40-Year-Old As Seen On TV Gizmos TESTED!

  • Published on Feb 24, 2019
  • We TESTED 1970s "As Seen On TV" Gadgets. How do they compare to modern ones?
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    By scouring flea markets, thrift stores and online auction sites we were able to obtain a bunch of old As Seen On TV products to test! In our first volume we will be taking a look at the BLITZHACKER, EZ Tracer and the Ronco Ice Cream Machine. Surprisingly, everything still worked, but were they any good? Check out our review!
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  • Nathan Sexton
    Nathan Sexton 10 days ago

    3:35 id k if this is a joke or he's dumb

  • Ken Fullman
    Ken Fullman 13 days ago

    That drawing "toy" is actually called a pantograph. Although your example is rather poorly constructed, it's a serious bit of kit. Every coin ever produced requires it's use to scale down the artists original to the size of the coin to be stamped. I do find it strange, however, how you'd expect an ice cream maker to use magic rather than actual recipes to make ice cream. Would you expect to just chuck a cow and wheat into an oven to make steak pies?

    ZVLAD VLADESCU 13 days ago

    Time capsules seem cool, I might make one

  • Brady Robinson
    Brady Robinson 14 days ago

    I would invest in bitcoin

  • KidRai
    KidRai 15 days ago

    5:33 Are you going to do a heist???

  • Akuma_808
    Akuma_808 17 days ago


  • Lo L
    Lo L 18 days ago

    Wtf why would you what to use a 49 year old ice cream machine just go to Walmart and buy one that 1000 percent better

  • Miss Mimi Sings
    Miss Mimi Sings 18 days ago

    I am literally wearing a huggle right now! I’m freakin out, what a weird coincidence!

  • Angel
    Angel 19 days ago

    The onion cutter was great!! And it worked. Or the one we had did

  • yunggoth
    yunggoth 22 days ago +1

    that tracer looks cool as f***

  • Kaitlyn
    Kaitlyn 23 days ago

    The EZ Tracer would definitely be useful in high school or college. Probably not so much later than that, depending on your job, but Id definitely recommend it to a struggling student.
    Or it could also just be used by kids to change the size of something to fit its need. Want a small notecard-size of a picture? Easy. Want a large poster-like sized one? Done!
    Edit: Changed a bit of wording

  • I have no name I also have no ideas for videos

    First one looks like slap chop

  • gmperotti
    gmperotti 29 days ago

    The fuck. Dawg that drawing thing was insanely good. And useful for homework that require drawing.

  • cartwork2013
    cartwork2013 29 days ago

    I hate it when you put ads in your ads, I just want to watch some goddam ads and not be distracted by ads.

  • gamer freak
    gamer freak Month ago

    The easy tracer is actually a nice invention

  • gamer freak
    gamer freak Month ago

    Oof sports alaminac from back to the Future

  • ParaEwie
    ParaEwie Month ago

    Good thing the vanilla whipped cream is delicious. Looks good if you put it on chocolate ice cream

  • Anthony Salazar
    Anthony Salazar Month ago

    Oh we're not done yet!

  • Greyson N. Ernst
    Greyson N. Ernst Month ago

    What about the slap chop

  • Yanti Botiti
    Yanti Botiti Month ago

    Ahhh back. In th days that this channel is posting "how to cheat in class vids"

  • Tank R.
    Tank R. Month ago

    The EZ tracer is actually a drafting tool for scaling objects. Fancier ones have different lengths and pivot points. But its mathematically perfect scaling.

  • Christian Woodhouse

    Thank god now I can save my rock salt for salting rocks instead of ice cream

  • Catherine S
    Catherine S Month ago

    Kinda wanted to see you try to get replacement parts

  • FoxxoMcSaltlordVII
    FoxxoMcSaltlordVII Month ago

    We have the EZ tracer actually.

  • jack links
    jack links Month ago

    nice reference to back to the future

  • Timothy Delaval
    Timothy Delaval Month ago

    heh thats cool i have a ronco record cleaner, old company great products

  • Simon Moore
    Simon Moore Month ago

    that pelican at the beginning though hahahahaha, most of you have no idea what that's used for LMFAO

  • Dood Bro
    Dood Bro Month ago +1

    Yeah the chopper is in “mint condition” as the bottom of the plastic is scratched to hell

  • Roasting Potatoes
    Roasting Potatoes Month ago +1

    So, where’s the time machine which will allow me to buy these products?

  • Car Nation Videos
    Car Nation Videos Month ago

    Gloves to go over the gloves

  • Si†ri
    Si†ri Month ago

    I would go back in time and buy Bitcoin for about 250$

  • cryp TV
    cryp TV Month ago

    1:45 oh no you actually have to do some work wow you sound like a lazy ass bum

  • Lee
    Lee Month ago

    You’re supposed to freeze that soft serve ice cream.

  • Amy Glasgow
    Amy Glasgow Month ago +1

    Liqidy split

  • stitchh
    stitchh Month ago

    steal google

  • ToXiC Clan
    ToXiC Clan Month ago

    Off brand slap chops

  • DarknoorX
    DarknoorX Month ago

    Damned rock salt

  • vakaris mlg no mlg
    vakaris mlg no mlg Month ago

    It's almost like the meme 2 shots of vodka

  • darkman42
    darkman42 Month ago

    In the beginning I thought they were going to make waffles using those items

  • Eccentriccheeze
    Eccentriccheeze Month ago

    0:52 ahh, a man of culture

  • Jason Falzarano
    Jason Falzarano Month ago +1

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    The 70's: *_TIDIE DRIER_*

  • jared
    jared Month ago

    nice double boiler xD

  • Nnadozie Emezi
    Nnadozie Emezi Month ago

    *phew* man I'm glad the 70's only lasted 10 years!

  • Jack Newton
    Jack Newton Month ago

    I really don’t like that you dipped cloth gloves in that cream

  • Kyle Patton
    Kyle Patton 2 months ago

    It was soft serve ice cream though...

  • IsaiasJr Deleon Playz
    IsaiasJr Deleon Playz 2 months ago +1

    4:53 isn’t that expired?

  • Sean Wilson
    Sean Wilson 2 months ago +1

    Made in USA and replacement parts is what our country used to be. Lol

  • Sea salt
    Sea salt 2 months ago +1

    Ice cream maker didn't work because you didn't use ingredients from the 70's.

  • Mr Duck
    Mr Duck 2 months ago

    49 years

  • AA L
    AA L 2 months ago +2

    Blitzhacker: you can't defeat me
    Chopper: i know. But he can
    *slapchop appears*

  • BrocolliKid
    BrocolliKid 2 months ago +1

    How dare you just use a straw on an ice cream!?

  • Cody 9001
    Cody 9001 2 months ago

    Just by the slap chop because you will pay for a meme

  • BroHavoc_ .-
    BroHavoc_ .- 2 months ago

    intro made me think i had tinnitus

  • Ariana Negron
    Ariana Negron 2 months ago

    To be fair you put way too much onion in those choppers for them to actually work

  • Teh CornerThief
    Teh CornerThief 2 months ago

    "40 years of pent up rage" I'm dying

  • DavidXD
    DavidXD 2 months ago

    That ringing broke my ears

  • Coffee Mug
    Coffee Mug 2 months ago


  • Mike Gehre
    Mike Gehre 2 months ago

    I think if you put the ice cream back in the freezer it would harden.

  • 1 Thousand Subscribers No Video

    But remember *no rock salt*

    LTX LAUNCHPADDING 2 months ago

    Pause at 0:29 , that looks so much like the channel logo