Conor McGregor's Chances Vs Floyd Mayweather

Most people say he doesn't have a chance in the world. Let's take a closer look at those odds.
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But even more incredible... The only time we saw him feel pressure was due to him gassing vs the pressure from Nates super human cardio. At 6 feet 172 lbs, one of the best chins in the game on top of being a volume punching triathalete, that's a pace Floyd comes nowhere near. But aside from then, in Conor vs Diaz two, it was incredible how calm he remained regardless of that same superhuman pressure... The punches bouncing off his head did not effect him, he barley blinked if at all at times... Regardless of who you thought won that fight, that is worthy of respect, otherwise you're cheapening Nates prowess aswell.

Back to the point. Conor just doesn't feel pressure and even vs eddie alvarez, who appeared to win the trash talk segment of the game, when it came to the fight, Conor was just pure ice, no emotion, just flow... The man has confidence on another level and his history of calmness probably will not be jeoporized regardless of what Floyd says or does.


"cut conor study"

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Cut jon jones scene
Jon Bones Jones has used a similar philosophy to dominate the MMA World.

Conor may appear to be a freak of nature athlete but his greatest strength is hands down his mind. Paired with that supreme calm, he uses extensive visualization and film study to understand his opponent, to feel their timing, their rhythm, to feel the core of who they are before the fight even begins. He doesn't have a fixed method of how he should attack as he's always learning and growing with a maddening ethic. He just keeps going with his body and mind until his organic, constantly evolving style becomes a clean counter to his opponent.

There were a few more factors I could've gone more indepth in but I think that is more than enough to convey my point. I believe Floyd would absolutely destroy Conor if Conor was who he was when he won two weight divisions in the UFC, because, different disciplines, and floyd is one of the best boxers on the planet, it's an obvious outcome, but when you give conor time, that becomes very dangerous. It's not that Conor is bigger, younger, is a southpaw, it's not even the fact Conor has devastating 1 punch KO power. Conor is an adaptable machine, who as John Kavanagh would put it, works even when he's sleeping. He is an eternal student with an inhuman level of confidence no trash talk in the world can cave... I don't think Floyd should underestimate Conor at all... He's made too many people he's fought look effortless with few exception, and really, the more time you give him to study you, the more dangerous he becomes. His hardest fights have been with Chad Mendez and Nate Diaz probably partly due to the short notice resulting in less time to visualize and study them... There's too much footage and too much time for Conor McGregor to not to be a threat. I wouldn't be surpised if Conor became Floyds Karma for saying white people can't box... Who knows... What I do know is that win or even lose, that opinion will change. All of you opinions too, now should change. Not in Conor, but in yourselves. A part of me believes in Conor because study and hard work is a capacity capable within all of us. It is what allows humans to single handedly dig through mountains. Really some dude from india did that by himself, dug through an entire mountain.... Back to the point, I believe in Conor because I believe in you, and really, that's it... Only the person with the mindset and urgency to reach for the impossible will ever clasp it. If he fails, he only loses his regrets. If by some stretch of the imagination his fingers inch around it he gains everything.

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Автор TheDavidHerrod ( назад)
CM has no business in a ring with FM. He'll get schooled.

Автор FIREBASEVEGAS0809 ( назад)
you've done better

Автор Rev. Caleb D. Wood ( назад)
he he, thanks for improvin betting odds on May

Автор Gia Giorgadze ( назад)
Floyd has no tape to see how Conor handles the boxing! So Mayweather has no chance to set traps...

Автор Shuby Duby Pro blackness ( назад)
White people cant box accept for the oldest Klitsko bro and Conner wasn't boxing he was fighting no skill set at all

Автор Shuby Duby Pro blackness ( назад)
The show will be before the fight with all the trash talk

Автор Kevin Vu ( назад)
100 on conor is worth it w the odds

Автор Eric Williams ( назад)
Cut it off when he mentioned the Judah fight. That was over 10 years ago. Yeah I'm sure Mayweather hasn't learned anything in that time frame. Also that Judah would embarass McGregor in a straight up boxing match.

Автор Bobba Fett ( назад)
Connor's not a idiot he knows June is too soon & Floyd will need to rely on his agility, doging, & blocking.

Автор Al De Leon ( назад)
if u have justin beiber as your belt guy u deserve to lose

Автор RichChicagoStateOfMind ( назад)
Conor will NEVER be a threat to Floyd. you're an idiot to think that.

Автор RichChicagoStateOfMind ( назад)
If this video is trying to convince ppl that conor has a chance then ur a fucken idiot...Conor wouldnt hit Floyd 1nce....take conors semen outta ur mouth.

Автор Handfloboxingreview ( назад)
All the studying in the world won't prepare him for the boxing supercomputer that is Floyd.Floyd is the best at adapting in real time

Автор Bin laden ( назад)
Just going to say, Mayweather would kick conors ass... in a boxing match

Автор Aleksandar Kan ( назад)
floyd wins!

Автор Daniel McKnight ( назад)
I have No doubt in my mind that Conor will win this if he's not just in it for the money. If he has the same mentality, the same passion, the same hunger he had when he began his run, he will win.

Автор Patrick Prochazka ( назад)
I like it!
MMA mixed with some alchemical/hermetic principles + common sense.
Liked, subed and shared.

Автор Hunter Golden ( назад)
The more comments I read in this thread about karate stances, feints and all - and what Conor is capable of has really opened my eyes to just how many people here haven't seen Mayweather fight. Ever.

Автор M F ( назад)
Conor Mcgregor fanboys, go look up chris van heerden spars conor mcgregor, the man went 6 rounds with him and said floyd will play with him and ko when he pleases, thats some real evidence of conor's boxing ability, he also said conor would beat any top 20 guy. Too many people are delusional, if conor is so amazing and great then why the fuck he lose to nate diaz? why he was too big? now you making excuses for him. clearly not that great.

Автор Tom Campbell ( назад)

Автор mymentor ( назад)
Conor has a chance, but there's also a chance a 747 will crash.  In both cases they're so insignificant to barely be worth mentioning.

Автор Alfred Baxter ( назад)
this a joke this is like putting lebron james in baseball I don't care how long connor train for floyd he's going to lose look floyd been boxing since he was kid and connor can train all of his life and floyd can be 50 years old and going to lose just watch

Автор Benji Dunn ( назад)
Nice video but let's be realistic McGregor has 0 chance on beating Mayweather.

Автор Hristos nikolaou ( назад)
If Conor mysteriously wins,I would like to see Conor take the winning purse hand it over to Floyd shake his hand tell him here "To you Floyd TBE and more money for TMT and yo help out up and coming boxers and poor people who need money to go to college."
Then Conor walks off into the sunset with his wife kids.
Leaves a legacy

Автор Deo Ananas ( назад)
Floyd is scared after this one I can feel it in my guts he will quit this fight Floyd don't be a bitch don't back down now!!

Автор TollFree999 ( назад)
I was about to subscribe, I'm glad I saw this stupid shit lmao.

Автор craigharvey500 ( назад)
Really good video, but you are quite racist, and maybe you should marry Conor if you love him so much, I mean he's good but fuckin hell calm down mate.

Автор Jordan brooks ( назад)
If conor can fucking pull this off. Just more proof we are looking at a modern day conqueror

Автор Mathijs S. ( назад)
Honestly if conor wins boxing dies

Автор jackie brown ( назад)
49-0 in the boxing world,,, but this time its with a mna fighter,,, different,,,, mcgregor has a chance ... a good change to land that hard punch of his.... and he is faster... but in a mna fight with mayweather,,, mayweather would have no chance..

Автор Brad Hiuser ( назад)
At 9:30 in - Mayweather "simply does not have that same huge, massive knowledge advantage Conor does!" hahahahaha Conor has this supposed advantage because? Oh I see - because Conor has obviously needed to learn a few different fighting disciplines, you now believe that he can beat a guy - at his own game - who has trained in NOTHING BUT BOXING since he was 6 YEARS OLD?!!? Come on man!!! Conor has the proverbial punchers chance and that is it! The only way Conor can beat Mayweather in boxing is if Mayweather suddenly gets old.....and if Floyd has been drugged and Conor has a baseball bat and Floyd is blindfolded and Conor is standing behind him!

Автор JESSbeKOBE Gaming ( назад)
may weather will kill him in the boxing match thats his home he gonna treat conor mcnugets like ricky hatton

Автор gangsterweight champion of the world ( назад)
your voice makes me suicidal

Автор Jessie Green ( назад)
Jesus i think mcgregor will win but this dude has a major boner for him ... Smashing over and over and over again

Автор morgand597 ( назад)
Mindsmash is a smart dumb nigga.
Nate Diaz who never boxed before professionally outboxed conor in their first fight. Floyd has had over 300 high level amateur fights including the olympics. And he beat the best boxers of his generation.

Biased as fuck video and you clearly haven't fought a day in your life

Автор Justin Maloney ( назад)
this video is pure bullshit.. yes technical zab did score a knock down on Floyd but the ref whiffed it..  and Floyd doesn't have trouble with southpaws.  I can tell you don't know boxing.. he has trouble with awkward fighters like maidana...... not lefties. Floyd don't talk shit like he use to so its not about psychological warfare. Floyd is just the best boxer alive..  connor has a punchers chance and that's it. Conor wants that Mayweather payday..  so he would say anything.

Автор Jeff Poston ( назад)
If Mayweather is so tough why doesn't he take off the pillows and get in a real fight? Everyone knows why, it is because he only does that with women~

Автор Kevin Johnson ( назад)
Dude you are high.... take Conor's balls out of your mouth... 😂 😂 😂 😂 this has to be the most ridiculous assessment/comparison I have ever heard. You have drank the entire container of Kool-aid. Conor could "prepare" for a year and still wouldn't be any where close to a match for Floyd. The best boxers on earth "prepared" their entire life and couldn't get the job done but some guy who has never boxed professionally is going to give him trouble. You on that "Great White Hope" bandwagon. Floyd is going to embarrass this guy just like all the rest. It won't even be competitive and will end at the time and choosing of Floyd Mayweather... you are comical... 😂 😂 😂 lmbo

Автор Hristos nikolaou ( назад)
Conor will not beat Floyd
The End

Автор Hitsuke ( назад)
I despise Floyd with every inch of my being... He's a fucking dick. I fucking love Conor, he's a proper Dubliner and a good craic... However, anyone who thinks Conor is going to destroy Floyd is fucking deluded. Floyd will win this fight, and it won't even be close.

Автор Larry Brown ( назад)
that power don't mean shit when you gotta fight in boxing gloves and not MMA gloves

Автор GlassHalfFool ( назад)
Mayweather fought one of the greatest southpaws in the history of boxing and completely schooled him. If you think Manny Pacquiao could barely land a punch but McGregor will land anything than you must be stupid. Manny when asked what he thought about the Floyd/McGregor fight had the perfect response: "You don't fight a shark in the ocean". You don't fight an ATG boxer in a boxing ring if you're not a boxer

Автор eon001 ( назад)
Was looking forward to clowning this vid, but you damn near convinced me Conor has a chance.

Автор Mr Mann ( назад)
9:17 I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times

Автор station4hiphop ( назад)
white people are so damn hateful. i never see on any of the sports shows and social media where blacks are pushing for a 28 year old black fighter to fight a 40 year old white champion. in boxing history whites have always done this.they hate the fact that this man is undefeated. remember when the news cycle was that ronda rousey could beat floyd? name another sports show in espn or anywhere else where whites pushed the story about who would win if a popular black female boxer could beat a popular white male fighter with the white male being 12 years older than the black female. now unlike the narrator here who is dick riding conor i will give another perspective..the notion is that if connor could beat floyd he would be great and looked at as beating the best of the best even though connor is damn near 20 years younger BUT if floyd beats connor the excuse will be "well floyds a boxer and more experienced" but wouldnt acknowledge a 40 year old whipped a 28 year olds ass. ill leave with this..in relation to both men's professional career floyd has NEVER lost whereas connor has been beaten 3 times and tapped the fuck out(cried uncle) the video of him bloodied up laying out is priceless!! dear white people,stop being damn racist.

Автор wcbj186120 ( назад)
This clown can't even handle Media and Training at the same time 😂😂😂. He dang sure ain't for the Mayweather show 😂😂😂

Автор wcbj186120 ( назад)
If you think Conor has a chance, your just as foolish as those who thought Rhonda was gonna beat Amanda. Conor is scamming y'all, lol. He's gonna get you guys hyped up and super disappointed 😂😂. Then take the money and laugh.

Автор ichez123 ( назад)
Floyd has likely forgotten more about boxing than Conor has ever learned. Anyone suggesting that Conor is a threat to Mayweather in a boxing ring is either doing marketing for the event or believes the marketing. Canelo Alvarez, Victor Ortiz, De La Hoya, and Mosley are all bigger fighters than Mayweather and are light years ahead of Conor in terms of boxing ability, and he beat them all quite convincingly.

Автор Casey Clemons ( назад)
people think McGregor really has a chance first he's talking about size when conor has been fighting at 170 and 155 mayweather fights at 147 or 155 so conor not gonna be that big when they fight it's called making weight dummies conor wasn't to big at 145 I can't wait to see conor get embarrassed

Автор Siema Dmitri ( назад)
1:51 If Floyd lets Conor land a punch like that, its game over. While Floyd may be the better boxer in every aspect, realisticly Conor only needs to land one of his signature punches.

Автор Dwight G ( назад)
Damn, this video is all about hanging on Connors nuts lmao

Автор Carnell Mills ( назад)
•total punches, •jabs, •power punches & •percentages. Floyd Mayweather will have more of them 4 than Conor McGregor. that's it. Floyd Mayweather mastered the game of boxing.

Автор Carnell Mills ( назад)
•total punches, •jabs, •power punches & •percentages. Floyd Mayweather will have more of them 4 than Conor McGregor. that's it. Floyd Mayweather mastered the game of boxing.

Автор Blue Boy 70 ( назад)
people dont know shit..they all sit and whine either by mouth or behind their computers to make themselves feel better. They r all frustrated and always find a bad thing to say about others

Автор g1la12 ( назад)
Connor Mcgreggor can't box against elite boxers. you've seen the sparring sessions...

Автор Ryan Ibara ( назад)
Good lord. Personally I am rooting for Floyd a guy I dislike. No I don't respect him winning by shit talking and defending most the matches, despite being valid strategies (simply not enjoyable to watch IMO). But why are you so high on a guy that has had hand picked opponents (styles that almost all charge forward, playing into the strategy you've outlined)? Especially now that he's calling out a smaller, much older, retired man who is only doing it for money? You are spouting like he is some mystical beast. I respect his work ethic and his ability to break down his opponents but I don't think we should be praising him for taking on a retired boxer who's half his size and isn't even known as a power striker. I even favor MMA as opposed to boxing but I don't think this fight is a fair representation of Boxing vs MMA and THATS why boxing fans are upset. I would LOVE to see Pacquiao vs McGreggor! Hit me up with a what if breakdown video!!!

Автор Switch Gears ( назад)
WTF this guy is talking about look at Mayweather's fight record compared to Conor's you don't accomplish something like that unless you study your opponents and having experience mixed with skills sets and knowing how to adjust with any fighter that's how Mayweather stayed unbeatable. skill sets

Автор rick dawkins ( назад)
Wow ignorant bias propaganda to make it seem like the  non pro boxer has even got a bigger chance than 3% to beat Mayweather ......hahahhahahahhah it will be hilarious when the coward conor pretends to be koed  so he doesn't have to get humiliated for  further punishment.

Conor is nt gonna get to round 8 folks , sorry conor bum lickers your boys not even close to being good enough to be in the ring with Mayweather.

Автор Michael lo ( назад)
Haha ,it's goin to be another Ricki Hatton type fight and outcome

Автор Sam Smith ( назад)
"single moms take welfare not men" no one thinks that's even a lil sexist?

Автор Isaiah Pantojas ( назад)
yo leave out that gay ass ending

Автор The Abnormal ( назад)
Damn I miss Floyd Mayweather boxing hasn't been as interesting or exciting without him

Автор Comics Entertainment ( назад)
connors gonna kill him

Автор Tommy Gunz ( назад)
floyd will destroy him

Автор The Creators tube ( назад)
But is Conor ambidextrous? ;) haha I'm comming

Автор Tony G. ( назад)
Why is CM in MMA?...if he's that good at boxing? The money's in boxing!
Mayweather has been boxing from day 1.... don't see how CM can show FM something he hasn't seen before in the boxing ring.

Автор Dima Shinder ( назад)
Fair enough

Автор The Creators tube ( назад)
I'll smash them both soon if they don't wanna listen. P.s depends if connor gonna take the love or the money! i'm a lover. and a new age martial artiest, I'm a english beging monk. need to get fit now <3 see one of you soon, if you don't retire just before hahahaaaaaa - modern jesus.

Автор Brother H28d ( назад)
Mayweather wins 10th round knoccout

Автор bam fitz ( назад)
Thankyou, for making this video, I was going to make one almost completely the same without the great edit work of course :) McGregor first 3 rounds left uppercut, game over. Mayweather has also been on the couch for ages and isn't even comparable to Floyd. I have said this before, and people hated it but Alveraz proved my point.

Автор Trizma1AFA ( назад)
this fight does go all the way. Looking at the face that floyds the best defensive fighter of all time. We have seen floyd go all 12 multiple times. connor gets tired to easily. also they will be boxing with boxiing gloves which are much, much heavier than ufc gloves. Floyd wins very easily. The first 4 rounds can go either way, but every round after the 4th is easily Floyd's.

Автор lainnygirl ( назад)
I agree!!! Everything you said is 100% spot on and I believe he'll KO Floyd in the first or second round. I'll be surprised if it goes into the second round. I don't know why other people don't see what we see. And that Conor will pose a massive threat!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор john quick ( назад)
lol nigas , just dis respect them you will get a fight, baring the 5 % of them that are smart nice people.

Автор Realest One ( назад)
MindSmash = Gayforconor

Автор Aramis Davis ( назад)
if u think cm has any chance youre an idiot. this is the most mismatched shit ever. lmao!! u see how slow cm is??

Автор Ewaen Idemudia ( назад)
Something you don't know is that Floyd is equally intelligent. You thinl Floyd is underestimating Conor?
Floyd has a lot to lose , Conor has nothing to lose but a lot to gain.
Floyd is technical in and outside the boxing ring and adjust as fights goes on. If he has to move around the ring go in and out he would if he notice he can't trade punches.

Floyd isn't dumb like you make it seem on your video. He also study his opponent and knows conors weak point, and he said it in one of his interviews. What Conor doesn't know is that floyd had already seen Conors weakness and again Conor is not even half as fast a Pacquiao.

Pacquiao moves around and he is still fast, yet Floyd dealt with Pac speed and accurancy . So you talk like Floyd is going to step in the ring with out any game plan.

Conor is a southpaw amature boxer fighting a legend. You all threat Conor like a professional boxer. All Conor has in his side is luck , he maybe luck to throw a punch that may get Floyd. His skills in boxing is still low when it comes to boxing itself. He is an amature and all the time he fought he fought an equally MMA fighter with low level boxing skills.

Conor even stole Floyd style of fighting against Nate in their second fights. Conor is going to try to be defensive, he wouldn't approach the fight like he approaches fights in MMA. He knows he is an amature trying to get paid. He only has luck in his side and not enough boxing skills to bring Floyd down.

Автор Drum A ( назад)
You should do floyd mayweahter chances of beating connor.

Автор turtleturbo1025 ( назад)
You idiots stop saying Connor would destroy mayweather in a real fight. Floyd trained boxing all his life. If Floyd trained mma all his life he'd be greater than Jon jones put some respect on floyds name you jerkoffs

Mcgregor fans and the narrator are oblivious to the fact mayweather beat more world champions than anyone else in boxing. So the best boxer in the past 20 years is gonnna lose to a mma fighter who isn't p4p in his sport? He lost to a .500 fighter in Nate Diaz and almost lost twice if the round went 30 secs longer. Your just looking for that great white hype while the other half just wanna see mayweather lose. Every time a UFC fighter mention Mayweather they take a epic loss. The only difference this time will be that instead of a another fighter embarrassing the hater may weather will be personally ending the talk. Have u seen the way these mma guys box? Floyd will make Connor look like Ricky Hatton in 1/4 of the time!

Автор Ben Boy ( назад)
Haha, the ring is no Octagon...the ring is a different universe and Floyd will destroy Connor

Автор J P ( назад)
Conor is going to knock Floyds little head right off

Автор caeksauce8 ( назад)
brilliantly fresh analysis!

Автор Scorpion Jones ( назад)
Fuck white people bitch

Автор Ozzy Junior ( назад)
It is absolutely irresponsible and foolhardy to think that a Protected UFC fighter who has beaten Nate Diaz who is a Mediocre boxer at best and Jose Aldo who has been on PED's his entire career... and those 2 guys are the crowning achievements on McGregors resume. If you honestly are that clueless about the level difference in competition between those names and names like... Canelo Alvarez, Manny Pacquio, Zab Judah, Shane Mosely, Ricky Hatton, Juan Manuel Marquez, Diego Corales, Victor Ortiz,Arturo Gatti, Oscar De La Hoya, Robert Gurero, victor Ortiz, Carlos Baldomir, Miguel Cotto, and the list goes on and on... if you think that Mcgregor, Diaz, or Aldo could make it out of the first 3 rounds with anyone of these guys... you know absolutely nothing about either sport and should stick to the wwe. Mayweather beat everyone of these guys and will absolutely murder Mcgregor in a boxing match. There is nothing that can change my knowledge of this. I don't care what cockamamie logic any mma dick rider comes up with. Mma fighters boxing is unfathomably inferior to world class elite level amateur boxing never mind world class A+ professional boxing. Mcgregor has absolutely zero chance. Don't believe the bullshit this clown just spewed.

Автор cristian pulido ( назад)
so what happens if floyd takes a left like he did at 2:34 or 6:12 more than a glove will touch the canvas

Автор the business handler ( назад)
Conor will kill him in the trash talk Conor is going to knock him out

Автор Warlod CW ( назад)
Am Glad your channel is gradually growing.Last month you had about 4k Subs. NIce

Автор Damien Jackson ( назад)
How many boxing fights Connor has been in? Huh?

Автор My Account ( назад)
"If I land one on the dome, anywhere on the dome, he's going to know about it" - Conor

Автор omni wheelz ( назад)
ooooooooo he didnt fight pac cause he was southpaw lol when the fight happens can you please email me so i can take the bet

Автор Carl Cardwell ( назад)
do you know how stupid you sound when you compare somebody's work ethic to Floyd Mayweather no one works as hard as Floyd too has worked in his career anyone that has power can get a lucky shot but I'm sure that Connor cannot hit no harder then Shane Mosley

Автор FRE FLO DO ( назад)
Nate's super human cardio. Stop the B.S. To compare Nate vs Conor to illustrate Conor's chances in a Floyd vs Connor match up is a joke. So suddenly, Nate is a superior Boxer because he gave Conor a difficult time in their first fight. You hopefuls get more amusing by the minute. That's why these 2 are making this fight. They know how ignorant people are about Boxing & MMA & how easily they believe the hype. Conor wants to get paid and he's using his mouth to get him that big pay day. Except in this fight, he'll be using his chin too when it gets cracked repeatedly until his legs go & so goes the hype with him when he hits the deck. Less than an amateur boxer vs the best undisputed boxer of the day. I wish I could bet $100 with everyone picking Conor to win & $500 for those thinking Floyd won't stop him by KO or TKO. I'd be set for life! Ha ha ha ha

Автор Jeremy Rodriguez ( назад)
Connor will fuuuuuuuck him uuuuuupp

Автор "FSU_SEMINOLES" ( назад)

Автор ZeroPhoenix ( назад)
No one ever said white people can't box😭😂😭😭 wtf lol

Автор BLeAcHx171 ( назад)
I will be on the edge of my seat holding my breath every time one of those lefts come barreling down the pipe towards Floyds chin knowing we just need one to land square to change the world. Regardless of the outcome that alone will make it a fun and exciting fight.

Автор Linux4UnMe ( назад)
This man is a modern day Bruce Lee.

Автор Hans Blitz ( назад)
But, it's not a real fight, it's an exhibition fight, where each fighter throws love-taps for the whole fight, then they get their $100,000,000 Checks.

Автор ivan ortiz ( назад)
Every inch makes a difference. Lol

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