      rocks 3 years ago

      +DrSlurps for sure it's intentional. The shit is in a different font

    • Chef
      Chef 3 years ago

      Oh no somebody said a naughty word! better comment about it! But seriously, its untentional.

  • CoolioDa fox
    CoolioDa fox 3 years ago

    how about a cheap but very hard photo frame

  • Edwin Salgado
    Edwin Salgado 3 years ago +3

    does the camera smell good now

    LEWIS HATTON 3 years ago

    can u crash loads of bacon and then cook it and eat it?
    if think it will be cool to see also great video.

  • DirtyBob6969
    DirtyBob6969 3 years ago +9

    crush a blend tech blender.. will it blend that is the question...

    • No No No No!
      No No No No! 3 years ago


    • DirtyBob6969
      DirtyBob6969 3 years ago

      or maybe after it gets crushed Will it still blend. If it does I'm buying one.

    • Crushit
      Crushit  3 years ago +1

      Haha... good one :)

  • SouthwesternEagle
    SouthwesternEagle 3 years ago +2

    We want to know how many subscribers you have. As a subscriber myself, I ask you to make your sub box public.

    • Crushit
      Crushit  3 years ago

      Because you have subscribed and you asked... I will ;)

  • Joe Frankum
    Joe Frankum 3 years ago

    Can you crush play doe

    PRO GAMER 3 years ago +1

    how many tons?

  • Crushit
    Crushit  3 years ago +6

    PO Box- 2098
    CR90 9PT
    United Kingdom

  • Vinícius Reis
    Vinícius Reis 3 years ago +2

    how about crushing the Nokia 6110?

    • Jah Clout
      Jah Clout 3 years ago +1

      +Crushit lets see

    • Crushit
      Crushit  3 years ago +1

      Lol no way ;)

    • Adamost
      Adamost 3 years ago +1

      +Crushit your gonna break your press if you do that

    • Jah Clout
      Jah Clout 3 years ago +1

      Nokia will win

    • Crushit
      Crushit  3 years ago +1

      Thanks for the suggestion:)