Game Theory: The Tragedy of Deltarune (Undertale)

  • Published on Nov 20, 2018
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    Deltarune came out of NOWHERE! It was the game we wanted and also the game no one expected. This is not the sequel to our favorite choice based game, but a prequel... of sorts. Today Theorists, we delve into the TRUTH behind Deltarune.
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Comments • 42 907

  • Mr. Spider Web
    Mr. Spider Web 3 hours ago

    Instead of switching you should just say they

  • Jennifer Dillman
    Jennifer Dillman 8 hours ago

    Mine is jevil

  • MoonShadow Hill
    MoonShadow Hill 10 hours ago +1

    ~Ronnie "Oni" Edwards~

    END GAMER59 12 hours ago

    sanssss isss myy favvvv

  • crimson dragon
    crimson dragon 14 hours ago

    Gaster is kris before gaster became skeleton

  • kookeekwisp
    kookeekwisp 15 hours ago

    Chara's a guy.
    No idea why you're calling him a her

  • Rafael Suprayogi
    Rafael Suprayogi 16 hours ago

    *_What if pumped up kicks start playing in chapter 2_*

  • Andi Hancock
    Andi Hancock 17 hours ago

    bruh is it that hard to say “they”

  • Xavier Arias
    Xavier Arias 23 hours ago

    R.I.P Ronnie

  • Ploof The Bunny
    Ploof The Bunny Day ago

    999yrs? Hah, climate change will make sure we don’t get there

  • Fred Meister
    Fred Meister Day ago


  • Ammon stringham
    Ammon stringham Day ago

    Lancer is my favrit

  • Sky
    Sky Day ago

    Got spooked when I see gaster in the intro

  • Poppy Pix
    Poppy Pix Day ago

    Does no body else but me notice that Jevil is Devil with a one letter defines.

  • Patrick Blobaum
    Patrick Blobaum Day ago +1

    Lol undertale and deltarune have more thhings the same then you think matpat da best

  • Egg facE
    Egg facE Day ago

    Kris played a the classic yuri move in the end of chapter one!

  • Dragon Radiance
    Dragon Radiance Day ago

    jevil . i like this theory but i dont agree with some of it

  • Sans
    Sans Day ago +1

    at least im in this game

    WILLY Z Day ago

    What If In Deltarune, You Can Choose Your Destiny?

  • aquagoldfish 307

    Says maybe 3 theories
    Makes 6 videos

  • Ghost Boy aj AJ
    Ghost Boy aj AJ Day ago

    I am triggered

    Just kidding

  • lyn scoglio
    lyn scoglio Day ago


  • terrarian the warrior

    Sorry I'm late just got the notification (bad internet) but I'm sorry for your loss

  • Rosia Foxy's Wips
    Rosia Foxy's Wips 2 days ago

    Ralsei is my favorite character!

  • galaxywolf gaming :3

    *999 years later*
    Creater of deltarun and ut: ok we are done with the game-
    Me: *snaps out of robot mind* what you say?

  • Valdet Paumi
    Valdet Paumi 2 days ago

    You're..."theory" is the most base bullshit I've ever seen. Seriously a teenager could've come up with this. Not only that, but you're ignoring a key detail that kinda unravels your whole theory. Kris and Susie come out of a different room than the one they entered, giving the impression it wasn't just a dream and this journey wasn't just their imagination, plus does Susie really seem the type roleplay? Couple that with the fact she and Kris aren't friends and she wouldn't want to play with them. Speaking of Susie, just because her hair is long doesn't mean she's poor, many girls wear their hair long because it's a feminine style, Noelle, a reindeer monster in Alphys' class, has similarly long hair. The same goes for the pants, it's considered fashionable to wear ones that have holes, especially with people who have punkish personalities, like Susie. On the food point Susie is shown to like eating things people don't normally eat in later parts of the chapter like moss and worms, so the fact she's stealing the chalk is because she finds her so tasty that it's worth stealing and risking expulsion. Finally Susie is heavily implied to be rude and obnoxious person with little regard for other people because she finds it fun, this is why she teams up with Lancer, since they're both "bad guys," the reason for her being this way isn't explicitly stated, though it's clear she thinks everyone hates her and she rolls with it, putting on a bad guy persona and embracing it. Whatever the cause of her bad behavior, it seems to be more complex than, "she's embarrassed about being poor aww so sad." That's a really lame and predictable explanation...which is probably why you thought of it. This is why I hate your theories nowadays and why I unsubbed, you take something with rich characters and deep lore and come up with "theories" about them that fit your base mentality because you either don't understand or don't care about them.

  • super pug 1 up
    super pug 1 up 2 days ago

    Bye your other vid about who is sans is deltarune connected with earthbound?

  • Jason Gamer
    Jason Gamer 3 days ago +1

    I feel like the end scene of chapter 1 is basically that she is depressed and is going insane secretly.

  • TeamWolfRules
    TeamWolfRules 3 days ago

    *Gaster wants to know your location*

  • Elite HonorGuard
    Elite HonorGuard 3 days ago

    Toby : Please leave me alone it's a game that has nothing to do with UNDERTALE
    Fans : OMG GASTER and those cool (Stupid) alternative universes connect with this game
    Toby : I truly wish my community wasn't so rude

  • Steel Head
    Steel Head 3 days ago

    Every one plz help brain and behavior

  • Samuel S.
    Samuel S. 3 days ago

    why does he change between he and her? is it not known which gender chris has?

  • Qt Schalkwyk
    Qt Schalkwyk 3 days ago

    doesn't kris look like chara

  • Leto Brady
    Leto Brady 3 days ago

    i never knew why Ronnie stopped and now i know (tear snif)

  • Vakycha Calip
    Vakycha Calip 4 days ago

    Dude done made a dang AU!!?!!?!?!??

  • michelle dandrea
    michelle dandrea 4 days ago

    It’s all wrong.
    One fraction.
    At the end, She rips out her own heart. Now, she doesn’t have a soul, allowing to possess. She. Is. Chara. Plus she has a knife at the end, and a red eye like she does. And, she lives with goat mom. Now, she’s chara. Possessing, frisk. Murdering, everyone.

  • Lily Goedeke
    Lily Goedeke 4 days ago +2

    "Leaving Chris all alone"
    **Nutella add pops up**
    Chris should have just drowned his or her sorrows in nutella.

  • Misty Bitting
    Misty Bitting 4 days ago

    Ok that’s my birthday 🎂 ruined

  • SennaCookie
    SennaCookie 4 days ago

    Mat referring to Kris as ''she'' just as much as ''he'' is the wokest thing ever

  • Lefty The Bear
    Lefty The Bear 4 days ago

    for me i want to be sans

  • captainPJH
    captainPJH 4 days ago

    What if the chapter where asriel returns causes the start of undertale
    But hey that's just a theory a game theory thanks for reading

  • StarWarsTrekkie
    StarWarsTrekkie 5 days ago

    I looooove love love how you keep switching between he and she when referring to Kris!

  • Jessica Severs
    Jessica Severs 5 days ago

    Him: *HAHAHAHAH*
    Me: ok it's that voice again

  • Sayurika Playz
    Sayurika Playz 5 days ago

    Kris is Yuri confirmed

    make a theory about dat

  • Nanof Urbiznis
    Nanof Urbiznis 6 days ago

    wow... you're theories are always amazing lol... and very plausible.

  • A. T
    A. T 6 days ago

    "... rip out your heart and show off your cutlery"
    hands down the most polite way to say you're gonna tear your soul from your body and brandish a knife

  • NintenBro117
    NintenBro117 6 days ago

    Wait kris is a girl wtf

  • lui!!! gimenez
    lui!!! gimenez 6 days ago +1

    Quick thing to mention matpat, did you notice that in the end of chapter 1 of DELTARUNE kris’ shirt has the same colors as chara? And that he wields a knife? Like chara! AAAAAAANNNNNNDDD that he has red eyes. Like chara. Enough said. (but thats just a theory. a game theory. ) ( P.S. i think chara’s coming back.)

  • sheepy Snowtato
    sheepy Snowtato 6 days ago


  • Rebecca White
    Rebecca White 7 days ago

    Mat: "Asriel isnt a demi god, he's your brother"
    Catti: "Oh yeah, Doug is your brother."

  • Hot Dog
    Hot Dog 7 days ago

    Sans isn’t Ness.
    Lancer isn’t Lucas.

    *Lancer is Sans.*

  • Orange AndAwesome
    Orange AndAwesome 7 days ago +1

    Please can you notice this I have a crazy theory if this is an alternate universe and Chris’s imagination makes up this world then why is gaster in it Because still nobody remembers gaster

  • Steven Allen
    Steven Allen 7 days ago

    does that mean Jevil is the new Flowey/Asriel Dreemur(God of Hyperdeath)

  • WhitleyEquals
    WhitleyEquals 7 days ago

    Jevil, monster player comfirmed

  • FCSΩ //FCSectorΩ
    FCSΩ //FCSectorΩ 7 days ago

    How about the "Angel of Death" in the Deltarune. The old shopkeeper in Waterfall says the angels was originally meant to save the people of the underworld (Asriel helping Kris through abandonment) and that it was called "The Angel of Death" after the underworld (darkner world) thought they would never see the sky again (be played with) (also Kris finding a new Asriel that won't save that world, Kris's imagination, lock away forever).

  • no name i
    no name i 7 days ago

    Ok but what is undertale then? Chara/kris run away because Asriel not the same anymore and she broke more down?

  • Enzo Mourao
    Enzo Mourao 8 days ago

    Asriel is a god

  • Aiden The Diver
    Aiden The Diver 8 days ago


  • TheJetPug
    TheJetPug 8 days ago

    Has anyone else realized that Chris’s name might just be a mix between Frisk and Chara?

    SCRIBBLE-STAR ! 8 days ago

    Darkners dont have a soul = There not real/alive