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Rise Against - Whereabouts Unknown (with lyrics)

  • Опубликовано: 14 янв 2009
  • From the album Appeal to Reason (2008)

    Enjoy, and please rate and comment.

    Song meaning: www.songmeanings.net/songs/view/3530822107858740105/
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  • Soup Man
    Soup Man 4 месяца назад

    2:30 is the best part.
    Probably cuz im a little bit of a metal head

  • Happy Birthday
    Happy Birthday 5 месяцев назад

    One 23:0

  • Ubaldo Martinez
    Ubaldo Martinez 8 месяцев назад

    Well we all have affair for good or not good for any was right but stand myself in what is right that is the first step to make a trurh vow for a man that affair has no value.

  • Jose Godinez
    Jose Godinez 10 месяцев назад

    Work on more music videos if.....if possible

  • Panzerkampfwagen IV
    Panzerkampfwagen IV Год назад +5

    My two favorite bands 1.Avenged Sevenfold 2. Rise against.
    Not that anyone gives a shit

    • Warren Haley
      Warren Haley Год назад

      Me too. Add the Offspring in there and you have a good taste

    • Fat Yoshi #69
      Fat Yoshi #69 Год назад

      Panzerkampfwagen lol

  • Panzerkampfwagen IV
    Panzerkampfwagen IV Год назад

    Thumbs up if you pee on the side of the toilet bowl to make less noise

  • john lacour
    john lacour Год назад

    makes me think of an old girlfriend. I broke up with her because, of all terrible things, she was a virgin and wanted to wait.
    now, i've been married 15 years, and I think of ellen way too much.
    I miss her.

  • Spider 602
    Spider 602 Год назад

    The other side of Wherever I May Roam.

  • imbecile1488
    imbecile1488 Год назад +6

    My father dies when I was 10. He was very loved in my home town, and over 400 people came to his viewing.
    I miss him every day. I'm 49, and I never got over his sudden death.
    This song makes me think of him. And how lost I am in this life.

  • Impractical Sal
    Impractical Sal Год назад +1

    Does no one else think this song is about forgiveness through Christ?

    • Servando Salazar
      Servando Salazar Год назад +2

      The lead vocalist and the one that writes most of the songs is agnostic and has had his tough times involved with the church. So I doubt it.

  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat 2 года назад

    My interpretation of this song is that it's about soldiers lost in action. The speaker in the song is either family, a friend, or possibly a fellow soldier. "Please know you can come home" is the person desperate for the soldier to return.

  • Mariguana
    Mariguana 2 года назад +31

    I listen to this song when people read my texts but don't reply.

  • Will Higginbotham
    Will Higginbotham 2 года назад

    Oh yeah uh... This song is great, kinda represents how i feel sometimes XD

  • NovusIgnis
    NovusIgnis 2 года назад

    To me, this song is about a plea for Jesus to return and give us another chance to treat Him right. That He can come home because we've learned. That's always what I picture when I hear it.

    • NovusIgnis
      NovusIgnis 2 года назад

      +Chosen Undead thanks for the input.

    • Chosen Undead
      Chosen Undead 2 года назад +1

      +NovusIgnis "Even together, we stand apart." The song is clearly about racism, homophobia, xenophobia etc. Rise Against's lyrics are a little less open-ended than most bands, and ard usually political in nature.
      I'm not interested in arguing, just thought I'd say it.

    • NovusIgnis
      NovusIgnis 2 года назад

      +Stories of War it's good because it's fun. A kid has no place in an argument because all they do is throw temper tantrums when they lose, like what's-its-face keeps doing. A kid can't form a cohesive argument. All they do is whine.

    • Tyler F
      Tyler F 2 года назад +1

      How is calling someone a child (which really isn't even a bad thing or negative thing sometimes) a good insult? also I just remembered that he is indeed Agnostic now that you bring that up, Tim has proclaimed it but for some reason I cant find a good source as the only decent sources I can find say "he is a self-proclaimed agnostic" but nothing with a quote sadly.

    • NovusIgnis
      NovusIgnis 2 года назад

      +Stories of War you have your views on that. I happen to think it's a great insult.
      If you want to make claims about Tim being atheist, you gotta back them up. Because I've never heard of that at all. The only thing I've heard about him and religion is he was raised Catholic. So I'm pretty sure he's agnostic at worst.

  • nobodyinterestingyou
    nobodyinterestingyou 2 года назад +13

    Makes me think of my biological dad.We never really knew each other but the little I know about him Is that he was always such an ass.Still,I kinda wish I had the chance to talk It out but...yeah this song makes me think alot about that.

  • Greg
    Greg 3 года назад

    This is RA's most badass sounding song

  • Manuel Eisenkirchner
    Manuel Eisenkirchner 3 года назад +6

    Great song about two people, who once saw eye to eye but somehow they have lost their love/friendship and became strangers.
    One person wants to get back their friendship and wants the other to just listen. It seems that the other person isn't that much interested in becoming friends/lovers again.
    Great song, great lyrics like "even togehter we stand apart" "I long for the moment our silence is broken"
    love it =)

    • Happy Birthday
      Happy Birthday 5 месяцев назад

      Manuel Eisenkirchner 44 give

    • Manuel Eisenkirchner
      Manuel Eisenkirchner 3 года назад

      +Forever Distracted in my opinion the have far more songs about friendships and love, than political ones...and some contain both =D

    • Forever Distracted
      Forever Distracted 3 года назад +3

      +Manuel Eisenkirchner I'm not judging your interpretation of the song, and if it helped you with a situation similar to the one you described that's great! :), However I'm fairly certain that this song (like many of Rise Againsts' tunes) is most likely a political one. I can count the amount of break-up/love songs they have on my two hands, and honestly man, I don't think this is one of them. (Interesting way of looking at it though! :D)

  • Cloud Cat
    Cloud Cat 3 года назад +1

    Why does this song make me imagine an army of wolves rising up and attacking humans...

  • Aaron McInturff
    Aaron McInturff 3 года назад +81

    This song got me through a house fire back in 2008. I got the album 3 days before the fire, the day it came out, the cd being my only possession.
    After a few years of not listening to it, I just completely broke down in a parking lot listening to it again.
    This song means so much to me.

  • billybobjoe joebobbilly
    billybobjoe joebobbilly 3 года назад +23

    From what I can tell this song is about two men arguing. One man a General and the other, his King. The two men used to be brothers in arms and the closest of friends.
    "Another place, another time we toed the same side of the line. Yea we saw eye to eye. Even then the saddest sounds were nothing laughter could not drown"
    However the General eventually came to see the King as a tyrant and encouraged the men under his command to rebel against their king.
    "To the ends of this lost world, you have marched and you have sworn to a tainted crown of thorns"
    However eventually the rebellion was discovered and the King and his loyalists went to hunt the General and his separatists down who had gone into hiding in the wilderness.
    "As the hungry sails unfurl, we are thrusted from the shore. And it`s you (the General) that we search for."
    "The blackest nights, the midnight sun. The covered tracks and days spent on the run. The strangers we've become."
    However, the King does not wish his friend harm. he begs the General to come home and give up his fight. He promises him a return with open arms. The King does not truly grasp just how far he and the General have drifted apart. The General refuses to give up, not until his goals are achieved.
    "These whereabouts unknown. Please know you can come home. It's alright."
    "I long for the moment (when the General returns). Our silence is broken (The General speaking of his rebellion)."
    There's a little bit more but I think I've made my point.
    It took me awhile to come to this conclusion because of how the song is written. But once I realized that the chorus weren't the conflicting thoughts of one man but were instead the thoughts/worldviews of two different men involved in a civil war it all kinds came together.

    • Brainiac Prime
      Brainiac Prime Месяц назад

      I always got it is a family where a younger member feels like an outsider. A lot of rise against songs are about bullying. Almost sounds like a conservative family with a lgbt remember. The repeat that they can come home and it will be alright. Abd i think it is tge kud saying everything would be alright if the parent just listened.

    • Stephen Haliday
      Stephen Haliday 2 месяца назад

      I always thought it was a particularly bad argument or breakup caused by a couple with different ideologies.

    • Happy Birthday
      Happy Birthday 5 месяцев назад

      billybobjoe joebobbilly I’ve just had to reevaluate this song wow

    • JamaicanCastle
      JamaicanCastle 10 месяцев назад

      I always thought of it as two friends, or perhaps family members, who were foot soldiers of some organization. Now one is a rebel while the other is still loyal, and it's about how they wish they could regain their friendship, but are divided by their loyalties.

    • The good old days
      The good old days 11 месяцев назад +1

      I believe this song is about a misunderstanding which leads to 2 people
      becoming enemies. Just for the sake of the lyrics and simplicity, I'll
      name 2 characters. A king and his (now former) trusted general.

      "To the ends of this lost world
      You have marched and you have sworn
      To a tainted crown of thorns"
      I believe this is the general speaking. Together the king and his
      general have conquered large parts of the world, forging an empire
      together - however the general became disillusioned, hence the "tainted
      crown of thorns".

      "As the hungry sails unfurl
      We are trusted from the shore
      And it's you that we search for"
      I believe this is the general talking, seeking to come kill the king and overthrow him.

      "The blackest night
      The midnight sun
      The covered tracks and days spent on the run
      The strangers we've become"
      This is from the perspective of the general. He's talking about how he's
      left and went into hiding while he begins his rebellion. At the end of
      this line, he is lamenting about how the king has changed and they've
      become strangers.

      "These whereabouts unknown
      Please know you can come home
      It's alright
      I long for the moment
      Our silence is broken
      It's alright
      It's alright
      It's alright"
      This is from the perspective of the king. He doesn't want to fight his
      general, he wants him to come back and discuss their problems because he
      sees the general as a friend/potentially even family.

      "Another place, another time
      We toed the same side of the line
      Yeah we saw eye to eye"
      This could be either or even both of them, but for the sake of
      simplicity I will assume it's the general. He's talking about how he
      used to be loyal to the king, and believed they were fighting for the
      same things.

      "Even then the saddest sounds,
      Were nothing laughter could not drown
      But we are not laughing now"
      This could be either, talking about the victory they had when they were
      working together, and how now they've grown to resent each other.

      "I see your face
      In my sights
      I hesitate
      And then look for a sign
      Somewhere in the sky"
      The general is trying to assassinate the king, but can't bring himself to kill his former comrade.

      "It's alright now
      'Cause all is forgiven
      If you could just listen
      It's alright
      It's alright."
      I believe the general finally confronted the king, and decided to forgive him if he would just listen to what he had to say.

  • L. Ron Hoyabembe
    L. Ron Hoyabembe 3 года назад

    song makes me think of running away from things, mentally. like if you felt you betrayed someone or something and just spent day after day avoiding every aspect of it instead of "coming home"

  • Carter Naegeli
    Carter Naegeli 4 года назад +6

    Does anyone else think of soldiers when they hear this? A lot of lines in this song makes me think of them.

    • Zach Farr
      Zach Farr 3 года назад

      I think of battlefield 4 moments. :/

    • Cloud Cat
      Cloud Cat 3 года назад +1

      I think of soldiers of wolves attacking humanity if that counts.

  • Doug Sheehan
    Doug Sheehan 4 года назад

    Has anyone heard this song live?

  • REYDER0905
    REYDER0905 4 года назад +6

    Going to see them soon. Can't wait :D

    • REYDER0905
      REYDER0905 4 года назад +2

      Yeah, man. Especially this song.

    • David Adams
      David Adams 4 года назад +2

      Same. I hope they play some older stuff.

  • Eris Nihila
    Eris Nihila 4 года назад

    How did you fuck up your own name?
    Your handle is themightychickens, not themightychicken

  • Spicy Lechuga
    Spicy Lechuga 4 года назад +44

    The beginning of this song is fucking epic.

    • Soup Man
      Soup Man 4 месяца назад

      omfg the riff followed by the fill is fucking dope!!!!

    • halo godz
      halo godz Год назад

      DAMN RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Logan Stein
      Logan Stein 2 года назад +2

      2:21 and 2:34 was what I meant. We need more songs like this one after The Black Market.

    • Spicy Lechuga
      Spicy Lechuga 2 года назад +1

      +Logan Stein Pretty damn amazing too

    • HopeLikeFire
      HopeLikeFire 3 года назад +1

      +500burnout got to agree there

  • ZionGaming
    ZionGaming 4 года назад

    reminds me of Arin's journey to find the revival stone... hmm awesome...

  • inamoratasamazing
    inamoratasamazing 4 года назад +13

    I wonder what it must feel like to have that sound come out of your throat. It must feel powerful, relieving, satisfying...

    • Zach Farr
      Zach Farr 3 года назад

      +Han Solo why did you die on me? I loved you the most!

    • Han Solo
      Han Solo 4 года назад +3

      +Razi "Warning: Do not try this at home."

    • Razi
      Razi 4 года назад

      dont hurt yourself tho lol...

    • Hunter Christensen
      Hunter Christensen 4 года назад

      try it and find out

  • uNomadbro
    uNomadbro 5 лет назад


  • Doug Sheehan
    Doug Sheehan 5 лет назад

    I love the guitar at :28. But I've always wanted to know why they've never played this song live.. or at least why there are no videos of it! I would love to see a live performance of this.

  • tetranode0
    tetranode0 5 лет назад +2

    when my father went to afghanistan 3 years ago, this was a beautiful song to listen to. the very meaning of this song changed for me, until he came home a year later.

  • smilly456
    smilly456 5 лет назад +3

    Rise against are like a drug one hit and hooked forever

  • crystekz
    crystekz 5 лет назад

    excellent song !!!!!

  • keith brown
    keith brown 5 лет назад


  • nick parsons
    nick parsons 5 лет назад

    FUcking great song, amazing album, satisfactory band.

  • Unknown shadow
    Unknown shadow 5 лет назад


  • ninjalemurdude
    ninjalemurdude 5 лет назад

    I personally can't compare the albums, I like them all too much. :D

  • ItsNickJx - Old Username
    ItsNickJx - Old Username 5 лет назад +2

    This album is so much better than Endgame... Why, I wonder. Perhaps it's because this album seems to have more aggressiveness behind it.

  • Exile N Subjugate
    Exile N Subjugate 5 лет назад

    this song... so amazing

  • melvynlennard
    melvynlennard 5 лет назад


  • Chinken
    Chinken 6 лет назад

    Welp, after spending countless hours making lyric videos, I realize something: Making them is a total bitch with Movie Maker. It literally takes hours, when I started I expected half an hour at tops, now, it's about 3 hours tops. So yes, kudos to you, TMC for spending so much time on each video.

  • Gabriel Iva
    Gabriel Iva 6 лет назад


  • Riku7538
    Riku7538 6 лет назад

    TMC, do you take requests on lyric videos? I can't find a decent plain video for Tip the Scales. Most of them are crappy at timing, or they're fancy.

  • Rodrigo
    Rodrigo 6 лет назад

    Oh you're so lucky, you dont know what is the Brazilian funk, i would love live in a Rap, Pop world, but in Brazil it's funk, funk, funk... and it's a PIECE OF CRAP, dont even waste your time hearin' it

  • themightychickens
    themightychickens  6 лет назад


  • Hayden Smith
    Hayden Smith 6 лет назад

    BTW, mighty chickens are you a female?

  • Hayden Smith
    Hayden Smith 6 лет назад

    I RESENT THAT even though its true. its why I love skyrim :p

  • themightychickens
    themightychickens  6 лет назад

    He likes games so buggy that they are practically unplayable.

  • Foxhound 248
    Foxhound 248 6 лет назад

    Why the game Stalker? lol

  • Hayden Smith
    Hayden Smith 6 лет назад

    For some unknown reason, this song simultaneously reminds me of my girlfriend and the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R clear sky.

  • themightychickens
    themightychickens  6 лет назад

    When I uploaded this video, I had no other options than 240p.

  • Niko O
    Niko O 6 лет назад

    240p has twice lower kbps than 360p. There is big difference between 60 kbps(MP3) and 128 kpbs(AAC). 720p&1080p have 152kbps quality. Still far from CD quality though
    Don't believe me? Search for "RUclip Audio Quality Bitrate"

  • Bonehead8725
    Bonehead8725 6 лет назад

    And it still sounds amazing.

  • popninglock
    popninglock 6 лет назад

    one of the best songs eveeeeeeeerrrr

  • Rojken Menio
    Rojken Menio 6 лет назад


  • KonShisho
    KonShisho 6 лет назад

    haha :D

  • Niko O
    Niko O 6 лет назад

    240p quality again...

  • Taylor Meyer
    Taylor Meyer 6 лет назад

    can i get a rag please? theres a red smig on my computer

  • Burritozi11a
    Burritozi11a 6 лет назад

    so...have they found Waldo yet?

  • Equallymoveable
    Equallymoveable 6 лет назад

    forgot to mention i did it to males aswel for i am a rebel

  • Equallymoveable
    Equallymoveable 6 лет назад

    im so glad that people are finally realizing this kony stuff is bs since that video came out i have trolled every teenage girl who calls herself 'a faithful activist' now i finally dont need to :D

  • Pharaoh Prince
    Pharaoh Prince 6 лет назад

    Im still here. Mohave desert (Queen of the damned, Im a VAMPIRE).
    You coming?
    This entire album is me.

  • Equallymoveable
    Equallymoveable 7 лет назад

    wish i could see a concert of this... would make my life man

  • TheLeaderofBDC
    TheLeaderofBDC 7 лет назад

    @IamAmazinghehe Collapse, Kotov Syntrome, Entertainment, Hero of War and this one are the only highs IMO.

  • Heather Stock
    Heather Stock 7 лет назад

    Fantastic song. =) too bad it's a touch too heavy to be radio friendly.

  • Heather Stock
    Heather Stock 7 лет назад

    @IamAmazinghehe: as an overall message, it was a good album. The sound wasn't bad and I didn't dislike a single song it. To someone who's new to Rise, it's an easy intro. But to fans that have heard/known them since the older stuff ('01-'06) that this is baby stuff compared to what the band is truly capable of. I blame signing to a major label but a bigger label means more people hearing the message and what they have to say in their songs. This song gives you a sense of where their roots are.

  • sbcistheboss
    sbcistheboss 7 лет назад

    @Mike007RA I strongly agree with that

  • TheLeaderofBDC
    TheLeaderofBDC 7 лет назад

    My favourites had usually been the first and fourth(exclude The Dirt Whispered) tracks.

  • Heather Stock
    Heather Stock 7 лет назад

    @Absolution913: yeah....in a really awesome, deep Rise Against kind of way. XD that's what I figured it was about, though.

  • The Plebeian Podcast
    The Plebeian Podcast 7 лет назад

    The song is about Chris leaving. They're basically telling him that it's ok, and that they're not mad at him :)

  • Shalev Wainberg
    Shalev Wainberg 7 лет назад

    @Mike007RA Every track is the best!

  • themightychickens
    themightychickens  7 лет назад

    @magicdisgea No, we're more than 5. Or less. Who knows

  • crazidoode
    crazidoode 7 лет назад

    A final track is always the best!

  • TheLeaderofBDC
    TheLeaderofBDC 7 лет назад

    Hey TMC, in your opinion, what are the good songs on ATR?
    Just asking...

  • guitarownerlol
    guitarownerlol 7 лет назад

    the underrated songs are always the best:D

  • MrJawadkhan
    MrJawadkhan 7 лет назад


  • sbcistheboss
    sbcistheboss 7 лет назад

    I never thought I'd see a commercial on this channel. Meh, it happens.

  • CrazedPsychosis
    CrazedPsychosis 7 лет назад

    Do you think that Rise Against knows that "Thrusted" isn't gramatically correct XD
    I love the guitar in this song.
    Great band :) Been blasting them all Day, can't wait to see them on the fourth.

  • navytashigi
    navytashigi 7 лет назад

    themightychickens hates kentucky XD

  • Foxhound 248
    Foxhound 248 7 лет назад

    Ballz.... these guys r gonna be playing at a place nearby, only problem is i can't go I got no money, i need a job....

  • Will Herondale
    Will Herondale 7 лет назад

    Lol 3:36 (Ouwah, Ouwaaah)

  • dustin mills
    dustin mills 7 лет назад

    on the list of favorite songs by Rise Against-which is almost every song I've heard so far lol

  • Lucas Davey
    Lucas Davey 7 лет назад

    @themightychickens exactly

  • themightychickens
    themightychickens  7 лет назад

    @memanstar How is that not obvious to you?

  • moikanos11
    moikanos11 7 лет назад

    should have put " teh" in your name , would have been EVEN MOAR badass ! xD

  • RandomDudeYouKnow
    RandomDudeYouKnow 7 лет назад

    I can listen to this song 20 times in a row and love it just as much the 20th time and I did the 1st.

  • sbcistheboss
    sbcistheboss 7 лет назад

    Most of you haven't heard nearly as much rap as I've heard. About 70 percent of the rodios stations have either rap or hip-hop. One station has to play every other genres than rap and hip-hop. Then there's another station that plays '70's music. Trust none of you know the shit they play here.

  • doubledudes1
    doubledudes1 7 лет назад

    @AEgamesFtw i know -.-

  • AEgamesFtw
    AEgamesFtw 7 лет назад

    @doubledudes1 What the fuck are you talking about. I said I doubt he has ever heard a hip hop song not "I doubt I've ever heard a hip hop song"

  • doubledudes1
    doubledudes1 7 лет назад

    @AEgamesFtw if you havnt heard at least one hip hop song you really need to get out of your moms basement. and tell me how he is an idiot for stating an opinion?

  • AEgamesFtw
    AEgamesFtw 7 лет назад

    @xROGUExONEx21 You're an idiot. I doubt you've even heard a hip hop song in your life.

  • Mystic Tomato
    Mystic Tomato 7 лет назад

    Now i want to listen to "it's alright" by 311

  • Noopi70
    Noopi70 7 лет назад

    who finds this is the best group of the world push the button right there --->

  • sbcistheboss
    sbcistheboss 7 лет назад

    When I hear this song all I can think of is Battlefront and I'm in the ice caves fighting droids.

  • TrevzJohnston
    TrevzJohnston 7 лет назад


  • TrevzJohnston
    TrevzJohnston 7 лет назад


  • A Random Ghost
    A Random Ghost 7 лет назад

    @TheWallaceA7X You forgot to mention 'meaning'.

  • Lucas Davey
    Lucas Davey 7 лет назад

    @themightychickens dont question my ways

  • themightychickens
    themightychickens  7 лет назад

    @racistjokers I don't even... I mean... How did you?!?!?

  • Lucas Davey
    Lucas Davey 7 лет назад

    @themightychickens pssh
    dont lie theres 5 of you