Matt Damon's brother surprised coaches in THE VOICE - Adam still can't believe it !!!

  • Published on May 9, 2018
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  • Prodyut Chatterjee
    Prodyut Chatterjee 2 hours ago


  • Keisha Pierre
    Keisha Pierre Day ago

    Sam man that's a voice

  • Najmah Mohamed Lagardien

    Was a great enjoyable video but why rhe hell bait with a false heading

  • cHoX tRaVoLtA
    cHoX tRaVoLtA 5 days ago

    watching and reading in the same time, sometimes you writing something because you want everyone hearing what re you thinking.

  • VinxPlanilla
    VinxPlanilla 8 days ago

    Alicia is so beautiful

  • Nazmul Ahmed
    Nazmul Ahmed 8 days ago

    Aint no Clickbait..the Guy can sing!

  • Marie Rose
    Marie Rose 8 days ago +3

    Adam wants them all and then end up losing them to other judges..

  • two number 9
    two number 9 9 days ago

    Poor blake 😂

  • Gouneo Kipgen
    Gouneo Kipgen 10 days ago

    Fuck you!! Ethics man! Ethics..!!

  • Insane00001
    Insane00001 11 days ago

    Not sure if Matt Damon has a brother, but this guy could pass for it. But there was no mention of it in the video, therefore thumbs down, clickbaiter!!!

  • corneles ferdinand
    corneles ferdinand 11 days ago

    Somebody tell me what the song is? Thank u

  • Leo love Gemini
    Leo love Gemini 12 days ago

    Clickbait! Dislike this video!

  • Largest Classifieds
    Largest Classifieds 12 days ago +4

    Where is Matt Damon's brother? Was I clickbaited?

  • rekij
    rekij 12 days ago

    So I diskliked this video months ago. Totally forgot about this video and clicked on it again and noticed I had already disliked it. RUclip, get your shit together. How you gonna recommend a video to me that I already disliked? Fire whomever is in charge of this logic.

  • Sofia Howarth
    Sofia Howarth 13 days ago

    i don't think i've ever wanted to meet someone so badly for no reason other than their personality.
    I couldn't give a damn what he looks like at all, I love his personality!

  • iin octhaviani
    iin octhaviani 18 days ago

    Love it

  • Dartanium Dradius
    Dartanium Dradius 18 days ago

    0:48 missed high five lol hahaha

  • remie respino
    remie respino 19 days ago

    wow cool post thanks for sharing ❤️

  • Anne Marie O' Brien
    Anne Marie O' Brien 22 days ago

    I hate click baiting #ThisShouldStop

  • Joel Zand
    Joel Zand 25 days ago +4

    A great singer you are but an academy award winner your not!!!!

  • Crainic Sebastian
    Crainic Sebastian 26 days ago +3

    When i see something nice/beautiful i don't get why someone could give dislikes . The boy sings very good !

    BERNICE LILO 27 days ago

    clickbait sucky

  • OG Icy
    OG Icy 28 days ago

    0:47 Epic fail. 😂😂

  • Tab Valentino
    Tab Valentino 28 days ago


  • Marcus Lex
    Marcus Lex 29 days ago

    Damn Alicia Keys , your beauty is everlasting.

  • Sean lenard Dam
    Sean lenard Dam Month ago

    Magaling pala kumanta si xander ford😱

  • Dhanraj Chakraborty

    Wrong title. He is duplicate of matt

  • angel micabalo
    angel micabalo Month ago

    This sucks😁😁😂

  • Kaha O Vlogs
    Kaha O Vlogs Month ago +3

    Who Still watched 2019?

  • Allen Berglund
    Allen Berglund Month ago


  • Geek School dork
    Geek School dork Month ago +1

    I just came here to see all the bashing for the misleading title.

  • Ellinon Enosis
    Ellinon Enosis Month ago

    Guide to : How to use women and get to their pants .....
    Dress sharply, have a slightly gay-ish behavior and sing pussy glorifying self deprecating songs like " I was saved by a woman " ......

  • JE5T3R
    JE5T3R Month ago +1

    yep I got clickbaited but I am glad as this young man is talented.

  • Nelson Beltran
    Nelson Beltran Month ago

    Wow, a young Mat Damon with a voice!

  • Jimi MaGee
    Jimi MaGee Month ago +1


  • richamiga
    richamiga Month ago

    He really looks like his brother, i think we have more Jason Bourne movies ahead of us..

  • RANDERS Gameing
    RANDERS Gameing 2 months ago

    You had Only one Job!!!

  • Anna Andersson
    Anna Andersson 2 months ago

    Click bait boooh

  • Rick Sanchez C137
    Rick Sanchez C137 2 months ago

    They never pick Blake

  • MalibuUGirl
    MalibuUGirl 2 months ago

    If you're annoyed like I am, click the 3 dots and report this for misleading text.

  • Fariz Fahreza
    Fariz Fahreza 2 months ago


  • Kristine Guzman
    Kristine Guzman 2 months ago


  • Haini Parman
    Haini Parman 2 months ago +3

    Thumbs down for the click bait lmao

  • Zenith Zen
    Zenith Zen 2 months ago

    clickbait huge like 1000x

  • Mary Keyes
    Mary Keyes 2 months ago

    it is not Matt Damons brother, his look a like.

  • caren 2544
    caren 2544 2 months ago +10

    I love how Blake kept grinning while adam had no idea

  • John Diro
    John Diro 2 months ago +5

    Great voice from Matt Damon looking guy, but this click-bait BS has got to stop!

  • Claudia Márquez
    Claudia Márquez 2 months ago

    Clickbait-- DISLIKE 👎

  • Shadows
    Shadows 2 months ago +1

    talent runs in that family i see:)
    Still i feel the air is still in the balloon when none told them and we get to see reaction on who^s brother they actually did fight for

  • Revanta Das Gupta
    Revanta Das Gupta 2 months ago

    I left a good video mid way to watch this. Its good, but Fuck you.

  • IrrevelentMeMe
    IrrevelentMeMe 2 months ago +1

    CLICKBAIT..Not subbing or watching

  • Rea Jean Ilagan
    Rea Jean Ilagan 2 months ago

    haha sorry you sly Blake 😁

  • elly aurelia
    elly aurelia 2 months ago

    I like him. He can definitely sing and has a good tune too.

  • QueenOfAll_ Lady Rose
    QueenOfAll_ Lady Rose 2 months ago

    Even if I like the singer, but give a tom down to this Channel, dont like to be fucked for a stupid, you got a click down body! 16 600+ dislike, you should be really proud!

  • 해영haeyoung
    해영haeyoung 2 months ago


  • Robin M
    Robin M 2 months ago

    What kind of a shitshow has this become? I thought this show was about the candidates, about finding new talent and give them a chance to become great..
    Instead its about the judging. Some sort of who gets the best candidates contest. I can see past that. All for the show right. But now judges can block each other WTF!?
    What if this kids idol is Adam Lavine? What if its a dream to actually get coached by Adam Lavine? An experience like that could actually change the world for him and help him become his best self, his source of inspiration. And now they even took that away.

  • Alnir Zaly
    Alnir Zaly 2 months ago

    Jesus it’s Jason Bourne

  • The Eclectic Pagan
    The Eclectic Pagan 2 months ago

    NOT his brother.. adam was blocked ('maybe they misspelled shocked?) from coaching the singer. there.. now you don't have to waste 8 minutes of your time.. what a stupid title

  • Jacqueline Swift
    Jacqueline Swift 2 months ago


  • Margaret Graham
    Margaret Graham 2 months ago

    Oh didn’t know you were Mark Damon’s brother he is top actor your good singer

  • Margaret Graham
    Margaret Graham 2 months ago

    You are like Mark Damon only better from Scotland

  • mohlodi tshimollo
    mohlodi tshimollo 2 months ago

    You should have taken Blake.

  • Al Right
    Al Right 2 months ago +2

    Pure clickbait, adam cant believe it? What part?

  • Josevich
    Josevich 2 months ago +17

    Boys who like to pick flowers in the field turn out to be good men

  • magic Butterfly
    magic Butterfly 2 months ago

    Matt Damon has andado elder brother, not a younger, historia not Matt Damon sibling

  • Azmie Jasnih
    Azmie Jasnih 2 months ago

    Clickbait fuck...

  • Belfast Belchan
    Belfast Belchan 2 months ago

    Didnt really care bout this clickbait... I came here for the 3 coaches vilipending Blake😂

  • chunkymaplesyrup
    chunkymaplesyrup 2 months ago

    he looks more like pyrocynical

  • Madeeha Altan
    Madeeha Altan 2 months ago

    No wonder you have no subscribers 😂

  • Jazzy’s world
    Jazzy’s world 3 months ago

    CLICK BAITED #youtube

  • J Ryan
    J Ryan 3 months ago

    argh LIES!

  • Jose Serrano
    Jose Serrano 3 months ago


  • Aaeen Shah
    Aaeen Shah 3 months ago +3

    Did anyone notice matt and damon like the vampire diaries

  • Henri Kamp
    Henri Kamp 3 months ago

    best clickbait ever!!!!!!! thanks!

  • heyjubes
    heyjubes 3 months ago

    Dislike for the clickbait

  • LNA Music
    LNA Music 3 months ago +1

    who drilled a hole to his brother, he fall in it. ta na na na 😂

  • Kane Gooi
    Kane Gooi 3 months ago +2

    Did Kelly eat one of the contestants?

  • janfurdy comahig
    janfurdy comahig 3 months ago

    Clickbait bitchhhhhhhh

  • Brothers & Bestfriends
    Brothers & Bestfriends 3 months ago

    Don’t waste our time just be specific honesty will give yu wat yu want I wil subscribe for you but don’t do this again

  • Francisco Salazar Bueno

    What's the original song?

  • Robert White
    Robert White 3 months ago

    nice vocals
    good control

  • Adebiyi Victor Oluwaseun
    Adebiyi Victor Oluwaseun 3 months ago +7

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Some Damon we expected
    Ah.. Clickbaits make one a fool
    Agony of a clickbaited individual.

  • lisa gardner
    lisa gardner 4 months ago

    lol click baited not matt Damon's brother

  • MustbeThankful
    MustbeThankful 4 months ago

    long and so ppl won't watch complelte so views are low

  • Nicole Miller
    Nicole Miller 4 months ago

    Why do these people always do stuff like these always putting up a title when they know it's not true

  • Sofie Cottam
    Sofie Cottam 4 months ago

    What does it mean to be blocked? We don't have this on the UK one

  • fcuk yourmom
    fcuk yourmom 4 months ago

    The fat fucking lady taking her own sweet time to turn. Trying to attract attention. Piece of shit

  • No One
    No One 4 months ago

    I m so clickbaited 😞

  • Julia Eckhard
    Julia Eckhard 4 months ago

    Looks like a very young Randy Travis xox

  • Ramendrajit Chongtham
    Ramendrajit Chongtham 4 months ago

    Thumb down for the title

  • Clinton Madden
    Clinton Madden 4 months ago

    Lying Piece is S**t

  • shany dawson
    shany dawson 4 months ago

    got clickbaited but the performance was good so i aint mad

  • Desperado Lighfoot
    Desperado Lighfoot 4 months ago

    Yap got tricked in watching this video. Pisses me off

  • jae bi
    jae bi 4 months ago

    misleading title.

  • Lourdes baby
    Lourdes baby 4 months ago

    Great performance with one of the best songs EVER!! Ray LaMontagne is one of the worlds best singers

  • Marek Poláček
    Marek Poláček 4 months ago

    This is not Matt Damon's brother. But yeah, sure he looks like him :D

  • Courtenay Oeltjen
    Courtenay Oeltjen 4 months ago

    I fucking hate that block button. Adam was the right coach for him

  • Twentiethcenturybaby
    Twentiethcenturybaby 4 months ago

    Fake title but I enjoyed the video anyway. Love the voice

  • Randy Budhai
    Randy Budhai 4 months ago

    You tube people hat of to you

  • Davina Test
    Davina Test 4 months ago

    Click bait