Top 10 Ugliest Sports Team Logos (N. Amer)

  • Published on Aug 24, 2016
  • Top 10 Ugliest North American Sports Team Logos
    These poorly designed sports team logos are the worst of the worst. These ugly logo designs span every professional North American league, including the MLS, MLB, NBA, NHL and NFL. But which are truly the worst logos in sports? Teams like The Oklahoma City Thunder, Columbus Blue Jackets and Los Angeles Clippers, are all guilty of some pretty awful design, but only one can grab the top spot as the ugliest sports team logo in North America.
    For this list, we’re focusing specifically on logos from professional North American teams, which means that the University of Albany will be excluded along with FC Santa Claus of Finland.
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Comments • 2 216

  • JD Mousley
    JD Mousley Day ago

    This list is shit.

  • Evangelos
    Evangelos Day ago

    I don't mind the Miami logo as much as it's stupid colors smh

  • Evangelos
    Evangelos Day ago

    The Crew is on here too! They're old logo was great! No other team has ever done that. It was real. It isn't a cartoon. They're new logo is just like every other soccer team. Now we look like we are just copying Europe. lmao Which we are but we could atleast come up with something that is ours. smh

  • Evangelos
    Evangelos Day ago

    Yall are geting bad at making lists. I could find 20 logos far worse than these.

  • Evangelos
    Evangelos Day ago

    Being a Blue Jackets fan I don't mind the logos. I esspecially like the one with the OHio flag. I do not like red tho. An I hate red and blue. I like the blue on the logo with the canon. keep the red out of it please.

  • EskimoNinja
    EskimoNinja 2 days ago

    The old coyote logo is beautiful in its own way

  • Charlie
    Charlie 3 days ago

    talk one more sentence of shizwizzle about the pheinox coyotes logo i will snap your necc

  • Liverpool Seeks
    Liverpool Seeks 3 days ago


  • Dude Decent
    Dude Decent 4 days ago

    Your autistic some of these logos are actually nice these are just your opinions

  • Conor Christie
    Conor Christie 4 days ago

    You disgust me

  • Jaden_Playz 68
    Jaden_Playz 68 5 days ago

    You guys suck. The fisherman was one of the best islanders logos.

  • Stewart Wente
    Stewart Wente 6 days ago

    What's with the NHL hate? Also, that Phoenix Coyotes logo is one of the best in the NHL. They're wearing it again this year and it looks great.

  • Art Capadeso
    Art Capadeso 7 days ago +2

    The #1 should be the watchmojo logo its very awful and dumb

  • The Flash 2024
    The Flash 2024 9 days ago +1

    But I like the flaming horse for Calgary

  • Abigail Dold
    Abigail Dold 9 days ago

    They obviously haven’t seen the Dallas Stars third jersey called the Mooterus. As a Stars fan I can say that the design was UGLY!!!! 🐮 if you think I’m kidding, google mooterus and you’ll see how awful those jerseys were

  • ThatCanadianKid
    ThatCanadianKid 10 days ago


  • The Gaming Cube
    The Gaming Cube 11 days ago

    I’m a fended that they called the Quebec Nordiques logo ugly

  • Tyler Heinz
    Tyler Heinz 11 days ago +1

    yall hate the nhl or something?

  • Drew A
    Drew A 12 days ago

    Not really understanding why the Carolina Hurricanes logo was included in the honorable mentions. Looks fine to me.

  • hobs2
    hobs2 13 days ago +1

    All those hockey logos are sick

  • n bedz
    n bedz 13 days ago

    Coyotes logo is awesome

  • Nate Prikkel
    Nate Prikkel 14 days ago


  • Bozo
    Bozo 16 days ago

    How do you not add the damn Buffalo Sabres' Buffaslug logo?

  • Ric_V_30
    Ric_V_30 16 days ago

    I love that old coyotes logo, and the Ducks and Hurricanes logos are actually good!

  • Stone Cold Steve Autism

    It was an igloo?

  • Maglergitro n
    Maglergitro n 17 days ago

    Funny! The main of these are hockey.

  • CJ Dubbs
    CJ Dubbs 17 days ago +1

    My List:
    #1: Maxi Miner
    #2: Cleveland Browns
    #3: Cleveland Indians
    #4: Washington Redskins
    #5: The Crew

  • chris8me
    chris8me 17 days ago +1

    Also why the hell is the hurricanes logo in honorable mentions that’s a good logo

  • chris8me
    chris8me 17 days ago

    The igloo is one of the best logos of all time and I’m a bruins fan

    • chris8me
      chris8me 17 days ago

      And the coyotes logo too

  • David Wood
    David Wood 21 day ago

    If the Fisherman was a third jersey, since that was all the rage in the 90s I don't think it would have been so hated. Most of those alternative NHL jerseys were so ugly they were cool and the Isles fisherman lands in that category.

  • Gaming Oasis
    Gaming Oasis Month ago +1

    Screw you Stinger is amazing
    (the Marlins new logo is still better but still)

  • Stormtheice27
    Stormtheice27 Month ago +2

    Disrespecting the robocoyote is a sin

  • Kai Weems
    Kai Weems Month ago +2

    I actually like the Islanders Fisherman logo

  • Krumify
    Krumify Month ago

    this bitch just disrespected the old coyote

  • justin markley
    justin markley Month ago

    This list fucking sucks

  • Felix Soheili
    Felix Soheili Month ago

    10. Awesome Logo
    9. Also Cool(Alberta Pride)
    8. Awful
    7. How dare you it’s history. Great Logo
    6. Meh
    5. Cool Logo
    How dare you? Greatest Logo of all time
    3. Looks like a Mafia Logo. It’s sick
    2. Fucking Awful why?????
    1. True it’s awful

    Real Bad Logos
    1. The Ducks new Logo
    2. Toronto Raptors new Logo

  • Ivy Harkness
    Ivy Harkness Month ago +1

    Insult my job, sure.
    Insult my family, why not?
    Heck, you can shit in my dead grandmother's earn, if you please.
    But insult the Yotes Picasso? I think the fuk not my man

  • Mr. Meow
    Mr. Meow Month ago

    Ah Vancouver anyone

  • Coleton Waller
    Coleton Waller Month ago

    Ok why tf did you say advertisement like that? No one says it like that ( 8:25 ) and the coyotes and Columbus crew logos were awesome

  • Lukas Shannon
    Lukas Shannon Month ago

    The 4 hockey ones tjat were in the main list and not honorable mentions were 4 of my favorites

    Pepe THE FREAKING FROG 2 months ago

    Who said the kachina coyote was bad it’s the most bad*** alternate Jersey

  • Luke Ryba
    Luke Ryba 2 months ago

    The coyotes, Nordiques and the Fisherman are all beloved logos... Wtf

    • Erik S
      Erik S 4 days ago

      Luke Ryba the fisherman logo is NOT beloved.

  • BetaPro _
    BetaPro _ 2 months ago


  • Andrew Bellavie
    Andrew Bellavie 2 months ago

    Blasty the horse was a great flames logo

  • DragonMaster
    DragonMaster 2 months ago

    This is a biased video all the hockey logos u mentioned most of the fans of that team or fans of hockey loved the logos. This channel clearly has hate towards the sport of hockey

  • TTV. Night Rider
    TTV. Night Rider 2 months ago

    How did the Nordiques logo get on this list

  • Gruchy
    Gruchy 2 months ago

    Not a single NFL team logo, but yeah... let's just shit on NHL teams...

  • Kodesii
    Kodesii 2 months ago +1

    Ok so basically ur wrong

  • zaakknight
    zaakknight 2 months ago

    The Coyotes logo had a backstory, had depth, tribute, honor. Pay some respect #yotes

  • Henry Bresser
    Henry Bresser 2 months ago

    Whoever made these lists need to figure it out. The Coyotes logo, and the fisherman logo are so clean

  • Spencer ward
    Spencer ward 2 months ago

    And now the Marlins is even worse lol

  • Spencer ward
    Spencer ward 2 months ago

    The fisherman is dope too. As an alternate at least

  • Spencer ward
    Spencer ward 2 months ago

    Smh coyotes and nordiques are some of the best

  • Ducky Stuff95
    Ducky Stuff95 2 months ago

    Nordiques and coyotes logos are beauts

  • Greendotz
    Greendotz 2 months ago

    Seriously, Dallas Stars "mooterus" didn't get number one!!?

  • FRV Obama
    FRV Obama 2 months ago

    I'm probably the only one but I for some reason love the Fisherman logo and the Stinger logo they were just awesome looking also are you out of your damn mind the Quebec Nordiques logo is one of the best logos to ever come out in the NHL and secondly yes that Phoenix logo got some hate in the day but it's grown on everyone and is proving to be one of the most beautiful logos in the NHL and also you touched on the new the nordiques logo that they had lined up before they left and I've seen that logo and it was absolute trash I wouldn't mind that one being on the list.

  • Charlie Caputo
    Charlie Caputo 2 months ago

    Coyotes and Quebec’s logos were the best

  • Aidan Davies
    Aidan Davies 2 months ago

    Vancouver canucks

  • Simon Olejnik
    Simon Olejnik 2 months ago +1

    I kind of liked the year of the cowboy tbh

  • Mr. Nationwide
    Mr. Nationwide 2 months ago

    I thought the first Phoenix Coyotes logo was cool. The NY Islanders fisherman logo looks badass.

  • ImOldGreg
    ImOldGreg 2 months ago

    Why the hate on Albany? That's an awesome logo. GO GREAT DANES!!!

  • lavs
    lavs 2 months ago

    The nordiques logo does not belong on this list.

  • That Boi
    That Boi 2 months ago

    Where’s the Muterus that the Dallas Stars used to wear, Marty Turco rocked it hard. That should be on this list.

  • Chucc Rogers
    Chucc Rogers 2 months ago

    Nasty Horrible Logos

  • tchevrier
    tchevrier 2 months ago

    There are so many other logos that are far worse. In my option the all-time worst is the vancouver canucks "v".
    Then closely followed by the buffalo sabres toupee logo

  • Blake Bishop
    Blake Bishop 2 months ago

    Didn't watch the video, disliked because the thumbnail shows the old Coyotes Logo.

  • Kaden Morris
    Kaden Morris 2 months ago

    2:58 hey that’s my last name

  • Caroline Martin
    Caroline Martin 2 months ago

    Quit picking on NHL. There are other precessional sports team with uglier logos

  • Scoops
    Scoops 3 months ago

    I don’t get the hurricanes, it’s a good logo, it’s the eye!

  • D. Rüesch
    D. Rüesch 3 months ago

    New England revolution have the worst logo in the history of the world.

  • mytdck1
    mytdck1 3 months ago

    Who came up with this list?

  • Tom Koyzis
    Tom Koyzis 3 months ago

    Nordiques was amazing

  • thomas
    thomas 3 months ago

    Dont talk shit on the coyote.

  • Rylan Dinges
    Rylan Dinges 3 months ago

    Arizona sux, would not recommend to average person, too many cacti all over the place, and the hockey team sux more than the state 0/10

  • john schwenker
    john schwenker 3 months ago

    Some of the hockey teams you show aren’t even teams anymore and the islanders have the best jersey because they’re my favorite team

  • Ginger Weatherbee
    Ginger Weatherbee 3 months ago

    the Buffaslug logo caused quite a stir for the handful of years it was used for the Sabres..

  • The Dumb Stuffs
    The Dumb Stuffs 3 months ago

    Most of those nhl logos are great

  • SemiSolid Snake
    SemiSolid Snake 3 months ago +1

    Are you really going to put the fisherman on this list? Fuck off.

  • SemiSolid Snake
    SemiSolid Snake 3 months ago +1

    Why don't you just fuck off, watchmojo? It's pretty fucking obvious that you don't care about sports or their communities.

  • Isaac Wilcox
    Isaac Wilcox 3 months ago

    you should do top 10 best sports logs!

  • The Only Ravens Fan
    The Only Ravens Fan 3 months ago

    I ain’t even an islanders fan but you can’t talk shit bout that fisherman logo that’s their best logo

  • Antonio Richardson
    Antonio Richardson 4 months ago

    I like the flames old jerseys

  • Ted Zeiller
    Ted Zeiller 4 months ago

    Add the penguins logo. Something about it just looks too goofy even though the uniform as a whole is great looking

  • Eric Petersen
    Eric Petersen 4 months ago

    Orginal Broncos or the one after that

  • Forgen Shark
    Forgen Shark 4 months ago

    wth the calagery flames horse is so cool! Same with the coyotes!

  • Jay Lipinski
    Jay Lipinski 4 months ago

    Strange. Many of these I would consider all time greats! The Coyote , the Islander, the nordique, and even the Miami Marlins are all beautiful logos.

  • deedoublejay
    deedoublejay 4 months ago

    You need a dictionary. Most of these are just boring. Boring does not equal ugly.

  • deathbymybox
    deathbymybox 4 months ago

    The new ducks logo sucks ass!! They should've kept the old one from the nineties.

  • Josh Hoover
    Josh Hoover 4 months ago


  • Bobby Crane
    Bobby Crane 4 months ago

    Boston Bruins, Washington Nationals, Toronto FC are ALL ugly logos....

  • Jonathon Janson
    Jonathon Janson 4 months ago +1

    Do Best alternative/secondary logo in N.A pro sports!

  • Jonathon Janson
    Jonathon Janson 4 months ago +1

    I don’t really dis like any of these logos. The Coyotes, Marlins and others on this list I actually really like!

  • Connor Bese
    Connor Bese 4 months ago

    The fisherman is amazing don’t roast it

  • Roberto
    Roberto 4 months ago

    The marlins logo is nice tf

  • Justin Betland
    Justin Betland 4 months ago

    The Miami Marlins logo is really tight. I think it's beautiful.

  • Liam McIntyre
    Liam McIntyre 4 months ago

    Coyotes was the best..

  • ThePolarBearProductions

    The new Cleveland Indians logo.
    “Ok Chief Wahoo isn’t PC, we need a new logo”
    “An Orange Letter C in block lettering”

  • Jeeperzzz
    Jeeperzzz 4 months ago

    I fucking love the islanders jersey tho

  • KAMREN Harris
    KAMREN Harris 4 months ago +1

    Thunder logo is good

  • Tyler Kochman
    Tyler Kochman 4 months ago

    Nirdiques logo was fine. And neither honorable mention was all that bad (webbed D is simply a downgrade from the previous logo)