ITZY確定成員簡介 ︳ITZY members summary

  • Published on Jan 21, 2019
  • JYP家新女團成員名單出來了~~
    漂亮孩子們組成的ITZY 大家也多多期待吧❤

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  • Unknown J
    Unknown J 8 hours ago

    Yuna is older than me by a couple of months. I feel dumb and u talented.

    SHIBANI SAHA 10 hours ago +1

    I am only here due to J Hope

  • Karla Hernandez
    Karla Hernandez 10 hours ago

    I never knew ryujin was with BTS in this scene! (Lol supposedly Jimin has a crush on her in this scene which is cute, I'm not saying he does in real life of course it's act and if you think I ship this you r out of ur miiiind)

  • Mary Tin
    Mary Tin 16 hours ago

    Ryujin, my new girl crush😍

  • Loyal BK
    Loyal BK 20 hours ago

    Wow this girls are so active and beautiful younger ones ITZY it's that they called the girls groups?

  • Zia Callista
    Zia Callista 21 hour ago

    Yuna is so young........

  • Dang Nguyen
    Dang Nguyen 21 hour ago

    Bê tê ét kìA

  • Kookie Jinnie
    Kookie Jinnie Day ago

    Wait but that means Yuna was like 13 when she did the BTS highlight reel-

  • Vanessa H.
    Vanessa H. Day ago

    woah didn't knew they are so young, and chaeryeong is just one day older than me 😂

  • Lalablink
    Lalablink Day ago

    Yeji is so TALL

  • you promised to wait

    even though I have the guess...I wonder what could J-sunshine, Jimin(BTS) reaction and seeing Ryujin again and with a successful rookie group and imagine them seeing each other in an event, awwwwwwwww❣️❣️✨

  • BTS army ysa's park mochi jiminie gacha

    Ryujin with J-hope and Jimin😍 (no ship...i just love BTS and ITZY)

  • A.R.M.Y Forever
    A.R.M.Y Forever Day ago

    Yuna looks like tzuyu

  • Sweetlovelycutie pie

    is that jhope and jimin

  • Trisha Valdez
    Trisha Valdez Day ago +1

    whatttttt yuna is 2 yrs older than me?? wtf?!!! they are so young
    i cant see my self like them they are so tall and look like they are old like 18😲

  • L4 amant de Vkook 7u7

    Yuna también apareció en el mv de BTS xD

  • Janet C
    Janet C 2 days ago +1

    Ryujin is SO lucky.

  • anis zamri
    anis zamri 2 days ago +30

    Ya forgot to add yuna when she's with acting/filming? (whatever) with jungkook

  • christine ganas
    christine ganas 2 days ago

    What is the name of the previous group ryujin belong?

  • 킁킁
    킁킁 2 days ago

    미친 언니가 저 사람이였어? 사랑해 언니 진짜 나 저거 영상 보자마자 오 개예쁘다 이랬어 진심이야 사랑해

  • •Clara• Fox•Br•

    Is RyuJin!

  • ieka soo
    ieka soo 3 days ago

    Their age almost similar with me and my cousins. It makes me wonder how in the world they can become successful and be a kpop idol when I'm still in school trying to pass the exams😣

  • DaNnY dEvItO
    DaNnY dEvItO 3 days ago

    wow jungkook and jhope were hanging with 15 and 17 yr olds

  • Kdramaishere !
    Kdramaishere ! 3 days ago +2

    I like ryujin. That's all. Ryujin and chaeryong are in a same age with me.

  • Ask Fitri
    Ask Fitri 3 days ago


    my mom is older than them!

  • Dgs Official
    Dgs Official 4 days ago +1

    Am I crazy or in the thumbnail the boy is BTS J-Hope?

    • AlexAlex Yooos
      AlexAlex Yooos 2 days ago

      Yeah RyuJin from Itzy ( JYP girl group) was acting with J hope amd Jimin in Highlight Reel teaser

  • dxralyy _xd
    dxralyy _xd 4 days ago +1

    So Yuna is younger than me by one year, and she is an a kpop idol... And I'm laying down writing this while eating fries. What a life :'D
    Igual sigo amando Itzy xd 💗

  • Chill Mom
    Chill Mom 4 days ago

    Fake maknae ,,lia!!!😶

  • TwiFascinations
    TwiFascinations 4 days ago

    I knew that Yuna was the youngest but omg I didnt realize Lia is the same age as Yeji!

  • Would You Rather Center

    When they say turning it sounds different but they are so inspiring that, that is the way I'll say it now LOL 😂💗💯💯

  • Would You Rather Center

    I get told I have alot of energy and. Really talented but they are way older than me and they can beat me in a battle not only that but put me in acoma for 60 years
    Sooo talented

  • 이미나
    이미나 4 days ago

    방탄이랑 같이 찍은거 부러워ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

  • V 샌드아트 T
    V 샌드아트 T 4 days ago

    리아언니는 저랑 생일이 같아요!!

  • Tanisha Kookie
    Tanisha Kookie 4 days ago

    I heard one of the itzy member was scouted from Got7 meet and greet is it true and who is it

  • tenten lee
    tenten lee 4 days ago

    I think Lia is the prettiest.

  • Paulo 7689
    Paulo 7689 4 days ago

    lol I'm 15 meanwhile Yuna is 16 and we share the same birthday date

    BTS BANGTAN 4 days ago


  • worldwide handsome
    worldwide handsome 5 days ago

    Maybe bts are friends with itzy

  • Yuliana Lee
    Yuliana Lee 5 days ago

    Waittt.... what..... RyuJin is in BTS's The Truth Untold music video!!!

  • Xx꿈xX
    Xx꿈xX 6 days ago +1

    I never knew they were this young I thought they were 20 or somthing

  • Paolita Gaspar
    Paolita Gaspar 6 days ago

    1:41 KA

  • Maureen Perez
    Maureen Perez 6 days ago

    yuna was also in bts love yourself reel

  • Arsya Anda
    Arsya Anda 6 days ago

    Lia..cantik, baik, innocent...
    beruntungnya yg jadi pacar dia..💗

  • shin lay
    shin lay 7 days ago

    I love BTS and ITZY😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Sweet_ kookie
    Sweet_ kookie 7 days ago

    Where can I watch the scene of Ryujin with Jhope and Jimim?

  • Anu Ka
    Anu Ka 8 days ago

    Jhope Jiminn😱

  • Olivia Triana
    Olivia Triana 8 days ago


  • Little Quinn
    Little Quinn 8 days ago

    This video make me feel I’m a useless like I’m 19 now but do nothing besides sleep and eat

  • 아나a n a
    아나a n a 9 days ago

    All are talking about Yuna and Ryujin one about Lia’s vocals, Wow! I loved them.

  • Minnie Park
    Minnie Park 9 days ago

    ¿Cómo se llama la primer canción,la que canta Yeji?

  • zhdh zatiey
    zhdh zatiey 9 days ago

    why i'm felt so old?

  • 羅亞
    羅亞 9 days ago


  • Aviana Leung
    Aviana Leung 9 days ago

    I'm sure bts will be happy to see them debut to what they are now(Ryujin and Yuna) #midzyxitzy

  • Felmarge Go
    Felmarge Go 10 days ago

    Wtf they're so young omg

  • Dwi Maryanti
    Dwi Maryanti 10 days ago

    Second BLACKPINK ....I think????😏🤔

  • 민영이가 간다.팬1호


  • BTS Forever
    BTS Forever 10 days ago

    Yuna was also in BTS Highlight reel she was partnered with Jungkook

  • Uzma Zehra
    Uzma Zehra 10 days ago

    Yuna is only one year older than me 🙉 and Lia vocals thoooooo jyp must give her songs like these and yeji and ruijyuin (I don't know the spelling) and chaeryeong dancing thooo ITZY= TALENT 🌟

    CHNCAT 10 days ago


  • Gin n Juice
    Gin n Juice 10 days ago

    Waah Ryujin was born after I was born😯

  • Phung Phung
    Phung Phung 10 days ago


  • Tracy jane Torres
    Tracy jane Torres 10 days ago

    i didnt know thiz

  • Joen Sumi
    Joen Sumi 11 days ago

    My sister born on the same day month and year as yuna

  • Atharva Gite
    Atharva Gite 11 days ago

    Yuna is younger than

  • Jimin Buttowski
    Jimin Buttowski 11 days ago

    It just us.. too old 😭😭😭

  • be betty
    be betty 11 days ago

    wait so lia’s birthday is the same as me ....

  • Mizuno Sakura
    Mizuno Sakura 11 days ago

    Yuna is a year younger than me, but I look just like a kid compared to her

  • KOREAnang Pusit
    KOREAnang Pusit 11 days ago

    I can't imagine that I am older than them but they talented more than me. Hahahaha but I can assure that i loved them no matter what

  • prince minhee
    prince minhee 11 days ago +3

    im jealous of ryujin , i want to be recorded by jimin too lol T^T
    I aM jUsT a PoTaTo-

  • hannah chris
    hannah chris 12 days ago

    Oh thats why one of them was so familiar.

  • Vinh Phuoc
    Vinh Phuoc 12 days ago

    My bias yuna

  • foreveryoung 12 07
    foreveryoung 12 07 12 days ago +6

    I can't believe I miss RyuJin in j-hope thing they were filming lol imma rewatch it lol😅😅💟💟

  • Human Bleach
    Human Bleach 13 days ago

    Don’t not ship them with older groups! I repeat, do not ship them with older groups! They are all teenagers and it’s illegal!

  • PURPLEYGang Nime_squad

    Omggg i didnt know that ryujin is the one whos with j-hope omggg
    P.s lol sorry i dont know how to explain it and yea i know i have a bad grammar : /

  • Sunshine rainbow
    Sunshine rainbow 13 days ago

    So apparently RhuJin is one day younger than me....

    What am I doing 😭😭