Game Theory: The Tragedy of Deltarune (Undertale)

  • Published on Nov 20, 2018
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    Deltarune came out of NOWHERE! It was the game we wanted and also the game no one expected. This is not the sequel to our favorite choice based game, but a prequel... of sorts. Today Theorists, we delve into the TRUTH behind Deltarune.
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  • Theguywhobuiltamountain In Minecraft

    Kris was just taking out a doggy ball for Toby and was going to use the knife for pie

  • Clowder 64
    Clowder 64 6 hours ago

    Hah, this made me miss my brother who is currently very far away for college. Who is coming home... In 6 days... Coincidence?? Very.

  • Dark anti
    Dark anti 6 hours ago

    R.I.P Ronnie

  • Samuel Chen
    Samuel Chen 11 hours ago

    Is kris chara? Because Chara’s is arisels brother

  • xUwUx
    xUwUx 18 hours ago

    So undertale was just a whole roleplay played by asriel and kris?

  • Idk A name
    Idk A name Day ago


  • Lightwood Bane
    Lightwood Bane Day ago

    This makes so much sense....
    But it's so sad :(

  • Solemntanget42
    Solemntanget42 Day ago

    I hate how people keep connecting everything to gaster

  • ThatOne Guy
    ThatOne Guy Day ago


  • ThatOne Guy
    ThatOne Guy Day ago

    Susie with the lead the way thing There is a way if you run it will have a different dialog saying:"huff puff what are you trying to make this a race" and she runs away

  • Amber The Shiny Umbreon

    toby: This is a normal game
    video: no it's not!
    toby: ...... :o........

  • Noodle Doodles
    Noodle Doodles Day ago

    You keep saying he and she for kris
    Just say they xd

  • Fluffcakes 080
    Fluffcakes 080 Day ago

    K R I S I S Y U R I C O N F I R M E D

  • EmmyraldSie The patato

    kRiS iS yUrI,cOnFiRmEd

  • Nephrithos
    Nephrithos 2 days ago

    ronnie decided to go commit die

  • Sfmsmg4 or SeanLikesPies

    The Whole Thing Has Been Explained now

    Poor Kris

  • Jason K
    Jason K 2 days ago

    I dont know why but when they entered and kris changed colors i thought the merged together

  • CvicStuff
    CvicStuff 2 days ago

    Dis thing got deep

    Honestly deltarune is a sprequel a pre and sequel at the same time

  • Samson Miran
    Samson Miran 2 days ago +1


  • AsrielGamer Studio
    AsrielGamer Studio 3 days ago

    The game theorist: He/She

  • AsrielGamer Studio
    AsrielGamer Studio 3 days ago

    I played Undertale and delta tune I beat both I felt different playing Undertale then deltarune

  • AppleJack522
    AppleJack522 3 days ago


  • AppleJack522
    AppleJack522 3 days ago


  • Ethan Zukic
    Ethan Zukic 3 days ago

    Sans is steven from steven universe

  • RedTheRed
    RedTheRed 3 days ago

    Okay but isn't it adorable that Susie and Kris are playing DnD together in a random room.

  • Diamond Dev
    Diamond Dev 3 days ago


  • Baconster
    Baconster 3 days ago

    That time you don’t have much to wear so someone showers theory wear on you
    That would be heavenly

  • Baconster
    Baconster 3 days ago


  • Jisun Lee
    Jisun Lee 3 days ago

    this is the second time I'm watching this and I'm crying again just like I did the first time. Poor Kris. -hugs-

  • geno sans
    geno sans 4 days ago

    rip roni I never knew you and in all honesty I barely got to this video but I hope all goes well Mathew

  • Pi is the best
    Pi is the best 4 days ago

    I know what some of you are thinking. "Wait, Jevil is the joker card! The joker card can be substituted for any card, which is why he can use spades, clubs, diamonds AND hearts as attacks! How could a CARD in a deck represent a child's imagination?" Jevil is indeed the joker card. But take a look at that name. "Joker." He's a Jester, which implies he's a professional joker. A joker makes, well, jokes. That's in the definition if you don't believe me. Therefor, a creative, free and resilient spirit would make sense to be embodied as a "joker." A spirit who is free to make jokes. Jevil is still Kris's childish spirit. Don't you see? Kris's imagination is based around the cards. The only enemies that aren't cards as of now in deltarune chapter 1 are the Jigsawries, sorry if I spelled that wrong, C/K round, and a non-enemy character being seam. They have a castle made out of cards. The primary antagonist of the king is a card. A Jigsaw piece with a name that heavily implies it is one is an obvious choice, not really as imaginary as "The king of spades locking away the other three kings, thus forcing him to rule the land." Or roulx kaard being the rules card, who makes the rules. Or a three headed beast, being the only suit of card that has 3 ends on the head of it. Clearly, the entire idea of it was inspired by the cards and expanded a little outwards to some other cards. And there is one card that can be them all; the joker card, or Jevil. Jevil is all of the cards, and thus all of the origin of Kris and Asriel's story. The cards are where the fountain is located. Without the cards, you can never make the fountain, and thus the world has no form. Without the cards, the imagination land that is the dark world can't exist. Without the cards, there is no imagination. And what better place to start up an imagination than jokes. Jokes. Also, there is a cannon ending to chapter 7 of deltarune and that one only; the balance of light and dark was shifted, and the entire world went dark. See, if you die, don't spam the enter key and z key, and choose not to persist, you get a conclusion, or an ending; the world was covered in darkness. Now, in this case, it's due to the overflow of the dark fountain, because you three (susie, ralsei and kris) couldn't seal it. But what this symbolically means is that the imagination went on too strong. The darkness overflowed. Kris got lost in their imaginary world. Kris would spend forever playing this game. Imagination gives this world form, and imagination shall end Kris's life in doing so. However, there is another way "the world could be covered in darkness," and game theory got it right. Asriel comes back as the knight. But Asriel went off to college. He's not going to want to play anymore. Asriel is making a new dark fountain, in the way that he doesn't want Kris to give up and stop imagining. But when he comes back, he's not going to focus on that. And you know what? Neither will Kris. They'll both be focusing on the return of Asriel. Asriel is the knight, yes. Asriel can create these fountains. But Kris can, too. Kris creates the main fountain. Asriel creates the side fountain. But if they stop putting their imaginations towards this world, both will collapse. And both of them likely will by focusing on Asriel's return. Thus, the fountains will close. Everything is fine. Until the light gets to that one. Last. Joker. Card. But before that, it'll get the rules card. And when that happens, the game that is the dark world will have no rules. Thus, Jevil is set free. And everyone is free for a final moment before the end; the collapse of the dark world. I can already see it happening; the light, devouring all of the dark world, closing in, with Jevil at the center. As everyone loses form and becomes what they once were as a toy, Jevil is devoured, too. Kris hasn't imagined for too long. Their creative spirit has died. It's turned into... simply...

    a card.

    Kris wouldn't imagine the same again. They couldn't recreate the world on their own, not without Asriel. Who wouldn't want to play anymore. And, this time, Kris's world isn't filled with the imagination type darkness. It's filled with the kind of darkness that represents... sadness, depression and agony. Kris would never be happy again. After all, the world is covered in darkness, right?

  • Evan Mata
    Evan Mata 4 days ago

    i like jevil the most

  • William Irwin
    William Irwin 4 days ago

    Guys what if when asriel was in him demon form when he used the hypergoner energy was separated from it and made deltarune Kris being flowey the depressed abandoned flower

  • Brad DTW
    Brad DTW 4 days ago

    Of course it isnt. Its a game

  • _369queen963_ XD
    _369queen963_ XD 4 days ago

    FICKIN Jevil

  • Thatoneguy
    Thatoneguy 4 days ago

    So our adventure isn't actually reality?

    But I thought it asreal

    I'm so sorry

  • DOLL-topia
    DOLL-topia 4 days ago +2

    I don't know is it me or I keep hearing him calling Kris as a he and a she.

  • ariel woodard
    ariel woodard 4 days ago +1

    rest in peace ronnie

  • Silver Cheshire
    Silver Cheshire 4 days ago

    Jokes on you matpat, if i press the sub button i'll unsub from your channel

  • guy lago
    guy lago 4 days ago


  • Best Kiwi
    Best Kiwi 4 days ago

    :( i missed the live stream

  • Bendy The Ink Demon
    Bendy The Ink Demon 4 days ago

    Gaster didnt make the Core in Deltarune so he must be alive... I believe Gaster has a lab behind the red door on the hill

  • CamSal
    CamSal 5 days ago +1

    rip ronnie oni edwards

  • Ronan K.
    Ronan K. 5 days ago

    New theory: undertale was imaginary

  • I don’t Know
    I don’t Know 5 days ago

    At 10 seconds there’s a gaster

  • Roesalie Henson
    Roesalie Henson 5 days ago

    well its by tobby so it related to undertail

  • Roesalie Henson
    Roesalie Henson 5 days ago

    can u still give me one

  • d ax
    d ax 5 days ago

    Good I know you're lying and if not then like

  • Cristian Eugen Cojocaru

    5:40 WHAT THE F

  • Get Your Glitter On!

    Susie or Kris

  • Gabriel Maynard
    Gabriel Maynard 5 days ago

    Chaos chaos CHAOS !

  • Nony Heart
    Nony Heart 5 days ago

    Stop the under tale your going crazy lol 😂😂😂

  • Heroann
    Heroann 6 days ago

    The first thing I said about Deltarune is: its toby Alternativ Universe of Undertale
    If your are familiar to the community of Undertale, like im, then you would know that there are a lot of AU's created by fans only because of one sentence sans said in the genocide fight...

  • X0Thunder Strike4550X

    Man i wish i can donate but i have no maney sorry MatPat U have cool Theories

  • GalaGalaTV
    GalaGalaTV 6 days ago

    I would LOVE to donate! But I
    don't have enough money :C

  • Sans from Undertale
    Sans from Undertale 6 days ago +4


  • Maxwell Brett
    Maxwell Brett 6 days ago

    Game theory: Soo

    Kris is Yuri, but Yuri is actually sans, who really is Ness, who turns into Lucas, who is Lancer, but Lancer is the dog from duck season, who is Susie witch is a ISSUE. Get it Susies name scrambled up is issue. (;
    _ _
    | |

  • The Glow Show
    The Glow Show 6 days ago

    Watching this while wearing Film Theory Christmas merch 😋

  • Bloody X
    Bloody X 6 days ago

    I know you have some strong clues but i still think that Sans is just well Sans

  • Jane Stroup
    Jane Stroup 6 days ago

    Avril Azrael I'm trying to say I was real

  • Samual Wakoski
    Samual Wakoski 6 days ago


  • TheFireLegendGamerPro

    Nah, Lancer is actually Jimmy Neutron.

  • Lightning Blitz
    Lightning Blitz 6 days ago

    Ralsei is best

  • Jerry Moogle
    Jerry Moogle 6 days ago +1

    Ralsei +Asriel=Ralsei.

  • Jason Berube
    Jason Berube 6 days ago

    do you?

  • Jason Berube
    Jason Berube 6 days ago

    i think kris is chara.

    LILAC MIRRORS 6 days ago +5

    How is it going to take NINE HUNDRED AND NINEDY NINE YEARS TO COMPLETE?????!!?

  • Mae Riemer
    Mae Riemer 7 days ago

    Dude undertale is chris and asriel playing boom debunked

  • Finn Manton
    Finn Manton 7 days ago +28

    Toby: it's just a normal game. Not connected to undertale.

  • Shiny Hunter A
    Shiny Hunter A 7 days ago

    The angel looked like the guy who tells you to not trust the man who speaks in hand

  • Wheezing Person
    Wheezing Person 7 days ago

    **sees thumbnail**
    **sees "delta rune isn't real!"**
    **has the "Anime isn't real" reaction**
    **24 minutes later**


  • Andie
    Andie 7 days ago

    i had caps lock on

  • Andie
    Andie 7 days ago


  • Anxietyprimev69
    Anxietyprimev69 7 days ago


  • Anxietyprimev69
    Anxietyprimev69 7 days ago

    Kris is Yuri? So does that mean Kris is #1 waifu too?

  • Ahmad kazuki Mohd jasni

    What if... deltarune is the past of undertale.

  • braedeh
    braedeh 7 days ago

    My favorite is Lancer! He's funny and cute!

    THE GODBOI27 7 days ago


    the main CHARActer

  • Aiden Rutske
    Aiden Rutske 8 days ago

    Game theory: master chief is a older ness

  • i hate this account probs will be deleted

    3:17 somebody noticed that gaster in the background

  • Can Lu
    Can Lu 8 days ago


  • Raylee Long
    Raylee Long 8 days ago

    Wait WAT!!!?

  • Sara Eftekhari
    Sara Eftekhari 8 days ago

    Oh wow. So each chapter might be "back to the underworld" with every event that happens to Kris in real life being emotionally dealt with in his imaginary world. Chap 1 was a cliché story of overcoming classic odds alongside friends, a bit glib. But by the end Susie was won over and wants to play again. Wow! The potential for this sounds... Awesome!

  • Sara Eftekhari
    Sara Eftekhari 8 days ago

    I suppose the theme this time may be... Yes no matter what you do, the ending will remain same. But would you rather play havock until you get there or have a journey in which you're nice to everyone? Journey over end result sort of thing.

  • Golden Freddy
    Golden Freddy 8 days ago

    Wait, your telling me that frisk is male and kris is female
    Or is it the other way

  • Nemanja Lojanicic
    Nemanja Lojanicic 9 days ago


  • Donald Dick Abella
    Donald Dick Abella 9 days ago

    i saw gaster in the intro

  • nintenx123
    nintenx123 9 days ago

    lancer is lucas? nah fam that face is clearly a mask he's 100% claus's dead spirit trapped in a similar body haHA

  • Ash Fire
    Ash Fire 9 days ago

    No lancer is sans+papyrus

  • Insane Bois
    Insane Bois 9 days ago

    I bet that deltarune is when the war did not happen or it never happened

  • Maron G
    Maron G 9 days ago

    sees W.D Gyser in start of vid
    me:ohshitohshitohshit AHHHHHH
    also pls do a film theroy on my hero acidamia and more on SAO

  • Bronzowy Feeder
    Bronzowy Feeder 9 days ago +1

    That makes sence

  • jojohx playz
    jojohx playz 9 days ago +1

    i have depression and anxiet but theres no cure for meh cuz i live in poland ;~;

    • Alvaro
      Alvaro 6 days ago

      @jojohx playz losers i did all of this for my entertaining

    • Alvaro
      Alvaro 6 days ago

      @jojohx playz lol

    • Alvaro
      Alvaro 6 days ago


    • Alvaro
      Alvaro 6 days ago

      @jojohx playz ya callese estúpida pendeja ya al chile ya molesta

    • jojohx playz
      jojohx playz 6 days ago

      @Alvaro 1:how do you know im lieing if you dont even know me!? 2:you anoy me so much with these dumb hate comments 3:GOD STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CoelacanthPlays 1325

    What if you were chara?

  • Captain Falcon
    Captain Falcon 9 days ago

    if you actually take note of the final cut scene of undertale, undyne doesnt wear her eyepatch on the surface when she kisses alphys on the beach :) also asgore is wearing the same flower tee shirt

  • that1guy
    that1guy 9 days ago

    What if ralsei was asriels cac which he played as

  • Carlos Kempter
    Carlos Kempter 9 days ago

    Lancer is handsome squid ward but playing poker

  • Romam TLG
    Romam TLG 10 days ago +1

    Wonder what chapter 2 is like

  • Jasmine Ahmed
    Jasmine Ahmed 10 days ago

    Well that’s a smack in the face for undertale

  • Kariesmail Stadtmiller

    You know how chara says “ since when were you in control” and at the beginning of deltarun said, “ you can’t chose anything “ or something like that when you made your character . I think kris is chara, but after she collected frisked sole. With the sole, chara tried to make her “perfect” world. With only no humans, a brother, and no FREAKING EMOTIONS. 😊