Homeless Woman Does Amazing Act!!

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  • Hannah Martinez
    Hannah Martinez 3 часа назад

    god bless y'all all

  • Ali Asghar Butt
    Ali Asghar Butt 12 часов назад

    Why you gave her not the Money

  • joel Siegfried
    joel Siegfried 3 дня назад

    wow that was some shitty acting

  • Danta Chan
    Danta Chan 5 дней назад

    That girl was the sweetest girl ever people say she pretty how she homeless but I mean she might just be poor maybe not even homeless
    She just needs money for a reason idk day reason tho

  • Tinus Stander
    Tinus Stander 6 дней назад

    money hungry fuckkers!!!!!

  • Princess Sarah
    Princess Sarah 8 дней назад

    Congrats for 3.5 million views

  • stee Cou
    stee Cou 8 дней назад

    You see what you get from being honest, you are homeless...I am just kidding! That is why I am not rich, I am honest and feel bad even about thinking of doing a crime. The world is getting bad cause people dont realise that we make the world what it is by our acts.

  • an nami
    an nami 9 дней назад

    Who is to say 'you really gave them a $20. Who's the liar? You or the people you're picking on? You never really "show" the 'bill. I'd be surprised if someone doesn't pop you in the face. And, who are you anyway, Mr. Superior, Mr. Honesty, 'who set you up as "God?"

    • an nami
      an nami 9 дней назад

      And, that woman you're calling homeless, the young woman who looks like she just stepped out of a shower, with pristine makeup, clean 'sexy digs, fresh, clean, new sleeping bag. You gotta be kidding? Who's scamming who?

  • prathi prathu
    prathi prathu 9 дней назад

    so cheap some people r just for 10 dollar extra they tell lie. seem to be well dressed up but inside heart so dirty

  • sudhir king
    sudhir king 10 дней назад

    Bro U ve lost 30 dollars for diz xperiment, instead u could have helped her. Y can't u get d money back from those stingy people.

  • ade septiawan
    ade septiawan 12 дней назад

    It seems like staged as fuck

  • Paranormal Pandomness
    Paranormal Pandomness 12 дней назад +1

    I hope the greedy butt face people burn. people should be like the beautiful honest women at the end. this world is definitely not normal

  • King Cobra
    King Cobra 12 дней назад

    unbelievable how many dishonest people there are out there.

  • Armando Olivares
    Armando Olivares 13 дней назад

    when it come to money u could lose ur ass

  • Hotwheel 0910
    Hotwheel 0910 13 дней назад

    I feel like I've seen that lady before 🤔

  • Jordan Shaw
    Jordan Shaw 14 дней назад

    Wow that is the prettiest homeless woman I have ever seen, I feel bad for her circumstance and I wish I could contact her because I have contacts with modeling agencies that would be interested in hiring her.

  • Angela Hicks
    Angela Hicks 14 дней назад

    How sad 3 out of 4 were argumentative and lied . Honesty is taught at young age and they all had to be old enough to know right from wrong. God Bless the homeless lady who you would have thought more tempted to lie to be able to eat or have some need of extra.

  • Ja Stone!
    Ja Stone! 14 дней назад

    Wow ... honesty and conscious are gone...world is fucked up! 😕

  • hardware20x
    hardware20x 16 дней назад

    No way that hot chick is homeless.

  • Jonan Than
    Jonan Than 16 дней назад

    zzz why so many scammers these days..
    the homeless girl is pure hearted

  • Jayelyn Little
    Jayelyn Little 18 дней назад

    I hated all of them except the lady because she did like a genuine thing and everybody else just took the 20 like are you serious

  • I.C.E Agent MAN
    I.C.E Agent MAN 18 дней назад

    homeless don't usually have change for a 20$

  • Mary Kelleher
    Mary Kelleher 18 дней назад

    She is so beautiful 😍 at least give the poor woman some money

  • Mary Kelleher
    Mary Kelleher 18 дней назад

    No God bless everyone

  • The WatchMan
    The WatchMan 19 дней назад

    she looks broken :(

  • Shahril Mohd
    Shahril Mohd 20 дней назад

    your prospects should receive good pay for your video.

  • Red Comic
    Red Comic 21 день назад

    all those people were so ignorant (besides the homeless women)

  • Tommy Northwood
    Tommy Northwood 21 день назад

    She doesn't look homeless, mor like doing yoga maybe

  • Tommy Northwood
    Tommy Northwood 21 день назад

    Trust experiment with blacks goes wrong. lol

  • Ben Joseph
    Ben Joseph 22 дня назад

    "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked."
    Jer 17:9

    good eye opener guys.

  • Brahmini Ravi
    Brahmini Ravi 22 дня назад

    2:26 she dating a jerk!

  • Brahmini Ravi
    Brahmini Ravi 22 дня назад

    Oh wow, the first one tho

  • Its Hypx
    Its Hypx 23 дня назад

    Does no one question how he goes up to them when he's blind

  • ten ring
    ten ring 23 дня назад


  • أرسلان حسين
    أرسلان حسين 23 дня назад

    Love and respect for that girl from Pakistan,

  • Shanta Mungro
    Shanta Mungro 23 дня назад

    omg people ain't shit

  • mashooga 1994
    mashooga 1994 23 дня назад

    So true and more need to get over the material shit and want more of the human touch.....this world is a mess and its the last one we would expect, that tries cleaning it up..... and those ones are the ones whom already lost everything, but still never take anything..... sad but true.....

  • Allyson Kumm
    Allyson Kumm 24 дня назад

    People get on my nerves when they are not honest.😤

  • Mexas Attacker
    Mexas Attacker 25 дней назад

    She is so beautiful! I hope she gets extremely rich and has a great life! God Bless Her~!

  • ItsZelda ___
    ItsZelda ___ 25 дней назад

    Poor woman 😦 I have some money right here for you (I REALLY WISH I COULD HAVE MONEY FOR HER) 💵💵💵💵💵💴💶💷💸💱💱💱💷

  • Yusf Farah
    Yusf Farah 25 дней назад


  • Louna Abousaleh
    Louna Abousaleh 25 дней назад

    If I were home I would have given that kind woman $1000000

  • Look Away
    Look Away 26 дней назад


  • Zoma Islam
    Zoma Islam 26 дней назад

    God bless the honest women. Soon she will have her reward for the honesty. :)

  • Mac -
    Mac - 26 дней назад

    either way, I could have asked her to have lunch with me.

  • Aamir Shah
    Aamir Shah 26 дней назад

    she is not homeless .. she is rich not from the mony but she is rich by her heart.....

  • B Tolentino
    B Tolentino 26 дней назад

    Legit homeless people are the one that honest and kind.

  • virat thakur
    virat thakur 26 дней назад


  • Isaac Uriostegui
    Isaac Uriostegui 27 дней назад


  • Kaleb Hicks
    Kaleb Hicks 28 дней назад

    how old is she my god she looks young

  • Diamarcus Gumms
    Diamarcus Gumms 29 дней назад

    The first one is a fuckin nasty ass ugly dog sucking dick sucking hoe bitch I hate the ones that be stealin

  • A Mc
    A Mc 29 дней назад

    Well that was pretty damn nice shes so amazing

  • AB Ramse
    AB Ramse 1 месяц назад

    Some asshole will definitely take advantage of this girls situation someday

  • akram qureshi
    akram qureshi 1 месяц назад

    normal people are busterd. and homeless, begger people are honest. nice video

  • Delly Qush
    Delly Qush 1 месяц назад

    please get her a home... a nation should be built with such people😢

  • Laura Angela
    Laura Angela 1 месяц назад

    And that's why you live in canada

  • Volf
    Volf 1 месяц назад

    people are so selfish

  • Magdalena Kwiatkowska
    Magdalena Kwiatkowska 1 месяц назад

    Z całego serca życzę jej by los się do niej uśmiechnął i odmienił jej życie, naprawdę na to zasługuje. Trzymam kciuki ponieważ dobro wraca, nawet to najmniejsze 😊. If somebody want translate this. Cheers.

  • Prince Xrince
    Prince Xrince 1 месяц назад

    not all rich are like that...and poor are like her...😊

  • ahmed aldoghani
    ahmed aldoghani 1 месяц назад

    Since im kid i love homeless people

  • Really Though
    Really Though 1 месяц назад +1

    Most people are homeless for a good reason. Drugs, alcohol etc. there's only a few out there who really deserve the help. Before you give anyone money or help, stop and look at them. Do their features resemble am alcoholic, or a drug addict? Most real homeless people are ashamed as well. They don't ask
    They sit there because they don't want to ask for help.
    Most of the people begging are not in need of anything other than drugs.

  • Olivia Lincourt
    Olivia Lincourt 1 месяц назад

    wow people can be horrible

  • 1000 subs without a video
    1000 subs without a video 1 месяц назад

    she was not homeless

  • Danny Lee
    Danny Lee 1 месяц назад

    she is honest and beautiful

  • Kalena Natalee
    Kalena Natalee 1 месяц назад +1

    God bless that young girl! The quote in the end is so true !!! Great job!

  • Berlain M. Warda
    Berlain M. Warda 1 месяц назад

    see? bcos rich people alwys ddn't had enough but f u really appreciate how hard jst to get money s u will naturally honest wth the people u encountered and u knw how hard they been working jst to earn thse money..

  • Phyllis Arrington
    Phyllis Arrington 1 месяц назад

    Oh I am so embarrassed about all the folks who kept the money

  • Mimi Freda
    Mimi Freda 1 месяц назад

    Why am I not surprised?!?😯

  • Chayann Hanford
    Chayann Hanford 1 месяц назад

    Its always the nicest of people who experience the worst of things,\/

  • Lauren Tuma
    Lauren Tuma 1 месяц назад

    dang so a homeless woman has makeup on hmm....? well at least she was honest

  • Lwenay Paw
    Lwenay Paw 1 месяц назад

    I have been there before

  • Lwenay Paw
    Lwenay Paw 1 месяц назад

    I know the place with the big boats

  • Alexander Dominique
    Alexander Dominique 1 месяц назад


  • Eugene Pijanowski
    Eugene Pijanowski 1 месяц назад

    This is pretty embarrassing since I am a Buffalonian, I believed this is/was a "city of good neighbors." Although I'm sure the same outcome would happen in just about any U.S. city. Has society changed people to be entitled, inconsiderate assholes, or where they raised that way ?

  • Julie Aoun
    Julie Aoun 1 месяц назад

    wait if u give them a 20 how much are they supposed to give bacl

  • Murtie2017champ Heavywieght Edition
    Murtie2017champ Heavywieght Edition 1 месяц назад


  • Karl K
    Karl K 1 месяц назад

    Eher geht ein Kammel durch ein Nadelör als das ein Reicher in das Reich Gottes kommt(from Jesus)

  • thered Poweraid
    thered Poweraid 1 месяц назад

    Nice girl who actually did it

  • thered Poweraid
    thered Poweraid 1 месяц назад

    Ass holes first ones

  • Fazle Rabbe
    Fazle Rabbe 1 месяц назад

    Good people still in earth.

  • Ahmed Shamis
    Ahmed Shamis 1 месяц назад

    We all are worser than homeless people 😔

  • TheKidInBuff
    TheKidInBuff 1 месяц назад

    Im sorry but that last part is a set up... Im down at the marina everyday. Ive never seen that girl around there, asking for money. And she is way too bathed and clean looking to begin with...

    But I truly believe the rest of the video is real...... people are assholes in Buffalo. Do not visit Buffalo, a 'sanctuary city'. Go somewhere nicer.

  • IRAQ I.S.O.F
    IRAQ I.S.O.F 1 месяц назад

    really shocking video😢 ...... here i am from IRAQ✋

  • ScottKinmartinTV
    ScottKinmartinTV 1 месяц назад

    Find better actors next time. They were terribly unconvincing.

  • Lester Claros
    Lester Claros 1 месяц назад +1

    why most honestly a homeless people??

  • xS4turnx
    xS4turnx 1 месяц назад

    Wtf is wrong with those people. Doing something like that would never occur to me. Kudos to the woman at the end for being honest; apparently a rare trait (at least around there; can't tell for other places). Makes her look really likeable; from the inside. And yes, she's kinda pretty too; but with a bad character (like the previously shown people), that would mean nothing.

    Doing an experiment like this would be much harder here (just like in other countries, as others have commented before). Our 10s are yellow, the 20s pinkish, the 50s green, the 100s blue, the 200s uhm... beige? and the 1000s purple if I recall correctly.

  • Linus Fuentes
    Linus Fuentes 1 месяц назад

    dude you suck

  • Ratul khan
    Ratul khan 1 месяц назад

    you rock bro

  • Ronald Zaiger
    Ronald Zaiger 1 месяц назад +1

    this right there shows you that people that HAVE money Will take your money and people that HAVE nothing IN this world And do everything they can to make a dollar Will not take what is NOT there's. I hope you gave her a reward for doing THE right thing. and like they say there's Angels always around us we just don't know who they are.

  • Shelley Berry
    Shelley Berry 1 месяц назад

    What pigs! And that girl is stunning.

  • DiamondSlayer Plays
    DiamondSlayer Plays 1 месяц назад

    She's beautiful I wonder if she is really homeless I'm not saying that homeless are ugliest is that she is really beautiful 🤗🤗🤗

  • snapstring
    snapstring 2 месяца назад

    The beauty is in her heart . Because she is not blinded by pride and greed like those people before her .

  • Thatkidd tyler
    Thatkidd tyler 2 месяца назад

    Wow! I'm impressed by the first REAL social expirment possibly on YouTube!

  • Mystery Buyer
    Mystery Buyer 2 месяца назад

    I am surprised these millennials even have cash on them. They usually give into all the debit and credit bullshit.

  • Iron Man
    Iron Man 2 месяца назад

    how stupid..of course people are gonna keep it if your dumb ass give ut to them ....smh

  • Jimmy Burnel
    Jimmy Burnel 2 месяца назад

    I really would love to hook up with the girl at the end of the vid. Talk about a win.

  • Christer Bratli
    Christer Bratli 2 месяца назад

    the homeless girl looks so young tho! :O :'( poor girl....

  • Kailey T.
    Kailey T. 2 месяца назад

    She was homeless and being honest and he didn't even give her anything back for being honest and she's also homeless

  • Sally Lemon
    Sally Lemon 2 месяца назад

    When people often relate homelessness with negativities as lazy to work, rough and rude, exploiting the minors to bad industry (gangsterism and red lights stuffs), bad addiction,we are seeing more homelessness that is just the matter of hard life but lives with the biggest heart, a great giver, helper and sincere, while many still maintain a clean life. Clean means, away from all the nigtlife dirts. My ex was the first of that kind I knew of and I thought it was so extraordinary but now I know more people as of that. There are bad people and good people everywhere so are among the homeless but the good among them can be way better than the average well living among us, this video is one of them that explains.

  • Pink Angel
    Pink Angel 2 месяца назад

    I meant to say woman