• Published on Mar 17, 2019
  • Which mob does not belong?!
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    Map: www.minecraftmaps.com/puzzle-maps/the-odd-mob-out
    In this 1.14 Odd Mob Out Mini-Game:
    We must choose which mob in the group does not belong! There will be 1 that is different from the others that we must figure out in this challenge!
    Intro by: ruclip.com/user/calzone442
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  • Water And Moon Wolf

    Wicthes swan in bats i think

  • meet al bir
    meet al bir Hour ago

    boyah more like bo laim

  • Water And Moon Wolf
    Water And Moon Wolf 2 hours ago

    Its called a drowned and it is a drowned zombie

  • Kyle the Ball Gamer
    Kyle the Ball Gamer 2 hours ago

    pat's mom is the chicken (like if agree)

  • Braedon Wilson
    Braedon Wilson 3 hours ago

    Pat it's bones are skin

  • maria christina ibanez

    Omg its a pillager

  • Monty's Pun Games
    Monty's Pun Games 5 hours ago

    For the gunpowder one that was the reason I chose the blaze.

  • Miranda Jones
    Miranda Jones 6 hours ago

    It was a Wandering Trader

  • Miranda Jones
    Miranda Jones 6 hours ago

    If you shear a snow golem he's Derpy

  • Miranda Jones
    Miranda Jones 6 hours ago

    She shared a Mooshroom mushrooms pop out

  • EstherDoesEverything
    EstherDoesEverything 7 hours ago

    Out of the witch, the creeper, the ghast, or the blaze I thought it was creeper because it's the only one that doesn't spew things out

  • nina miller
    nina miller 8 hours ago


  • Alexavier Jimenez
    Alexavier Jimenez 9 hours ago

    Stop being racest

  • Buck Beak
    Buck Beak 10 hours ago +1

    You guys play mine craft all the time but you don't check the updates

  • jessie toledo
    jessie toledo 13 hours ago

    Genie it is a drowned

  • jessie toledo
    jessie toledo 13 hours ago

    It is not a

  • Maddy _gamerYT
    Maddy _gamerYT 13 hours ago

    Ummmmmmmm it's not a died donkey it's a skeleton horse

  • Fire Break
    Fire Break 15 hours ago

    At 13:35 that is called a Drown

  • Azehar Ablatif
    Azehar Ablatif 16 hours ago


  • xuebin Bu
    xuebin Bu 19 hours ago +2

    Also other times guys!
    This is painful

  • Chrystina Sofia Sevilla
    Chrystina Sofia Sevilla 19 hours ago +1

    When you shear a snow golem it will turn into a snow man

  • xuebin Bu
    xuebin Bu 19 hours ago +6

    But the Drowned can also use melee combat, I seen it have a shell, fishing rod, and/ or other things, and the main weapon is the Trident.
    Like if u agree

  • Ben Mckee
    Ben Mckee 22 hours ago


    OSCAR Day ago

    Melee is pronounced as may-lay

  • Elemental Gamer
    Elemental Gamer Day ago


  • Josiah Garza
    Josiah Garza Day ago

    Do you guys even vanilla bro? I'm sorry if that was mean :(

  • Ghost MegaTube13

    6:46 full volume

  • Lauren C.
    Lauren C. Day ago

    I thought the creeper was out of place because it doesn't fire projectiles.

  • Lauren C.
    Lauren C. Day ago

    I thought the bat was out of place because it wasn't hostile.

  • Alex XOX
    Alex XOX Day ago

    Jen That is a drowned that is pretty much a water zombie! It is also rare that the drowned can spawn with a trident!

  • lg pad
    lg pad Day ago +1


  • Snow Flake
    Snow Flake Day ago

    that house that you live in is real pink and just when i said that i saw a tiny pink plastic in my read i was eating, who created the pink apocalypes!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Farah Yahya
    Farah Yahya Day ago

    A green genie ahhahhahahh drowed is a zombie not a skeleton

  • Rhonda Holmes
    Rhonda Holmes Day ago

    A Revenger

  • Xian Ezekiel Alano

    oh wait its a zombie oh

  • Xian Ezekiel Alano

    no the zombie one

  • Georgina Parker
    Georgina Parker Day ago

    Pat: its a trap
    Jen: its a trick
    Pat: its a trick

  • Hema Ravi
    Hema Ravi Day ago

    Yes is correct

  • Rodino Bulacan
    Rodino Bulacan Day ago

    Thats a ravenger new mob

  • Tyler GaminYT
    Tyler GaminYT Day ago

    The blue zombie was called a drowned

  • Rebecca Toy Tester

    cool vodos

  • Santhoshi Mattle

    That is not without skin that is called an skeleton horse

  • tun khine
    tun khine Day ago

    I am so glad you are all good

  • James Motler
    James Motler Day ago

    That righno is a ravanger

  • The cool show
    The cool show 2 days ago

    Ohhhh these are only the new mobs

  • Victor alcalx
    Victor alcalx 2 days ago

    Say yes if you like Pat's videos and love cookies

  • Xiu Yue Lam
    Xiu Yue Lam 2 days ago

    27:47 if you hit a dolphin it will bite you

  • Ryujin Vu
    Ryujin Vu 2 days ago

    oh never mind

  • Ryujin Vu
    Ryujin Vu 2 days ago

    on the spot the difference the zombie pigman on the first was one block away from the flower on the other two the pigman was so close to the flower

  • Ryujin Vu
    Ryujin Vu 2 days ago

    lol they don't know that you can shear off a snowman's head

  • Ryujin Vu
    Ryujin Vu 2 days ago

    the one with the eyes like diamond is a drown a drown is a dead zombie found dead in the water and it can't go out in the daytime but it can go out of the water when its nighttime

  • Dog From undertale
    Dog From undertale 2 days ago

    This is based on a real story in Minecraft
    Other person: ?
    Other person: ummm
    *person was slain by polar bear*

  • John Doub
    John Doub 2 days ago

    It is the only thing without skin

  • Lightning WolfFly
    Lightning WolfFly 2 days ago

    Omg I couldn’t stop laughing lol 😂🤣

  • Chez Guru
    Chez Guru 2 days ago

    ya know.. with the minecart one, the minecart, item frame, and armor stand can hold things. the boat can't- wait. It holds people...

  • Edi Mihai
    Edi Mihai 2 days ago

    you can find more ender dragons if you can find another cake dungeon

  • TubeGamingMaster Mind

    Normal Cats Are Found In Villages Untamed


    Local game hosted on port 53703

  • Albert Nelson
    Albert Nelson 2 days ago

    It have no body it have dead body the other one have normal body and also it dont have skin the dead donkey or horse

  • Chris Faith Raguel
    Chris Faith Raguel 2 days ago

    its a drown zombie

  • Alfranz Veloz
    Alfranz Veloz 3 days ago

    Me: thats a drowned
    Jen: *green genie*

  • Sheric Rydel Sobrevinas

    The other guy is a Pillager

  • Sheric Rydel Sobrevinas

    The blue guy is a drowned he can swim in water and he's a zombie

  • Josephine Nwalibe
    Josephine Nwalibe 3 days ago

    Those two are drowend zombies and a pillager

  • iurweewhuuid dsauhduhf


  • maymay ip
    maymay ip 3 days ago

    I got everyone right

  • maymay ip
    maymay ip 3 days ago

    Pat that’s a Rhinoceros me it’s a ravager

  • Kitty Pickles
    Kitty Pickles 3 days ago +3

    This is how long pat and Jen were married.


  • Marium Mushtaq
    Marium Mushtaq 3 days ago


  • Frost_Walker [Gaming Channel]

    Pat:what is that?
    Jen:its a blue Genie!
    Me:its a drowned

  • Frost_Walker [Gaming Channel]

    Jen:What is that thing?
    Pat:It’s a RHINO of course!

  • Roni Biri
    Roni Biri 3 days ago

    see i toldia

  • Roni Biri
    Roni Biri 3 days ago

    you can shear the pumkin duffi nugget

  • Roni Biri
    Roni Biri 3 days ago

    you dont know all the mobs and animals pat and jen?😕

  • Roni Biri
    Roni Biri 3 days ago

    his a zombie not a skeletons

  • Patrick Willemsen
    Patrick Willemsen 3 days ago

    In the second-guessing thing i One time saw a skeleton horse was thunder storming there were skeletons on top of it but sadly I was in creative

  • Kurt Oliver Dizor
    Kurt Oliver Dizor 3 days ago

    You can put back the ender dragon

  • Kurt Oliver Dizor
    Kurt Oliver Dizor 3 days ago

    That not a snowgolem that's snowman

  • Amelna Anuar
    Amelna Anuar 3 days ago


  • Amelna Anuar
    Amelna Anuar 3 days ago


  • Chloe Perkins
    Chloe Perkins 3 days ago

    my reson for wither:because its the one outta few mobs that get hurt by healing poshions

  • Chloe Perkins
    Chloe Perkins 3 days ago

    Pat..... the ghast is cring not sleeping

  • Chloe Perkins
    Chloe Perkins 3 days ago

    A crossbow mod rides it pat zombies arent living it said it was liveing

  • Tat Rodríguez
    Tat Rodríguez 4 days ago

    The massive dude is called raveger btw

  • Tat Rodríguez
    Tat Rodríguez 4 days ago

    Pat u know u cant tame an ocelot lol

  • Crystal Sweet
    Crystal Sweet 4 days ago +18

    “Green genie”
    Me: *dying*
    As soon as I saw all three rooms
    I guessed the middle one cuz the doors

  • Chicken nugget
    Chicken nugget 4 days ago

    He said speeces instead of spaces

  • The Lord or Lordess Of Horses

    Dude! The "dead donkey" is a skeleton horse! I know that no one else would be offended from this and me personally I'm not offended but as being to lord or lordess of equines then I shall correct thee when thee is incorrect.

  • Wolf Queen
    Wolf Queen 4 days ago

    Jen: And this guy throws balls......
    Pat: *Dieing of laughter*
    Me: Nice Jen. Nice. *Falls off chair cause I'm laughing to hard*

  • Anne Lu
    Anne Lu 4 days ago +1

    “Ok so that is a green genie”
    -Jen 2019

  • Roman Rodriguez II
    Roman Rodriguez II 4 days ago


  • Cool Dude
    Cool Dude 4 days ago

    The drowned is a zombie in the water to long

  • Minecraft Minecraft Minecraft Minecraft

    So that is... a green genie

  • cloudy nights
    cloudy nights 4 days ago

    5:02 i thought it was bc his eyes are white and the others are black

  • Springtrap Is The Best

    But the XP orb is experience...

  • Springtrap Is The Best

    The green genie is a Drowned. Aka a Zombie that drowned. 😆

  • Nathan Dog
    Nathan Dog 5 days ago

    I thought the answer was green jeans (drowned) because he was the only one that doesn't shoot arows.

  • dogg team
    dogg team 5 days ago

    I thought it was the enderman cuz he is the only one who drops enderpules and can spawn in the ender

  • Alan Garibay
    Alan Garibay 5 days ago +1

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    Some annoying guy:FIRST LOSERS HAHaHahHahhahHHhaaaA
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    Like if you’ve seen these people
    This is how many people try to stop this