Conor McGregor's Chances Vs Floyd Mayweather

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  • Most people say he doesn't have a chance in the world. Let's take a closer look at those odds.

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    But even more incredible... The only time we saw him feel pressure was due to him gassing vs the pressure from Nates super human cardio. At 6 feet 172 lbs, one of the best chins in the game on top of being a volume punching triathalete, that's a pace Floyd comes nowhere near. But aside from then, in Conor vs Diaz two, it was incredible how calm he remained regardless of that same superhuman pressure... The punches bouncing off his head did not effect him, he barley blinked if at all at times... Regardless of who you thought won that fight, that is worthy of respect, otherwise you're cheapening Nates prowess aswell.

    Back to the point. Conor just doesn't feel pressure and even vs eddie alvarez, who appeared to win the trash talk segment of the game, when it came to the fight, Conor was just pure ice, no emotion, just flow... The man has confidence on another level and his history of calmness probably will not be jeoporized regardless of what Floyd says or does.


    "cut conor study"

    Does this sound familiar to anyone?

    Cut jon jones scene
    Jon Bones Jones has used a similar philosophy to dominate the MMA World.

    Conor may appear to be a freak of nature athlete but his greatest strength is hands down his mind. Paired with that supreme calm, he uses extensive visualization and film study to understand his opponent, to feel their timing, their rhythm, to feel the core of who they are before the fight even begins. He doesn't have a fixed method of how he should attack as he's always learning and growing with a maddening ethic. He just keeps going with his body and mind until his organic, constantly evolving style becomes a clean counter to his opponent.

    There were a few more factors I could've gone more indepth in but I think that is more than enough to convey my point. I believe Floyd would absolutely destroy Conor if Conor was who he was when he won two weight divisions in the UFC, because, different disciplines, and floyd is one of the best boxers on the planet, it's an obvious outcome, but when you give conor time, that becomes very dangerous. It's not that Conor is bigger, younger, is a southpaw, it's not even the fact Conor has devastating 1 punch KO power. Conor is an adaptable machine, who as John Kavanagh would put it, works even when he's sleeping. He is an eternal student with an inhuman level of confidence no trash talk in the world can cave... I don't think Floyd should underestimate Conor at all... He's made too many people he's fought look effortless with few exception, and really, the more time you give him to study you, the more dangerous he becomes. His hardest fights have been with Chad Mendez and Nate Diaz probably partly due to the short notice resulting in less time to visualize and study them... There's too much footage and too much time for Conor McGregor to not to be a threat. I wouldn't be surpised if Conor became Floyds Karma for saying white people can't box... Who knows... What I do know is that win or even lose, that opinion will change. All of you opinions too, now should change. Not in Conor, but in yourselves. A part of me believes in Conor because study and hard work is a capacity capable within all of us. It is what allows humans to single handedly dig through mountains. Really some dude from india did that by himself, dug through an entire mountain.... Back to the point, I believe in Conor because I believe in you, and really, that's it... Only the person with the mindset and urgency to reach for the impossible will ever clasp it. If he fails, he only loses his regrets. If by some stretch of the imagination his fingers inch around it he gains everything.
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  • Aeglaeca Aglaeca
    Aeglaeca Aglaeca 3 часа назад

    The guy is taking like an ass-wipe.

  • alfat0omega
    alfat0omega 10 часов назад


  • Tyrone Bungay
    Tyrone Bungay 14 часов назад

    Fook all the haters, Mind Smash this was a great video and analyzation, good stuff

  • Jesus Costilla
    Jesus Costilla 17 часов назад

    some much things just from 2 guys who are going to punch each others face.

  • Zalute
    Zalute 21 час назад

    what acid did you take before you made this shit LMAO

  • shivansh mishra
    shivansh mishra 21 час назад

    What an amazing video man. Thank you for the analysis. May the best man win.

  • Todd Mccabe
    Todd Mccabe День назад

    I watched Coner's best punches and then Mayweather best punches. For every punch Conors throws, (and misses) Mayweather will hit him three times before it gets there. At least it's a big pay day for Conner.

  • Hug Dablok
    Hug Dablok День назад

    He will look like a amateur against Floyd.. Just like everyone else in the UFC or Boxing who are lucky enough to get paid for doing so under Boxing rules.... Knock it off

  • Gary Rae
    Gary Rae День назад

    Mumbo Jumbo.... Visualisation and planning are all well and good but as Mike once said"everyone has a plan till they get punched in the face" Mayweather to win whenever the hell he likes.

  • Dan Hunter
    Dan Hunter День назад

    Excellent video. The boxing world - of which I am part - is full of snobbery, and dismissive of MMA skills. Personally, I'd love to see McGregor ice Mayweather, and I think would actually be great for the sport. The Mayweather years have been terrible for boxing. McGregor would be a breath of fresh air.

  • Andrew Wells
    Andrew Wells День назад

    white people can't box ha ask Henry cooper

  • PTV V
    PTV V День назад

    agree man,...Conor is a threat...hope Floyd is not underestimating him...cos if he does then his ass will get whoopd. :D

  • Nick Hollowdick
    Nick Hollowdick День назад

    Floyd is gonna have to dance his way out of this one.

  • multipass23
    multipass23 День назад

    sounds like tom brady.... in the sense of if you give him time you're fucked...

  • Red chomp
    Red chomp 2 дня назад

    The difference is.... Floyd can just use high guard versus south paws, ofc Philly Shell won't work against a good south paw, u need to keep the left from landing so Floyd will just try to stall out the fight and use better outer hand control to stop the left landing.

  • ErkaaJ
    ErkaaJ 2 дня назад

    Mayweather is the camper in CoD, great k/d but dull

  • Dio Pena
    Dio Pena 2 дня назад

    Connor will make the fight as exciting as possible while Floyd will make it as boring as possible. If Floyd wins, the fans lose... again.

  • Marc malicious
    Marc malicious 2 дня назад

    Conner Conner conner!!!!! Foook the MAYWEATHER'S

  • Kai Love
    Kai Love 2 дня назад

    Yea McGregor is gonna knock Floyd out and surprise everyone except people who have been watching him

  • Michael-Dwyer Dorrington
    Michael-Dwyer Dorrington 2 дня назад

    Totally agree. What annoys me is that white or Black celebraties back Mayweather. But NOT ONE (that ive witnessed) Black celebraty has voiced support for McGregor!!!!!! I dont see color. I follow my countryman, as does Americans. The race card just seems to be being played amoing Black hollywood. I support Mcgregor because hes IRISH.......... Not because hes white. Love to everyone. x

  • Fathead Twin cam 88
    Fathead Twin cam 88 2 дня назад

    McGregor wins by KO...

  • Michael Spruell
    Michael Spruell 2 дня назад

    Smh lol.

  • Felipe Nascimento
    Felipe Nascimento 2 дня назад

    hahahahahaha you spent a lot of time talking about how mcgregor study their opponents... Don't you fucking think that Floyd does the same damm thing ?? Please...

  • Andy Gozel
    Andy Gozel 3 дня назад

    mayweather lost many fights but referees gave it to him ..0 knockout power .conor is going to fuck him up ..he ran all over the ring from little Filipino guy Manny. Floyd admitted that..worst coward running boxer in the history ...

  • Earl Walker
    Earl Walker 3 дня назад

    Damn did you swallow afterwards

  • Jason
    Jason 3 дня назад

    Your voice is so annoying I couldn't watch more than 30 seconds

  • Grand Band
    Grand Band 3 дня назад

    . Style wise Floyd is one of a kind. Tempo you can't figure out. He works extremely hard that s why he 49-0. And study his opponent. Your video was dum, your reason can be said for both fighters.

  • Grand Band
    Grand Band 3 дня назад

    Conor style is flawed for boxing period. Doesn't matter how he come out.

  • Grand Band
    Grand Band 3 дня назад

    And he no Jon Jones. Jon Jones is the grestest.

  • Nash Lady
    Nash Lady 3 дня назад


  • Grand Band
    Grand Band 3 дня назад

    The second fight conor used peps to beat a gassed Diaz who was still the B side had to cut alot of weight.

  • Grand Band
    Grand Band 3 дня назад

    Conor has no jab no right hand. Only have to avoid the left. Conor will tire mentally and physically. And will quit.

  • ETsonggalaxy
    ETsonggalaxy 3 дня назад

    Floyd jr.  did not do well against Mosley,   Maidana,  and he actually LOST to Pacman ,  see it in slow motion.  Spain and Italy agreed Manny won!  Mayweather,  usually has a habit of holding,  clinching ,  or RUNNING.  He is NOTHING compared to GGG,  Hearns,   Hagler,  Roberto Duran,  Sugar Ray Leonard.  Conor can take a punch well, and can hit with good power.  Floyd Jr. is so boring.  The other boxers named above brought more action in the ring.  Once Floyd gets hit square,  Conor will END his career!  Mayweather s god is money.  Conor is a REAL match, and fights ,  does LESS running ,  or holding than Floyd jr.  IF it was a street fight,  Mayweather would NOT last 3 or 4 minutes,  Conor would kick the hell out of Floyd.

  • Hugo Aguilar
    Hugo Aguilar 3 дня назад

    Canelo is much bigger than McGregor and canelo is a real boxer. Did you see that fight. By the way McGregor's lost to e vegan.

  • derris nguyen
    derris nguyen 3 дня назад

    Keep note that this is a boxing match not a MMA match.

  • paralentor
    paralentor 4 дня назад

    Just amazing how many joe rogan dittoheads reverberate his rhetoric. Doesn't anyone recall when rogan was defeated by Andy Dick using a method of tickling?

  • Ground Control-X
    Ground Control-X 4 дня назад

    you have to learn something,to just forget it-getting the Learning over in the right brain,habit center...)...   X   ...)...

  • Razz Move
    Razz Move 4 дня назад

    i like what conor said "the sound of doubt motivates me" hope you knock the f**ck shizz out of floyd

  • Nice Dreams024
    Nice Dreams024 5 дней назад

    The narrator obviously thinks McGregor is the most intelligent and best fighter ever in history and wants to have his babies. But in reality McGregor is a cocky unintelligent disrespectful street trash welfare case who can't even speak proper fucking English. Just because your Irish doesn't mean you shouldn't know how to even use sentence structure or even have a intelligent rebudle. He is going to get shown why he should have shut his cocky lips in the first place so fast mayweather doesn't even have to argue. Everyone who knows anything about fighting knows he's gonna duck and dodge all day on mcfagger and hopefully bust his jaw off so we all can't hear his butthurt. "it wasn't a fair fight" speak which I know all you dick riding fan boys will slurp up like mcfagger cum.

  • eternalnomad80 systemgener8ted
    eternalnomad80 systemgener8ted 5 дней назад

    His footwork is amateur as well as his head movement. Which is a serious weakness with Floyd. I can name at least 15 boxers Floyd has beat that are better boxers than Connor. This vid is way off. I'm sorry ... connor is not even the best in his weight class in the ufc. He's a cash cow for Dana. This fight was staged.

  • xxm0n5t3rxxx
    xxm0n5t3rxxx 5 дней назад

    Floyd has an alternative block for southpaws. He stays cool, calm, and collected. Everytime he takes a big shot, you never see him panic. Floyd is smart. He's boxed bigger people and outclassed them.

  • Travi The Greater
    Travi The Greater 6 дней назад

    Yeah yeah yeah... every other opponent has said these same things about Floyd

  • Toby Nichol
    Toby Nichol 6 дней назад

    This is the best YouTube channel ever. I fucking love the psychology of all this shit.

  • John Jason
    John Jason 7 дней назад

    If Mayweather wins this it will probably be a long drawn out boring ass fight.

  • Ryan Eru
    Ryan Eru 7 дней назад

    Funny vid. You speak like Conor has more than a 1% chance of winning.

  • Zach T
    Zach T 7 дней назад

    keep smoking crack fool. Mcgregor has a better shot beating MJ in one one. Man crazy bs needs to just stop. Hit me up i put up 10 racks mcreg won't win a round.

  • La Go
    La Go 8 дней назад

    Conner doesnt have a chance.. he was knocked out during training by a non professional boxer

  • John2corner
    John2corner 8 дней назад

    This MindSmash guy is Irish? This guy is so biased and sucking Conor here and there so much lol This is almost ridiculous.

  • jom_ aca
    jom_ aca 8 дней назад

    Next Conor vs. lomachenco

  • xavier robinson
    xavier robinson 9 дней назад

    UFC dick rider 😂

  • AC G
    AC G 9 дней назад

    Easy work. 50-0 lol

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 9 дней назад

    i wanna see connor take on pac thatd be exciting

  • sea weed
    sea weed 9 дней назад


  • Isaac Castillo
    Isaac Castillo 9 дней назад

    Bop him up already

  • joe skill
    joe skill 9 дней назад

    To the haters, I know the truth hurts~

  • Big Al 420
    Big Al 420 10 дней назад

    Floyd does have a perfect record but he's Never fought True Talent.

  • Haines Bond
    Haines Bond 10 дней назад +1

    13:51 minutes of my life wasted

  • Top 10 Plus
    Top 10 Plus 10 дней назад +1

    Floy win at #DeE4PVuxDkQ jhmzsdjgyu

  • Thicc Capitoa
    Thicc Capitoa 10 дней назад

    Don’t ever compare Jones to Conor in any way or form

  • paradisemime
    paradisemime 10 дней назад

    Whoever makes these video is clearly nothing but a fan

  • Chris Zablocki
    Chris Zablocki 11 дней назад

    You might be the best damn YouTube channel in existence. And I'm not even a competitive fighter... Great stuff, man.

  • Willie Briscoe
    Willie Briscoe 11 дней назад

    and if u and bones Jones fight with no rules will be the easiest fight ever too he would destroy you...if u wanna be unfair and Coward about shit

  • The giant Troll
    The giant Troll 11 дней назад


  • 1234abcd12344
    1234abcd12344 12 дней назад

    The narrator wishes one day he gets to meet Conor just to give him some head as a thank you for all the views he has gotten.

  • Julio Sanchez
    Julio Sanchez 12 дней назад

    Well see what happenes when the 4th round is over and he still hasn't touched Floyd

  • Jeff Hull
    Jeff Hull 12 дней назад

    I look forward to the day you are so huge you are a guest on the JRE. <3

  • jayOLAY
    jayOLAY 13 дней назад

    I was rooting for Conor but this video makes me wish I was rooting for mayweather

  • jayOLAY
    jayOLAY 13 дней назад

    Hated the fake facts. Mosley was stiff because of trash talk etc

  • CAZP3R M.T.Z
    CAZP3R M.T.Z 13 дней назад

    Reassures the bet....ty

  • Du Toit Van Dyk
    Du Toit Van Dyk 13 дней назад

    I think that the fight has two likely outcomes, Connor knocks out Floyd in 6 or 7 rounds or Floyd wins on points.

  • The Original Captain Trips
    The Original Captain Trips 14 дней назад

    bottom line is how are they fighting. if its boxing Conor might lose but if it MMA style...Mayweather is going down

  • Paulo Vasconcelos
    Paulo Vasconcelos 14 дней назад

    rocky III all over again guys

  • Erikali26
    Erikali26 14 дней назад

    You think you're soo smart. You bring up a lot of good points, but clearly, you are pulling for the Irishman and that's affecting your judgement. You didn't focus enough on, in fact played-off the undeniable fact that Conor has NEVER fought in a pro boxing match, let alone, one against a title holder. Conor is fast, but Mayweather is faster, and knows this game better. Conor could get lucky with haymaker, but only in the first 4 rounds. I watched the video thinking their was gonna be an analytical approach to Conor's chances, which there were, though you did over-exaggerate with both Conor's strength's, and Floyd's weaknesses... But, we'll see. #TMT #USA

  • Ethan jay krueger
    Ethan jay krueger 14 дней назад +1

    Poor mayweather... Idgas about this fight .. Its like superman vs batman , if the two of them were to strap. It on in their under wear no rules no restrictions, McGregor would literally plummet that racist bastard into the ground no question

  • Jon White
    Jon White 14 дней назад

    What a mcgregor D rider

  • Junior Pagan
    Junior Pagan 14 дней назад

    I rather watch a cartoon then this worthless fight....

  • Shulzed - PS4
    Shulzed - PS4 14 дней назад

    In mma floyd would be destroyed and Conor would play with him but boxing floyd will most likely win by decision similar to how pacqioa lost

  • Kevin Alford
    Kevin Alford 15 дней назад

    Why do people think Connor is funny? He's an abusive middle school bully at best, with an intellect in kind. Yes he's an amazing MMA fighter, but if you let a guy get under your skin that easily, you aren't ready for the fight game (like me).

  • Joshua Sanders
    Joshua Sanders 15 дней назад

    I appreciate the video and I think it was well done however Floyd has beaten every fighter that he's faced every fighter that has faced him since his 25 + 0 win we're expected to beat him because they did exactly the same thing they studied him day in and day out what punches he threw who knocked him down who got hits in McGregor and his team aren't doing anything that any other fighter and their team haven't already done if not more and that's just fact. So saying that he studied him and saying that he has a mindset to win if that were enough Floyd would have long since been defeated. McGregor is depending on his youth stamina and slightly more powerful punches to defeat Mayweather and that's just it Point Blank.

  • Kenneth Dokus
    Kenneth Dokus 15 дней назад

    what is it put up 100 win 500
    on McGregor, no brainer McGregor. I know Connor is going to win anyway

  • james riley
    james riley 15 дней назад

    McGregor in under 4 rounds. He gona change the game. Floyd has never fought anyone as hungry or who can take a punch like McGregor. He's a crumlin rock.

  • Fabricio pessoa
    Fabricio pessoa 15 дней назад

    Free win...50x0

  • The gaming crook
    The gaming crook 15 дней назад

    This man Connor looks like he's tapping the opponent lmao

  • Solomon Baptiste
    Solomon Baptiste 15 дней назад

    Did u forget mayweather also watches his fights

    • Solomon Baptiste
      Solomon Baptiste 15 дней назад

      MayweAther has alot of experience and thats what will make this fighg quick

    • Solomon Baptiste
      Solomon Baptiste 15 дней назад

      In boxings its all hands and mayweather has been specializing in that for 20 years

  • YungMoney134
    YungMoney134 16 дней назад

    the only chance mayweather has at winning is moving around and keeping a distance getting McGregor tired. Mcgregor smashes anyone head on as we can see in his fights but he gets to tired when it hits round five it's stated McGregor isn't a five round fighter although I am voting for connor

  • Jay atienza
    Jay atienza 16 дней назад

    He said, FMJ hasn't seen McGreg's boxing style due to his "superior" knowledge in combat sports. Well, FMJ did, many times, McGreg's gonna come there with an amateur boxing style. Simple as that, his knowledge in combat sports due to "so many" discipline means absolutely nothing in boxing. That will only be an advantage if McGreg's fighting an amateur as well..

  • Usama Bin Shakir
    Usama Bin Shakir 16 дней назад

    While I respect your intelligence which is rare in fight analysis, you missed a few obvious points which shows your lack of depth in your understanding in boxing. In all of your videos you show that while you may be adept learner your understanding of boxing is only journeyman and not expert. Mosely neck was stiff because Floyd leans and pulls on it in the clinch, a common tactic when people try to hold Floyd. In fact, many boxers have started to use the tactic. Second, floyds cardio is outstanding, he uses it as a reserve where he can turn up a gear when the opponents tired rather than use it to sustain constant work rate. Third, floyds entire style is based off focus, he maintains focus and forces his opponent to loose focus. Which is floyds philosophy "if you make a mistake you gotta pay" It's how he constantly able to set up shots. Also, floyd padwork is meant to make him be able to strike instinctively based off head and body position, leaving his punches as reflexes and his mind free to focus on the fight. Floyd literally learns his opponent in the ring. I think you would of made a better video if you didn't have clearly have an agenda. Connors clearly the protagonist of your story so you manage to turn a top 10 boxer all time into a one dimensioned phenom. Gee-How anti-racist do you think that comes off? Again, you have an entertaining perspective but in many of your videos you miss the obvious and instead settle for philosophy- you gotta find a better way to do both. But with an open mind I'm sure you'll overcome that deficit.

  • Arab KING
    Arab KING 17 дней назад +1

    Floyd have problems with southpaws yet he beat all of em in dominant Fashion lol stop spreading out lies. PAC ducked Floyd bc he was on steroids that's why he didn't agree to the blood test. That's wat held the fight back. Floyd wanted it than and kept tryn make the fight till team PAC stop ducking. So get ur facts straight bc opinions r just like ass wholes everyone has 1. If u swim u gonna get wet. If u box u gonna get hit. But come august 26 Conor gonna try to swim & fk around and drawn lol

  • Bret .Frankman
    Bret .Frankman 17 дней назад

    Conor McGregor was given too much time? The fight was signed less than 2 months ago. Conor would need 2 years to get on Floyds level. He won't land a punch.

  • Predial
    Predial 17 дней назад

    Conor will win this.

  • Snake Plissken
    Snake Plissken 17 дней назад

    Alveraz won the trash talk, but Conor smashed his mind and everything else.

  • andreas6500
    andreas6500 18 дней назад

    I agree with almost everything you say up to a point. Putting aside that you present things how you like them you forget two things.

    1) gregor doesn't know boxing

    2) you should never compare a boxers hand strike power with an mma lady

  • Cliffey Trembling
    Cliffey Trembling 18 дней назад

    Mc Gregor will win,without a doubt. Stand symmetric: symmetrical. stance so you can use either position. American boxing they are taught to lead with week hand, to set someone up with power hand instead of leading with power hand. This stance let you switch. The Glove my get in the way so but I doubt it. with Master MC Gregor. This man is the best sinse Bruce Lee. I believe the little jize ass is going to try an win by tricking Mc Gregor. By hitting him on the sneek in a elbow, hit in the nuts. He is Gonna try to trick him into full stikes. MC Gregor can punch through Mayweather's arms with the force of vibration as Bruce lee could hit through something by sending the foce goes through to to the object. Kung FU is using the Matrix of the Mind.

  • Numero Uno
    Numero Uno 18 дней назад

    Floyd is gonna suck his own dick after Connor merks that nigga 😂

  • th3wildrov3r _
    th3wildrov3r _ 18 дней назад

    Conor said 4 rounds. But Conor is shooting to end it in the first round if not the second. Conor is going to blow his load early and pray for the KO

  • Donovan Pack
    Donovan Pack 18 дней назад

    Connor isn't going to lose. He will be disqualified before he loses the fight. Fuck points, he's going for the K.O.

  • jason666king
    jason666king 19 дней назад

    If it was a fight, a real fight, everyone with a functional brain knows McGregor would destroy Money. Only problem is, it's a boxing match. That's an advantage for Mayweather that I don't think Conor can overcome. He'll gas trying to take Money's head off, and then start getting eaten alive with rolls and counterpunches. Size and sheer toughness will carry Conor to the decision, but it will be something like a unanimous 120-108, or 119-109 Mayweather. Just too much skill.

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke 19 дней назад +1

    Floyd can't trash talk

  • ubbynubb
    ubbynubb 19 дней назад

    hop off conor mcgregors dick holy shit

  • Bow man
    Bow man 19 дней назад

    *joke* so you are telling me Conor can do that mind sparing ability from dragon ball z 😱