The Reality of #VanLife - Full Documentary Movie - 2018

  • Published on Aug 12, 2018
  • A movie That follows an ex van dwellers journey as he seeks to dispel the myths about living in a van that social media shows. A look into the Hashtag that claims to represent vanlife.
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    This comical and quirky documentary answers questions posed to prominent members of the Van dwelling community. Can this lifestyle replace the "American Dream" of the home in the suburbs? Is it really how it looks on instagram? and what does it take to become famous for #Vanlife? the classic format of an Interview based Documentary gets dismantled partway through this movie, as Forrest decides to attempt to make himself #VanLife famous on instagram. The only problem is... he doesn't even live in a van.
    #Vanlife #documentary
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  • Different Media.
    Different Media.  Month ago +4

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  • Victor Suarez
    Victor Suarez Day ago

    I tought that van life, was just a hobby, how do you make living?
    Question, not criticizing, I actually think is amazing, I'm a truck driver and I love it.

  • Airbrush Ken
    Airbrush Ken Day ago

    I find the complaining about what living in a Van is really like, peeing in the woods, discomfort, etc. I was a solder in Vietnam (101st Airborne, Strike Force) We spent weeks sleeping on the jungle floor with NO air mattress as they squeak if blown up so we had a flat ground sheet. Leaches, bugs, snakes, monkeys, Tigers (yup real tigers) on top of NVA troops wanting to kill you. Many of us had the "porcelain dream" a toilet the flushed instead of a small hole you dug, put something shinny in the bottom and maybe a string leading to it in the dark. When I got back to the states my wife and I bought a VW kombi pop top van and I thought we were at the Ritz Hotel... LOL I guess it's just how you look at life.

  • Andrew Buzan
    Andrew Buzan Day ago

    Ok now I’m officially offended. How is a Honda Civic van life? I’m outta here

  • Andrew Buzan
    Andrew Buzan Day ago

    Wow. I was offended for a second but now I’m thinking about starting an instagram #manbunvanlife

  • markleyg
    markleyg 2 days ago

    Yimmy and Sabrina are the poster children of phony. First time seeing this van slut without her ass hanging out.

  • DumpstercRATs for extinction 2020

    It all depends on your means of survival!! A lot of young people who I’ve met don’t have a good steady income month to month and struggle! I worked from the age of 14 to the age of 44 traded in my jeep and some cash for my pro master 2500 high roof and am slowly converting it!! When it’s done (before I turn 45 this summer) I’ll have no house or vehicle payments. And a nice $2500+ a month nest egg!! Work Hard and play kinda hard so you can play real hard for a better length of life!!

    GRATE MUSIC 3 days ago

    I've lived #vanlife before it was a hashtag. It's all fine and well until you have kids and get tired of being on the go. I've lived on a boat for about 2 years too and it is very similar, except the land never gets rough during storms

    GRATE MUSIC 3 days ago

    They don't want us to live free 😉

  • william jones
    william jones 3 days ago

    If i could do this I meen if i had the money to get a pretty good van and to set it up with all the rite shit to survive l would do this in a heartbeat all of you guys are awesome. And keep doing what you're doing stay strong.

  • M J
    M J 3 days ago

    8:10 finally some normal looking people. everyone else looks like Abercrombie models

  • pauld9
    pauld9 4 days ago

    Sabrina in a van. Ok

  • Patrick Grengs
    Patrick Grengs 4 days ago +1

    The Civic makes a great micro-mini-van. You really have optimized on efficiency in terms of space and the multipurpose Garage is conveniently located behind the driver. Good call on the single 1-liter Nalgene. Your use of the tailgate is absolutely ingenious while the grounded power drop is really a nice touch. You did not mention the mileage ... but I venture that is also a good selling point. That background music is like the gravy on top. I see this as a viable upgrade from my 240k '03 Camry. Thank you.

  • 10908070605040302
    10908070605040302 5 days ago

    Bah , this is just an example of somebody not doing it right !

  • videos online
    videos online 5 days ago

    997,184 views ... nice! encourage viewers to visit a landing page to join your email list ... use ... you can make piles of money ... great video ... hilarious

  • videos online
    videos online 5 days ago

    at 24:43 .... the micro-dwelling tour .... hahahahahahahahahaha ...
    it is so similiar to the van life tours and is like watching a make money online ad for a digittal nomad ... this doc is interesting ... and you are amazing doc maker

  • Cécile V.
    Cécile V. 5 days ago

    Let them feel free. Actually there are rules where ever you live. Why don"t you join the homeless and invite them for shelter?

  • Karen Cooper
    Karen Cooper 5 days ago

    OMG, the humor had me going, that man bun, the micro dwelling and buying likes was really funny...I subscribed!

  • Jimmie Whitehorse
    Jimmie Whitehorse 5 days ago

    To make this a better documentary, is to see and listen to everyones say, not cut scenes, The reality of #VanLife - Full Documentary Moive is making a life style of this kind a negative, unfitful, impossible or only set site to only individuals unfortanate.

  • Tiny Fit Chic
    Tiny Fit Chic 5 days ago

    This was funny.

  • Wolf Stone Purple
    Wolf Stone Purple 5 days ago +5

    When all the money you earn goes to rent. You see your dreams going into your landlords pockets.

  • VocalVirgo
    VocalVirgo 7 days ago

    This was actually entertaining, funny, fun and a little serious. I enjoy the humor in reality. Kudos.

  • livinincalifornia
    livinincalifornia 8 days ago

    Are you an illuminati?

  • livinincalifornia
    livinincalifornia 8 days ago

    Sounds like a cult.

    ELIZABETH MORALES 8 days ago

    12:58 that’s all.

  • Albert Dupond
    Albert Dupond 9 days ago

    Très interessant, merci, felicitations !!

  • Starlesslemon
    Starlesslemon 9 days ago

    It's not a van life video if you don't flaunt your new MacBook

  • Starlesslemon
    Starlesslemon 9 days ago

    #homelesslife and #vanlife aren't the same thing

  • SteveST1300
    SteveST1300 9 days ago


    I was going to convert a van, be smelly for days on end, piss in a bottle, shit in the woods and eat ramen and tofu the rest of my life.

    But I don't use Instagram and I can't surf.. Jeeeezz. Another dream destroyed.

    Children! Bin there, dun that...50 years ago. Except now there is more internal combustion involved and we didn't have Likes or video sponsorships.

    The hippy movement had a whole lot of the same philosophies without the self-righteous egos and social media celebrities. And it didn't last.

    We became leaders of industry, pioneers of the internet and digital everything. We ended being the most consumer rabid generation in history.

    And we've raised a lot of you.

    Good luck in your journey. But you will grow up one day and you will grow old.

    You will take that corporate job in your 30s. You will accept the big salary in your 40s. In your 50s, you'll snare at the 20 somethings with their hover cars as threats to humanity. Trust me. All your idealistic dreaming will not stop it from happening. Go ahead and try. I wish you the best of luck with that.

    But maybe a 42 foot diesel pusher MHome is in your future when you retire from Amazon or Google or...Instagram.

  • JJ rog
    JJ rog 9 days ago


  • olivi333
    olivi333 9 days ago

    Looks like an advertisement...

  • olivi333
    olivi333 9 days ago

    Most Americans are living a life DEEP IN DEBT. They could never step outside of their, boxed in life....

  • olivi333
    olivi333 9 days ago +1

    Pee in a bottle! That's called a "Trucker Toilet".... They sale them everywhere! You get a free Gatorade, with the purchase of a TRUCKER TOILET..... I'm sure you've all seen them, along the Interstate, where Semi's park.

  • Cannondale2019
    Cannondale2019 10 days ago

    Living in a van= bumlife.

  • SuperBullies1
    SuperBullies1 10 days ago +2

    I live and own a nice home without a mortgage in a nice small city in the Southwest, and everyday still isn't a party...nothing is perfect in this life. For me the same thing over and over and over makes me restless. For me the aspect of travel, adventure, and yes even solitude is attractive. I'll seldom be in a city situation struggling to find a place to park, I enjoy nature way too much for that. For me sitting in a large stationary box much of the time, also isn't perfect...nothing really is.

  • Shadowman84FS
    Shadowman84FS 11 days ago

    Probably the hardest part about living in a van is not being able to take baths, so my vagina get's so ripe it smells like a cow died in my panties.

  • Won Honglo
    Won Honglo 11 days ago

    Van life is all about being so bored I spend most of my time crying, and caressing the inside of my boyfriend's anus.

  • Pep
    Pep 11 days ago +1

    What happened to the man at 18:16 in the end? Thought it was quite mean how the police didn't allow him to park his vehicle just because he lived in it :'( Hope he finds good spots to park!

  • Raven Arsall
    Raven Arsall 12 days ago +1

    I came from D4Darius's video.

  • ronnette harvey
    ronnette harvey 12 days ago

    You needed me to do your hair.

  • Lord Thunder
    Lord Thunder 12 days ago

    Why nobody of these guys (excluding the yellow schoolbus) set up a decent rv/tiny house? I mean, you get an ex 80s daddy's ppl carrier vith sofa-bed and you want to stay comfortable? Are you serious?
    Where's the commitment? This way it's like getting a granary as an house...
    Psa: regular campers are not suitable to living in there full time.

  • Lord Thunder
    Lord Thunder 13 days ago

    To the blonde guy: You wronged everything because you posted the stuff on social media. If your femoid posted them, you would have gotten double the success you were expecting.

    • Lord Thunder
      Lord Thunder 13 days ago

      Instagrams doest show beautiful people but beautiful girls, whir the rest surrounding.

  • Jay Lintz
    Jay Lintz 13 days ago +1

    There are negative parts to EVERYTHING in life, and life is only NOT difficult for the privileged few.. I live in a 200k home, own a business and drive a truck. I'm ex-military and will say that ANYTHING can be glamorized, however, that being said, the simplicity and freedom of this lifestyle is worth more than everything I own. If I weren't married and tied to responsibilities that I could live without, THIS IS THE LIFESTYLE I'D GLADLY CHOOSE, HARDSHIPS AND ALL.

  • eekamoose
    eekamoose 13 days ago

    Ha ha, 'Find out who you are, even if you hadn't wondered'. Nice.
    My comment on van life reality: have a look at the bushes near where people park their vans on the coasts of Portugal and Spain. They are full of turds and used toilet roll, it's horrific. A lot of people are responsible about their sewage but a lot of others are arriving somewhere beautiful and leaving it smeared with their own s**t. That's got to be one of the dirtiest things that a human being can do and it's understandably making all vanlifers unpopular, even the ones who treat the environment responsibly.

  • Tammie Renee
    Tammie Renee 14 days ago

    I Did Vanlife at age 57 for 6 months. Had a Corporate life before. What you say is spot on. Thanks.

  • Hey Dude
    Hey Dude 14 days ago

    Everyone in this video are posers who aren’t about the lifestyle they do it for the likes.

  • Modern Savage25
    Modern Savage25 15 days ago

    I think one of the things a person needs to be hapy is to have some consistent figures in their lives. Whether you're going to work, being in a class, or part of a group. People need recreation, and events like mountain biking, going to art galleries, or going to dinner with some people. It seems like you would have to proactively go and seek things that are happening in the town your in, or plan to go to an event in a place that you're going to.

  • LaWendeltreppe
    LaWendeltreppe 15 days ago

    I cannot believe it's such a problem to find a parking place for your van in such a big country as the USA. Even we in Europe can find this. Just put it anywhere in the middle of nowhere and no one will disturb you. Fortunately German law allows you to stay everywhere for 24 hours as long as you harm none. The best country for living in a van is France. No problems ever and even nice places where you can fill up water. Worst place in Europe so far: The Netherlands (too less space) and UK (No overnight parking signs everywhere).

  • cowboy6591
    cowboy6591 16 days ago

    Man I hate man-buns, there the stupidest trend I have ever seen.

  • cowboy6591
    cowboy6591 16 days ago

    Tell us about the government crackdown and shutdowns of free blm camping. Cities and states outlaw full time living [some of them] Washington state being the worse. Trouble is with youtubers they drill this ideology in young peoples heads, Camp sites fill up with litter bugs and such, then they shut them down or monetize them. If there is a culture shift, Tiny Homes and van life is under attack. I wouldn't spend more then 5 grand on a setup and test the waters. Everything is changing in an unfavorable direction accept for those greedy capitalist pay sites, the free stuff is fading. A network of boondockers has begun but they are all pay sites, so I concluded my full-time rv'ing as a retiree is out the window. Looks like a cheap room without board and 80% of my time in an rv, But there will be limits $$$$

  • Phone One
    Phone One 16 days ago +2

    This is actually a documentary on the shallow ,vain ,and narsistic of the world today

  • Team Optimistic
    Team Optimistic 17 days ago

    So you got 2 comments from me within 15 mins. Ok run ✈ with it.

  • Team Optimistic
    Team Optimistic 17 days ago

    LOL Man bun🤔😁😂😂😂😂

  • Colton Loberg
    Colton Loberg 19 days ago

    super real points heres a few others :)

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 20 days ago

    How do they pay for gas and food?

  • T Ko
    T Ko 20 days ago

    This Video is about instagram, not about living in a van. They al talk about leaving career and money behind them, but they just replace the hustle for money with the hustle for likes.

  • Jennifer Rose
    Jennifer Rose 20 days ago +1

    Me I like to travel in my van, sometimes for 2 or 3 months but I love my house and will never give up my home and garden. I’m not young but I started living nomadic in the 70s as a hippy and traveled through Mexico and Central America, rebuilt an old milk truck and it was chill, also all over the US in a converted school bus. What was cool back then was that there were festivals everywhere and they were free as were National Parks and the Parks weren’t crowded like today. I find I spend a lot more money when traveling in my van then when home so it’s all relative, sometimes I’m out having the best experience but if it sucks which sometimes it does it’s great to just go home 🏡

  • Filthy McNasty
    Filthy McNasty 20 days ago

    To the girl at 13:53: if your very existence, self value and worth are dependent upon "likes" & "comments" perhaps it's time to focus on you and stop worrying about tf other ppl are doing.
    I don't get folks who get butthurt over such trivial things on IG or other platforms.

  • marcus rodriges
    marcus rodriges 22 days ago

    Great documentary. In my experience, i have my own personal camper as my back up home or plan B, i have my own place but in this economy you never know, my camper gives me peace of mind.

  • Zombra Blanca
    Zombra Blanca 22 days ago

    lots of these people are full of shit they only make videos but do not live in their vans like the whore with the dog and boyfriend