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Marvel's doing it. Spider-man's doing it. DC's doing it. Everyone's doing the cinematic universe thing! Including the new guy: ...Call of Duty. Ok, why? Who thought this was a good idea? Well, as it turns out...

Linkdump: http://bit.ly/2oDluaS

Written By: Eddy Rivas
Edited By: Kdin Jenzen
Hosted By: Ashley Jenkins and Mica Burton

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Автор Cyber_Spider YT ( назад)
i hope that they make one about cod ghosts 2

Автор SuperPrime001 ( назад)
I'm guessing that the film will come out every year..

Автор Rubyfire41 ( назад)

Автор Jose Andres Rodriguez Castellanos ( назад)
Wanna be rich? Just do a cinematic universe of Metal Gear Solid... I know I'm dreaming

Автор SkatterBrainGaming ( назад)
saw this video and first thing I thought of was a zombies movie, they put so much confusing back story Into that side series that It would seem awesome to see Dempsey Ricktofin Nikolai and The Asian guy in a movie

Автор Jem-Kimber-Aja-Shana ( назад)
Call of Duty Movie Is Going To Hit Big Screen That Would Be Rated R.

Автор Dave Alden ( назад)
Sorry. Everyone wants an extended cinematic universe, but good war movies? No not for COD, seeing as the largest playerbase for them now being minors, with adults drawn more to battlefield now. So yeah, not really interested in a PG serious war film.

Автор Dennis Smith ( назад)
If they were straight adaptations of Black Ops and Modern Warfare I'd be really interested. But I think just using the "concept" to base the movies on without the og characters is a mistake and I'm disinterested.

Автор Dr Cherry - Gaming and Stuff ( назад)
Activision Blizzard: "We're making a cinematic universe!"
Us: "Overwat-"
"Call of Duty!!"

Автор scottthewaterwarrior ( назад)
I'm still mad Spiro got ringed into Skylanders.

Автор Roman Emperor ( назад)
I'm haven't been a fan of call of duty since ghosts so i don't really like the game franchise anymore. However i think that if they get the right people on the project it could work. thoughts?

Автор 59slayer ( назад)
And maybe they will release a new movie every year lol

Автор Joshua H ( назад)
i havernt seen mica in ages mmmm mica :)

Автор Matt Hancox ( назад)
Just don't adapt the modern warfare story.
Seriously? Russia looses against the US, so it SETTLES for the entirety of Europe?
That's the lazy way you make world war 3?

Автор John Evanoff ( назад)
Activision is so stupid

Автор Dean-Elvis ( назад)
If they can't get the actors that then the voices for games, then you failed lol

Автор Cirind ( назад)
God dammit Activison just make zombies movies!

Автор Doctor Wott ( назад)
Make a well funded CG standalone movie about Captain Price, and I will be happy.

Автор Darkmoone1 ( назад)
CoD games(Older ones in particular) actually have a good amount of decent stories (My favorite being MW1 and BO1). Pulling it off in a movie format might seem challenging, but the games story modes, for the most part, felt like movies already. I'm interested.

Автор BOBimus Rex ( назад)

Автор Deontay Ginger ( назад)
Overwatch movies maybe?

Автор Matthew Hendrickson ( назад)
A lot of people do say that about COD, but 99% of people don't play the campaign. That is where the story is. Multiplayer has no story.

Автор Elementalism :D ( назад)
So now it will be 2 CODs per year?

Автор ravensentinel ( назад)
Am I the only one that hates the way Ashley says "dOOmestically"?

Автор jordan voyce ( назад)
Call of Duty The Cinimatic Movie.

Directed by Micheal Bay

Автор Demetrius Bocus ( назад)
if its not about ghost from mw2 idc about it

Автор julian vargas ( назад)

Автор Omar Vincent ( назад)
Not gonna lie, would love to see something cool done with the characters from BO3 Multyplayer, (Reaper, Outrider, Battery etc) like some super silly but fun action movie.

Автор Andres Diaz ( назад)
C.O.D. THE MOVIE!!! Awesome!!!

Автор SolidSneakNinja ( назад)
The way I see it panning out is it'll be like Star Wars, every film will have a character related to one of the characters from the other film etc.
So have a Captain Price in MW movies, his grandad in WW2, Reznov would be Price's Grandad's brother in arms. It turns out that Price was Alex Mason's schizophrenic alter ego and that Woods is the father of Captain Macmillan :P
Then have Kiefer Sutherland (forget the WAW name of his character) as a WW2 Ghost....so MW's Ghost is the son of Kiefer Sutherland

Автор marco39120 ( назад)
I'd go see an Overwatch movie

Автор Mr-Kal-9000 ( назад)
considering the world we live I'm not surprised at all I mean we got a gem of a movie coming out but the little old name of the name of the emoji movie

Автор Edward Rawn ( назад)
Actually, sounds good.

Автор Kubo Bleach ( назад)
The 115 movie.....

Автор ulysisxtr ( назад)
Clearly none of you from The Know have played MW, MW2 and MW3 for the plot. When CoD Ghosts came out I thought it would be the story of ghost....

Автор Doom Blade ( назад)
So....a movie about DLC? Do I have to pre-order?

Автор Cristian Jasso ( назад)
as long as ghost is don't die like in that mission and they keep him that cool go ahead

Автор The Domain ( назад)
Will there be micro-transactions?

Автор Gregorio Sandoval ( назад)
The Modern Warfare series may not rival marvel but it can easily beat Fast and the Furious series. I think they should just leave the characters and even the out come of the series.

Автор Oliver Thompson ( назад)
I think COD has some good stories and characters. BO3's campaign was incredibly deep, also they have already hired lots of famous actors in the games (Gary Oldman, Kevin Spacey, Kiefer Sutherland, John Snow etc.)

Автор GBRyker61 ( назад)
How bout the CoD movie devs get the movie out into theaters and see how it does before they start on a cinematic universe.

Автор Daniel L ( назад)
there is already a COD movie..... it's call "Act of Valor".

Автор caboseBvR ( назад)
Needs to be GTA movie or Starcraft

Автор Doctor Swood ( назад)
Oh Yay...
A Call of Duty Cinematic Universe
I can barely hold my excitement e.e
*[Claps Sarcastically]*
Also you think DC/Warner Bros. are bad with their release BS, just wait for this ...one...
45 minute main film, 15 Bucks Season pass to stretch it to 70 minutes

Автор Mark A. Stephens ( назад)
I keep replaying this! LoL "All of the money"! Heh X-D

Автор Battlehymn63 ( назад)
This sounds like garbage ...

Автор keith miles ( назад)
That makes no sense

Автор Predatorage ( назад)
a destiny movie please? please? PLEASE?!?

Автор HashpipeGaming ( назад)
no 100% ashleys got the ticket, a zombies movie i'd actually be in so much lore and story. CoD as a regular game has some of the most forgettable stories.

Автор UnratedPhantom ( назад)
It's gonna be hilarious if the call of duty movie is the one that break the bad video game movie curse

Автор Rodney Jones ( назад)
Directed by Michael Bay and starring Megan Fox with a whole bunch of explosions.

Автор Dark Kid351 ( назад)
i swear if i see 12 years olds in the movie theater doing no scopes ima burn down everything

Автор LilLWH ( назад)
Just saying a Call of Duty Zombies movie sounds like it could be amazing

Автор Steven To ( назад)
I feel a ghost recon movie would be a better movie

Автор kaijuraishu ( назад)

Автор Collin Myers ( назад)
But wait theres more. Supply drops will introduced during the film. Look under your seat for a card reader to get access to exclusive Pay to Win content

Автор Road House ( назад)
Really? Call of Duty movies? I can't wait to see what kind of atrocity this will be. However, if the movies turn out of have as good of stories as, like, Modern Warfare, Black Ops 2, or Infinite Warfare, I will be shocked. But I'm gonna keep my expectations really really really low.

Автор Freddie Daniel ( назад)
They should do a movie surrounding black ops!!!!!!!

Автор The Larch ( назад)
just stop with the video game movies pls

Автор Ertsword - ( назад)
if it's got zombies it'll be great

Автор vawlkus ( назад)
what are they smoking and where can I get some?

Автор Air_strike96 ( назад)
You should talk about Mad Catz going bankrupt.

Автор Cameron Youngs ( назад)
Did you describe Predators?? Yes, yes you did.

Автор thebeast Anthony ( назад)
"Everybody's favorite series"? pshhh plzz😂✋

Автор キティニャー ( назад)
this is probably going to fail

Автор TheRedHoody ( назад)
Because EVERYONE wants story-focused Call of Duty movies. It's not like we could have a movie with tons of established lore and not sitting in a flaming dumpster like Overwatch or Destiny

Автор Stacey Watson ( назад)
Somehow I don't think this is a good idea.

Автор Luis diaz ( назад)
mica Burton I love you!

Автор Mahmoud A ( назад)
every time I see Ashley standing next to someone i do a check to see if i can tell if she is standing on her stool (Dang you for ruining that for me)... Mica must be a tall drink of water....oh yea seriously Activision just needs to let COD die. or at least go on a 5 year hiatus. I swear they will sell so much more #wantingwhatyoucanthave #seehowrockstardoesit

Автор Essam Sorwar ( назад)

Автор Mini Monster Mayhem ( назад)
"The character development is awesome in CoD" said NO one EVER!

Автор Psychedelic Colors ( назад)
Watch movies be better then games.

Автор HellRay ( назад)
I dont even into Call of Dooty, but Im kinda hype about it, IF its R rated.

Автор Vislow ( назад)
Black ops movie with Sam Worthington as Mason and Gary Oldman as Reznov, pleeeease

Автор Romeoosso Gaming ( назад)
as much as modern cod sucks the characters from the series aren't "forgettable". soap, goast, ramirez, and mctavish are B tier legendary in the shooter genre. I think it could do well.

Автор FantasMac! ( назад)
What about just an overwatch cinematic universe

Автор Randy King ( назад)
it would be nice if me and both of you be in the movie just the thread of us. you guys are beautiful.

Автор FortunePayback ( назад)
Geez. As if they weren't milking this series enough. Though I'm not really disappointed, because I did have thoughts about this years ago. Makes me happy they they are least finally listening to their true audience that got them going in the first place and are going back.

Автор David De Rueda ( назад)
The whole game is actually first person and the main protagonist never talks

Автор awesome astronaut ( назад)
HA HA HA HA HA HA Ha Ha Ha Ha ha ha ha ha h h h... I'm sorry. the fact that anyone thinks that Call of Duty has a story worth putting up on the big screen is ludicrous. I mean, we know that video game movies have great difficulty adapting to the screen, but at least most of those had STORIES.

Автор Serious Face ( назад)
Okay guys April fool's is over. Nice joke but it's April the 6th.

Автор Geeking Out ( назад)
mite wanna fix their video game universe first

Автор jon nicoletti ( назад)
I agree a lot but eeeeevvvveeerryyyone knows soap and price and their story

Автор ThePapaHedge ( назад)
I'd be all for seeing a Treyarch Zombies move adaptation to be honest. The 4 main characters in that would be awesome to see on the big screen.

Автор Marcus Porter ( назад)
I feel like everyone will die from nukes and explosions every 45 minutes.

Автор Dylan Rodrigeus ( назад)
why is this happening? you could call any military movie a cod movie.

Автор The Earls Renegade ( назад)
"characters you cared about" "Not like any COD game ever".... wtf, in all fairness I remember people getting real pissed off at Ghosts, gaz, soap, Bowman etc deaths. Shouldn't be painting *Everything* in COD with the same broad stroke. :/

Автор roberto gurrola ( назад)
Nothing like any CoD later? Go play Big Red 1 or MW, 2, & 3

Автор roberto gurrola ( назад)
they should only touch WW2, MW1-3, and BO1

Автор DarkCrow ( назад)
Can't wait to pay for the Alternative Ending DLC

Автор devant brooks ( назад)
zombies pls

Автор Jack Rand ( назад)
Marvel, what have you started?

Автор Osmel Alvarez ( назад)
SOAP!!!!!! they should stick with MW series. because black ops movie would be more like watching Jason Bourne expect with a crap ton more explosions and gun fire then any of the final acts in the Bourne movies. MW Captain Price , Soap, and Ghost are the best of all COD characters.

Автор Jeremiah Prok ( назад)
infinite warfare isnt even that bad. Granted games get boring over time, but hopping on to play once in awhile isnt terrible

Автор Thunder Kat ( назад)

Автор LSTNR ( назад)
Dammit can't escape these Cinematic Universes

Автор Patrick Wichert ( назад)
That shit's gonna flop faster than assassins creed

Автор irvin patino ( назад)
modern warfare 2 would be a great movie

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