Off-Road Truck Mud Race | Klaperjaht 2019

  • Published on Aug 21, 2019
  • Off-Road Truck Mud Race | Klaperjaht 2019
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Comments • 38

  • ashleyroachclip1
    ashleyroachclip1 8 days ago

    ps good to se a chevy pu body

  • ashleyroachclip1
    ashleyroachclip1 8 days ago

    and this is called fun , i love watching these races hope to go there and watch someday

    FAMIGLIA 54 27 days ago

    Mantap bung😊

  • Ajis Deni
    Ajis Deni Month ago

    Racing the of

  • Brandon Wagner
    Brandon Wagner 2 months ago


  • UCKBLUE420 Playtime
    UCKBLUE420 Playtime 2 months ago

    Wish I was there.

  • UCKBLUE420 Playtime
    UCKBLUE420 Playtime 2 months ago

    Great video, just engines working, great video

  • Randle Richardson
    Randle Richardson 2 months ago

    Fun fun fun.

  • Dave Forsythe
    Dave Forsythe 2 months ago

    Would love to own any one of those awesome vehicles!

  • Mongol Timur
    Mongol Timur 2 months ago


  • Manufalket
    Manufalket 3 months ago


  • Joe Real
    Joe Real 3 months ago

    A little underpowered, but give to these boys, at least they have sense enough to have lockers in front, unlike alot of these tractor tired trucks today.

  • Толян Коп
    Толян Коп 3 months ago +1

    66 the best

  • Reinier Rooi
    Reinier Rooi 3 months ago

    Where IS this !? But i LIKE these !....real POWER-HORSES ! What engines do they have ? Good to hear those engines !....wish I can take part ! I just don't want to work the cable ! Very hard work !.... my respect to those cable-workers !

  • Mark NC
    Mark NC 3 months ago +2

    Mud flaps optional.

  • Pervmont
    Pervmont 3 months ago

    The new rear swing arm/coilover suspension on the 667 truck is working great! Like the new rear fenders, too. The big Chevy just needs a bigger set of tires and it'll start having good finishes, love that truck.

  • Manufalket
    Manufalket 3 months ago


  • philip4x4guy
    philip4x4guy 3 months ago +1

    Sweet video thanks for no music! It is way better to hear the engines!

  • Евгений Королев

    Мдааа пи....ц на трассе полная вакханалия👍👍👍👍😂😂😂😂

  • Brandon Wagner
    Brandon Wagner 3 months ago +1


  • PetoS
    PetoS 3 months ago

    nice video. Great inspiration for model 1:10

  • Malcolm Davis
    Malcolm Davis 3 months ago +3

    Big thanks for the 60 fps. And amazing trucks!

  • Karl K
    Karl K 3 months ago +3

    That little chevy pickup is a great example of what happend when you bring a pickup to a truck race!

  • Tim Spiker
    Tim Spiker 3 months ago +3

    I've known about these races for so long, to finally be able to watch them now is amazing. I look forward to every one

  • Jean-Luc ' JL ' Matagne
    Jean-Luc ' JL ' Matagne 3 months ago +1

    géniale la vidéo!

  • TeX Дeи
    TeX Дeи 3 months ago +1

    Nice race ! 👍

    • Juan Ottati
      Juan Ottati 3 months ago


  • Mike Irwin
    Mike Irwin 3 months ago +4

    I love these races. Thank you for publishing them. You've got a fan here in the USA. Kudos to the crews who live in the mud during a race.

  • Антон Андреевич

    nice truck's!

  • กุไม่รู้ กุไม่เห็น


  • atlet7707
    atlet7707 3 months ago +1


  • Анатолий Кучеров

    Д.Т 75 чуть в болото не утащили.

  • Ybrfr
    Ybrfr 3 months ago +2

    1:15 парень молодец, на хрен пешком грязь месить, зацепился и вылез!)))
    Жму руку!

  • Анатолий Кучеров

    Огонь. 667 зверюга.👍👍👍

  • Dodi Dodi
    Dodi Dodi 3 months ago +3

    Please,upload the new videos.