Our 23andMe DNA Ancestry Test & Results - WOW!!!

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  • Watch us fill up our saliva specimens and read our DNA Ancestry Composition reports from 23andMe LIVE!!! Such a fun and interesting way to find more about yourself - have you done your DNA ancestry testing yet?? (Disclaimer: We received our tests for free in exchange for sharing our experience. You can read more on the blog here: www.usjapanfam.com/blog/discoverying-our-dna-ancestry-with-23andme).

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  • DontYouTrustMe
    DontYouTrustMe 11 часов назад

    This was very interesting, thanks for sharing :D

    By the way, you look SO much like Uma Thurman... Do you get that a lot?
    And for the record, that is a compliment. You're gorgeous! :)

    • DontYouTrustMe
      DontYouTrustMe Час назад

      Haha, that's very funny indeed. But hey, that's a good sign!
      Your family is precious, much love to you all! <3

    • US Japan Fam
      US Japan Fam  2 часа назад

      Awww thank you! :) I have gotten Uma a handful of times, actually when I was younger (in high school / college - a bit rounder face and short blond bob) I got Drew Barrymore at least once a week. It was so funny!

  • Commander Biff
    Commander Biff 2 дня назад

    Boil the rice
    Pay the price cunt

    • ColdFusion2:17-Truth Reveal
      ColdFusion2:17-Truth Reveal День назад

      Commander Biff Your white nationalist statement is unaffected and outdated. And let me tell you this. You're not white. You are a sub race of the Indian Dravidian race. So therefore. You are Atlantic ASIANS!

  • wei miao
    wei miao 2 дня назад

    Beautiful family!

  • 8polyglot
    8polyglot 2 дня назад

    I knew it would read Korean! Many Korean people crossed to Japan in prehistory and even as late as the Korean Bekjae period which influenced Japanese people and culture. Both countries are extremely different, yet have deep & complicated ties. So interesting to see that reflected in your husband's DNA.

  • dagobabby
    dagobabby 2 дня назад

    spanish is european.....

  • Cordelia Enid H
    Cordelia Enid H 3 дня назад

    You are a really adorable family. That's the first video of yours I've ever watched... And I subbed :)

    • US Japan Fam
      US Japan Fam  3 дня назад

      Thank you so much - means a lot!!!

  • Kate Walker
    Kate Walker 3 дня назад +2

    Your kids are adorable!!

  • Daniel Holowaty
    Daniel Holowaty 7 дней назад

    I am just laughing at the kid at 4:00 😫😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • US Japan Fam
      US Japan Fam  6 дней назад

      😂 he's such a ham, had no idea he was making such faces 😂😂😂

  • Whore Gay Washing Machines' Turtle
    Whore Gay Washing Machines' Turtle 9 дней назад

    I really wanna try this kit and have my entire nuclear family (Mom, Dad, and Older Bro) but that would cost $ 400!

    • US Japan Fam
      US Japan Fam  3 дня назад

      ouch!!! maybe you could start with just your mom and dad, that'd give you a pretty good picture of what you and your brother are without actually testing yourselves.

    LUIS FONSI LOVER 10 дней назад

    and your laugh and how you squeak is so annoying

    LUIS FONSI LOVER 10 дней назад

    your not Spanish you idiot

  • cmndrkool321
    cmndrkool321 13 дней назад

    From what I researched, results from African and Asian countries are more likely to be not "wrong," but inaccurate because they don't test as many samples from full-blooded Africans or Asians compared to Europeans- so they roughly estimate using what samples they use in their DNA databank. The more people contribute their DNA, the more accurate future results will be to future testers. I know I am 90% European with at least 25% being Lithuanian, but it's a mix of a lot of things, which some are rumored to be at least one Native American and one African. I am going to test soon!

    • US Japan Fam
      US Japan Fam  6 дней назад

      Great point and makes sense, thank you!

  • Europa Man
    Europa Man 13 дней назад +1

    White people are no more mutts than Yellows. The country boundaries among Europe has shifted, but White people as a group are self-similar yet genetically-distinct from Yellows and Blacks.

  • whiteworldwide
    whiteworldwide 13 дней назад +1

    White Race Traitors will have special punishment for TREASON

    • Tom T
      Tom T 2 часа назад

      Ronnel Ramos you truth tellers are spreading truth like it's fire FTFY

    • Ronnel Ramos
      Ronnel Ramos 3 дня назад

      god you white supremacists are spreading like shits

  • Kochigachi
    Kochigachi 15 дней назад

    23&me is total waste of money and time

  • Samantha Murphy
    Samantha Murphy 15 дней назад

    Your family is adorable!! 😍🙏🏽

  • caspence56
    caspence56 15 дней назад

    What a cute family!!

  • rosaspe
    rosaspe 15 дней назад

    You are so nice

  • Donna V
    Donna V 16 дней назад

    Adorable kids. Your son in the back is a comedian.

  • Rakesh Mohan
    Rakesh Mohan 16 дней назад

    Congratulations, your kids have inherited a genetic legacy of incredibly high IQ's.

  • Malaysian in uk foofoo
    Malaysian in uk foofoo 17 дней назад

    Wish the husband would say more instead of just saying WoW all the time

  • epicherooftime
    epicherooftime 18 дней назад

    their kids are hideous.

  • Paul Dylan
    Paul Dylan 20 дней назад

    Why you no marry White man?? Hurts to see you marry Asian :(

    • ColdFusion2:17-Truth Reveal
      ColdFusion2:17-Truth Reveal 3 дня назад

      Paul Dylan Lol butt hurt white nationalist😂😂😂

    • Paul Dylan
      Paul Dylan 16 дней назад

      nah bro he has her on leash

    • Good
      Good 18 дней назад

      Paul Dylan look how she has her husband on a leash. Lol

  • Angel Michael
    Angel Michael 20 дней назад

    i can see spain and british in you

  • Sweet Heart
    Sweet Heart 21 день назад

    It's always so funny all Asian people I ve seen did this is like I m all from one country. Caucasian people are like I m from all different countries.

  • beckderm
    beckderm 21 день назад

    Are you aware that when you purchase a DNA kit for genealogy testing through either 23andMe or Ancestry that you are literally giving these companies carte blanche to your DNA, the rights to your DNA information, including for medical utilization meaning sales to Big Pharm, and there is absolutely no opt-out, meaning they can in essence do anything they want with your anonymized data?

    Both companies also have a higher research participation level that you can choose to participate in, or opt out of, that grants them permission to sell or otherwise utilize your non-anonymized data, meaning your identity is attached to that information.

    However, opting out of his higher level DOES NOT stop the company from utilizing, sharing or selling your anonymized DNA and data. Anonymized data means your identity and what they consider identifying information has been removed.

    Many people think that if you opt-out, your DNA and data is never shared or sold, but according to 23andMe and Ancestry’s own documentation, that’s not true. Opt-out is not truly opt-out. It’s only opting out of them sharing your non-anonymized data – meaning just the higher level of participation only. They still share your anonymized data in aggregated fashion.

    Some people are fine with this. Some aren’t. Many people don’t really understand the situation. I didn’t initially. I’m very uncomfortable with this situation, and here’s why.

    First, let me say very clearly that I’m not opposed to WHAT either 23andMe or Ancestry is doing, I’m very concerned with HOW, meaning their methodology for obtaining consent.

    I feel like a consumer should receive what they pay for and not have their DNA data co-opted, often without their knowledge, explicit permission or full situational understanding, for other purposes.

    There should also be no coercion involved – meaning the customer should not be required to participate in medical research as a condition of obtaining a genealogy test. Most people have no idea this is happening. I certainly didn’t.

    How could a consumer not know, you ask?

    Because these companies don’t make their policies and intentions clear. Their language, in multiple documents that refer back and forth to each other, is extremely confusing.

    Neither company explains what they are going to (or can) do with your DNA in plain English, before the end of the purchase process, so that the customer clearly understands what they are doing (or authorizing) IN ADDITION to what they intended to do. Obtaining customer permission in this fashion is hardly “informed consent” which is a prerequisite for a subject’s participation in research.

    The University of Southern California has prepared this document describing the different aspects of informed consent for research. If you read this document, then look at the consent, privacy and terms and conditions documents of both Ancestry and 23andMe, you will notice significant differences.

    While 23andMe has clearly been affiliated with the medical community for some time, Ancestry historically has not and there is absolutely no reason for an Ancestry customer to suspect that Ancestry is doing something else with their DNA. After all, Ancestry is a genealogy company, not a medical genetics company. Aren’t they???

    • US Japan Fam
      US Japan Fam  20 дней назад

      good god that is disturbing and fascinating at the same time haha. but it makes sense, i mean, if you can get aids from unprotected sex, i'm not surprised other things can be transferred as well. but their DNA in your brain. whoaaaaaaa. mind blown. ick.

    • beckderm
      beckderm 20 дней назад

      This just came up as well. Sorry to be a downer, but I'm sure you like being informed? **Women retain and carry living DNA from every man with whom they have sexual intercourse, according to a new study by the University of Seattle and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.** Google this story. Like your channel :)

    • US Japan Fam
      US Japan Fam  21 день назад

      Yikes. If true it's highly unethical and should be downright illegal. That said, I wouldn't have done it if I wasn't OK with my dna being out there, because really, you have no idea. So long as its not being used to frame me for murder, or showing I have some "pre-existing condition" that will deny me insurance in the future, I don't really care much about it. The more they understand about the human genome and how to prevent bad stuff and promote good stuff and treat diseases and such, the better, maybe? But still... I hope it's figured out if they're really doing this they should all be shut down, or if proven they're not doing this, everyone needs to get off their back about it.

  • Dragon Ball S Comme S acrilège
    Dragon Ball S Comme S acrilège 21 день назад

    Maggie and Glenn the walking dead ^^

  • Yohannes Donata
    Yohannes Donata 22 дня назад

    My favourite Youtuber family! It's so refreshing to see a stable, equal Asian-white couple!

    ULGMX 23 дня назад

    Europeans are Atlantic Asians and most the languages are derived from India.
    White is a Indian Subrace

  • Mogoi 1
    Mogoi 1 24 дня назад

    I reallly want to do this but paranoid to send my dna spit

    • US Japan Fam
      US Japan Fam  24 дня назад

      It's a common concern... personally I trust they're not selling it or using it beyond the permissions I gave them, but you never know for sure I guess!

  • Dylan Boyd
    Dylan Boyd 24 дня назад +2

    Well now those kids are mongrels

    • Tom T
      Tom T 2 часа назад

      Capauldi Sims well our racemixing poster who is pure White sure did a good job of preventing that in the future didn't she.

    • Tom T
      Tom T 2 часа назад

      US Japan Fam I agree, it's a nasty comment to involve kids. But your Disney fairytale racemixing bullshit about how you wish you had some African DNA really is worthy of getting kicked out if society. Realize you were indoctrinated by the cultural Marxists to hate your people and race, and talk about THAT, or SHUT UP. Western (White) people are sick of having their noses rubbed in this shit all the fucking time, and a reckoning is coming sooner than you'd think.

    • beezle1210
      beezle1210 5 дней назад

      What happened to you? Why would you say something like that to a woman you don't know? And you attack her children? What on earth is the matter with you?

    • Capauldi Sims
      Capauldi Sims 19 дней назад

      Race mixing has been around for centuries upon centuries. You're probably not as pure-blooded as you think you are. It really shouldn't matter what race, or mix of races, a person is, as long as they are a good person with compassion, which you clearly do not have. If you think mixed children are monsters, then you're either incredibly ignorant, or just a troll, and I feel sorry for you that you feel compelled to write such horrible comments on the internet.

    • Dylan Boyd
      Dylan Boyd 22 дня назад

      US Japan Fam the beauty of the white race is ruined by traitors like you and your half blooded spawns

  • HindsightPOV
    HindsightPOV 26 дней назад

    Do the Ainu people count as being part of the Japanese DNA results or would they be listed separately? What about the Ryukyuans for that matter?

    • HindsightPOV
      HindsightPOV 25 дней назад

      US Japan Fam
      I would assume any Ainu ancestry would fall under Japanese DNA. From what I understand, these DNA tests are based on comparing DNA from populations within their database and many Japanese have Ainu ancestry and don't even know it. How else would they be able to distinguish Japanese DNA from Korean DNA since after the Ainu, the first Yayoi people to arrive on the Japanese archipelago were Koreans approximately less than a couple of thousands of years ago?

    • US Japan Fam
      US Japan Fam  26 дней назад

      Oooooooh good question!!! I have no idea!! My guess is it might fail to classify them very specifically, being a broader "East Asian & Native American"?

  • Phillip Lee
    Phillip Lee 26 дней назад +6

    Japanese people believe they have pure breed Japanese DNA only. Very conceited people. That's why they are always shocked to see Korean or Chinese DNA inside them.

    • Flavor Bud Living
      Flavor Bud Living 7 дней назад

      With all this talk about someone who "speaks like a white person" or has a "white first name" (and so in your mind of course they must be Caucasian), it sounds like you are more than willing to make assumptions about other people and ethnic groups. This makes you look hypocritical and full of hate and ignorance like every other racist in the world.

    • yggh yh bgf
      yggh yh bgf 7 дней назад

      Lee is also a white surname and he has a white first name and he speaks like a white person. I only hear about how much "insert Asian nationality" consider them superior to "insert another Asian nationality" from white people. WHO GAVE YOU THE RIGHT TO TALK ABOUT ASIAN RELATIONS WHEN YOU'RE NOT ASIAN AND DONT UNDERSTAND ASIA AND ITS PEOPLE. We don't need ya'll 2 cents. Keep it to yourselves.

    • Flavor Bud Living
      Flavor Bud Living 7 дней назад

      How do you know he's white? Last name Lee, kind of ambiguous if you ask me. So hostile and doing your best to match the op's ignorance, you're not really helping.

    • yggh yh bgf
      yggh yh bgf 7 дней назад

      No they don't. White people need to stop speaking for Asian people and mind your own business. I have Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Indian friends, we don't think were the best race. In fact wasn't it white people that started Nazism and eugenics?

    • theworldhere247
      theworldhere247 22 дня назад

      Did you see the Buzzfeed version of this? Eugene Yang, a Korean, literally looked like he was going to commit seppuku when he learned he had Japanese in him.

  • Rubellite
    Rubellite 26 дней назад

    It's also really nice because you can get a general sense of what your children's ancestral background is!

  • Andres de Villanueva
    Andres de Villanueva 26 дней назад

    You look like Mr. Zulu.

  • Master Ding dong
    Master Ding dong 28 дней назад

    Theres no such thing as japanese or u.s .those are your nationalities not your ethnicities.
    You are a European of some sort looks like Spanish or turkish and he is an asian probably korean ethnic the most I''d say 99%...

    • Kochigachi
      Kochigachi 15 дней назад


    • US Japan Fam
      US Japan Fam  24 дня назад

      Hmmm... I would say Japanese is the ethnicity / ancestry and Asian is the race, no? Nationality is simply what your citizenship is. But I actually have no idea, the lines of race and ethnicity and all that get really blurred for me sometimes, and these DNA tests make it even more so! I'm fascinated by it all, but it's over my head to say the least.

  • juandenz2008
    juandenz2008 28 дней назад

    You have a great family. Did your husband know he had a korean ancestor ? It is probably a great grand parent or similar that was from Korea. 23 and me, seem to be really using youtube to promote their product. Sorry to change topic a bit and I don't want to seem unduly paranoid, but honestly I don't really trust 23 and me. They are collecting a huge amount of genetic information on people, and who knows how that is going to be used in the future and how it is going to be safeguarded. Even if each individuals information is kept safe, in aggregate what kind of tool is it going to be used for in the future. Are employers or insurers going to want to test people and then discriminated against them for jobs or insurance if they have certain genetic markers ? Is 23 and me going to market further drugs or products to people in the future based on their genetics. Is that data going to be sold and/or matched with other data ? Could their database be hacked ? Are you going to find out you have markers for certain diseases that you would have preferred not to know about. Who monitors and regulates this company ? Remember when google promised to "do no evil" and then rapidly changed course.

    • US Japan Fam
      US Japan Fam  28 дней назад

      all good points and valid concerns though!

    • US Japan Fam
      US Japan Fam  28 дней назад

      he didn't but given history he wasn't surprised. and regarding the trust, supposedly they're monitored but yeah, you really have no idea do you? i figure even worst case my dna is being sold and researched on, well, not a biggy for me? now if someone is gonna frame me for murder that's a different story, but they could do this by going through my garbage too :P

  • Rubellite
    Rubellite 29 дней назад +1

    Such a sweet family :D

  • Sandra Caballero
    Sandra Caballero Месяц назад

    I want to do that with my husband. BTW your family is cute ❤️ (Heart emoji )

  • Potato
    Potato Месяц назад

    The kids results will be more interesting

  • RickyboyH
    RickyboyH Месяц назад

    Very cool! Beautiful family you are!

  • Ainsley Suk
    Ainsley Suk Месяц назад

    i found out I'm 10% chinese but I'm full Thai

    • rotcataergeht
      rotcataergeht 23 дня назад

      Ainsley Suk Im pretty sure you are more than 10% chinese

  • Rosângela Mackenzie
    Rosângela Mackenzie Месяц назад +1

    sooo, he is asian...who would have guessed

    • Rosângela Mackenzie
      Rosângela Mackenzie 3 дня назад

      theworldhere247 i am white but from brazil, pretty sure will not turn out only european in my dna...black indie and european But asian they dont mix freq

    • theworldhere247
      theworldhere247 22 дня назад

      Same as the girl. She is white.... who would have guessed.

  • fahad mm
    fahad mm Месяц назад +1

    i think people in Meddle East fuck all world girls 💪💪💪

  • Be Water
    Be Water Месяц назад +1

    your kids dont look one bit like you. you could as well be a baby sitter for asian kids lol. i bet that bugs you often enough.

    • Tom T
      Tom T 2 часа назад

      US Japan Fam makes no difference what you look like? Don't spew thus garbage and not expect people to react. Uh, maybe in diversity shitholes like London or New York, and the tide is turning even there as the locals (Whites) wake up, but in the rest of the world yes, yes it does make a big difference. I'm guessing you live in a major city where people would be accustomed to giving your family awkward smiles.

    • Tom T
      Tom T 2 часа назад

      Be Water your comments are great, you make points about the kids without being insulting to anyone except the mother, who obviously deserves scorn and ridicule. You should check out advchina and those guys, they make good vids but sometimes need some more race realism.

    • Be Water
      Be Water 23 дня назад

      A Song for xx
      Why should i celebrate "diversity"(which actually means melting and killing off true diversity), when everything in nature, even nature itself is fighting against it ? The term "racism" means nothing, its just a slur people use to describe people they dont like. What you may call a "mean society", is actually just natural reactions and behaviour. You can keep calling it mean and "racist", but that doesnt change nature. Maybe instead of being angry at society while trying to fight against it, changing your perspective and going *with* nature would be a better idea ?! Well, as soon as you understand that you dont fight against people or the society but nature itself, as soon you will be able to handle the situation better by not fighting against it.

    • Be Water
      Be Water Месяц назад

      US Japan Fam
      im actually quite happy with my life, but i still find amusement in people like you who know what im saying is true, but desperately want to live with their delusion, because otherwise it would jeopardize their life around them.
      hey, i hope you will make it work and your kids dont fall into confusion and identity crisis because their parents thought "it doesnt matter", but dont be surprised when they do, like so many others. nature and its biology is a powerful thing, not something to be ignored. im sure it doesnt feel really good to know that everyone thinks and assumes that you are not a mother, but a baby sitter when you are with your "own" children.
      dont call me hateful, call nature hateful if you want, but be conscious of the decisions you made and dont shift the blame.

    • US Japan Fam
      US Japan Fam  Месяц назад

      wow, troll much? every one of us has equal chance to be confident or complain and hate ourselves, makes no difference where you are from or what you look like. i hope you can find love for yourself and others one day...

  • Raptor HanselJolteon
    Raptor HanselJolteon Месяц назад

    Your kids' DNA would be very diverse then.

  • miamar
    miamar Месяц назад +1

    Hey, I'm half Japanese and half white! I'm just like your kids. I wanna take a DNA test. 😛

    • Selina Drysdale
      Selina Drysdale 6 дней назад


    • Jojo Purplez
      Jojo Purplez Месяц назад

      miamar it's probably gonna be 50 50 cause likely tht both parents will be 100% what they mostly r but it would be interesting to see the countries and breakdowns

  • aj nicolas
    aj nicolas Месяц назад +1

    your baby is so cute! :)

  • Da Heich
    Da Heich Месяц назад

    Looked at your face and said British and French and I was correct.

  • Jennifer R
    Jennifer R Месяц назад

    I could tell you were mainly English, it's the nose. :)

  • Jessica French
    Jessica French Месяц назад

    Ahhh your kids are so cute!!!! <3

  • Samuel115s
    Samuel115s Месяц назад

    wow, you are very European. almost 100%.

  • Charles Gerety
    Charles Gerety Месяц назад

    Good video just cut to the chase with results

  • Wim V
    Wim V 2 месяца назад

    the north African bit is  through Spain too most probably..

  • الجهل قوة
    الجهل قوة 2 месяца назад +1

    The woman could be Winona Ryder's sister seriously

  • Naseeha Amrika
    Naseeha Amrika 2 месяца назад +1

    I searched up Japanese dna to see if there would be any european in the mix even as small as 1.5%. Maybe just my ignorance but Japanese look different to me than their other asian counterparts mainly because of face size and structure. Almost look like a "european" face shape with the other "asian" features. To my surprise, nope. not a single white blood in him. Oh how diverse the world is. The same go for this specific tribe in southern africa. They look like Chinese dipped in chocolate but in reality, they dont have ties to china. Fascinating

  • Lindsey Rogers
    Lindsey Rogers 2 месяца назад +1

    Awe, your hubby is a dream, so handsome!!!

  • Myron Smith
    Myron Smith 2 месяца назад

    She said you was 💯 European wow the lies start super fast with white people

  • shejingbin hehe
    shejingbin hehe 2 месяца назад

    just me or does the mom looks kinda like Root from Person of Interest

  • lord Farthingale
    lord Farthingale 2 месяца назад +1

    Horrific news! There is NOT a single Korean that does not have a huge chunk of their DNA from the Japanese!!! I've just gone over a hundred DNA databases for 23 & Me Korean customers, and they ALL have a range of 20% to 30% Japanese genome ingress. I kid you not. These Jap bastards have raped Koreans into a new ethnicity! Check the data, and you will be shocked!!!

    • Kochigachi
      Kochigachi 15 дней назад

      lord Farthingale that's coz Japanese are just another Koreans with some Ainu mix.

    • Jojo Purplez
      Jojo Purplez Месяц назад

      lord Farthingale 😮 thts like having a grandparent who is another ethnicity or having a parent who is two ethnicities . tht recent wow

  • Benjamin Shultz
    Benjamin Shultz 2 месяца назад +18

    Notice how the husband took pride in the fact that he is 100% Asian, and more than 90% Japanese. Wife's like "god dammit" when she reads that's she's 99% European.

    Self-loathing? Not trying to be a douche, just generally curious, I noticed a lot of Europeans want to feel ashamed of their heritage which is in stark contrast to any other group alive today.

    • Tom T
      Tom T Час назад

      US Japan Fam I fucking hate people like you so much. Talking shit on your own people, the greatest civilization the world has ever seen, talking about privilege? Hm I haven't found my white privilege card can you send me one if these I keep hearing about? Because all I see, ALL I see, is privilege for non Westerners (non Whites). History and guilt of our ancestors? How about pride? You fucking traitorous twat. You really need to move to Japan if you aren't there already, tolerance for people like you within the gates is running thin indeed.

    • ApartmentViews
      ApartmentViews 22 дня назад

      JahIthBer Someone failed biology. Genes cannot be lost. They always get passed down to new offspring.

    • Varoon
      Varoon 23 дня назад

      @US Japan Fam

      if that can make you feel better, what the Nazis did in Europe, the Japanese did the same to Koreans and Chinese

      The Germans apologised, the Japanese never did.

      So...as far as being privileged is concerned, it's more complicated than you think

    • RibbitHopX
      RibbitHopX 27 дней назад

      US Japan Fam You should try uploading your results to GEDmatch. They have many more population samples to compare with. Your husband would have a good time using the Harappa populations calculator geared toward Asian people. You'd enjoy using the EU test. You'll find a lot more DNA relatives on GEDmatch, too.

    • JahIthBer
      JahIthBer Месяц назад

      genes dont get passed on when you mix thats why their kids look adopted.

  • Emily rose
    Emily rose 2 месяца назад

    This is the most beautiful family I've ever seen

  • Glo Patterson
    Glo Patterson 2 месяца назад

    guess I am strange I don't care what I am....... but have friends that are on doing the DNA test

  • Ubiquitous_Star
    Ubiquitous_Star 2 месяца назад

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    • US Japan Fam
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      sure there are conspiracy theories (for anything though, if you start buying into them I'm not sure how you can even leave the house or get through the day really!!!), but I trust they are following the regulations and abiding by the permissions we have granted or not granted.

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    And anyone who has significant heritage from England is bound to have Scandinavian in them as well. Almost the entirety of England was conquered by Vikings, who were known to take Anglo Saxon wives.
    I do find it weird that 23 and me put British Isles and Ireland together, as studies within the UK has shown those populations to be different. Irish and Scottish should probably be together (the native Scottish peoples kinda disappeared and were replaced by the Gaels, although arguably the populations could have mingled), and Wales, Manx, and Cornish would be the group of Britons, and then England would be the Anglo Saxons.
    However, you could also argue that every region in the world would need to go down to small minutia like this...

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      +Jrom hahaha yeah that's true. Then lets just keep it at that I am no man of science and am just a carpenter who has little time to discuss this topic right now. I wanted to say what I meant and found out that I cannot back it up with words so... not that I am stupid but moreso that I can proof myself wrong as I go.

    • Ralph Valkenburgh
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      "We're all originated from Africa". You do realize that's a theory which hasn't been proved, right? There's a lot of evidence to the contrary actually. Take this very recent link for example: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2017/05/22/europe-birthplace-mankind-not-africa-scientists-find/

    • Ralph Valkenburgh
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    I live in the UK and you look quite typically British :) I'd love to do this test too but being Finnish I'm sure it would turn out very high percentages Finnish & Swedish, possibly some Russian mixed in and that's it. My family can be traced to Finland all the way back to the 16th century, so boring! I'd love to have a secret relative from a far-away land... Ah, hopefully my future children can be the exciting & exotic mutts lol

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    • US Japan Fam
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